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  1. Alex Molden's son!
  2. Y'all ready for another DL pick in RD 2? DT Nixon Iowa Lol.
  3. Round 2 chat?
  4. SI's pre-draft profile: I read one of the articles on NOLA (don't get me started on their pay gate/subscription chit...) and Sean Payton was echoing what Bill Parcells used to preach in the 1980s: players with that combination of size, speed, and athleticism are very hard to find so when you do find one you're dumb not to draft them. The only "1st day draft grades" article I saw gave the Saints a D for the pick because some mock drafts had Turner going in round 4. The thing about draft analysts is that they throw out a massive number of mock drafts that have teams drafting multiple players in order to be able to say "they picked the guy I predicted they'd pick" (well, they also predicted a team picking several other players, so...). Draft "experts" only have to be correct on a single day. Payton, Loomis, and Ireland have to be correct on every Sunday of every season.
  5. This guy was under my radar and the pick is a surprise. Not going to sugar coat that. But, I trust Jeff Ireland. One of my big concerns heading into the draft were - when the mocks had us going after an Edge rusher - they were projecting the Saints to select guys in the 240-245 lb range. Turner's size is where I would expect a DE to be instead of selecting a tall safety or a tall LB. Dude's a big dude. The other thing I see is that Turner used to be a DT and shed some weight to shift over to play DE. This likely means he can shift over to a DT position in 4 man front formations, blitz packages, etc.,. I also like to see DL players than can drop weight and keep it off instead of players that trend to always gaining weight and struggle to stay at an ideal size. Remember that we lost Rankins to FA, so defensive line - in my uneducated opinion - was just as high of a need as CB.
  6. I was hoping Allergan (the world's largest silicone breast implant manufacturer in the world) would buy the rights. Just think of the marketing opportunities!
  7. This. We're under the cap thanks to Loominomics, but we'd we'd bust that chit through the roof getting Jones. I also just don't see the Falcons dealing him. This looks more like a.) pre-draft rumors to boost viewership/sell ads or b.) the Falcons trolling to see which teams have trade jitters to draw out a 'trading back' partner.
  8. We have a history of taking RBs in the 1st round when we already have a stud starter: Ricky Williams => we drafted Deuce Deuce McCallister => we drafted Reggie Bush Reggie Bush => we drafted Mark Ingram Not a 1st rounder, but we also drafted Kamara when Ingram was still running strong for us.
  9. I'm starting to hate mock drafts. The Saints have a lot of "needs" but we hardly ever draft for need. Every mock draft I see has us going Edge Rusher, CB, or WR. The 'Edge Rushers" I see being projected as our 1st round pick sometimes are listed like Joseph Ossai from Texas who's is listed at like 245 lbs...really??? Is that an edge rusher in the body of a safety? I would have no problem with another CB like Farley from VT but I think he'll be gone before our pick. We're not thin at WR so I don't see the logic there. But maybe??? If we go DL, I'd much rather see us go for an interior lineman like Barmore from Alabama or Nixon from Iowa. Depth on the edge would be nice, but we lost Sheldon Rankins to free agency and I think we need DT depth more than edge depth. So what will the Saints do? I have no clue but it would not surprise me to see the Saints pull a head scratcher and take someone like Travis Etienne at 28. There is also this guy named Jimmy Garoppolo sitting out there that could be the object of a trade...just sayin'.
  10. Damn... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/don-shula-miami-dolphins-dies-age-90/ The only NFL coach to have a perfect season has died...a legendary man, father, and coach.
  11. I don't think he has officially signed yet.
  12. News breaking that Taysom signed a new 2 year deal...hopefully they were playing footsie to motivate Taysom Hill to sign up and we'll now move away from the Jameis talks?
  13. https://247sports.com/Article/Jameis-Winston-sign-New-Orleans-Saints-contract-free-agency-NFL-Drew-Brees-146505285
  14. Baun was rated as late 1st round/early 2nd round talent in a few draft sites. Apparently he slid because of a diluted drug test at the combine. Given that the new CBA downplays marijuana positive tests compared to previous CBAs, I don't think this is as much of a flag as some teams might have thought. Drafttek.com had him listed as the 4th best OLB in the draft (right behind Patrick Queen, who also listed as the best ILB in the draft). They did not have him listed or ranked as an ILB. I think he'll play both ILB and OLB and he had more bench press reps than any LB at the combine...dude might be as fast as say Queen, but he is strong.