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  1. Same here. Just signed up over there. Happy to try to stay connected.
  2. 10-7 and a wild card.
  3. The Jacksonville game is a preseason game.
  4. Not sure when the end will come...and while I thanked David for the site in my post above...I have to say that I'm really going to miss you guys. There is no better group to live chat a game with. There are no more knowledgeable fans anywhere. It's probably fitting to end's the end of an era of Saints football with Drew Brees retiring. But man...things just won't be the same without the WhoDatZone to come to after a game to celebrate or commiserate. Again - thank you David for this site. What you have created here has been such an integral part of my Saints experience...and I've been a fan since I was born...two days before the Saints kicked off their first season against the Rams in 1967. If facebook is your thing, find your way to the WDZ family group. Maybe that's our platform for game ball discussions and season predictions...mourning the losses and celebrating the wins. And of course, hating the Falcons. Much love to you all.
  5. And for what it's worth...and I know I sound like an old man...but I hate Thursday night home games. Now get off my lawn! Haha.
  6. Saints put out a great trailer for the upcoming season.
  7. Thanks for everything David. This site has been a great outlet for the lowest of low times and to share in the absolute joy of winning a Super Bowl. There is still a WhoDatZone facebook group - and while facebook isn't an ideal is a way some of us can still stay connected. Maybe for the final time....I hate the Falcons.
  8. We watched both games. As bad as he was on Monday that's how good he was Tuesday. You said it - inconsistent. It's the same problem everyone on this roster other than Zion is having this year. They will look like a contender one night and get blown out by a mediocre team the next. There's no pattern. This team is like Forest Gump's box of never know what you are going to get.
  9. Wish him well. Underdog who carved out a nice 8 year career in the NFL.
  10. That's true. I am assuming that he had some trade value. Very possible that anyone who wanted him is just willing to wait until free agency.
  11. I know it's the Warriors - but these are not the Warriors that won those string of championships. They are still dangerous, but beatable. And they are the team we are *supposedly* gunning for in the playoff race. The Warriors and the Spurs. And both of those teams handed us pretty definitive losses recently. So it's not a stretch to say we are done. Get to the offseason...the lottery. Re-think this roster and go get players to build around Zion with. Of course, I'm still concerned - we should have traded Lonzo before the deadline to salvage something for him. As it is now we either let him walk for nothing in free agency or we match whatever offer he gets....and I think that will hamstring our ability to add talent around Zion. Lonzo is not a bad player...and at the right price I like him on the team. But he's streaky. And if another team is going to throw a boatload of money at him, we have to let him walk...for nothing...when we could have gotten something a month or two ago. Frustrating.
  12. We loved the series. Great show! And yeah, Anthony Mackie is from NOLA. His family has owned Mackie Roofing and Mackie Construction for many years. His brother Calvin Mackie is an engineering PhD who runs STEM NOLA non profit.
  13. Looking to be a close game they choke away at the end. Or they win it to keep stringing us along, only to get blown out to the next Ho Hum team they play.
  14. They won that one, but in true Pelicans fashion, they could not beat the Spurs on Saturday night. There is something missing with this team. I hope Griffin can use some of that draft capital he's built up to acquire some talent to put around Zion and Ingram. Because the current roster isn't getting it done. Yes - the young players need a little more seasoning and I think Kira Lewis, Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Jackson Hayes have a lot of potential. But we whiffed completely on the Jrue Holiday trade if all we got back were Bledsoe and Adams (by trading a pick from the Bucks to OKC for him). I like Adams...but man...he's a one dimensional player. He can box out and rebound but he can't move to create space and he can't shoot worth a damn. Bledsoe has been absolutely terrible. We might have to add draft picks just to get someone to take him off our hands!