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  1. The one constant in life is change. We all go through it for better or worse; we understand your decision David. The Saints and this site were a pleasant distraction from other forms of media, and a place where we could express ourselves. I am not a social media person and this was actually the only site that I participated in, partly because of the subject matter and mostly because of the people, and the civilized nature of the discussion. I was off and on over the years as my own life changed, but as things happened with the Saints I always looked here for both information and to share my opinion. Like most good things, there is an end. Thank you David for giving us a good natured forum over the years. You should have no regrets as the people here enjoyed the forum and it’s simplicity. It was like having a pen and paper. We wish you the best with your life and future. Thank you to all the members who participated and your support and responses. I’ve made some wonderful friends around the world because of it. I will miss hearing from you. We’ve had fun over the years, from Ditka and Haslett, to Brees and Payton, through the heartbreaking losses to a Super Bowl victory that made “Still Waiting” change his name! 😂 As Brees retires so does the Whodatzone! I wish everyone the best!
  2. Wow, I forgot it was a 17 game season !
  3. Now that the draft is over, the Saints 2021 edition is starting to take shape, although I hope unfinished in player acquisitions. After renewing my season tickets for one more year, it hit me that we are going to experience a Saints season without Drew Brees at QB for the first time in 16 yeas. How will Payton adapt, how can they make the team competitive, how will they shore up a defense with a few rookies and free agents filling in for 3 DL starters, 2 LBs starters, a CB starter and an All-Pro CB likely to be at minimum, suspended, and losing some key special teams players, and area that excelled last year? I do not see an improved team, but that was kind of expected with the salary cap issues. The QB position is a big question mark, Winston and Taysom at the controls? A lack of depth for sure all around. A healthy Michael Thomas and Donte Harris would be a big plus. Can players like Braun, Trautman , Callaway, Kaden EIliss, Lil' Jordan, and Ruiz step up? Will Davenport finally reach what we thought was his potential. Our main FA pickup was a FB, Alex Armah.. maybe we will depend more on the running game? Can Payton keep Winston from throwing INTs, or can Taysom be an NFL starter? Going through the current roster, I see players that I have never heard of: Josiah Bronson DT, Mike Brown, Alex Hoffman, Shaq Smith, and Eric Burrell (no position ?), Nolan Cooney P, Jalen Dalton DT, Andrew Dowell LB, Ryan Glasgow DT, Ethen Greenridge OL, Grant Haley CB, Chris Hansen LB, Derrick Kelly OL, Jake Lampman WR, Jalen McCleskeu Ex-Tulane WR, Christian Ringo DE, Steve Scott III RB, Dylan Soehner TE, Bryce Thompson CB, Calvin Throckmorton OL, Nick Varret TE, Trill Williams (SAF ?), Marcus Willoughby LB, Ethan Wolf TE, and Lawrence Woods CB.... I realize most of these guys probably won't even make the roster.... Who among the Draft Picks will make the Roster? Adebo, Baker, Book, Turner, Werner and Young? Certainly Turner and Werner, and probably Adebo, unless he is a bust. At this stage, I would think the Saints will be successful if they can make the playoffs. Maybe we will lose to the Bucs twice in the regular season and get to beat them in the playoffs this time? The Bucs are clearly the NFC South favorites. I cannot help but wonder if Drew had retired a year earlier would Tom Brady be our QB and would we be SB Champs? I say that because it turned out Drew was injured and played at less than 100% after his return. No regrets when it comes to Drew. Too early to predict records, but if I was to bet, we will be fortunate to win 10 games and hopefully make the playoffs. I do not see the Saints as a Super Bowl contender, and hope that I am wrong. And it is always important to remember that only 1 team ends the season the way they want, so we can have a good season with less than a SB.
  4. I think Hill made the right decision. He suffered various concussions over the years, probably more than any other player on the Saints team. I cringed whenever he got hit. Hopefully, he will be well health-wise and have a happy retirement.
  5. Don't get me wrong, Ingram is a good player, but I actually think our chances improved to win the Warriors game with him out at the end. Instead of dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, then brick... the team actually had to step up and play as a team. Ingram tends to disappear at the end of games, hold on to the ball, miss free throws. Hopefully, he will improve but I don't feel he has the killer instinct. I don't know if that is something you can teach or actually develop... experience helps. Maybe I am wrong. With Zion, he has that fire in his belly... you saw him step up and hit those free throws when the game was on the line. Zion has turned the ball over at the end of games, being double and triple teamed, bu the will learn and get an outside shot that will make a difference. Ball is hot and cold, but one thing about him is that he has shown improvement from one year to the next, and I expect he will continue to improve. He plays good defense. He was the difference in the last two wins, and the one loss. We need more outside shooters. In general, this team isn't going anywhere in the playoffs, but I would like to see them make it just to get Zion a taste of it, and keep him engaged as a Pelican. Like other players, Paul and Davis, he will eventually get tired of losing. Zion has a Chris Paul mentality... I always thought Anthony Davis wasn't a leader.. he is in the right place with LeBron, I just didn't like how he got there at the fans expense. At the end of the day, there is no team loyalty in the NBA.. players will go wherever they feel they have the best chance to win a trophy.....
  6. Its unbelievable that the Pelicans actually pulled out a game they were destined to lose.. I don't think this team is going anywhere, even though they are 3 games out of 10th, with 2 games vs the Warriors this week. Here will be there chance..... I almost think it would be better for them to be in the lottery.
  7. Saints seem to like drafting the sons of NFL players .. MT, Cam Jordan.. Mark Ingram..(well MT is a nephew )
  8. I would always take Tracy Porter, his two interceptions helped win us a Super Bowl!😂
  9. I have absolutely no clue on this draft. Most of the "expert analysts" didn't like it, but that doesn't mean anything.. It is interesting in that we lost our Front Office Personnel guy Fontenot to the Panthers, and it seems like they had a pretty good draft, of course they were picking much higher. Most of these guys have red flags, so the Saint are really rolling the dice on their RAS scores. It would be nice to a few contributing players out of it at LB, DE and CB.
  10. Hopefully we can some help from a couple of these guys.... I think our draft picks are more of a crapshoot. Saints normally get two or three keepers from the draft, and one or two UFA.
  11. I think tonight is going to be a big night for the Saints draft ... I wouldn’t be surprised if they move up at some point .
  12. I saw where Turner was ranked 77... Saints picked him at 28, so they must be very confident in their evaluation... at least they didn’t give up a no 1 like they did for Davenport, who has not nearly lived up to 2 no 1’s. Saints believe in getting linemen in the first round like they have done in every draft. They have had the best record over the last 4 years, so hard to second guess. They need to replace Rankins, Brown and Hendrickson... so it was a position of need.
  13. Watching the Pelicans is a thing of futility. Never saw a team play so erratically.. and find ways to lose. They try to attribute it to inexperience and that may be true to a certain extent, but they just play dumb. I like Stan Van Gundy, but they probably will need a coaching change. You have to blame someone and the coach is normally the one. Too many meltdowns.
  14. It is hard to believe the Pelicans have fielded a team that cannot shoot. Other than Zion and Ingram (who is inconsistent and mostly disappears when the game is one the line), the Pelicans have no one who can shoot. Bledsoe is horrible.. Ball has improved but erratic .... Hart is inconsistent and now injured.. along with Alexander-Walker.. kind of odd for a professional basketball team.
  15. Saints have taken players recently to fill needs, Erik McCoy and Cesar Ruiz... you can say Trautman was a need also, and they moved up to get these guys. I think the Saints really have to get a CB, and may trade up or down to get one... particularly with the Lattimore situation. I am sure they are hoping that Davenport steps us to fill the edge position. The one RB that I would take would be the Alabama guy, Najee Harris, because he is the most impressive college RB that I have seen in a long time. But he seems to be moving up all the time. Murray has been good but he is getting up there in age. I do not see them taking a QB unless one falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd round, but they need help on the D Line. I think the Saints philosophy is not to pass up value, and if the right player falls, they will take him regardless of position, and they deal with it later on down the line via trade or free agency. But I would be shocked if they do not take a CB or two in the first 3 rounds.