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  1. One last UnF*ck OLOPS forever! May they never know any satisfaction whatsoever!
  3. The inevitable has arrived. This is a gut punch but expected. I've joined the Discord channel and that will be easy for us to keep in contact and to chat during games. It's been an honor to be here. I tried to keep this tent open but due to life etc., it's been hard. I don't have the time to focus here as I have in the past and I apologize for that. I stand by David's decision and I can't thank you all for your time over the past decades. It's been an honor to know you all and to share so many unique life experiences together. Many of us have linked up on Facemelt and now we can continue to stay in touch better on the Discord platform. It's very secure and has a LOT of bells and whistles. We could even broadcast the local announcers as we watch sorta stuff. It's weird to say goodbye to an online family/forum that's been an integral part of my life but here we are. This site has helped me throughout many challenging parts of my life and many of y'all has helped motivate me, educate me, listen, talk, commiserate, relate, hate the falcons, love our team, take a journey we never expected. We went from has-beens in the league to finally get the Lombardi we were told we would never see. We turned spoiled to an extent by the recent regime up and down many hills. We expected to be in that number every year and we were competitive for the past decade-plus arriving here. The journey has enriched my life, my soul, my being. Saying goodbye here sucks and I'm quite emotional as I write this as it brings up many diverse emotions but I want to capture my feelings somewhat. You all made this site, you fed it, you gave it life, and what a life it was. We lost some great people along our journey and they have all become my family and each passing left this place a bit less lively. We had drama, we had bannings, we had a part of this site that ruined many a friendship and when I removed it, we lost even more. Regrets, there are a few, but those were learning experiences. We rallied together through the good, the bad, and the ugly 2011 season. We've been through the grinder of Katrina, scandals, coaches, players, and seasons. This site made it possible, you however made it family. I've met many of you here and I look forward to meeting more of you in person in time. This includes you David E. Fare thee well all, much love, mad respect, and may the road always rise to meet you wherever you are in life. WHO DAT!
  4. We got in a playoff dogfight and took care of business, a solid team W. The defense showed why they're the side that wins championships. We march onward in the second season, Bring on the Bucs! 1-0! WHO DAT!
  5. Break our the 1st EVER NFC South Broom, we swept EVERYONE in the division! No RB's, No problem, Same Brees, Same defense! Historic way to end a strange season! 12-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Onto the Second Season, Bring on the Bears! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I hate Dallas but they got outright ROBBED on that call. The NY player drops the ball, Dallas recovers, review gives it to NY?!? Ya, F this league.
  7. Idiocy, the shortened weeks are causing injury havoc as is and you now add a game by subtracting a preseason didn't take but a blip to consider. This league wonders why it continues to see drops in ratings. One more Thursday, weekend, and Monday night of advertising money is all the league sees. This is going to play out across the league as players will want more money for a 17 game season. Yes? or am I missing something? Oh right expanded playoffs coming soon!
  8. Not many people with such talent run themselves out of the league so effectively, but he once again proves it does continue to happen at a rate that makes you wonder. Just because you got the talent doesn't mean you have the brains.
  9. Oh how far we've come.
  10. A special treat arrived for us all under the tree, A 50 Burger for Christmas, just what we all wanted, a W, and officially clinched the NFC South Title! (4th Consecutive! ((HISTORY!))!) Unwrapped before a national audience Kamara went history! 11-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I see Winston moving on, we'll draft youth and save the money and have a 5th-year option.
  12. New QB, same O Line, our D will be ready.
  13. ...and if anyone could reinstil his confidence like Payton. What he does for QB's is a well known, known. The price will be the sticking point. The kid's good, but he's going to want $.
  14. Nothing like going into ATL and serving them an L on the way out the door! Still no Brees, still the same results, and Taysom still got him some! (2 TD passes) Break out the brooms, again, it's an NFC South sweep, again! 10-2 and in control of their destiny after officially clinching a playoff spot (4th time consecutively)!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Our 4th consecutive winning season in a row I will add.