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  1. David, do you think you could please post the links to the discord and fbook groups on the whodatzone domain that you leave up once you shut the site down so that people who may miss this thread can join? Thank you in advance, and again, thank you for all of the work that you put into this place.
  2. David, What else can I say that already hasn't been said? WDZ has been a true family for me over the years, and it's b/c of it that I've made several friends and have had the luck of meeting some of y'all in person. Thank you so much for the years work you put into is and for the enjoyment and camaraderie it brought me, I will truly miss it. This is the link to the fbook WDZ group I started awhile back if anyone wants to join who hasn't. I'm down for the discord group as well.
  3. Josiah Bronson - Defensive Tackle - Washington (Tom Pelissero)
  4. Bryce Thompson - Cornerback - Tennessee (Matt Zenitz) Eric Burrell - Safety - Wisconsin (Matt Zenitz) Shaq Smith - Linebacker - Maryland (Matt Zenitz) Stevie Scott - Running Back - Indiana University (Shane P. Hallam) Mike Brown - Offensive Lineman - West Virginia University (Keenan Cummings)
  5. Dylan Soehner - Tight End - Iowa State University (Iowa State Football) Nolan Cooney - Punter - Syracuse University (Syracuse Football)
  6. And here are the players they selected... overall thoughts? I'm not really familiar w/ any of these guys, but some areas of need were addressed, LB, CB, and OL. But, did we reach with a few of the selections? ATN, I know how much you hate ND, but one of my close friends who loves ND and the Saints is geeking out about the Ian Book pick. Also, it seems that SP got his yearly Ohio State heroin fix lol... New Orleans Saints 2021 NFL Draft Picks: Round 1, pick 28 – Payton Turner, DE, Houston Round 2, pick 60 – Pete Werner, LB, Ohio State Round 3, pick 76 – Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford Round 4, pick 133 – Ian Book, QB, Notre Dame Round 6: No. 206 – Landon Young, OT, Kentucky Round 7, pick 255 – Kawaan Baker, WR, South Alabama
  7. So far, it's been: Trill Williams - Defensive Back - Syracuse University (StepinacAthletics)
  8. Meanwhile, at Trevor Lawrence's house...
  9. DE Payton Turner out of U of H... The first thing I heard the guys on tv say that he's 'injury prone', so the pessimist in me groaned and thought, 'Welp, here's Marcus Davenport 2.0.' Thoughts on the pick? I know nothing about the dude...
  10. Video: Saints' Marshon Lattimore admits to having gun after police assure, 'No one's gonna get beat' BY AMIE JUST | STAFF WRITER New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore admitted to having a loaded gun in his waistband during a traffic stop in March after a Cleveland Police officer assured him that "no one's gonna get beat on," according to two body camera videos obtained by The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate. “If there’s something in here, let us know now," an officer says. "No one’s gonna get beat on, nothing like that, OK? Just tell us if there’s a gun or anything like that in here." After Lattimore says he had a gun in his possession, the officer ran through a series of questions, asking him where the gun was, if he had a concealed carry permit, what type of gun it was and if it was loaded. Lattimore responded by saying he did have a CCW permit and that the loaded Smith and Wesson was in his waistband. “You’re going to shoot your d--- off," the officer responded. "Get yourself a holster, bro.” Later in the video, another officer shares a similar sentiment to Lattimore by saying that he's going to "blow your you-know-what off." The multiple police officers on the scene found out midway through the videos that Lattimore played for the Saints, with one policeman reacting by saying, "Jesus f---king Christ." The main officer who had been dealing with Lattimore walked back up to him after that. "The amount of stuff you got going for you, bro," the policeman said. "How old are you?" Lattimore responded by saying he was 24. "It's not like you're a f---king chump out there, bro," the officer said. "I know," Lattimore said. "I'm not. You feel me? I'm just back home." The cop responded, "I get it. You're back home, I understand that. But being back home with people who aren't carrying firearms the proper way makes you look, how?" Lattimore replied, "Right." The cop added, "You know what I'm saying?" Lattimore replied, "Right." A lengthy portion of the two videos pertain to how police officers were going over the timeline of how Lattimore informed them of the gun in his pants. “I walked up there and I could see he was visibly nervous," one police officer said to another in one of the videos regarding Lattimore. "He wasn’t like talking. He was scared. I said, ‘Hey, is there anything in this vehicle we need to know about. Anything at all.' And he doesn’t really say anything, and I’m like, 'Listen man, if you’ve got a gun, it’s not a big deal, just tell us, that way we know, you’re not gonna get beat up or nothing like that, just tell us if you have a gun. He said, ‘Yes I have a gun.” When the officer writing the report asked, "Would you classify that as a failure to notify," the other policeman said, "Technically by the book I would say yes." Lattimore was arrested and booked on a count of failure to notify, but he was not formally charged with that offense. The handgun reportedly in Lattimore's possession came back as stolen, which was only briefly discussed in one of the body camera videos. Lattimore has been charged in connection with that, which is a fourth-degree felony in the state of Ohio.
  11. He signed... seems like Loomis did his thang again...
  12. We're signing a DE out of KC... I don't know much about him... Saints to sign former Chiefs defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon: source BY LUKE JOHNSON After losing several key players in free agency, the New Orleans Saints are closing in on their first move toward replenishing their defensive line depth, finalizing a two-year deal with free agent defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon, a league source confirmed. The NFL Network was the first to report the two sides were nearing an agreement. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Kpassagnon in the second round of the 2017 draft. The 6-foot-7, 289-pound Kpassagnon appeared in 61 games in his four seasons with the Chiefs, recording 75 tackles and seven sacks in his career. His best season as a pass-rusher came in 2019, when he recorded four sacks in the regular season and two more during the Chiefs' Super Bowl run while playing 62 % of the defensive snaps. The Saints lost three key members of their defensive line rotation from 2020. Defensive end Trey Hendrickson (Bengals) and defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins (Jets) both signed with new clubs this offseason after their rookie contracts expired, and the Saints traded defensive tackle Malcom Brown to the Jaguars for a conditional seventh round pick.
  13. I'm looking at you, Slidell Saint... #NeverForget #WhoDat #ShouldBeANationalHoliday...