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  1. David, I cannot thank you enough for this site. It is the first page and the last page I check every time I get on the internet. Many of you have been here for me in some of the hardest moments of my life. I will miss you all, and again David thank you again for giving us a place to share.
  2. I think Jameis will win the job, and I see a more measured approach. He is saying all the right things like take what the defense gives you and so on. Time will tell. I do think Payton expects him to start, no real sign, just a hunch. I feel he gives us a more traditional passer than Taysom. I am scared Taysom will not last a full season as the starting QB. We always seem to find one or two hidden gems every offseason. This is the year we need about 4-5. Heard an interview with Richard Sherman, and there seems to be a belief that the Saints are set at CB. He said he doesn't think the need is there for him compared to what the media and fans are saying. He did say he would fit in like a glove here though. I am not sold he would be an upgrade at 33 and only playing a handful of games last year. Realistically we can be competitive if Lattimore locks his side down, and doesn't miss too much time. I am very curious if the offense opens back up with more deep bombs, and the play calling. Brees needed timing throws because his arm was not there, not to mention his short height affected his ability to see down the field. I am curious if TreQuan SMith develops more as he is a more deep ball receiver and Deonte Harris. I am curious to see if MT's route tree changes too. I love Drew and will miss him, but he did limit some of the offense because of his arm strength. He did however carry us in 2 minutes because of his wisdom. Going to be a very interesting year with so many changing pieces this year.
  3. It was just announced he is retiring. Glad he is going out on his own terms. Sad to see him cut by the Saints, but maybe they knew something when they did it. Report: Josh Hill is retiring Posted by Myles Simmons on May 4, 2021, 5:32 PM EDT There’s a reason why the Lions are bringing in Darren Fells for a visit. According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, tight end Josh Hill is retiring. Detroit signed Hill to a one-year deal in March. A former undrafted free agent, Hill spent his first eight seasons with the Saints — the last five alongside Dan Campbell, who was his position coach. Hired by the Lions as head coach in January, Campbell then helped bring Hill to Detroit. Hill appeared in 14 games with seven starts for the Saints in 2020, catching eight passes for 46 yards with a touchdowns. He recorded 116 receptions for 1,071 yards and 15 touchdowns in his career.
  4. I think Payton did apiece on that we even drafted Nick Toon's son a few years back it did not work out. The pedigree physically is there, and they know what to expect with the pressure from being famous compared to non-NFL family players.
  5. I will trust Ireland, Loomis, and Payton as they have proven me wrong in the past. The only one I knew of was Werner that we drafted. I like that we usually go with BPA. I listened to a podcast that Nick Underhill did that really made me rethink BPA. He said no one usually does a true BPA, not even the Saints. He said look at this way the end of the first round is coming to an end, we have the 28th pick if a guard is the true BPA, and a DL is graded just below him they take the DL. But you pass on the CB that is a handful of spots down. When you reach for the CB he may be available the next round, or you may pass on the next coming of Cam Jordan because you reached for a corner who is a good number 2 corner. I would take Cam Jordan again over Tracy Porter every draft. Payton said anyone with a medical grade they took off their draft boards which I think affected how we drafted this year. With no way of doing visits and not a normal combine medical check it made it hard to not impossible to know the future of those players. That was a smart move. If we trade up for Farely and he turns into the second coming of Jarius Byrd how pissed would we all be? I am glad they took a calculated less aggressive approach this draft is the most cloudy I can ever remember of. So many players played short or no seasons. No Combine numbers for a baseline on athletic abilities. The rumor mill was we were trying to get in the top 10 for one of the two CB's we wanted (Surtain and Horn), and the price was too steep requiring two picks next year including the first. I like that they did not force in such a weird draft year. I would have loved Horn or Surtain. Shoot Dallas wanted one of them and they were gone when they were suppsoed to pick at 10 that is why they traded down. Outside of those two none of the corners looked to be NFL-ready this year. With no minicamps or Voluntary workouts (the NFLPA released a statement saying our players would not attend voluntary workouts), this was the safest wisest move in this draft. I cannot say any of the players we took will work out, but doing research all the players we took have GREAT measurables. Most had very productive last full seasons. I think the lack of outer conference play hurt the tape and growth of all college players outside of the SEC, and maybe one or two other conferences. This draft has a chance to be really bad up top due to the crazy year 2021 was and the lack of game and intel on the players coming into it. Yes, Turner on paper looks like a Davenport clone, but the Saints writers people who actually study tape say he is not nearly as raw as Davenport so I will withhold judgment. BTW Most of Nick Underhill's podcasts are free only the two he did on draft nights are not, and he is a great writer. I love his breakdowns. If you can afford it I recommend a subscription.
  6. I like the Ohio State LB player, and I heard someone say he is a little more athletic than Scott Shanle. We won a super bowl with him at LB, but I would be happy with that. He would not be a liability.
  7. Man, I should have bought a lotto ticket last night after this.
  8. I feel we still at the very least need CB, WR, and LB depth. We don't have to get a starter in the draft, but I saw a name on Twitter that caught my eye. Pete Werner Ohio State LB who was converted from safety. You know we like the Ohio State guys. Keep an eye on him. Not super fast, but not slow, decent cover skills, good tackler, a smart-looking player (always around the ball, causing fumbles, ets). I am thinking 3rd-4th round like a CJGJ typer player who falls to the 4th who could be a starter quality player.
  9. I mean I don't know what GB thought would happen. They drafted his replacement when they had a need for skill position players that were on the board last year, and have not come back talked contract extension when they could have after an MVP season. They are not doing a good job of player relations. However, Aaron can't be mad they did the same thing to Favre. He should have signed shorter deals after 30 knowing the track record of the team and management. They promoted a manager from within not hiring from the outside. I don't blame him either. They need to give him some help. O line, WR, TE. I would be willing to bet they don't care to take one tonight or sign one either.
  10. Oh, I agree, my complaint isn't that he wanted more money as players have to worry about themselves as the owners once they are hurt or done will cut bait and run. My complaint lies in that he was two years into the highest-paid deal for a WR and wanted to tear it up and redo it because he was no longer the highest paid, and the per-year cash flow was not equivalent to his competition. My not wanting him may also be because he is a Failclown and I have blinders on when it comes to them. I do remember him having soft tissue issues for several years maybe not missing a bunch of games. I just looked it up only 3 times has he played a full season. Some were 13 or 15 games. Maybe I have been spoiled by Colston, but if I am paying a WR he better be able to play so he can catch the ball. I know MT missed a lot of time this past season, but he has been very durable too. Or it could again be that he has been a Failclown his whole career which always taints a player in my eyes.
  11. He sat out camp prior to the 2018 season demanding a new contract and was told he would get it redone in 2019 which they did. It was three years into the highest-paid contract for a WR and he wanted more money. I remember it sticking with me because he got a very large signing bonus and was not happy that his per year was not very high but the team did that because they wanted to keep his per year lower. I knew from that point on I wouldn't want him. His pay if you average out the contract wasn't that much lower when you looked at him and the other receiver deals in 2018. Not to mention he was 3 years into what I believe was a 5 or 6-year deal and demanding a new contract. The timing was really bad.
  12. I don't want him. I'm sorry, but he is injured a lot and always wants a pay raise. I just feel anything for a player who hasn't played a full season in the last three years it feels like, and keeps demanding a new contract every 3 years is a no-go to me. The minute he isn't the top-paid WR anymore he demands a new contract.
  13. Really curious about more background on gun theft, but I do feel better that he has a conceal carry license. IT shows he is aware that you have to have that license, but he should have known to notify which is a law in his home state.
  14. We resigned Will Clapp, and ex Tulane center. Links below. The Tulane dude was signed By the Steelers but cut at the end of training camp. He was at Tulane's pro day and the Saints signed him yesterday.
  15. I agree Boris I would be surprised if they do not, but they seem to surprise me every year when I think I know who would be available. Saying that I was surprised by Ramzyck, and it worked out great. CB is a very deep pool in this class, and there are supposed to be some at the end of the first this year according to the draft pundits.