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  1. I tried that link and it didn't work. Is there another link to try?
  2. I’m on board for joining a discord channel.
  3. Man, I am going to miss game day chat with all of you. Is there a way we can set up some kind of game day chat for us to still get together? Let’s try to figure this out before this site is shut down. Any feedback is appreciated.
  4. David, I appreciate all the work and effort you've put into this site. I came on board this site around 1999, when the Saints Digest or Saints Report (can't remember the exact name) site went down. WhodatZone was a welcome relief - a site full of good people with a passion for the Saints. I remember members like Holy Avenger, Saintsalive, Fetchmonster, Coach Largent, Ed, and many more. It was engaging and fun. You did a great job with all of it. Thank you very much for all of your efforts. It is very much appreciated.
  5. I didn’t like this draft. We ignored the WR position again, in a draft deep with WR talent. And we reached with our first 2 picks. That Turner pick is a real head scratcher. A rotational player, when immediate impact starters were available. Both Elijah Moore or Christian Barmore would have been better picks, IMO. And better value. I don’t like the Book pick either - No impact this year and a long shot to become a starter. Trevor Simien is a phone call away for the 3rd QB spot. There were still good players on the board in the fourth round. Disappointing.
  6. I’m up for it, if anyone wants to jump in.
  7. Agreed. Brees has been a class act and helped bring a Superbowl win to this team. On a side note, good to see you post again, Avenger. It's been a while.
  8. Perfectly stated. I had been looking for the words to explain why I'm done with the NFL. Those are it. I won't watch another game. Saints or otherwise. I'd been hanging by a thread for the last few years. I almost had enough after the NFC Championship Game. But I gave it another shot. But now I've had enough. I'm done. Over the last 2 weeks, I've visited Saints sites just a few times. I used to visit several times every day. I just don't care anymore. What happened to Brees was despicable. That was the start. Then his own teamates, the media, and most of the NFL players vilified him. Malcolm Jenkins told him to shut the f*ck up. Brees was forced to apologize and PROVE that he wasn't the racist, anti-black, tone deaf person he was made out to be. For having a differing opinion, or not stating what some thought he should have, Brees was raked over the coals. The NFL then embraces BLM, apologizes, and opens the floodgates for league wide protests before every game. No thanks. I don't agree with the kneeling. And I don't have to watch. Millions of others won't either. But, this is what the NFL has become - immersed in politics going forward. Should there be efforts to fight racism and police brutality? Absolutely. I despise racism in any form. Police brutality is despicable. But there are other forums and platforms available to discuss these important issues, that would be more effective and reach a bigger audience. No more escaping into football to ward off the stress and concerns of the day. That's over. I'm sad about it. I feels like a punch to the gut. But, I'll get over it. I have other interests to take up my time. I don't know if I'll stop by here very often. I've enjoyed connecting with those here and on chat during games. If I offend anyone with this post, I don't mean to. Just expressing my thoughts.
  9. I gave it an A. Great value picks on Day 2. I wasn’t crazy about the Ruiz pick, but I understand the move. Had I been part of the Saints staff, I would have been banging the table to move up 4 spots and draft Justin Jefferson. Heh, that’s why I’m surround sound installer and not an NFL scout.
  10. McGee can play tackle as well, though listed as a guard. He’s an interesting prospect. Hope he’s another undrafted gem. We could use depth there.
  11. Ugh. I despise Winston as a person. He’s an immature punk with a history of off the field issues. But, I guess I’ll have to deal with it. It’s kind of like going into the voting booth and holding your nose while pulling the lever. You gotta do it, queasy feeling and all. Now, as a strictly football move, I get it. He is the best FA QB available, and he’s signing on the cheap. Maybe (and it’s all up to him) he can gain some maturity through this staff’s guidance. I remember during our Super Bowl season, we signed a D lineman that had past issues with drug abuse (can’t remember his name). He ended up keeping his head on straight and playing well that year. Maybe it happens for Jameis. I don’t have a clue.
  12. Anybody here interested in jumping into chat for the NFL Draft on Thursday? We always have fun with chat during the season. I'll be there, and hope to see you there. I know this is a crazy time, but some distraction with friends could be just what we need. WHODAT
  13. I think the Dolphins take Tua with their first pick. Then with their next 2 picks, select Oline and a weapon (RB or WR). The Saints pick will be interesting. I really want Jefferson, but he will likely be gone. My next choice would be Queen. I like him better than Murray. Queen, IMO, has better instincts, and better coverage skills. He can make big plays in big games - that can't be taught, and you jump to make that kind of pick. The wild card for the Saints at 24 is if Jordan Love is still on the board. Do you take him? My vote is no. I would stick with am impact player for this year. Curious to hear what you guys think: Who is YOUR preference for the Saints realistically (top 4 WRs are gone, Murray and Queen are there, and some top corners are still available)? And who do you think the Saints staff will actually pick?
  14. The better team won today. Vikings played a great game. They owned both lines. Cook was a madman running the ball. Payton got outcoached as well. Terrible game plan and play calling. Drew had an off day for sure. Murray got 6 touches, that's ridiculous. Disappointing for sure. But we weren't robbed this time. It's all on us. Team didn't get it done, and the Vikes did. That's it.
  15. The Vikes sat on all the deep routes KNOWING that Brees can't push the ball down the field. Same thing happened to Manning at the end of his career. I think that Brees is still great, but he fell back down to earth for this game. That pick was a head scratcher, for sure. Why throw into double coverage? That was a 10 to 14 point swing. Not a great game for Brees, and maybe I'm just frustrated and emotionally spent, but I'm seeing a blueprint for beating Brees. Sit on the deep routes, and pressure Drew. What is our future? Is Brees a part of it? I don't know.