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  1. I met Courtney Watson's dad at the Saints "home game" in the meadowlands in 2005 and was joking with him that his son was the only player from Notre Dame that I would cheer for, but he got me back because I forgot John Carney was from there as well.
  2. Nice job nailing the pick, just earlier than you thought, but they obviously like him enough to not risk him being gone by the end of the 3rd.
  3. Gotcha, I understand people getting upset with players demanding higher contracts, but I figure if the team doesn't have to honor the length of the contract, then the players don't either. The whole business side of sports sucks!
  4. He was injured last year, but prior to that he has been pretty durable. Between 2014 to 2019 he only missed 4 games total. As far as contracts, I don't remember him having a hold out where it affected his regular season play, but I might be forgetting something. I think he might have missed some mini camps and maybe some spring training a few years ago, but he has only signed 3 contracts throughout his career; his 2011 rookie deal which was renegotiated in 2015, then that contract was redone again in 2019 (https://overthecap.com/player/julio-jones/813/ click on "history" tab for previous contracts). That being said, despite loving his skillset, I don't feel it is worth the cap space to have two elite WRs on the same team. History has proven that elite WRs are probably the least important position for a Super Bowl victory so why dedicate that amount of space it would require to have both him and MT on the same team? So even though I think he is a heal of a talent, I wouldn't want the Saints to sign him. I would rather the cap money would be spent on other positions of higher need.
  5. I wasn't a big fan of Anzalone. He had a lot of talent but took too many stupid penalties for my liking. Losing Rankins sucks though.
  6. Completely agree with you. The injury issue and really just the one year playing at a really high level is a pretty good reason not to sign someone for huge money. Seems more often than not, players who contract years are way better than others, turn into free agency regrets for the team that signs them. The risk didn't outweigh the reward in this situation IMO.
  7. In a selfish fan manner, I have never been so upset to see a player retire. I enjoyed the hell out of the ride, just sad to see it is over.
  8. QB is the one position that you can not win without. Even in the years when an average QB won the Super Bowl, they had good years with the lone exception I can think of was Peyton Manning's Super Bowl with Denver. Seeing how many of the recent high pick QBs have not been good enough, giving up picks for a player with a known superior ability could be looked at as a safer, more conservative move than the risk of hoping you can get one in the draft or other means. Other positions tend to be easier to obtain through other means. Basically, if it were my team to build and I didn't have a great QB, I would do almost anything I could to get the QB, especailly a young one like Watson, and then I could build the rest of the team around him. Even if it takes a few years because great QBs are typically on a team for more than enough years to recover from the lost picks.
  9. I agree with you thinking. Typically speaking, anyone that is drafted in the later rounds and has a long career, is making it due to technique over skill because if they had a superior skillset they normally would have been drafted earlier. I will leave work ethic out of it because in my opinion, a superior work ethic is required by any player to make it in the NFL. However, the technique over skillset is not the lone character of a great coach, they also need to have that ability to want to mentor someone which as you pointed out, was something he consistently did. It does have all the signs of pointing to him becoming an excellent coach.
  10. Hard to defend the team in this case. Twice they have been disciplined by the league and their response, as shown by their actions, is basically saying screw you to the league, we will do what we want and how we want to do it. I can't stand Goodell but I will be hard pressed to complain if he shoves it to the Saints for this.
  11. Am I foolish to hold out hope that he comes back for one more year?
  12. First off, I would love to see Brees play one more season especially considering how bad his last game was if this is it. However, if he does retire, I would be like a pig in sh!! if the Saints were able to get Watson.
  13. He certainly deserves it, but I'm losing faith that it will happen. I still wear my Mills throwback for almost every game. Starting to get beat up but don't thinkt hey still make them. Maybe if he gets elected they will release them again.
  14. Nice job, Joe!
  15. Merry Christmas all.