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  1. David, thanks for all the time and effort you put into the site. Sad to see it go but definitely understand, no apologies necessary. Good luck with whatever the future holds.
  2. Eisen and Florio discuss both Brees and Wilson....
  3. Matthew Stafford cap #'s Not a capologist so I don't know if they can be finessed/renegotiated. Looks like it would be a pretty big hit in year one.
  4. I've been wondering this for the past few weeks. I thought he may be dealing with an injury, but it may have more to do with Kwon Alexander not being out there.
  5. Kamara plays only if he continues to be asymptomatic, correct?
  6. If its PPR I'd go Mckinnon, if regular, Murray.
  7. Assuming Drew retires, I see Taysom as the starter next year. He's already under contract for next year, unlike Jameis, and years of kicking the salary cap can down the road is going to preclude them from spending money on any free agent QB's. They are estimated to be around 96 mil over next years reduced cap.(worst in the league) Unless Jameis agrees to some ridiculous incentive laden contract I don't see him here. I would guess they will sign a veteran backup and draft a young (cheap) QB prospect.
  8. You can rationalize this loss all you want. Bottom line is this game was taken away with that non-call and no one will convince me otherwise. I never thought I'd see the day that I would turn my back on the NFL, but that day has come. What hurts the most is knowing the blood, sweat and tears those players and coaches put into this season only to have it ripped away. I know how crappy if feels as a fan, I can't imagine how they must feel. I will always be a fan of the New Orleans Saints and the Whodatzone and I'm sure I will lurk here from time to time, but the NFL is no longer worth my time, energy or $$.
  9. Saints' Super Bowl takeover in Atlanta would extend to Falcons facility, locker room: report
  10. I'm all for going after them in the run game as well. They are undersized, so we should have the advantage. Suh and Donald might prove problematic when trying to get to the 2nd level, however.
  11. I expect a heavy dose of Kamara this game. I think Payton will try to get the ball out quickly and get him isolated one on one with the Rams linebackers. This will enable them to attack their weakness, while at the same time mitigating the pass rush from Suh and Donald. I expect the Rams to focus a lot of their attention on Thomas, so Ginn and Co. need to step up. And as always, they need to RUN THE BALL to keep the Rams Offense on the sideline and open up the play action.
  12. Home-field is usually good for 3 pts. So basically its a pick-em game.
  13. Fwiw, neither team gave up a sack in the first game. After divisional weekend this is the vibe from the talking heads that seems to be out there for each team.... Kansas City Chiefs: They have a defense now to go with their mvp quarterback. Look out. New England Patriots: Everyone left them for dead and forgot how dominant they are. Los Angeles Rams: Resurgent running game and defense is much improved. New Orleans Saints: Most vulnerable team left. O-line sucks. Offense out of sync. It was nothing the Saints did, Philly made too many mistakes.
  14. linkage Foles underthrew the ball a little, opening a door that the Saints would moonwalk through. From there, Lattimore said, the game “changed tremendously”, and he wasn’t kidding. Consider the before and after: Pre-pick Eagles 20 plays, 169 yards Saints 10 plays, 21 yards Eagles 14, Saints 0 Post-pick Eagles 27 plays, 81 yards Saints 61 plays 399 yards Saints 20, Eagles 0