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  1. Well deserved. I think he put together one of the best secondaries we've ever had. Tough to not put the 2009 squad at #1 but the group this year was right up there.
  2. It's insane, isn't it? I strained my plantar fascia once and couldn't walk and Brees is out there throwing touchdown passes.
  3. " Quarterback Peyton Manning, defensive back Charles Woodson, wide receiver Calvin Johnson and defensive end Jared Allen lead the list of finalists. Cornerback Ronde Barber, tackle Tony Boselli, safety LeRoy Butler, guard Alan Faneca, wide receiver Torry Holt, safety John Lynch, linebacker Clay Matthews Jr., linebacker Sam Mills, defensive lineman Richard Seymour, linebacker Zach Thomas and wide receiver Reggie Wayne as finalists." (I don't know the quote tag so I am just using a Comic Sans font for quotes.) Honestly, all of those guys are HOFers to me. There isn't a single one where I feel it would be it would be an outrage if they were elected.
  4. This was a little funny to me regarding the Campbell hiring. https://detroitsportsnation.com/detroit-free-press-writer-who-tweeted-homophobic-and-racist-messages-blasts-detroit-lions-potential-hc-dan-campbell-for-past-comment/wgbrady/detroit-lions-news/01/15/2021/243032/
  5. Drew was the best player for one of my teams that I have ever seen and ever will see in my life. I'm so sad that he didn't get to the Super Bowl just one more time. It was not fun to be a Saints fan before Payton and Brees came to town. There were moments but nothing like how it has been. I'm so sad tonight that something that has been a constant and something that has generally been something to look forward to in my life for 15 years is over.
  6. They can lock the piece of garbage up who was choking the security guard and throw away the key as far as I am concerned. During a fan brawl, who knows who is right and who is wrong, but if you're trying to kill a security guard, who definitely didn't start it.... well, lock that guy up.
  7. I realized that I am following almost none of my fellow Saints fans! I'm here and I will follow you guys back. I had to hear about the Byrd signing on the radio instead of Twitter because I have so few of my fellow WhoDats around. (I understand that a lot of people dislike Twitter. I only warmed up to it when I decided to not follow celebrities, who are the most brain-dead human beings on the planet.)
  8. I think we're really seeing the effects of the Ingram trade and the bounty penalties come into play. Without getting into Ingram specifically -- he has had some really good games -- a first for someone playing running back just wounded us. There "should" be three other high picks contributing to this team. How much different would this team look if we had two firsts and a second for, say, an OT, LB and S or a WR, G and OT? Vaccaro, J. Jenkins and Stills all look like they can play, I think the team is drafting just fine... hopefully Armstead gets better each week.
  9. I heard the same thing. Goodell has screwed this up like he's screwed up everything else.
  10. OK, my ire for how Benson and Loomis handled the Brees extension has been erased. They got Payton locked up before the season was over. This is a complete victory in every sense. Very happy.
  11. Brees has already thrown for almost 4800 yards and 39 touchdowns. Of course he deserves to go. Matt Ryan is in because his team was undefeated for most of the season and Robert Griffin III is in because it really looks like he is going to do the impossible: take that sad sack franchise to the playoffs. Neither Ryan nor Griffin are in because they are better players than Brees. If I thought that Brees was a borderline HoF candidate then this would be a huge insult, because the people that vote inexplicably value Pro Bowl appearances. But honestly, this is just one less opportunity for him to get hurt. The thing that I don't like to see is Saints fans saying he doesn't deserve to go. Of course he does. The guy lost his coach for the entire year, his GM and assistant coach for most of it, and then had a draft pick stolen for diddly-poo the team didn't do. Additionally, his GM did a horrible job negotiating the extension and his defense was on a record pace for futility and -- and! -- some of the drops from his receivers this year have been EGREGIOUS. Don't get down on Brees. I saw this same thing happen growing up in NY with Bills fans and Jim Kelly. They have since descended into a QB nightmare since the day he retired. There's a chance it gets reaaaaal bleak around here when Brees retires. ENJOY these games. Enjoy next season for all it is worth. Brees isn't the problem and he never will be.
  12. Every single, and I mean every single time the Saints are about to play the Panthers, there seems to be some article revealing how the Panthers were highly insulted the last time we played, or that they are out for "revenge" or whatever else. Meanwhile, half the times we've played them recently it's been in week 17 and we've had our playoff position sewn up. So they eke out a meaningless win that their idiotic fan base thinks is a precursor of things to come. (Matt Moore!!!) I honestly look at the Panthers and their fans as D-League losers that ought to be happy they are involved with the NFL at all. I used to think that the tide of "revenge" articles would fall off, but the players for that team honestly think a guy happening to set a record that it took all season to get is a SLIGHT AGAINST THEM. The stupidity is getting pretty tiresome. But again, talk to their fans: they are an off-season away from putting it all together. (Oh, the coach getting fired because he's terrible is completely according to this master plan.) Actually, that probably will be the story for the first meetup of 2013: "After the Saints beat the Panthers 30-3 in the finale, head coach Ron Rivera was fired. The Panthers players are all looking for revenge because their terrible coach was axed....."
  13. Completely unacceptable that Payton isn't signed yet. But then again, this exact same thing happened with Brees. Loomis screwed around and Brees didn't enter the season at 100% effectiveness. I don't think Benson and Loomis (though who knows who is doing the negotiations here) learned a thing from the Brees contract. The non-bounty scandal left ownership without any leverage. It absolutely boils my ass that they think they still have some. More, Benson could have found a single coach and a single QB that could win in this town, but he never did: these are the ONLY two guys who have won anything for this franchise. I used up all my energy screaming at Loomis and Benson during the amateur-hour production that was Brees's situation. I can't do it for Payton. I don't know who the fall guy is, but someone ought to get fired here. (I have a very unfocused sense of anger about all this, I guess.)
  14. Why not rest our most fragile and explosive back after getting pretty much eliminated from the playoffs? It's tough - we need all four guys because our offense is so dependent on running backs. And at some point, pretty much all of them do get hurt for a little bit. But man, it'd be great to trade one of them for our missing second rounder that was stolen by that dickhead Goodell.