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  1. I know 4 people who have died from it. I know another who will suffer long term heart and liver damage due to it. I'll make it political. Trump handled this pandemic in the worst possible way. He lied to the public about the dangers of this virus.
  2. I'm just a fan. Ireland has a proven track record. I'll trust him over any media talking head
  3. Mike D. is on WWL radio several times a week. He said it will take 3 first rounders and a player to acquire . Jackson. The Jets are the team with that kind of ammo.
  4. Marketing offers. If you become a star in NY, The world is at your heels. See Joe Namath and Reggie Jackson
  5. I was never a fan of Stafford. Lions raped the Rams in this trade
  6. He'll eventually become an NFl Head coach
  7. When you lay a stinker in the regular season,you can make up for it the following week. You can't do it in the playoffs
  8. Tampa's 3 scoring Td drives totaled 62 yards.
  9. Oynumata had a big game in the last meeting. This time he will be facing the backup RT. Both of our lines are superior to the Bucs. That fact doesn't guarantee a victory,but I like our chances. Brady at 43 is not very mobile. We took advantage of that in our first two games. Bobby Herbert did make a good point on WWL a few days ago. He believes the Bucs won't attack our corners. Lattimore and Jenkins can keep their Wr's in check. He believes the Bucs will attack Anzaloni in coverage. It's something we need to look out for.if hebert sees the weakness, you know Tom Brady does
  10. GB is going to have to deal with Aaron Donald
  11. There are no easy games in the NFL
  12. Roquan Smith, the Bears leading tackler and pro bowl Ilb will not play this Sunday. That is a huge blow to the Bears defense.
  13. Just announced on SNF. I would have bet my hose,Goodell would have had us play on Sat. when Kamara wouldn't be available. I'm shocked,but happy
  14. I/ve been looking around. It appears the rule for illegal touching by an O-lineman is the same a receiver who goes out of bounds and is the first player to touch the ball when he reestablishes position. The defense really has no choice but to replay the down. It/s not the same as intentional grounding which comes with a loss of down. If true, this rule punished us for playing good defense
  15. I don't have much to add. The illegal forward pass caught by a OG reminded me of play in the Falcons game yesterday. Atlanta got hosed on this call/ I'm looking for the whole sequence. I can only find this now. It's 4th down for the Bucs and the Rb is clearly 1/2 yd short. The official calls 1st down. Atlanta challenges and should easily win. The official re-spots the ball near the 1st down marker and calls for a measurement. It's still short,Now watch the line judge lean the marking post toward the ball until it touches. We are hate the falcons.but someone has some splainin to do