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  1. I agree. Thank you for giving us this site for all these years. Good luck.
  2. The misunderstanding comment was typical defense lawyer speech. Nothing more.
  3. I am excited to see what the kid can do under Payton. He has a ton of talent.
  4. Yep the story of the game is 4-0 TO difference. if Drew is gone then I wish him the best of luck and thanks for all the good memories.
  5. Horrible roughing call on the Lions that turned a 4th down stop to a 1st and goal.
  6. Agreed. If a TD or TO is close then you have to call the TD or TO since those are automatically reviewed and it is easier to correct mistakes.
  7. Is was an illegal reception and that is why a penalty was called but my guess is either declining the penalty would let the re pain stand (since the Saints declined the illegal act) or it is not declinable. I am not a rules expert so I cannot say. It seems to be one of those situations were committing a penalty benefits your team.
  8. My guess declining it would have made it a completed pass.
  9. Well Drew will be back for the playoffs and Taysom’s playing time is giving the Saint’s staff valuable info on Taysom and his future as the Saints QB. And to be fair to the kid he is an inexperienced QB so he is going to have ups and downs.
  10. Yep if I could accurately and consistently evaluate NFL talent then I would probably be working for an NFL team.
  11. I will take a loop-sided win for the Saints.
  12. I would like to echo the thank you for WhoDatZone. My one and only place to discuss the Saints.
  13. This game reminds me of the 2009 game when the Saints blew out the Pats. That was when I first seriously starting thinking Super Bowl.
  14. That’s why the would do it. Not why they shouldn’t do it.
  15. Again. They need an official in the booth that can call penalties and overrule ones called in the field. Somethings are easier to see on the video vs on the field.