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  1. We've made enough solid moves in freee agency to where i'm content. This draft is unimpressive. Should we be able to snag Watson on the low to use in blocking situations, with Cook in the redzone and mid-deep seems, we're sitting nicely sans draft. A slot; route savy WR would be nice however, and i'll never turn down a press CB. Let's see whom of those remains when it's our turn.
  2. It gutted me to see Rickey Jackson go to the 49ers in 94'. He finally got his ring, but d*mn if i didn't feel like my dog just died.
  3. D*mn... This got me
  4. ATN my brother, I’ve been conflicted with this today; a Tuesday, 48 hours after the loss. My mind still tells me that it’s bullsh*t; that in a game of this magnitude, with a penalty so painstakingly blatant not being called and giving the opposition another possession, in a game where possessions matter, was critical. Sean Payton said it after he called “ambush” the year that we won it all. “Against Peyton Manning, we knew we had to steal a possession.” That was the whole purpose of ambush, control possessions in a tightly fought war where the margin of error, is razor thin. Where possessions matter. We were up 13 at home, in one of the hardest places to play, I get all that. We had our chances; the decision to check to a pass to Thomas (Payton admitted they went with run initially) then have a horrid underthow after Ginn’s spectacular catch, was stupid. If that was on Brees, shame on him. If it was on Payton, shame on him. We had a chance to eat clock with a run and chose not to, shame on us. But on a critical 3rd down thereafter the miscue, we called a pass play where TLL ran a great route and was MAULED. Literally one of the worst pass interference non-calls, in history. A flag there and we’re going to the Super Bowl. As Saints fans who’ve lived through River City Relays and Minneapolis Miracles, this was yet another way (after decades of ways) to lose a football game. It wasn’t Culpepper fumbling the ball then picking it up to reach the end zone, or the Browns winning off a Hail Mary TD when all we had to do was knock the ball down. It wasn’t a double end reverse to Reggie that was fumbled, losing us the game, or Alex Smith running free for a crippling first down. This was us losing, IN THAT MOMENT, due to officiating. Yet, after all these years of torturous losses, we lose AGAIN, a DIFFERENT way. *sigh* The New Orleans Saints have probably lost a football game every way a team could lose a football game... Then there was this. Drew Brees is 40 years old, has moved mountains but has also endured too many 7-9 seasons, and has lost multiple playoff games in crippling fashion. Adam Schefter said it best, “legacies were altered on that non-call.” Despite all of this, if we're being HONEST folks (and some of us have been here a LONG time together), we did win the toss and have the ball to start OT... At home. Possessions matter in championship football, no question. But it’s not like we lost the toss to the Rams after that flagarant foul, played poor defense, then lost. We had a chance, with Drew Brees behind center (at HOME), and we completely sh*t the bed. Drive, score, win.... You want to be the best, hold GOAT status, prove that 1 seed, put fear into the AFC opposition, silence the pundits, or more importantly... REACH THE SUPER BOWL... you handle business and win the football game. This year’s Saints Team, didn’t get it done. The ball was in the hands of #9 when we had a chance to exercise the demons of the game, and an interception was thrown.... Game, set, match. Go Pats Go
  5. Here's the thing. Facebook comments are cluttered with Rams homers & Saints haters showing still photos of facemask penalties that weren't called against them, by Saints players... MISSING THE POINT!!!! Penalties happen throughout the course of a football game. Sometimes you get burned, sometimes you get away with one. A missed hold here (holding is on d*mn near every single play), a hands to the face there, anytime a WR gets popped gong across the middle. I get it... believe me, i get it. We're talking about a defender mauling a WR before the ball is there. Never mind the helmet to helmet contact or not getting his head turned back toward the ball, he flat out hammered the guy while the ball was en route. The very definition of Pass Interference 101 in officiating. Anybody in the world can see that. Review just makes it worse by showing the helmet to helmet and desperation by the defender, yet no call. Then postgame the referee says that he didn't even see the play?! Don't try to sell me bullsh*t, I know the prices. You have a line judge right there who would determine in/out of bounds on any sideline reception, yet they saw nothing?! All of a sudden, on the biggest drive of the NFC Championship at a critical time where a first down d*mn near ends it, near the end zone, nobody sees anything that blatant?! I'm not asking you to see a quick hold mid-play here, it's as a ball is in the air near a WR, who's NOT looking at that moment?! Unfortunately Boris, old friend, you are correct. This will be a headline in the media until mid-week, if that. It'll morph into "bad calls are a part of the game" and fizzle out. Somebody needs to lose their job for this. I'd trust gas station sushi more than the commissioner invoking any type of unprecedented act that would benefit the Saints.
  6. It's 2am here in Las Vegas and i can't sleep. I've avoided any type of cable television, in favor of Netflix shows and two movies. Simply put, i'm sickened by this experience. Truly, utterly, disheartened by what i witnessed. I can't even articulate my level of disappointment and disgust of that football game. Adam Schefter said it best, the non-call altered people's legacies. Under Brees/Payton: This team was robbed of a chance to play for the NFC Championship when we lost to the 49ers in the divisional round, problem is... we robbed ourselves with over aggressive defensive play calling in the final drive, burned by the blitz repeatedly. On us This team was robbed of a chance to play for the NFC Championship last year when we lost in Minnesota in the divisional round, problem is... we robbed ourselves by failing to make a game sealing tackle. On us This team was robbed of a chance to play in the Super Bowl this year due to the most blatant non-call in football, in recent memory. On them I've had a lot of time, nothing but time, to chew on this loss in attempts at digestion. I...Just...Can't. I don't give a sh*t that we got the ball back, chance to win, none of that sh*t. The canned answers after the game "well, you gotta make plays." "It didn't alter us, we knew we needed to execute still, and we didn't." I'm not willing to buy any of it. That non-call was demoralizing. I never, EVER blame officiating for a loss. Truth be told, i honestly get irritated when fans blame refs. It's like a prize fight, don't let it get in the hands of the judges. Yesterday, last night, right now as i type, i just can't see it any other way. We were robbed. In a football game of that magnitude, knowing that it was going to come down to a final possession, the Rams were gifted just that... another possession. It's not just the non-call on a penalty (those happen throughout football games), it's how completely blatant that the penalty was, yet was still not called. Social media has erupted; with professional athletes (Lebron James, JJ Watt, etc) expressing their personal disgust. The world saw it. We endure a ton as Saints fans. Having our hearts ripped out in Minnesota last year just wasn't enough, we had to add the NFL's officiating office apologizing for missing a call that resulted in another postseason exit, to our resume too?.. Cue curtain There's not a lot of magic left in old #9's bag of tricks and father time waits for nobody.... What a complete shame.
  7. We lost last year in Minnesota due to poor execution. We lost today due to one of the worst PI non-calls that i can remember. Pundits are going to say, "Well, the Saints had the ball in overtime and couldn't score". 1) It shouldn't have come down to that 2) Who can come back from that? Such a devastating non-call... Regardless of your experience or paycheck, that's soul crushing
  8. The blatant no call still has me mad as all h*ll... But Payton outreached himself by not calling a run.
  9. Vegas is finicky, i speak from experience lol. Saints have failed to cover the spread in like 5 of the last 6 weeks. Current line is Saints -3.5 O/U 56 (depending on your sports book. Green Valley Ranch is pretty fluid but the M is stingy.) Most strip properties have the money bringing the line closer to 3. I like the Saints to win but will play Rams and under on a parlay. We're currently the favorite to win it all, lot of money coming in on the chiefs though.
  10. Listen, we're doubted by d*mn near everyone going into this game against the Rams. Out of the teams that earned a first round bye, we struggled the most. The others won in dominating fashion, we were down 14 early. The addition of CJ Anderson and presence of Aqib Talib, make the Rams a completely different team then the one we saw earlier. PS - The Eagles were a different team, too. This team can move the ball on the Rams secondary. Prescott did. Nothing about the Rams secondary scares me, if another WR (Ginn, Smith, Kirkwood) shows up. Donald was a non-factor in our first meeting. What worries me most is our defense versus the Rams offense, with the addition of Anderson. Having to account for Gurley on the field at the same time as Anderson, in the way McVay is using him (putting Gurley in motion and using Anderson north/south pre-snap) is lethal. We can't afford another slow start Sunday. McVay is going to use that rushing attack to keep Brees at bay. This one's going to require A game from jump street
  11. Michael Thomas and Marshon Lattimore deserve to get paid... two pennies
  12. Chills...
  13. Michael Thomas is other worldly Lattimore came up huge Unbelievable football game
  14. i wanted Seattle to win something fierce last night, the cowboys just make me nervous. That defense is incredibly fast on the perimeter. If we do face them, Payton better bring them right gameplan, Dallas punched us right in the mouth. That said, i hope Saint Nick goes into Soldier Field and pulls off the upset. Let the Rams deal with Dallas
  15. I have to believe in my heart that we went soft in this game, on purpose. Why ball out for four quarters and risk getting injured before the dance, when you can just sort of “go through the motions” and play it safe. Truth be told, I didn’t see maximum effort from many this last Sunday. Lattimore looked slower, the pass rush more passive, and if that’s the case, im completey ok with it.