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  1. I agree with the sentiment that Brees should move on. I hate it. Drew couldn’t have been a better representative for this team and town. Pure class act and exactly what this team needed at the exact right time. But early on in the season I was asking my football watching buddy “What happens in the playoffs when the opposing D stacks the box with 8-10 players when Drew couldn’t seem to throw the ball past 15 yards?” Sure enough my worst fears were realized. Three interceptions and zero catches for Thomas. I’m not sold on Taysom as the starter though. We will lose that slash player on offense and he’s not even close to Brees on reading defense and making progressions. Saying that, I’m not necessarily sold on Winston either with his attitude and turnover ability. It won’t surprise me if Peyton makes a move in the draft or offseason to address the position. Let’s stay tuned. It will be interesting to watch. Whoever it is will have a hard time filling the shoes of DB9.
  2. Worst year of officiating I’ve seen since the replacement refs. How the PI against Lewis was not called makes me legitimately think conspiracy. Call me a loon, call me whatever. This was bulldiddly-poo. Remember preseason when they were calling helmet to helmet over and over? Suddenly the season starts and I don’t remember a helmet to helmet call all year throughout the regular season. So we have helmet to helmet, no defender head turned around, and defenseless receiver all on the same play. At the most critical time ever? The super bowl was literally taken from the Saints on that play. And no call? Boomer Esiason was mad when commenting about the game. He started off saying this was ridiculous and ended by saying this was a ridiculous no call. Tom Jackson was on NFL Primetime saying that this was blatant and they just changed history with this no call. He also said player and coaches legacies were changed by this no call. And he is right. But the Shield got the precious matchup they crave. Two major markets are playing in the Super Bowl and that’s all that reallly matters right? Their L.A. plan is working and that’s all they really care about. There is bad blood between Goodell and the Saints and he could care less about us. Meanwhile we get to watch the Patriots for the 9th time in 17 years or something play in the Super Bowl. I just can’t freaking wait for this diddly-poo fest of a game (rolls eyes). I could care less and this may be the first Super Bowl since 1983 that I don’t watch. I could go on about the redundancy of the Patriots, rich get richer, poor competition in their division, etc. etc. etc. F Tom Brady. F this league. F Goodell. And most of all F these refs that called this game. I am so sick and disgusted the way the Saints get treated in this league. I would love to see a couple of refs lose their job over this. But you know what will probably happen? People like Esiason will probably lose their job due to criticizing the NFL. Another gut wrenching loss but this time we were robbed by the same organization that we try to support. I don’t know man. I’m really losing steam on supporting the NFL. I’m tired of getting kicked in the nuts. I really hate it for Brees. This to me was probably his last shot. His arm strength is really going downhill and it’s becoming obvious. Not sure we’ll be able to get this far again with Brees and he and all of the Saints will be demoralized by this non call. It’ll probably suck the wind out of our sails for next year. Our best shot was what we had this year - home field advantage throughout. And now it’s gone due to an f’n ref. I am so disgusted to the point of considering boycotting the nfl. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over this.
  3. Yeah, our O line was awful tonight. We missed Arm-stead but even then the rest of the line was not up to snuff like they had been the previous 11 games. Brees does not handle pressure well and he was getting pressure from everywhere. This the interception and another near interception. Apple was a liability in this game. I am concerned about him moving forward. And then when MT gets covered well or double teamed, Drew doesn’t have much to throw to. The LBs had our running backs smothered. Bad game. Not sure we had the right game plan for this game. This was a trap game where their players match up well with ours and took our strengths away on offense. Too bad it had to be the Cowboys. I hate the Cowboys. I can’t stand their obnoxious fans. Uggghhh.
  4. Dez Bryant's contract is for $1.5 million, prorated to $600,000, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter. The deal also contains undisclosed reception incentives that could total up to $500,000, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.
  5. Ugh...
  6. I’m dumbfounded. The backup QB for a bad nfl team has hung 41 on us. I know we started out slow last year on defense but this seems even worse. Last year it was against the likes of New England and Minny. Super Bowl team and almost Super Bowl team. This year? How and why have we regressed this much? Wow. Receivers are just wide open in our backfield. And again with no pressure on the QB. We’re back to the opposing team scoring at will. They better get this figured out or we will beat our own record for the worst defense in NFL history.
  7. I’m kinda scratching my head on this. I thought Williams was playing well and he knows the playbook. It will take a while for Gillislee to get up to speed and time is not on our side. With Ingram out 4 games it appears we are using Kamara and Scott as our main running backs and Gillislee for goal line and short yardage. I’ll trust the staff though. There must be something they didn’t like about Williams.
  8. Well, Bridgewater it is! Here's to hoping he can make a smooth transition to starting QB on our team and be very successful! I somehow don't think he'll ever be as good as Brees though. Payton may have to change the team up a bit for someone like him. The OL would probably have to hold their blocks longer in passing situations. We'd have to continue to improve the D since the offense may not be as prolific, etc. etc. But change is always going to happen no matter who steps in. I'm encouraged by the footage I've seen on him during the Jets' preseason games. Appears to have 73% completion percentage during the preseason. Very encouraging.
  9. What do you guys think of Nick Foles through FA next year? Think he could be the guy? Or at least a stop gap for 2-3 years? I've heard the QB draft next year is not going to be very good. It always depends on what Philly wants for him but nobody's going to give up multiple picks for him. They asked for a first and fourth in the offseason - or something ridiculous like that. Not sure he's worth that though. HA! of course there's always Kaepernik... (excuse me as I vomit in my mouth a little)
  10. I’d be up for that. Send me an invite and I’ll join.
  11. Yes, dead on. I had high hopes for Taysom since Sean Payton said that we already have our next replacement QB on the roster (he named Taysom). But judging from that game, he is a nightmare. Three fumbles with 2 lost in ONE HALF. Looked like the 'Aints of old. I mean fumbling the ball when there is no contact (um, Wade Wilson anyone?)?!! I know he's probably nervous but he couldn't have done much worse. Maybe with more play he'll start to look better - but man, that was brutal. We are screwed at backup QB right now. If Brees goes down we are doomed. The roughing the passer call pissed me off so bad. Their helmets touched, just touched, without force, and that's roughing the passer? Rosen's head didn't even move. Then the defense let David Johnson chug his legs for 7 yards after contact for a touchdown. That was concerning but that can be cleaned up. I didn't pay attention to who was in the game at that time so maybe this is just a case of backups needing experience or us with the wrong package in. The D should be embarrassed by that play. I also worry about Davenport being out so long. He is raw to begin with and then missing so much training camp... hopefully he can make an impact this year but he has so much to learn. I will try to be optimistic about his odds this year of being the player we need him to be but we're running out of time. Oh well, it is just preseason. Hell our preseason last year seemed to sprawl into the regular season for the first 2 games or so last year. We looked awful those first 2 games last season. Hopefully that's not the case this year and come regular season we pick up where we left off last year minus the phantom tackle that ended our season
  12. Yes, that is the ID. 1327. Above it says 1323 so that was causing the problem. Hermann, please correct your post above. Thanks
  13. Hey Hermann, thanks for doing this every year! I'm still having trouble getting in to the survival set. Says incorrect password. I did 1323 and AtlantaBound and just can't get in. Let me know. Thanks!
  14. I really think we need a TE. I would look hard at Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Seems like we have missed the big bodied presence in the red zone since Jimmy Graham departed. I too would like to see us get another WR (wonder if Eric Decker still has gas for the slot), CB (for our seemingly oft injured CBs), a pass rushing DE, a DT, and extra offensive linemen. What's it going to take for this team to get a pass rush? Been waiting for that since '09.
  15. Wade, I always look forward to your rankings. Thanks for these. Obviously, the Saints ranking is skewed by the first two games we played. I wonder how we'd look if the numbers were crunched on only the last 7 weeks? BTW, very interesting to see the Jets right behind us and the Panthers behind the Ravens and Jets. Thanks