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  1. The best thing the Saints can do for the O line is to develop lineman that are able to play multiple positions at a high level. We all know the season is long and the potential for injury is always on the table. It's for damned sure having several "Swiss Army Knife" O-linemen will help maintain a consistent cohesion and in concert produce several starting level players that can be called up when needed and not have a big drop off in ability.
  2. At this point, it would appear that he is either a camp body or an addition to ST's. I don't see anything in his body of work that stands out that he would crack the D line rotation. Anyone else have any more info on him that would indicate otherwise?
  3. We all know Loomis' ability to work the cap, we also know Ireland's ability to obtain talent, and we know we have a pretty damned good coaching staff, tendering TH has effectively placed a value for his services that puts us in a win-win scenario. This effectively puts the ball in the court of whomever is interested and gives us a value pick should they decide to make an offer-either way we get value. 1st round picks have great value and I don't see anyone giving up that for TH, given his age. If they do, they'll end up spending too much for a small window.
  4. No mention of the overarching power Gotohell wields when dispensing his "justice"? The players really need to address that aspect, there needs to be some form of check to his unfettered power. The players need to reign his ass in, otherwise he will continue to screw teams and players. It's obvious the owners like having him take the heat in their stead and "protect the shield" at the expense of the workers. Unfortunately, the players gave up too much in the current CBA and its unlikely they will be able to get it corrected.
  5. JMO, the script for the 100th anniversary is almost set, what better way to celebrate than to have the 1st two teams in the Super Bowl be in this year's Super Bowl? I'm certain that it will be the Packers vs Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Be prepared for another controversial call to ensure that it happens and confirmation that the NFL is rigged. Change my mind.
  6. One of the biggest reasons Brees is playing so well now is what I alluded to early on in the season-his pitch count is much lower thus keeping his arm fresh. The other key element is that the O line has done a stellar job keeping him clean.The O line deserves major props for the excellent job they have done all season; hopefully Loomis can do his magic and keep the line intact for a few more years. I fervently hope we can win a Lombardi this year and let Brees have the opportunity to retire on top and intact.
  7. Frankly, given the bad blood between Goodell and Payton, I firmly believe this was Payton telling Goodell to shit or get off the pot with the "investigation". The NFL is holding AB hostage and whoever decides to sign him will get screwed. The whole imbroglio reeks of extortion IMO.
  8. I'm seeing this to be a low scoring affair to the tune of 23-20 Saints, rest assured, this will be a toe-to-toe slugfest.
  9. Well, at least we won't have to hear the cliche "Riverboat Ron" for while since it would appear the boat has sunk.(*gurgle*gurgle*)
  10. Damn, I'm going to miss Aunt Jemima....
  11. One game at a time!!! Take care of business and do your jobs! And for God's sake, DON'T EAT THE CHEESE!!!
  12. Baldinger is a true student of the game and his analysis is honest and informative, small wonder he's popular with his video studies. You can tell he truly loves the game and enjoys when someone balls out.
  13. I'm trying to get into chat, it keeps saying "username in use"..What do i do to correct that?

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      log out and log back in with no password. 

  14. Frankly I'm feeling some trepidation about Drew coming back too early, but one thing I am certain about is that Drew would not go unless his doctors feel that he is able to maintain his high standards for playing. Drew knows his body and he maintains it rigorously and I trust Drew to do the right thing.
  15. We'll be there!!