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  1. So the 17 game schedule is out. Week 6 bye week. Then 12 straight weeks with games. Way too early for the bye with a 17 game schedule. To be fair, I'd complain about it that early in a 16 game schedule too though. We play the Bills at home on Thanksgiving and then the Cowboys at home the next Thursday. 4 prime time games in 5 weeks starting on Thanksgiving night.
  2. You win the internet today!
  3. Lonzo was awful on Monday. Then he had a great game on Tuesday. He's so inconsistent. I didn't see it but he had 30+ and was the leading scorer.
  4. It's possible that nobody was willing to give us anything for Lonzo either. I have no idea what trades were available and what were not.
  5. Another great shooting night for Lonzo. I think he was something like 3-17. I know he started 0-8. He was just terrible. Couldn't find the ocean from the beach. He blew at least 3 alley oops to Zion not to mention several turnovers. It's not all on Lonzo. Bledsoe sucked too. And Van Gundy should have yanked Ball. Total diddly-poo show. The only positive to take from this game is that there are only 7 more games to suffer through. I really hope Ball is let go at the end of the season. And Bledsoe. This teams desperately needs some shooters.
  6. I hate OLOPS. I hope he leaves the suckage behind. He's in black and gold now and I'll root for him as long as he wears the fleur-de-lis. I don't know anything about these guys. I'll reserve my opinion until we see these guys on the field. I think the Book pick will allow Taysom to be Taysom without having to worry about losing our backup QB. I feel WInston will be the opening day starter.
  7. Boy was I wrong. I'm re-using this prediction for the next game. The Pelicans are 4 games out with 13 or 14 to go. They're done.
  8. So how does tonight's game against the Clippers go? I'll guess Zion gets 31, Ingram 24. Ball has 7 turnovers. Bledsoe has 6 points and 5 turnovers. Adams 4 points and 12 rebounds. And Pelicans lose by 20. Either that or a close game they choke away in the final 2 minutes.
  9. I saw that the Pelicans had a 108-70 lead to start the 4th quarter against the Magic tonight. I texted a few friends that I hoped we could hold on for the win. To my great surprise, they did.
  10. Surprise surprise. Yet another close loss for this team. 5 point loss to the Nets - Harden and Durant. This team is so frustrating.
  11. And that's why we suck. Lack of focus. It's not just this one game. This kind of dumb unfocused play has been going on all season.
  12. It's just maddening to watch. Back to back OT losses blown in the final few minutes of regulation. This team does not deserve postseason. Stupid turnovers. Basketball IQ in the final few minutes of games is negative. Seems like the final few minutes they quit playing team ball and let BI isolate and brick another 3. It's not all on BI, but that's a big part of it. Zion has his faults too. He needs to improve his free throws and ball handling. Bledsoe can be good, but disappears so often. Ball? I cringe every time he shoots.
  13. The owners have approved a 17 game schedule starting next season. 3 preseason games, 17 regular season games. Only 1 bye week. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31166690/nfl-owners-approve-17-game-season-2021 The 17th game is a 5th non-conference game. This season, AFC teams will get a 9th home game. NFC teams get the extra home game next season. The extra game is against the team that finished in the same division position last year from the division teams played 2 years ago. So, the Saints won the NFC South last season, meaning we play the first play team from last season in the AFC division we played 2 seasons ago. We played the AFC South 2 seasons ago (2019), and the Titans won it in 2020, so our extra game is at Tennessee. There is also some stuff about international games, which I am not a fan of. I'm torn. On one hand, I love the idea of an extra game. But on the other, it is another opportunity to lose key players before the playoffs.
  14. It might have been believable if Kuharich were still GM or Ditka was head coach.
  15. This one will never get old.
  16. I just saw an article on ESPN.com about the NFL's new TV deals. Most everything stays the same, but it reads that Amazon is now the exclusive home for Thursday night games with over the air availability on the markets of the competing teams. So hear is to the Saints not playing on Thursday nights for those of us outside of the New Orleans market. I pay for NFL ticket so I can see all my games. This BS will probably cost me at least 1 game next year. I'm pissed. I really hope I am reading it wrong. I do not have Amazon and I do not want to have to get it.
  17. I think it will cost me any Saints game that is on Thursday night since NFL ticket doesn't carry the Thursday games. Unless I decide to get Amazon.
  18. Beat up the Clippers. Then beat up the Blazers for 3 1/2 quarters. 17 point lead with 6 minutes left. And they gave the game away. Ingram missed 2 free throws with around 10 seconds left that would have iced it. Then Lillard gets his 10384949489484th foul call of the game to finish off a 50 point game from the line. Blazers by 1. F!!!
  19. That was a fun game to watch. I can't believe they t'd him up on that. I don't know what he did wrong. He didn't stand over the guy. It's no more taunting than any other big dunk. But this one should get a poster.
  20. Thank you Drew Brees for 15 great years of football. You will be missed. Now I will join you in crying like a baby.
  21. I agree. I didn't expect much out of the team this year. Redick has regressed. I think father time has caught up with him. Ball, Bledsoe, and Hart can be good at times, and WTF at others. Zion and BI turn it over too much. I think Zion will improve though. He's very young. Only 1 college season and he missed part of that, and less than a full season in the NBA with very little practice time due to the current restrictions. And we have exciting young players in Lewis, Walker, and Hayes too.
  22. The only things this team is consistent about is poor defense and being frustrating as hell. They beat the Jazz one night, then lose to the Bulls. Who knows which team will show up.
  23. I think Wilson would be an awesome addition to the Saints. But I don't see how the Saints could do it. I'm sure the asking price is astronomical. I think Wilson is better than Stafford and the lines got a ton for Stafford. And then there are the cap issues the Saints have.
  24. Pelicans 120 Celtics 115 in OT. Largest comeback in franchise history. BI finished with 33, Zion with 28. Great defensive performance in the 4th and overtime. This team could be pretty good if they played like that all game. But that is a really big IF.
  25. And the Pelicans make a great comeback only to be F!!ed by the refs. Overturned an out of bounds to the Pelicans call to give it back to Boston with 14 seconds left. And they get the basket on a travel with 10.5 to take the lead. Then Zion gets the basket after the timeout to take a 1 point lead with 6.9 left and he makes the free throw for a 2 point lead. Damn it. Boston tied it with 0.2 to go. Looks like overtime. Pelicans came back from 24 down late in the 3rd.