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  1. This offseason is showing for the first time that the Saints' salary cap philosophy is not the best strategy. I am afraid that the Saints are going to be down key depth this year with all the cuts they have to make. Today, for instance, it is Janoris Jenkins with Emmanuel Sanders yesterday. The Saints are going to be fully dependent on finding diamonds in the rough for quality depth at a lot of positions (OL, DL, LB, DB) to stay at or near the top. It sucks that they have diddly-poo the bed in the playoffs when they were probably the better team in all four of the games they lost the last four years.
  2. Wow! So it is possible that the Saints' QB, regardless of who he is, will be the 4th-best QB in the division. One time in history, the Falcons led the Super Bowl 28-3. They blew that lead. Let's make that 3rd-best QB.
  3. *(@#&!&(*#!&(#^!*(#@
  4. Harris and Rankins were the two hungriest players on the field. Kudos to MT13 and AK47 for returning and not looking too rusty. Lutz has to be injured from that slip in the San Fran game. He is not as fluid for sure.
  5. One thing is for certain. Should the Saints hold on for the next 15 minutes, this win was all because of the defense!
  6. Huge heady play by Brees and Murray there!
  7. I didn't hear, but five interceptions have to be a franchise record, right?
  8. Here's a fun fact: the first year of the sixth playoff team, the Saints got that spot and lost to the Bears in the first round. This is the first year of the seventh playoff spot and the Bears visit the Saints.
  10. Congratulations to Joe for going 16-0. Hey, that rhymed! Anyway, I will take the Survivors League next time!
  11. 54 straight games without allowing a rusher to rush for 100 yards is now an NFL record streak.
  12. And to note: only a 58-yard field goal prevented the shutout.
  13. Packers dropping at least one more is important for the Saints since the Packers beat the Saints. OR Seahawks and Packers win out and Saints drop one to the Chiefs. Saints still #1.
  14. BTW, a Saints QB matched that 9.1% mark before! Dave Wilson (Sept 8, 1985) was 2 for 22!
  15. Nope to the second, but tied the first! Ryan Leaf holds the record: 1 for 15 for 6.67%.