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  1. I'm saying 9-8, no playoffs. Side prediction.....Urban Meyer is the wrong coach, at the wrong time, at the wrong place, for Lawrence. Justin Fields will have the better season and he may not even start!
  2. I was actually thinking we go 9-8 this year, no playoffs. I really hope Jameis surprises me though....and if not....I hope we go after Russell like a dog for a bone.
  3. There are many of us that know exactly what you are feeling. I've been here since Katrina and it is usually the first thing I open up when I sit down at my pc. I wish you nothing but good fortune, David, and I thank you for bringing us all together. I'll never forget you guys and the discussions.
  4. There is a kid left on the board named Amon Ra St Brown.....his brothers name is Osiris St Brown.....Edit: his other brother, plays for Jets, is named Imhotep....and it looks like Amon Ra is off the board now, too bad, we could use some divine help...
  5. I trust our guys to scout players. And I think I like the first three picks, although I wish we could have traded up and picked Terrace Marshall in the 2nd.
  6. Elijah Molden, DB, Washington
  7. Wouldn't surprise me either, Payton has a tendency to do that. But, I don't know that there is anyone left worth trading away picks for. I would like to see one of the two WRs come our way, with Terrace my favorite...yeh, homerism at it's best....but that kid out of Ole Piss ain't bad either.
  8. I would, but shutting everything down, storm rolling thru and my electric company loves to try and blow things up.
  9. And his character and family are from LA, they are shrimpers, I believe.
  10. Rodgers pulling a Watson in Green Bay?! That came out of nowhere.
  11. Looks like it will be on ABC as well, I might tune in, with the volume muted, while I listen to NFL radio. So, if the Saints trade up to the top ten, who are we after? TE? WR? CB?
  12. That's awesome! I'm guessing it's because Falcon a.k.a. Capt America, is from south LA. Good series if any are interested.
  13. I guess I'll be following online as I don't get ESPN or NFLN. I kind of wish we were doing this year's draft like last year...I'm gonna miss Goodell in his mancave with the piped in boos, Jerrah on his 200 million dollar yacht with 2 heli pads and $5 internet connection, and I think it was the Arizona coach with his feet up on the table, no socks, mountains in the background....That all made for interesting TV. I'm glad I'll miss out on the talking heads that never shut up, I'll follow and read about it as it goes.
  15. So, Atl is thinking about trading Julio? What would he be worth? And would we want him? I'm still hoping that we make a run at Wilson next off season, so I don't want an expensive addition at a spot that we could draft for.