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  1. Thank you Drew.
  2. Thanks Hermann - all signed up!
  3. I just appreciate the site being here. Happy to take whatever you guys provide. Thanks for the 20 years to date!
  4. If we let Brees walk I could easily see him repeating Peyton Manning's feat and winnng a SB for another franchise. It would be just the kind of thing that happens to us!
  5. http://www.espn.com/blog/new-orleans-saints/post/_/id/31242/drew-brees-turns-40-untold-stories-of-an-ultra-competitive-qb
  6. I am in. Due to the time difference, I will probably end up on autodraft.
  7. I think the number should be 1327. The password is correct.
  8. Hi ATN, I have been on this site since the NOLA boards went in 2000. In all the time I have been here I have probably only made 50 posts, through all the incarnations of the boards. If you looked up 'lurker' in the dictionary I am sure there's a picture of me. That being said, I visit the site very regularly - several times a day during the season, unless we're losing and I'd rather avoid the negativity. Not criticising those who vent; it's just my way. The main reasons I don't post much is that despite my long love for the game and my passion for the Saints, my technical knowledge is nowhere near just about everyone else in the Zone, so I prefer to read and learn. I have also read a lot of the political stuff with interest, especially when the PIT was still around, but as a foreigner, I've always deemed it impolite to comment on political issues in this house. One thing I can say, though, despite only having ever met one of you ('Hi Drew'!), and sharing a same day/same year birthday with another ('Hi Slidell'), I feel I know you all like family. And ATN, I for one have always appreciated all the news you have posted over the years. While I get NFL news from all over the web, this is pretty much the ONLY place I come for Saints news. So, thanks for all the news from the past, and rest assured that if you do post any in the future, I for one will appreciate those too.
  9. This youngster knows...
  10. Well done Roman Harper! Too many try to impress their "peers" with extravagant trimmings & lifestyles.
  11. Where's Slidell Saint...