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  1. I dont think the Saints draft haul this year, is half that bad the "experts" what's to make us believe. I think that, except for I. Book, the rest of the picks will make the team. WR and CB will have impact next season, already.
  2. Interesting Interview with MIKE BROWN - OL- WVU dude seems to be a nice addition Short Scouting Report about JOSIAH BRONSON dude looks to be a run thumper
  3. I dont want no Julio.
  4. CB or LB I've seen mostly projected in the Mocks. Also . I think we go BPA. I would love to have a G, CB, LB, S, DT, EDG, QB/ any of the previous. I dont see any stunts for a RB. What would be the goal stealing the show from your already paid player? FO has done excellent job the past 4 drafts, basically since Jeff Irland came aboard, therefore I believe we will have a productive draft.
  5. Yeah, we want more football. My bolt prediction is, that this will hurt the NFL in the long run. The quality of the product will suffer. Injuries and severe medical conditions will increase. I think if they want to inflate the season, more bye weeks would be the way to go. By this, you dont generate more games, but more weeks, during which NFL football is in the media, and that's what counts today. But since I asume, that most of the owners are greedy rich dudes, I guess they want to squeez out every cent.
  6. This dude is done. I mean, it could all be a plot against him, but the chances are slim to none, I would asume.
  7. +1 for trying, nolaspe.
  8. April's fools day is getting a little tiring
  9. Sorry, but if this is true, that Anzalone felt disrespected because of the signing of Kwon Alexander, than this dude lives in an alternative reality. Thats like Blaine Gabbert got offended because the Buccs signed Tom Brady. Frankly, the biggest asset/skill of a player is abvailability. And Anzalone was unavailable quite a lot in his NO tenure. I was too lazy to break it down to snaps, but if you look at games alone, Anzalone played 38 out of possible 64 games. We dont need players like that.
  10. I dont get this. How are you supposed to identify stolen goods, when purchasing them? Ok, if you get sold a nuclear warhead in some shady alley, you should know, that you most likely purchase stolen goods. But if a common item/good (and guns are common items/goods in the US) gets sold to you, how can you know it's stolen? Him getting into a situation like this is boneheaded stupid. This I totally agree with. But getting rid of the player due to this is not justified, in my opinion.
  11. Tom, I agree with nearly everything you stated, except for Taysom chasing big money elswhere. As far as I'm concerned, TH got paid already. Saints paid him 6.1 mil. in cash as a signing bonus alone. He will earn esily up to 15 mil. in saleries and endorsements during his carrer, which is huge, giving his talent level as a pure QB. I would asume, that less than 20% of NFL player are able to accumulate that figure in their time in the NFL.
  12. NFL Gamepass is the best product on the market. It's quite expensive and not allowed in the US. But if you live outside US, it's the best package. Should be possible to use it in the US via VPN client.
  13. I always thought: If you trade a player, you trade his contract , too. That obvisously isnt the case. Under these circumstances, Seattle has no real incentive to move Wilson.
  14. He simply isnt worth the money. He was flashy last year, when Cam and Davenport were dominating at the same time. When one of the two was not playing, Hendrickson's production was decreased significantly. Wish him all the best though.
  15. Well, looks exaggerated, but in the end, that's their starting position for upcoming negotiations. They know themselves, nobody will surrender this bouquette of picks and players. My guess: Since Watson doesnt want to be in Houston (or am I wrong here?), will go for 2 1st rounds and if one is a swap, they may net another 2nd rounder. That's still quite a lot!