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  2. I have never been a big poster but I was on here all the time reading all the insightful commits all of you made. I too want to thank you David for the fun years we had on here. Thank all of you.
  3. Having been a member from to time Saints Digest folded I've been privaleged to have met many, many of you and those with whom I never got the chance to me it wasn't from a lack of trying. I have gained more friends here than I've lost. I'd still like to see many of you if there is ever another get together like the picnic. Sad to say but there are many who have passed and will always be missed. This has been a place that has spanned the world through the members here. David, thanks for all you have done. It's been great and kudos for a job well done. Without you none of this could have been. Sad to see such a long lasting institution closing down, but life goes on. Thank you all from Mitchell.
  4. One last UnF*ck OLOPS forever! May they never know any satisfaction whatsoever!
  5. Lots of feelings here that I probably cannot put into words. I’ll miss this place, even though I haven’t been really active in a while. I was always more of a lurker anyway. I grew up with the Saints message boards. Started at Saints digest when I was 14 years old. Was only there a minute before it shut down and a good chunk of us moved here. I’ll be 37 in a couple months. These boards have been a BIG part of my life for 23 years. Bittersweet feelings. I’ve always had high respect for David and Atn for doing a ton of work and I’d be remiss to not name a lot of the others, I’m sure I’ll miss some, but Zman, Ed, and Pac stick out to me. Iconic members that hadn’t posted in a long while Fetchmonster, raptorBPW, coachL, St Nick, etc..... and those that have passed on (help me if I miss someone. Keenan, Alan, corky, Jamster..... I always wished I could have made it out to one of those pigskins in the park. Looked like a lot of fun. I’ll join the discord server for sure. Hope to keep up with y’all. Go Saints
  6. David, do you think you could please post the links to the discord and fbook groups on the whodatzone domain that you leave up once you shut the site down so that people who may miss this thread can join? Thank you in advance, and again, thank you for all of the work that you put into this place.
  7. David, What else can I say that already hasn't been said? WDZ has been a true family for me over the years, and it's b/c of it that I've made several friends and have had the luck of meeting some of y'all in person. Thank you so much for the years work you put into is and for the enjoyment and camaraderie it brought me, I will truly miss it. This is the link to the fbook WDZ group I started awhile back if anyone wants to join who hasn't. I'm down for the discord group as well.
  9. I tried that link and it didn't work. Is there another link to try?
  10. I know 4 people who have died from it. I know another who will suffer long term heart and liver damage due to it. I'll make it political. Trump handled this pandemic in the worst possible way. He lied to the public about the dangers of this virus.
  11. Thank you ATN for your contributions and support of the site over the years. Cheers!
  12. David... what can we say? I was around when you first created this incredible home for us many years ago. With life changes, and this and that, I haven't been around much, but have popped in to lurk and get the scoop on things, though less frequently the last few years. THANK YOU for what you did here. We who were lucky enough to be around for so long have seen so much together. For our team and our city, was a place we could always log in and interact with those people like us in so many ways, different in others, but in the end we were always part of the same online family. Saints, other sports, politics, general Q&A (if you needed to know a how-to or best way to do or fix something, chances on someone here could help) hell even the clubhouse had its moments! Hell, I still have my whodatzone t-shirt! We saw crazy football, we saw terrible football, we saw management decisions that made us bonkers, players and coaches come and go... but we also got to share in the greatest run our team has ever known. We finally saw OUR team be the winners. OUR team set the bar and became the Gold Standard of the NFL. OUR team made us feel like we were a part of them... and we were a part of each other. This place made a lot of those feelings so much more to many of us because of what we had here. Our community here was so important to us at the right time in history. We understand you and we hear you and we support you. I just happened to log on today for the first time in a long time and saw your post. I had to speak up. Best wishes to all and especially you David. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you created here. Who Dat for life!
  13. Well put ATN! I will definitely miss all of you, and hope we can keep in touch even if just through discord or another app someway.
  14. The inevitable has arrived. This is a gut punch but expected. I've joined the Discord channel and that will be easy for us to keep in contact and to chat during games. It's been an honor to be here. I tried to keep this tent open but due to life etc., it's been hard. I don't have the time to focus here as I have in the past and I apologize for that. I stand by David's decision and I can't thank you all for your time over the past decades. It's been an honor to know you all and to share so many unique life experiences together. Many of us have linked up on Facemelt and now we can continue to stay in touch better on the Discord platform. It's very secure and has a LOT of bells and whistles. We could even broadcast the local announcers as we watch sorta stuff. It's weird to say goodbye to an online family/forum that's been an integral part of my life but here we are. This site has helped me throughout many challenging parts of my life and many of y'all has helped motivate me, educate me, listen, talk, commiserate, relate, hate the falcons, love our team, take a journey we never expected. We went from has-beens in the league to finally get the Lombardi we were told we would never see. We turned spoiled to an extent by the recent regime up and down many hills. We expected to be in that number every year and we were competitive for the past decade-plus arriving here. The journey has enriched my life, my soul, my being. Saying goodbye here sucks and I'm quite emotional as I write this as it brings up many diverse emotions but I want to capture my feelings somewhat. You all made this site, you fed it, you gave it life, and what a life it was. We lost some great people along our journey and they have all become my family and each passing left this place a bit less lively. We had drama, we had bannings, we had a part of this site that ruined many a friendship and when I removed it, we lost even more. Regrets, there are a few, but those were learning experiences. We rallied together through the good, the bad, and the ugly 2011 season. We've been through the grinder of Katrina, scandals, coaches, players, and seasons. This site made it possible, you however made it family. I've met many of you here and I look forward to meeting more of you in person in time. This includes you David E. Fare thee well all, much love, mad respect, and may the road always rise to meet you wherever you are in life. WHO DAT!
  15. Same here. Just signed up over there. Happy to try to stay connected.
  16. Willing to give it a try... I am on.
  17. The link below to join the group I created on Discord
  18. Count me in
  19. David, you will always be my hero. Love you man for putting up this site with all those wonderful WhoDats. For the past 20 years this site felt like part of my own family. I understand your decision 100%. No regrets whatsoever! I wish you and every single one of you all the best of luck, fortune and health for the future. Stay healthy and keep the faith! WHODAT!
  20. Wow, been away for a little while and see this. It saddens me to see, but as others say, I hold no grudge against you for doing it, and completely understand. As others have said, it will be weird not having this site to go to in football season. It has been quite a ride for has to be about 20 years for me on this site since the old Saints Digest board shut down and many of us migrated over to hear. I might pop in at Saints Report, but just never really enjoyed the "largeness" of that site. We are small and a family here who have suffered through all sorts of emotions together, the fears of Katrina and panic until members checked in to the elation of joys over Super bowl 44. We have celebrated marriages, child births and cried over passing members (Bill (Wildbill or was it Teribill?), Allan (Loudlung), Corky, Lee (Leeman), James (Jamster) and I know I'm forgetting a few others. I will always feel blessed to have been a part of this site and have been able to turn "online" friends into in person friends meeting many of you for the first time in 2004 for the WhoDat Zone get together game against Carolina, celebrated the return of the city and the Saints on the Monday night game against the Falcons in 2006, met others at various away stadium games and even met a fellow WDZer halfway around the globe in Brisbane, Australia (Phil and his lovely family) for dinner. I will truly miss all of you and hopefully will still keep up with some of you on Facebook. Thanks for creating this place for us David, but just like everything, all good things must come to an end. Love to all of you.
  21. I’m on board for joining a discord channel.
  22. There are several apps, we can use discord I have used it for video games to chat in the past. There is a couple of others as well. Discord is the only one I have ever used before. It is similar to the game chat in multiple people can be in it and it not ping as Facebook Messenger does. What say you all?
  23. Man, I am going to miss game day chat with all of you. Is there a way we can set up some kind of game day chat for us to still get together? Let’s try to figure this out before this site is shut down. Any feedback is appreciated.
  24. I believe the 17th game is against the AFC division the Saints played two years ago.Probably the team with the same division ranking as the Saints last year.
  25. I meant Tennesse.
  26. Hope this story has a happy ending!😃
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