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2021 Free Agency

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With the loss of the sting not over I have been thinking of free agency to take my mind off of it. I have a link below to the article I pulled the list from, but we have a big list of free agents this offseason. I believe there are a few we can let leave. I am curious what you all think, but IMO all the offensive guys can go except Jameis and I would not lose sleep over them. On defense, I would love to keep a majority, but I would be really sad to lose Marcus Williams, and Hendrickson as I felt they came on strong this past year. I also feel we need to keep Craig Robertson and Justin Hardee because of their ST play. I feel a lot will leave in free agency if they do not sign almost league minimum salaries.  Curious ya'lls input.


New Orleans Saints 2021 Offensive Free Agents

  • TE Jared Cook, 34
  • QB Jameis Winston, 27
  • RB Ty Montgomery, 28
  • FB Michael Burton, 29
  • RB Dwayne Washington, 27
  • T James Hurst, 29
  • WR Bennie Fowler, 30
  • C Cameron Tom, 26
  • WR Lil’Jordan Humphrey, 23
  • WR Jake Kumerow, 29

New Orleans Saints 2021 Defensive Free Agents

  • DT Sheldon Rankins, 27
  • LB Craig Robertson, 33
  • CB P.J. Williams, 28
  • S Marcus Williams, 24
  • CB Justin Hardee, 27
  • CB Johnson Bademosi, 31
  • S D.J. Swearinger, 30
  • CB Ken Crawley, 28
  • DE Noah Spence, 27
  • LB Alex Anzalone, 26
  • DE Trey Hendrickson, 26
  • S J.T. Gray, 25

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I don't think too many of those guys are the problem we face.  It's some of the guys under contract that have us in cap hell that we have to make some tough decisions on before we can even address free agents.

But on that list I'd love to see us retain Winston, Rankins, M. Williams and Hendrickson.

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I believe the current cap situation is going to change dramatically. The league already added a 17th game to help compensate for that, and the TV rights will be negotiated to help with the cap drop. The league also has the leverage to negotiate the 18th game and use the cap as leverage with the players. I fully expect the league and union to work it out and have only 2 preseason games. Not to mention if we extend Ram and Lattimore this offseason we can sign them with big signing bonuses. That will allow the cap hit this year to be small on both and grow with the cap. I feel for these reasons the cap that we are carrying will not be an issue I just don't see us being able to keep all that you mentioned. I am not sold we can keep more than Winston and one of the defensive guys. I see the team moving on from Rankins. He has had two major injuries and missed playing time due to that. JMO. If I had to choose one defensive guy to keep I feel Hendrickson would be the hardest to replace. Saying that his injury history with his neck is something to think hard about. He did have to have neck surgery during the last offseason and had neck issues during the season. It will be a very unique offseason for sure. No one knows if there will even be a combine. 

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One thing that I’ve become confident in is that Loomis always finds a way to retain the players that the Saints believe in, particularly the ones they have drafted.  I have to believe they have a plan, as Payton has said in the past that the team doesn’t believe in transition years. 

I think they will find a way to keep Williams and Winston (if they want him) and possibly Rankins at a reasonable amount.  They are not going to overpay for Hendrickson.  They can save a bunch of money extending contracts and you have to think the cap will be higher than current estimates.

One interesting scenario would be if Brees decided to play another year, they could extend him and reduce his cap hit, pushing it out.  I think Brees retiring is not a done deal, although I do think he should for himself personally.  His TV contract doesn’t start until 2022.



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I am with you I love Drew and everything he has done for this team and community. Saying that I do not want him remembered in his last season like Brett Favre was where he didn't even get to finish the season. I truly believe his body cannot take it anymore, and if he pushes himself to play he will not be able to finish the season and have multiple or a serious injury. I would love to send him out with one more ring, but I fear for his long-term health. I think Rankins moves on due to the injury history. 

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