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Pelicans at Bucks

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The Pelicans laid another egg last night on national TV.  I think it was a 12 point loss in the end, but the game was never that close.  It was 69-46 at hafltime, and that was after the Pelicans closed the gap.  I think it was something like 35-12 in the first quarter before Holiday closed the gap at the end of the quarter to make is something like 37-20.  Pathetic.  I'm not sure why I kept watching it.

Gentry had his head in his hands at times.  He has no idea what to do.

Ingram had 3 fouls in the first 7 minutes.  The 2nd foul was a bad call.  They called an offensive foul on him.  The announcers were at a loss for what he did.  Their best guesses were that he was called because his fingers grazed someone's face on the follow through or maybe he kicked out or something, but they weren't baffled.  And then he was called for his 3rd on the Bucks next possession.  And was lucky to not get t-d up.  He was not happy with the refs.

As usual, too many turnovers.  Too many bad shots.  No defense.  Sounds like a losing combination.

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