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XFL to use one, two m and three point conversions

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That could heavily affect the outcome of games. Not sure I like it, but you never know it may grow on me.


XFL to use one-, two-, three-point conversions

Posted by Mike Florio on April 8, 2019, 7:37 PM EDT
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Lawrence Welk would like this idea. (Google it, kids.)

Appearing on Monday’s #PFTPM, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck said that touchdowns in the new league will result in the scoring team deciding whether to go for one point, two points, or three points.

The one-point conversion would come not from a kick but from a scrimmage play at the two. Two points would be scored after a successful conversion from the five. And three points would be scored for a successful conversion from the 10.

Luck said that the league considered moving the three-point conversion to the 15, but that the coaches believed defenses would more easily defend the end zone with that much territory to cover.

Unlike the AAF, which eliminated the one-point play and made only a two-pointer available, a team scoring a touchdown in the XFL will emerge with 6, 7, 8, or 9 points.

For more on the XFL, check out the full interview.

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15 hours ago, dtgSaintsFan said:

Ok.  That's interesting.  That could really change some games.  I guess they realize that the only kickers available will be diddly-poo.

That's a good point I had not thought of, but XP's if back to the original would have been easy. 

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