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Arden Key going pro

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Arden Key is a bitter, selfish, young man with a very poor attitude. He hasn't learned a thing. When you are selfish & isolate yourself from teammates because you think you above anyone else, of course you won't feel welcome to the family. Thank goodness we went with player with the better character & work ethic (Marcus Davenport) over this clown. It's an embarrassment to say this guy repped LSU. He really better get it together otherwise that attitude will have him out of the NFL in a New York minute. 


Meanwhile in Jacksonville, the brotherhood is alive & well.


Leonard Fournette helping former LSU teammate DJ Chark learn the ropes in the NFL

Last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected former LSU RB Leonard Fournette in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. This year, in the second round, they took LSU WR DJ Chark.

While Fournette’s rookie year was a strong one, he also experienced some ups and downs as he adjusted to life in the NFL.

Now, as Chark prepares to embark on his NFL career, Fournette is setting out to make sure Chark’s transition goes more smoothly than his did. Chark revealed that Fournette has already been helping him get up to speed in the NFL (via

″He really stuck his neck out for me to get here and that’s something you expect as a brother,″ Chark said. ″I’m proud to be here.″

With the Jaguars under the leadership of Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone, Fournette told Chark to make sure he is always early for meetings and practices.

″He told me every day make sure you are on time, paying attention and when you get on the field just leave it all out there,″ Chark said. “That’s pretty much what I experience the first day – very intense. He was right about everything.″

Having a mentor like Fournette is a huge benefit for Chark. He’ll be more comfortable than most rookies, and that could translate to some immediate success on the field.


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So glad we did not draft him. His coach and teammates need to have a conversation. All he had to do was say thank you, he didn't need to be like this is a business. Yes it is a business, but teammates are supposed to look out for each other. 

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