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Gymnast creates a new move called "The Dick"

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Here's the Olympics' new gymnastics skill with a name that will make your mother blush

By James Dator  @James_Dator on Jan 16, 2016, 10:04a 

This is ... "The Dick"

Meet "The Dick." It's gymnastics' newest recognized skill and you're sure to see it at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this summer. It's a difficult maneuver that involves leaping off a springboard, scissoring the legs and landing in the splits -- all on a balance beam. The move's creator, Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick is understandably over the moon.

"My biggest goal since 2013 was to submit a skill in the FIG code of points [...] Behold ... The Dick."

Sure it may sound funny. Perhaps it'll embarrass you in front of your grandma when you're watching the Olympics, but this is a seriously cool move and if that means we giggle a little at "The Dick," so be it. At least it's memorable.

"Insert" your own joke here now. :lol:

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