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  1. Could he fit in out defensive scheme? I ask cause I know you guys are much closer students of the game than I.
  2. Merry Christmas! Mind if I borrow that image?
  3. But only after a lengthy investigation I'm sure.
  4. That's what I figured. No reason to move on from Dennis Allen if we don't have to.
  5. Agree with you guys .... River Boat Ron has never been a bad coach. His Panthers always gave us fits. Any chances of him catching on with us you think?????
  6. If I remember right, he had a monster game against Atlanta on Prime Time a couple seasons back for us.
  7. Is Dave E still around? Is he still doing Web Development?

    PM me ----

  8. Got stuck offshore Sunday afternoon and got to watch a little of the Ravens-49ers. Seriously, we need to be on our A-game Sunday. They gave Baltimore everything they could handle. We do the stupid penalty thing and let the pass rush get to Drew it's gonna be a long day.
  9. The O-Line not giving up a sack - huge improvement from the last time we met. And I loved the big plays from Kiko. When he went out I thought Craig Robertson filled in well. And 8 sacks. It's hard to get beat when you have 8 sacks. BUT.......They almost did! We have got to stop the stupid mistakes. Eli looked desperate out there. Teams like San Francisco and Baltimore will be different. Oh - and Cam has now moved up to the Saints #2 All-Time Career Sack Leader.
  10. I just hope all these highest graded players get the rest of the team to cut down on the penalties.
  11. I remember a lot of chatter about Jeff Ireland when he came on board and what he was going to bring to this team. So far I don't think he's had a bad draft for us yet.
  12. I feel ya. The thing that bothers me is we are not dominating like we did before the bye. In the last 3 games against under-whelming opponents we have lost once and struggled the other 2. And our struggling seem to be self induced. We are killing ourselves with penalties - and they are stupid penalties at crucial times.
  13. He's not a stupid guy - I think he knows what it cost.
  14. Wow - didn't even think about him going against Suh. I don't recall Suh's name getting called at all. That is pretty big stuff. Sort of reminds me of Le Charles Bently against Sapp.
  15. I thought Alonso actually had a decent game. As dominant as we were I never felt secure until that pick-6. We have got to stop the drive killing/extending penalties!
  16. Just put a big cast on it like they did Dobler!
  17. Yeah I think the NOLA piece goes a little overboard with offense. It's a rivalry - what do you expect?
  18. Some rich guys just ain"t cut out to own sports teams.
  19. I thought Murray and Cook made some big contributions today - Ginn too. And props to Lattimore and the rest of the Defense. Fournette really wasn't a big plus for the Jaguars today and there really wasn't much Minshew magic either.
  20. Seriously.... I think this pretty much sums it up.
  21. I know we've gone up against 3 very good D-lines these last 3 games but man, we need some better play. Those are the types of lines we are going to face in post-season. Teddy is playing well - no big mistakes but he's no Brees. My concern is these games are going to be close and in close games we need every edge we can get. Right now on offense our only edge is Kamara. If he gets shut down we are going to be hurting. Same thing with Thomas. We need some viable alternatives on on offense.
  22. Owning a private plane isn't that expensive.