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  1. Just put a big cast on it like they did Dobler!
  2. Yeah I think the NOLA piece goes a little overboard with offense. It's a rivalry - what do you expect?
  3. Some rich guys just ain"t cut out to own sports teams.
  4. I thought Murray and Cook made some big contributions today - Ginn too. And props to Lattimore and the rest of the Defense. Fournette really wasn't a big plus for the Jaguars today and there really wasn't much Minshew magic either.
  5. Seriously.... I think this pretty much sums it up.
  6. Here's just 1 play.
  7. I know we've gone up against 3 very good D-lines these last 3 games but man, we need some better play. Those are the types of lines we are going to face in post-season. Teddy is playing well - no big mistakes but he's no Brees. My concern is these games are going to be close and in close games we need every edge we can get. Right now on offense our only edge is Kamara. If he gets shut down we are going to be hurting. Same thing with Thomas. We need some viable alternatives on on offense.
  8. Owning a private plane isn't that expensive.
  9. I use to work in hangar at the New Iberia Regional Airport. The Iberia Parish Police would do their high-speed chase training right down the runway from us. It was quite exciting to watch. They asked a couple of times if we wanted to sit in the back. I never did but one of the helpers did once - young kid of course. It was pretty obvious after they were done the kid's adrenaline was racing for awhile. .
  10. What I'm looking for, more so than life without Drew is how Sean Payton - the offensive genius - gameplans without an elite quarterback. I can't help but wonder how cute he's gonna get.
  11. Just wondering............. Has Payton given any indication what QB will be starting Sunday?
  12. Knowing Drew, I bet he'll be doing his rehab before the anesthesia wears off.
  13. How does someone get a name like "Merciless"?
  14. JJ got Ram-checked. 0 tackles, 0 sacks. The only time he got mentioned was when he drew that holding call. Anyone else concerned about PJ?
  15. Classic Band Wagoneers.