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  1. If it's privately owned, they can do whatever they want. From my understanding, Free Speech - as the US Constitution depicts - is the freedom to disagree with the governing powers and voice your opinion without the fear of suppression or retaliation from the government. Look, I'm about as Right Wing and Conservative as they come but I have never really listened much to Alex Jones. I've heard alot of hear-say about him but that is really all I can say him.
  2. Boy - can you imagine the perpetual whining we will hear if he starts getting hammered on a regular basis?
  3. I would hate to see him go but if he is able to fully recover from whatever's ailing him I really think he could make it with another team. These position races are getting interesting.
  4. To me, someone who is Hall of Fame worthy is someone who has contributed over an extended period of time, that's just me. And I venture to say all the guys worth a flip from the garbage years are already in. Marques Colston's last season was 2015, I guess he need's another year before he's eligible. Same goes for Pierre Thomas. But some guys I think deserve some recognition are: Devery Henderson Jerry Fontenot Scott Shanle And, yes I'd nominate Reggie Bush. And a consideration for Willie Whitehead.
  5. That Eagles team is exactly what I think of everytime some team tries to plug in an assortment big names and expects an instant championship. A properly functioning TEAM will always come out ahead over a collection of superstars.
  6. Great Read. When the only exposure you have of these guys is through sports media I think we tend to forget they have lives they have to go through just like us.
  7. Watched it and even left a comment on YouTube so I'll just kinda paraphrase here. I think the vast majority of the points the guy makes are very, very suggestive. Lot's of pretty strong opinions. I have a hard time believing Belichick has that much control over the outcome of a game. And I don't think Belichick had much to do with the last Patriot turnover or the trick-play TD to Foles.
  8. Yeah I don't necessarily agree with everything on this list (somebody else put it together). I think a lot of these "All-Time Whatever" lists are, in many instances, come down to personal opinion.
  9. If you guys are interested, here's the #7 choices --
  10. All this competition is awesome no doubt, but my concern is can we stay healthy? The injury bug has been biting us hard the last couple of seasons.
  11. And in the mix we had a kid named Jake Delhomme. If I remember correctly, Ditka made a comment to the effect of "Jim Everett ain't my guy" and never gave him a chance. Ol' Iron Mike was just gaga over Heath Shuler from some stupid reason. Ditka was such a monumental step backwards for us. That circus he assembled was atrocious. Looking at the rosters we had a few good ones .. Mark Fields, Sammy Knight, Kieth Poole .... but not enough. I can remember watching us play back then thinking "surely, there is someone, somewhere sitting on a bench that is better than what we have on the field!" anyway, if you guys want, I'll keep posting here when I add the rest of the players on the list.
  12. You know I was looking at a game program from like 98 or 99 the other day. We had 6, yes 6 active quarterbacks on the roster for the game.
  13. Thought some of you guys would want to check this out. Since I had a Top 10 worst Free Agent Signings in Saints History, it's only fair to have a Top 10 Best Signings --- I'm down to #8 Right now -- Jerry Fontenot. If you want to check out all the Worst Free Agent Signings, Here it IS. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  14. Almost everyone I know points to Tracy Porter's interception or the onside kick in the Super Bowl as the greatest plays in franchise history. Me? I think the greatest play in Saints History is Hartley's kick to win the NFC Championship because it marks a new era in Saint's football. Just the idea of the New Orleans Saints making it to the Super Bowl at one time was almost laughable. Before then that kick would have been nullified by a penalty or some other incomprehensible happenstance to keep us out of the Big Game. You old school guys know what I'm talking about. Even at our best, the stars were always lined up to deny us that big win when we needed it.
  15. I can't think of too many other players we've had that have been as consistent as him on defense. And to me he has battled through mediocrity to become one of the top defensive players in the NFL. For a long time it seemed he was just the best player on a bad defense but he has definitely proved his critics (like me) wrong.