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  1. It's a shame we couldn't have traded some of those guys. Maybe got something for the trouble of drafting them.
  2. This is the defense we have been waiting for since 2006.
  3. With no Saints game this weekend I went ahead and added some stuff to my NFL Site. Former NFL Greats - Alex Karras
  4. Admittedly I'm no football expert - obviously. He was injured last year yes, but to me, when I watched he seemed out of position a lot early in the year and he wasn't making any plays.
  5. Man, Anzalone is really becoming a playmaker. I was honestly ready to move on from him --- glad we didn't!
  6. Hey, had a pretty good response to the Saints-Eagles Gallery I put up, so here is a Saints-Falcons Gallery at my site. Saints vs Falcons Image Gallery
  7. OH GOSH!! The stories we could all tell of experiences following a losing team!! After I was married back in the 80s, after a typical losing Sunday, my wife looking at me, asking with utter perplexity, "Why don't you follow a team that wins"? Monday Mornings at the busstop enduring all the smack talk from my next-door-neighbor Dallas Fans. Once, many years ago, I was on the phone with some customer support department based on the East coast. The conversation moved to football. He was a Patriots fan. When I said I was a Saints fan there was an extended pause on the other end. "A Saints fan? They have those? I don't think I've ever met a Saints fan."
  8. I find myself trying to comparing this team to the 2009 and team and really, I think this team is so much more dominating than then. 2009 we were explosive and had a bend-but-come-up-with-a-big-play-in-the-end defense. Now, it seems we are more poised, more in control. We are directing the flow of the game. And we have a defense that actually compliments the offense.
  9. Little something I threw together this morning. A handful of Saints-Eagles Images I have on the site. Check it out and let me know what you think. Saints/Eagles Image Gallery
  10. Just want to get back to the point of the original post ---- how many here remember when a winning season was all we wanted as fans?
  11. I think the Bengals got trapped.
  12. I kinda liked the stunt, though I'm glad it didn't end up biting us. I always felt a little sorry for Joe. He was the man during the Haslett years but when Payton arrived he was sort of but in the back. When he went to Atlanta I think a lot of Saints fans forgot about him.
  13. What's going on with Trey Hickerson?
  14. I was just re-watching the highlights and I realized that it looked like it was Anzalone that caused that fumble at the end of the first half. Of course, no one in the broadcasting booth mentioned it.