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  1. Merry Christmas! Mind if I borrow that image?
  2. But only after a lengthy investigation I'm sure.
  3. That's what I figured. No reason to move on from Dennis Allen if we don't have to.
  4. Agree with you guys .... River Boat Ron has never been a bad coach. His Panthers always gave us fits. Any chances of him catching on with us you think?????
  5. If I remember right, he had a monster game against Atlanta on Prime Time a couple seasons back for us.
  6. Is Dave E still around? Is he still doing Web Development?

    PM me ----

  7. Got stuck offshore Sunday afternoon and got to watch a little of the Ravens-49ers. Seriously, we need to be on our A-game Sunday. They gave Baltimore everything they could handle. We do the stupid penalty thing and let the pass rush get to Drew it's gonna be a long day.
  8. The O-Line not giving up a sack - huge improvement from the last time we met. And I loved the big plays from Kiko. When he went out I thought Craig Robertson filled in well. And 8 sacks. It's hard to get beat when you have 8 sacks. BUT.......They almost did! We have got to stop the stupid mistakes. Eli looked desperate out there. Teams like San Francisco and Baltimore will be different. Oh - and Cam has now moved up to the Saints #2 All-Time Career Sack Leader.
  9. I just hope all these highest graded players get the rest of the team to cut down on the penalties.
  10. I remember a lot of chatter about Jeff Ireland when he came on board and what he was going to bring to this team. So far I don't think he's had a bad draft for us yet.
  11. I feel ya. The thing that bothers me is we are not dominating like we did before the bye. In the last 3 games against under-whelming opponents we have lost once and struggled the other 2. And our struggling seem to be self induced. We are killing ourselves with penalties - and they are stupid penalties at crucial times.
  12. He's not a stupid guy - I think he knows what it cost.
  13. Wow - didn't even think about him going against Suh. I don't recall Suh's name getting called at all. That is pretty big stuff. Sort of reminds me of Le Charles Bently against Sapp.