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  1. Damn, you're old.
  2. Okay, I'm here! Oh, wait...
  3. I always saw Gruden in the booth as being pretty much the same thing as the league not having a team in Los Angeles: every team threatened to move there to extort a new stadium deal out of their market. With Gruden, he was always in the top 5 list anytime another coach lost his job...he was every sports writer's "LA" to throw out as 'the next probable hire'. The thing is, nobody was really interested in hiring him (except the Raiders). With Gruden trading for McCarron, Brent Mussburger is suddenly looking forward to covering Raiders games. Vegas, baby! Vegas!
  4. About Shea Patterson... Ole Miss does not look worse off without him and Michigan looks no better with him. I realize he is probably still learning the play book, but Patterson needs to eaarn respect through performance instead of hype moving forward.
  5. The NFL operates on the principle that every team has the same budget to spend on player salaries...I think they call it the salary cap. It doesn't matter if one team's owner is richer than the next. All teams share the TV contracts and have whatever gate receipts they collect from ticket sales, etc.,. At the end of the day they all have more revenue coming in than what the limit is that they can spend on players.
  6. The big question is what happens when Trubisky's rookie contract is over and the Bears have to pay him market rate for NFL starting QB money.
  7. American hero. Bleier was shot in the leg while on duty in Vietnam (he was drafted by both the NFL and the Army) and told he'd never play football again. Bleier refused to accept that prognosis and went on to play in multiple Super Bowls. Not sure why this one won't embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOVXrspZ49I
  8. Zorn was a poor man's Fran Tarkenton, nothing more. If Largent played with the Saints when Archie Manning was under center, no telling how great the stats would have been. Archie made people like Tinker Owens look like they were actually NFL caliber.
  9. I think I just came in my pants.
  10. Elizabeth...I feel the big one coming on!
  11. Wanted to see the team pound him into obliviaan for his shenanigans last go 'round.
  12. IMHO, the most notable cuts are Michael Floyd and Kikaha. My heart goes out to Kikaha...he gave his heart on the field for us and nothing but mad respect for his 'tude. Unfortunately, injury and better talent sealed his fate. Godspeed...hope he gets picked up somewhere (guessing Seahawks for ticket sale/homie value). Michael Floyd...he had his shot. Interchangeable part (that had too much wear to trust keeping your engine running optimal).