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  1. How the heck do they come up with that random amount?
  2. Don't look now but the Bucs are actually much improved since they handed us an opening season loss. Saints need to be on their A-Game all game.
  3. Has there been anything from the league on that hit?
  4. We needed this loss. That's a hard concept for a lot of people to swallow, but in the giddiness of a 10 game win streak we lost the focus that every game matters. I want this team concentrating on the task at hand, pissed off, and wanting blood from every opponent. I can't disagree on the officiating...it was lousy. Especially the obvious helmet to helmet on Kamara that sent him to the smelling salt kit. I also agree that the piss poor officiating favored neither team. I would have loved to see Bridgewater come in for every other series in the 2nd half.
  5. You can't make this stuff up. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25310452/cleveland-browns-want-interview-condoleezza-rice-head-coaching-job
  6. It should say he's Michael Thomas' bitch.
  7. Reid's hit:
  8. I look at Dez at being more of a TE than an actual WR (though that is where he'll line up). He will probably be a receiver for us along the lines of Jimmy Graham or Shockey, just maybe not as clutch of receiver as JG. He won't have the speed of a wideout and probably won't be a deep threat and he won't provide blocking like a true TE can, but he'll wind up being a hybrid between a TE and a WR, if that makes sense.
  9. Here are the teams in the last few years that have scored zero points against Alabama: LSU (twice) Mercer Vanderbilt Kent State Doesn't it feel good to be in such elite company?
  10. We need to see Teddy Bridgwater more for "political" reasons in terms of re-signing him and showing TB the love. Love the wrinkle Hill brings, but defenses would craptheirpants just as much if Bridgewater lined up under center and torched them even if it were for a medium gain.
  11. I think a lot of people are missing the fact that the Browns have a nucleus of talent that belies their record and makes the job very appealing. @NickSaban.
  12. Hugh Jackson canned. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25118191/browns-fire-coach-hue-jackson-two-plus-seasons
  13. He'll grow into the role. He was with the team for like 3 or 4 days.