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  1. It speaks volumes about how he really viewed LSU: as a tool to achieve an end. Nothing more.
  2. Richard, the only problem with that theory is that generics are the exact same chemical compound as the "commercial" drug. So, there would NOT be a positive for a generic that a name brand would not trigger.
  3. I'm not annointing Davenport as the missing piece, but had the Saints traded up for Chubbs, these dorks would be patting themselves on the back to self-validate their rankings. I like the pick and I am very optimistic that he'll live up to his potential. That 1st rounder next year will wind up being basically a 2nd rounder.
  4. I remember so many 1st rounders that held out through half of training camp. This is one thing I really like about the new CBAs.
  5. I attended UNO in the 80's and was a History and Political Science Major. The History depaartment was (and probably is still) outstanding. The most well known professor was my advisor, confidant, and friend, Stephen E. Ambrose (Author of Band of Brothers and a driving force behind the D-Day Museum.) There were several other amazing professors in that department, though. Joseph Logsden helped verify and resurrect "Twelve Years A Slave", which was made into a movie a few years back. The thing about UNO is that there is no "gimme"...it's a tough school and students need to put the work in. I knew several people who attended both UNO and Tulane and to a person they all said UNO was harder than Tulane and they thought students at UNO got just as good of an education as students at Tulane. I ended up graduating from University of Colorado at Denver and not at UNO. UNO was way more rigorous and even though my diploma says "University of Colorado" and probably carries more weight, I learned more and felt I got a better education at UNO. The other thing about UNO to bear in mind is almost exclusively a commuter school. There is no "campus experience" or "university life" like there are at universities where large populations of students live on or very near campus. People largely drive to school for classes, hang out on campus inbetween classes, then hop in their cars and leave after their last class is finished. When I was there, there was a grand total of 1 "regular" dorm and an apartment-like complex for married student housing. I rented an apartment 2 blocks off of campus for a semester but moved to a different apartment after that. I too am proud of my association with UNO and even though I wound up graduating elsewhere, I always think of UNO as my college. I just wish more students lived on or near campus and that they had more activities that kept students on campus throughout the day and night.
  6. Offense sells, defense wins. Offensive players getting drafted will always generate more praise. Also...are they saying Cleveland has a better front office because they didn't have to draft up?
  7. Will Clapp (#74) with Tom and Gayle Benson in 2014:
  8. To me there are 2 yardsticks to measure a draft: The number of picks that make the final roster in the year they are drafted (practice squad does not count) The number of picks still on the team after 3 seasons I'll be surprised if more than 4 picks from this draft make the final roster by the time training camp is over. (I'd be happy to be wrong.) We seem to go in cycles in the draft. Occasionally, we have a draft like last year's then we have a string of mediocre drafts inbetween.
  9. So the Raiders picked him in the 5th. Hope he's okay. My foremost thoughts are for this man's health.
  10. No way to compare drafts of that era with those of today. First - correct me if I am wrong - but the draft back then had like 12 rounds. There were also fewer teams. You also had teams like the Saints, who had almost zero organizational experience in the NFL picking. The end result was that established teams had a higher concentration of true NFL caliber players to choose from.
  11. Surely, there must be a Sainsation named Cammie you left out?
  12. Dude...on a side not, I was listening to Cooley and Kevin Sheehan on Redskins Radio the last couple of days...what a couple of tools. Sheehan trying to be insightful and Cooley being Cooley...sports talk failure.
  13. Good to know. Agree on being a great value, especially since we were courting Suh. I'm hoping we fill depth on DL, DB, OL, and maybe LB today.
  14. Guice got smeared by the NFL for outing that a team asked him if he was gay and if his mom was a prostitute. Suddenly, a kid who no LSU fan EVER heard anything but great things about had "character concerns" and the NFL came out and said there was "no evidence" any team asked him those questions. (Show me any NFL team that would voluntarily admit to asking that...it became way too easy to smear the kid in the name of 'protecting the shield'.) He's going to be a very good pick for the Skins. Hopefully they bolster their OL.