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  1. Damn... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/don-shula-miami-dolphins-dies-age-90/ The only NFL coach to have a perfect season has died...a legendary man, father, and coach.
  2. I don't think he has officially signed yet.
  3. News breaking that Taysom signed a new 2 year deal...hopefully they were playing footsie to motivate Taysom Hill to sign up and we'll now move away from the Jameis talks?
  4. https://247sports.com/Article/Jameis-Winston-sign-New-Orleans-Saints-contract-free-agency-NFL-Drew-Brees-146505285
  5. Baun was rated as late 1st round/early 2nd round talent in a few draft sites. Apparently he slid because of a diluted drug test at the combine. Given that the new CBA downplays marijuana positive tests compared to previous CBAs, I don't think this is as much of a flag as some teams might have thought. Drafttek.com had him listed as the 4th best OLB in the draft (right behind Patrick Queen, who also listed as the best ILB in the draft). They did not have him listed or ranked as an ILB. I think he'll play both ILB and OLB and he had more bench press reps than any LB at the combine...dude might be as fast as say Queen, but he is strong.
  6. Watch the UDFAs after the draft...my guess is that we'll be active looking to build additional depth. I really look forward to seeing Baun play. We might also have a new Jimmy Graham type phenom at TE.
  7. Totally agree, Boris. The best way to get a starting QB is through free agency AFTER they have proven themselves. I'm guessing that Herbert and Love flame out.
  8. My oldest brother was hospitalized for Covid-19. Luckily it was a mild case and he is back home and on the mend. (His test came back positive after he was discharged.) Even though his was a mild case, he said it was the sickest he's ever been in his life.
  9. Apparently the 49ers are putting Kwon Alexander on the trading block. Keeping in mind that he was a 4th round pick, he might be a bargain to pick up with a later pick. That would leave the 1st rounder to beef up the trenches.
  10. I'd be very happy with Murray if he is still there...kid has a motor and a half. I like Queen, but I have to check my fandom at the door. I think Murray will end up having the better NFL career. I'm not a big fan of the idea of Jordan Love being the pick, but I have seen that in several mocks. If this were 3 years ago and we had possibly 5 years of Brees in front of us (yet talking about the players getting drafted this year), I'd trade next year's 1st rounder to move up to get Isaiah Simmons...to me he's the best player in the draft. The problem with doing that this year is that we can't have an empty cupboard when Brees leaves.
  11. In light of all of that...there are reports that a couple of teams have taken Tua Tagovailoa off of their boards due to the uncertainty of a full recovery for him. This could cause a guy that was considered THE favorite to win the Heisman going into the 2019 NCAA season to possibly slip out of the top 15 and possibly out of the 1st round entirely. If he falls to the Saints pick, would that be a no-brainer or too much of a risk?
  12. So...it's approaching fairly rapidly. This draft will be unusual and memorable on so many levels. The most obvious will be the effect that Covid-19 will leave it's mark on this draft and the imprint it will have on teams for a few years. We had a combine, but most pro days of note were cancelled. Private workouts have also been cancelled. This has limited how teams can evaluate players for their war room draft boards. Speaking of that, there are no war rooms this year...evaluations are happening in individual distributed silos (also known as coach's and scout's individual homes) and discussions are conducted via teleconference. This also affects the dynamics of talen evaluation. I'm curious to see how the NFL can transfer the (often overhyped) pageantry and spectacle the draft has become due to the "lockdowns" that have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic. In some ways, this will be a throwback to the days when the draft was not televised and conducted via phone or in a hotel conference room with limited representatives from each team. (To be honest, the only thing I will really miss this year are the fans booing Goodell anytime he walks on stage...I get verklempt every time.) Joe Burrow will not don a #1 Jersey for the cameras by whoever holds the 1st pick when the draft starts (we assume Cincy is keeping it, but I would not be surpoeised to see a gargantuan trade as the draft approaches that leaves all in a state of semi-shock). On top of all of this is the fact that the end of a few teams current eras are ending and that will undoubtedly affect the draft. Tom Brady is no longer the QB in New England, Philip rivers is now playing for Indianapolis, Drew Brees is - in the opinion of most - in his last contract with the Saints, Fashion Freak is no longer under center in Carolina, "Eat me a W" is tossed aside in Tampa, Eli Manning retired and is no longer under center for the Giants, Ryan Tannehill is the presumed starter for the Titans, and nobody knows if the starting QB in Chicago will be Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles...did I miss any??? (And that is just the QB landscape.) This is going to be a wild and historic draft. Enjoy the ride!
  13. I have faith that the 2020 season will not be cancelled. It might be an abreviated season, though. And it might be that games will be played in stadiums where evry 3rd seat in row has a fan in it or in empty stadiums. Who knows? I also think we'll have Brees through the 2021 season, to be honest. Let's not start playing that dirge just yet.
  14. The Vikings did play a great game. Cousins is the Trent Dilfer of this era. I cannot take away from thie victory.
  15. The INT was uncalled defensive pass interference. At the very least it was defensive holding. Having said that, Brees is living on borrowed time and it doesn't help if key players like Lattimore show up and just look like they are going through the motions because in reality they are hung over from living the "NFL lifestyle". Payton needs to reign in his ship...top to bottom.