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  1. https://nypost.com/2019/01/24/10-year-old-proves-tom-brady-is-a-cheater-wins-science-fair/
  2. I don't mean to be an RogerGoodell...I'm just good at it! Lol.
  3. Did he just turn out to be Joey Harrington's love child? WTF?
  4. @Uptownsaint...no love for Teddy Bridgewater?
  5. This made my day.
  6. This River Ridge boy is mighty proud of these kids. Loved watching the final. A classmate of mine from Jesuits is one of the coaches.
  7. Hopefully Butler grows into the shoes of the impact number 2 receiver for Drew to stretch the field with.
  8. As much of a yawner as watching presidential debates at this point. And today I see articles roasting Denver's rookie QB Drew Lock. Really??? Dude was playing in the very 1st NFL preseason game with like 2 weeks of working with new teammates and working in a new system. It's not like Denver doesn't have someone else as a starter. I'll probably watch the 1st quarter of the Saints first two preseason games. After that the observations are more meaningful because new players are starting to get the system and get used to working with each other...that is when it starts to be relevant.
  9. It's inline with the deal OBJ signed with the Giants before they traded him to the Browns. OBJs contract set the scale and Thomas has outperformed OBJ. Not sure what else can be said. It is what the market set.
  10. Best of luck.
  11. Hope he's okay. Hate seeing people so young with health issues - regardless of the team who drafted him.
  12. They can't even back up their smack talk with their 1st stringers. Just sayin'.
  13. There was no denying Lawrence Phillips' talent also, but...
  14. He was a UDFA...we did not waste a pick on this guy. The Saints knew his looming legal troubles and didn't stick their neck out. They will not hold a roster spot for him.