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  1. The games I watched I enjoyed but what the deal with the kickoff?
  2. I was impressed with the play of Patrick Robinson.
  3. My theory, Louisiana used up all it's football mojo on Saturday.
  4. Hey I watched the WFL USFL NFL Europe XFL(one game) so yeah I watch it... It's football
  5. I went with Memphis because of all the LSU players.
  6. Had already taken the day off so I watched the Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix
  7. Stupid dumb blind ref-gate
  8. Sean Payton said the 46-man roster on game days has "gotta change" for health and safety reasons. https://www-espn-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25581612/sean-payton-new-orleans-saints-wants-46-man-roster-rule-change?platform=amp&amp_js_v=0.1&amp_lite#webview=1&cap=swipe
  9. Mercy that was an ugly win... But a win is a win is a win. After the game Deuce McAllister said he was mad but happy at the same time
  10. I have a question about the Panthers game. I have not watched any of their games and only watched the highlights of this one. Is Newton actually running the ball as much as the Highlight showed? I understand it was just the highlights of the game but it seemed he was running just about every other play
  11. Screw it I voted for everybody!!! WHO DAT!!!!!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Now with that out if the way... GEAUX SAINTS!!!
  13. 12-4 and going to the Super Bowl
  14. Chuck Forman was always one of my favorites