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  1. It was a great second half. Apparently Zion had something to say at halftime that the team responded to. We are making a run at it.
  2. Honestly I’m shocked at how many people are at the game in DC. That’s a solid crowd even if it’s a smaller MLS stadium. It’s entertaining so far. Very high TV production quality. But the AAF had that same quality and in the end it didn’t mean anything. But fun so far.
  3. Like y’all I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I’m watching out of curiosity mostly and frankly because there’s not much else on TV on these Feb/March Sunday afternoons. If a game is good and entertaining I can watch even without a rooting interest. Some of the games have been good so far, but I’ve switched off others. I hope it lasts.
  4. One more year to get it done with Drew. Get to work boys!
  5. Big win for the Pelicans as they try to climb into the playoff chase. Looked dominant, even without Brandon Ingram.
  6. Yep. Decent crowd but Met Life Stadium is huge so it doesn't show well. I've been impressed so far with the actual football. Enjoying it.
  7. No Zion. No Ingram. But Pels pick up another win.
  8. LA at Houston game on Fox has a decent crowd too. And Houston’s helmet bears a strong resemblance to the old Houston Oilers helmet from the 60s and early 70s - silver with an oil derrick on each side. They have an H super-imposed over it, but the Oilers immediately came to mind. Wonder how the NFL feels about that? I remember when the NFL forced the CFL Baltimore Colts to change their name in the early 90s. I guess the Roughnecks helmet is just different enough from the Oilers to get away with it.
  9. Anyone going to watch? Or should we just skip to the part where they struggle to make payroll in week 3 and need a new investor to bail them out before we learn that they were under capitalized and leveraged to the hilt from the beginning?
  10. Gentry should be careful with these kinds of statements. But I don’t wholly disagree with him.
  11. Super Bowl appetizer on ABC today at 1:00.
  12. Final 117-109 Houston.
  13. Woulda coulda shoulda.
  14. Sloppy ending where Holiday and Hart both miss key free throws. 22 seconds left but this one is pretty much over now and the story will be turnovers with terrible free throw shooting mixed in.
  15. Up by 1 at end of 3rd. 93-92. If they lose, look no further than turnovers. Pels have been sloppy with the ball. Rockets have 27 points off turnovers through 3. And Pels are still up by 1. Honestly they should be blowing Houston out.
  16. Trailing by 5 at half.
  17. Pels sloppy with the ball. 10 turnovers in first quarter. But only trail by 2. 30-28 Rockets end of 1.
  18. This pretty much sums up last night. Dominant win over the current holder of the 8 seed.
  19. Apparently Hayes was upset about the snub and said something stupid. Chalk it up to being 19?
  20. Right after the epic 12 game losing streak ended and they started winning with Zion’s return looming I thought that if we got that 20th win before getting our 30th loss, we would be in great shape for a late season surge. We are 20-29 and the majority of the remaining games are against teams with losing records. We have our opportunity. Should really tell us whether Gentry is the right coach or not.