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  1. I love it. This rivalry is built on stuff like that. She doesn’t have to explain a single thing. I think it’s awesome because it shows just how much they truly fear the very notion of the Saints winning another Lombardi Trophy in their city. Celebrating on their field and in their locker room. I think this is full of awesome. I hate the Falcons.
  2. "...diversions of whiskey and women..." Damn, I miss the NFL of the 1970s.
  3. The Snake lived life full throttle...and it aged him! LOL
  4. It's been a hot topic locally - with articles in both papers and the Athletic. But yeah, the national talking heads haven't said much about it.
  5. It was freakin loud, man. I had that same sensation that you get after a really loud concert...deafening!
  6. Puts it in perspective. He did struggle. Playing through pain he probably sought every advantage he could get to protect his QB.
  7. The Athletic is a pay site (absolutely worth it by the way), so I won't reprint it , but Larry Holder has a great article about the drive. Here is the headline and a few excerprts: ‘That was a long-ass drive’: 18 plays, 92 yards, 11-plus minutes … and 1 NFC championship berth Larry Warford vividly recalled watching the Saints, in his words, absolutely demoralize the Eagles. He remembered the smell of vulnerability. The right guard also felt the pain of the Saints’ 18-play, 92-yard drive spanning 11:29 in the third quarter of Sunday’s NFC Divisional Playoff game in the Superdome. He’s not sure whether he’s ever withstood an offensive possession that long. Center Max Unger also admitted exhaustion from that drive and unequivocally claimed it as the longest drive of his football career. “I’m still tired from it,” Warford said after the win. “That was a long-ass drive.” “I’ve never been a part of anything like that so let’s not do that again,” Unger said with a laugh. Here is the link to the article:
  8. I listen to Golic and Wingo on ESPN radio every morning. Wingo has taken the Mahomes love fest to a new level, though some of it might be tongue-in-cheek. He refers to Mahomes as "Future Hall of Famer" Patrick Mahomes whenever he talks about him. It's part his schtick. But I'm really tired of it.
  9. Speaking of penalties...I know it’s the gameball thread and not a spot to complain, but Andrus Peat had a terrible game. At least 3 penalties that I remember. All brought back big plays.
  10. Giving game balls to Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara on offense, Marshon Lattimire and Damario Davis on defense, and Taysom Hill on special teams. Defense got stout after the Eagles jumped out to a 14 point lead. But I have to commend the offense on that amazing 18 play, 92 yard, 11 minute 3rd quarter touchdown drive. That was an epic playoff drive.
  11. Eagles will be a dangerous team.
  12. Wow. Saints-Eagles next week.
  13. Can’t really pull for the Cowboys but I think I’d rather get another shot at them in the Superdome than play Seattle. Am I crazy?
  14. Given the circumstances, Teddy didn’t do so bad. Of course, he didn’t light up the Dome, either.