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  1. I renewed as well.
  2. Strange days, man.
  3. Interesting. Let’s see if the game is delayed because of this.
  4. Losing JJ Redick for 2 weeks is going to hurt.
  5. It was a great second half. Apparently Zion had something to say at halftime that the team responded to. We are making a run at it.
  6. Like y’all I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I’m watching out of curiosity mostly and frankly because there’s not much else on TV on these Feb/March Sunday afternoons. If a game is good and entertaining I can watch even without a rooting interest. Some of the games have been good so far, but I’ve switched off others. I hope it lasts.
  7. One more year to get it done with Drew. Get to work boys!
  8. Big win for the Pelicans as they try to climb into the playoff chase. Looked dominant, even without Brandon Ingram.