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  1. I personally would hate to change the character of the game. If it’s a tie it’s a tie. I’d rather that than see 77-70 scores in the NFL or any other gimmick just to avoid a tie. Just let it be.
  2. Anyone watching Jack Ryan? I haven't started it yet, but loved the character from the books and movies 20 years ago. Curious as to initial impression on the series. Wendell Pierce, NOLA native son and veteran Treme actor, plays Admiral Greer (or at least a character based on Greer from the books). Looking forward to it.
  3. I was screaming this to anyone who would listen in my section of the Dome. Once we got into field goal range we should have continued to run to force the Browns to use all their timeouts and then kick the FG as time expires. As it played out we got no further down the field, burned no clock and gifted the Browns their final timeout. That and the time left on the clock allowed them to get in position for a game-tying field goal. Thank God their kicker missed.
  4. I hate the Falcons.
  5. Went with Williams on defense, Kamara on offense, Hill and the Browns kicker on special teams. You always appreciate a win in the NFL. But we are not playing well. Not well enough to contend for a Super Bowl. Not at the moment. Defense looked better today but then inexplicably reverted back to last week’s defense when it had a lead to protect. We have a real problem with giving up huge plays. It’s uncanny how often we give up huge chunks of yards. And of course our offense was just blah today. We have a problem protecting the football. Our line, Unger in particular, got manhandled. And we miss Mark Ingram. At the end of the day we needed their kicker to have a bad day for us to pull this one out. A win is a win. But I’m not feeling real good about this team right now.
  6. Here is a link to Sardisco's Wiki page.
  7. People are saying last week’s tie with Pitt was the “most Cleveland” way to end the losing streak. Well, you know the “most New Orleans” thing would be for the Saints to lose to the Browns next week. Here’s hoping we get our collective ass in gear.
  8. They didn’t look great against Samford. They won, but trailed at halftime. I don’t see many W’s on the schedule.
  9. My son is in his last year at FSU. He’s not happy that it might just be the worst football season since Bobby Bowden took over in the 70s.
  10. Gillislee’s fumble was a momentum changer and a shock to the Saints. I think we could have won a shootout. Not that we should have had to. Loss squarely on the D. But that fumble-6 was a spirit breaker.
  11. I hate the Falcons.
  12. That’s been the scouting report on him since the draft. Raw with great upside. My problem isn’t stashing him on the practice squad to develop. It’s that we used a 4th round pick when we probably could have gotten him in the 6th or 7th. Even with only 7 rounds now, your 4th round guys are supposed to be contributors, not projects. Who was picked in the selections after him that will be significant contributors to their team this year? How many were just cut?
  13. Agreed. Maybe as a late round project. But as a 4? That was a head scratcher and harkened back to some of our bad drafts of 2011-2014
  14. Agreed. What could possibly be the upside of turning down a trade offer just to cut him? Heck, take a pack of juicy fruit gum!