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  1. It's a subscription based site, but I like Larry Holder and Deuce Windham of The Athletic.
  2. Has he played center in his career?
  3. Dumpster fire.
  4. Now, the above is my unfiltered initial reaction. Clearly I appreciate the years he gave us. His time in NOLA won the Graham trade for us.
  5. All of a sudden our o-line is not so solid anymore. Wonder if the front office knew or if Unger just dropped a bomb on them. Couldn’t he have done this a week ago?
  6. Oh yeah. Loved Captain Marvel and getting excited for this one.
  7. Love this. He understands what he has here.
  8. Very strange with the rumors so far in free agency - first Bridgewater and Ingram were staying. Then we signed Murray and Ingram signs elsewhere. Now Bridgewater is looking around? The leaks are not reliable this year! LOL
  9. So Ingram's deal winds up being $5 million per year. We signed Murray for $3.6 million per year. I'm sure there's guaranteed money at play here, but I'm just wondering why we are going in an entirely different direction with a player the same age as Ingram if the difference is $1.4 million per year. I'm sure every dollar of cap space is a good thing...but honestly...for $1.4 million more, I'd have preferred the status quo.
  10. Didn’t see this coming.
  11. Did they offer him a contract? Triplett says he wasn't "wooed away" but that can mean the offer was a lowball offer.
  12. My condolences. He was a big part of this site. So very sorry for your loss.
  13. You can’t make this diddly-poo up!
  14. Former LSU QB Zack Mettenberg led the Memphis Express to their first victory of the season. It was a pretty good game, 26-23. Watching Orlando at Salt Lake in the snow on NFL Network right now. Snow is definitely affecting play. 14-3 Orlando in the 3rd.