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  1. Good win vs. a team they were supposed to beat. These kinds of games haven’t been gimmes for the Pels. Keep winning....keep pace in the West.
  2. Lol. Sean doesn't mince words.
  3. Make it happen Loomis!
  4. Hope he does get home soon. Got to say that when I saw the title of the thread I kinda feared the worst. Guess I'm skittish after the passing of Mr. B.
  5. Suh is doing what he has to do to get the best deal he can get. I respect that. But I certainly don't want us to get into a bidding war for him. My "buyer beware" opinion on Suh still stands. Let's make an offer and give him a deadline to consider it. If he passes...move on.
  6. 5-7 seeds in the West are all sitting at 40-30: Jazz, Spurs, Pels. The T-Wolves are 8th at 40-31. Can’t ever recall a tighter playoff race.
  7. Was at the game. That was definitely the turning point. The momentum shift was clear when the Celtics missed those 4 free throws. Never seen anything like that. AD had a big game, double-double with 34 points and 10 rebounds.
  8. Pels snap a losing streak and stay in the playoff hunt. Celtics didn’t have Kyrie tonight.
  9. Typically if they are going to sign, they don’t leave right? So not such a good sign despite what he’s saying? Or is it both sides being cautious?
  10. Dinner in New Orleans??? Getting serious! LOL!
  11. I was there. I was a senior at Brother Martin at the time. Since Benson was a high profile alum (St. Aloysius...Martin’s predecessor), he invited the school to send a group of students and faculty and I was one of about 10 seniors that got to go. One of those moments that you never forget.
  12. He was pretty pumped about it on Twitter.
  13. Agree 100% with louisb and sfidc2...My older kids are in their 20s and late teens and moving on. Still have a 13 year old who is just about to enter high school. So I have a few more years left of ballgames, tournaments, track meets and chasing the team bus around the state. But this journey has gone in the blink of an eye and I find myself on the tail end of it now. Trying to savor every bit. Congrats again to your daughter, Brod. These are great memories.
  14. It’s “buyer beware” with Suh. Tremendous talent. A lot of baggage. I trust the Saints decision makers, but let’s be honest, it’s t not like they have never made a mistake in free agency. Just want them to be cautious here.
  15. That’s awesome!