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  1. Man, that's sad. Marvel Comics were a staple of my youth! Spiderman, Cap, Hulk, Ironman...through the Marvel Universe are all still go-to entertainment fixtures for me. What an impact Stan Lee has had. Rest in peace, Stan.
  2. A wise man has said “There are no trap games in the NFL.” :^)
  3. I did give game balls to everyone. What a win!
  4. If it’s a cap friendly deal bring him on.
  5. Wow. That absolutely sucks.
  6. The urgency of the Dez Bryant signing this week makes much more sense now.
  7. LOL He was dialing up the right numbers all game long.
  8. Has the look of a classic trap game, doesn’t it? Can they avoid a letdown after a great string of big game victories? Weather could be pretty raw to boot.
  9. Gameballs: Brees, Kamara, Thomas and O-Line on offense. Anzalone and PJ Williams on defense. Lutz on special teams. Fun day in the Dome. Had a feeling we were in for a game, even at 35-14. Rams never felt out of it. Loved the nail in the coffin TD pass to Thomas along with the Joe Horn throwback celebration. 7-1 and in control of our destiny. This feels like a special year!
  10. Ha! Is Billick trolling Gregg Williams? LOL
  11. I don't think Bridgewater can be the X-factor that Hill is. Hill is a triple threat - he can run, throw or catch a pass. Hell, he will even lay down a hard block when called upon. Defenses just don't know what to expect when he's in the game and that creates some mismatches. Bridgewater is much more a traditional QB, maybe more mobile than Brees. But there's no real mismatch or mystery about what the play is going to be if he's under center. Now, all three of them on the field at once...maybe there's something to that...although it takes two other play-makers off the field. I don't know.
  12. We just beat the Vikings on the road by two scores with Drew Brees not at his best. Let that sink in as we think about what this team is capable of accomplishing this year. I gave game balls to Kamara on O, Rankins, Williams and Lattimore on D, and Lutz on ST. 6-1,and headed into the “home field showdown” against the Rams next week!
  13. I’m going to say solid effort for a guy still learning our scheme and terminology.