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  1. Man, this is cool, despite the poor video quality in black and white. I remember this game, though I was not there. I do remember listening on the radio and then reading the Picayune articles and box score the next morning. Watching it brings back so many memories of Jazz games. It’s a Knicks broadcast but you can hear the PA announcer every time he scores yell “Piiiiistooollll Pete!” Seeing the old Superdome in basketball configuration and watching guys like Aaron James and Pete Maravich and Coach Elgin Baylor was a lot of fun and reminded me of a great part of my childhood.
  2. Here's a chance to watch a bit of NOLA hoops history. Fox Sports New Orleans is going to rebroadcast the Jazz-Knicks game from the 70s when Pistol Pete Maravich scored 68 points. A chance to watch vintage New Orleans basketball played in the Superdome.
  3. That video is awesome. Emotional. I love this team.
  4. A few thoughts... Of course, this might not materialize at all, right? But assuming it happens... I’m not much of a fan of playing at home on Christmas Day. I’m not sure I get that except that I guess the NFL doesn’t want to give it away completely to the NBA. But playing a 3:30 game at the Dome really cramps my family traditions. Got a decision to make there, though I’ll probably be in the Dome. I like opening against the Bucs and Brady. I wish the Raiders game was later in the year as I was hoping to make that road trip (again assuming that it will be something resembling normal). I know it’s preseason, but I effin hate having that 4th preseason game at home and it seems like it’s always at home. No one plays. No one is there. It’s always on a Thursday. It’s a crap experience. And we keep drawing it at home. Blah. Thoughts on the schedule?
  5. I really thought this version had a chance to survive. Solid crowds. Solid TV partners and decent ratings. Even the on-field product was entertaining, though not great. But this ain't the NFL...they needed games to be played for advertising dollars, ticket sales and team gear sales to flow cash into the system. With no games but most of the the costs already incurred, this was inevitable. Even a deep-pocketed guy like McMahon isn't going to bankroll a dormant league with all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. Very sad. Crappy timing.
  6. Taysom Hill officially signed a 2 year contract with the Saints yesterday.
  7. Low risk, high reward signing. Winston likely is trying to mirror Bridgewater's success by following the same path - patience, study under one of the best QB's in the NFL and learn one of the most dynamic offensive systems in the NFL, all the while being ready to step in if Brees suffers an injury. Don't get me wrong - off the field stuff matters. But this demonstrates how strong Payton believes his locker room is. I may not care for Winston...but this move doesn't bother me.
  8. Definitely not a sexy pick. And in chat last night I was on the Patrick Queen bandwagon. I think Queen will be a stud linebacker and went to the perfect team for a play-making linebacker. I very much wanted us to go LB at 24. But I can't argue with the need at OL...especially our interior OL. McCoy was a great addition last year. But pressure up the middle was a problem last year. And injuries can deplete what seems like quality depth very quickly in the NFL. Yep - I wanted Patrick Queen. But I'm good with Cesar Ruiz.
  9. That’s our coach! Still chewing that F’n Juicy Fruit!
  10. I'll drop in. Definitely going to be watching. I know the NFL has taken some heat for operating somewhat like it's business as usual. But I have to say I'm thankful for the distraction and some real sports news to chew on. I hate the Falcons.
  11. Exactly. Last week a friend of ours, the father of a kid who played youth baseball with my son for years, died of COVID-19. Overblown my ass.
  12. Special teams contributor and quality RB depth.
  13. 2006 Saints with Deuce McAllister ran a lot of power I formations with Drew under center. Amazing how much the Saints offense has evolved over the years.
  14. I had forgotten that Morten Andersen was the Falcons kicker that night.
  15. I’m enjoying the hell out of this. I was there that night so I’ve never watched the game on tv. Didn’t record it and have only seen highlights of the the block. This is a gem. One of the greatest moments in franchise history. And Drew Brees didn’t even have that great of a game.