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  1. Here's a good take on the defense so far this season by Canal Street Chronicles in their game article from yesterday. This defensive showout is just inexcusable. New Orleans will head straight to 7-9 if the secondary cannot get it together. Did they have some critical stops with solid coverage? Absolutely. But all that progress is promptly erased by a massive bust the subsequent drive. The Saints are never in a position to win the football game in the final minutes; they’re more so desperately trying to fend off a game-ending play rather than just a disastrous one. Notably, or not, the defense hasn’t forced turnovers well this season at all. When the respective offensive unit is down all its stars, and they not only make it work, but play lights out with a practice squad cast, a nearly-healthy, supposedly stacked roster defense playing this poorly is the Saints’ gravest concern. Drew likely will have to break yet another record game-winning drives to even sniff the playoffs with this defense. If the Saints don’t get to the Super Bowl this year, it will be entirely the fault of this secondary unit that reverted to pre-2017, sloppy 7-9 defense. It’s something that will be insurmountable against much more potent offenses later down the schedule. The outlook is not optimistic.
  2. A solid team win. One breakdown in pass blocking that led to the sack/fumble. One breakdown in coverage that led to Moore’s 74 yard TD catch. Otherwise a pretty clean game by the Saints. I went with Brees/Kamara/Calloway on offense. Davenport and Lattimore on defense. Lutz on special teams. An important divisional win. Keep pace with Tompa Bay and put some space between us and the Panthers/Falcons. On to Chicago.
  3. SVG was a very good coach with Miami and especially Orlando from about 2005-2012. One NBA Finals appearance and three Eastern Conference Finals appearances. Routinely winning 50+ games per year, making the playoffs and advancing beyond the first round. That kind of consistent success here would make him a hero. His last stop was a four year tenure in Detroit where he also was given GM responsibilities. He didn't do so well there - winning more than 40 games and making the playoffs only once in four years. Seems like Griff is putting that more on SVG's personnel decisions rather than his coaching abilities. Here he's going to just have to coach - similar to his role in Miami and Orlando. In a lot of ways he's similar to Alvin Gentry - old school coach who has been around the NBA a very long time and is well respected. But he's also been more successful than Gentry has been in his various stops in the league. I hope he can resonate with the young talent we have and get them to consistently play hard offensively AND defensively. The lack of consistency and the lack of defense was what we got too often from Gentry's Pelicans...with both Anthony Davis and Zion. I'm not sure who I was hoping for. I got excited for about a second when Doc Rivers hit the market - but he was scooped up fast by Philadelphia. I thought Ty Lue was going to be the man because of his relationship with Griffin. But I guess the bright lights of L.A. and two bonafide studs in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, even playing second fiddle to the Lakers, was more attractive than coming to NOLA with Zion. But honestly I wasn't completely sold on Ty I'm not really that disappointed. I'm glad it wasn't Jason Kidd. So SVG brings a respected, recognizable name and a history of success. But also brings some questions based on his age and the lack of results at his last stop in Detroit. I think it signals that we are much more in a win now or next year mode rather than a 5 year building project.
  4. Not me. I opted out of 2020 and rolled my ticket payment over to the 2021 season.
  5. I have to give it to them...they are pretty good sports about it.
  6. I think that is exactly why. If they can get 25% of Tiger Stadium capacity that would be approximately 25,000 fans. The City of New Orleans has yet to indicate when or even if the Saints would be allowed to have more than the 750 family members that have been in attendance. I'm sure the Saints desperately want some level of paid attendance.
  7. I went with Brees, Kamara and Sanders on offense; Lattimore and Hendrickson on defense and Lutz on special teams. I'll admit to incredible frustration with Brees early in the game. He's good for a WTF interception every few games and we got one last night. But while clearly showing his age, Brees still nutted up and orchestrated several vintage Brees drives late in the game - to tie and ultimately to win. But the Brees question will linger all season. Maybe from play to play, series to series. He'll flash that HOF form and then toss that WTF interception. Or let us fall into a deep hole only to lead the way back out. I think such is life with an aging QB...especially an icon like Brees. I don't see Payton ever considering a we just need Drew to play within his the cerebral game manager rather than the dynamic playmaker. I think that can still work. But I don't think we'll have any relax and enjoy kind of games this year. Kamara got a game ball for big clutch plays...but even he started slow with a few uncharacteristic drops. Sanders for consistent play. The defense...ugh. I gave game balls to Lattimore for the 4th down stuff to save the game and to Hendrickson for consistent pressure on Herbert. But otherwise...these guys nearly got run out of the Superdome. The deep ball TD that burned Patrick Robinson looked awfully similar to a couple of plays from Saturday's LSU-Mizzou game where LSU corners were looking around wondering who was supposed to guard that dude. That just can't happen in the NFL. There just doesn't seem to be any intensity on the defense. Maybe we don't realize just how much they feed off of the Superdome crowd. But many times did we make plays on 1st and 2nd down only to let them off the hook on 3rd down? Rhetorical...and frustrating. Had to give Deez Lutz the game ball for the game winner. Overall it's a win and you have to take it and not take it for granted. But this team is not playing like a Super Bowl contender. Not at all. Maybe it's injuries. Maybe it's the lack of a crowd. Maybe it's an aging Drew Brees. Probably a combination. But something isn't right with this team, even as we sit at 3-2 and tied atop the NFC South. The bye is coming at a great time for this team.
  8. Good summary of the weekend. The Dak injury was brutal to watch. Hard to get the image of him sitting there holding his leg with his foot dangling off the end out of my head! Good observation on the Raiders. I was frustrated with the Saints losing to them. But it might just be that they are better than projected. It's hard to watch Burrow getting destroyed behind that Cincinnati o-line. It's brutal week in and week out.
  9. Went Kamara, Murray and Smith on O, Robinson and Onyemata on D and Lutz on ST. Overcame injuries and a COVID scare to win on the road. A very 2020 win if there is one, so I’ll take it and not complain. Next is MNF and a dangerous 1-3 Chargers team.
  10. Coaching search just got interesting with the Clippers firing Doc Rivers.
  11. After a night to sleep on it: We played a better game against a better team than we did a week ago against the Raiders. The end result was still the same, but I felt like we had our chances last night and well, the Packers were just better. A week ago I felt like we mailed it in. That said, our defense was pretty bad. Still haven't figured out how to cover a tight end. It's a problem that has plagued the Saints since Gregg Williams was the DC. We bit on the bootleg roll-out every single time. We got a little pressure on Rodgers last night, but not when we needed it the most. How many times do we get a team to 3rd and long only to give up a big play or commit a penalty to let the other team off the hook? It's frustrating. And penalties - I hate being a "blame the ref" guy, because some were legit and stupid on our part. But damn...last night's crew had to be among the worst I've seen in a while. Bogus horse collar call, bogus OPI on Taysom Hill, critical missed OPI on the Pack, problems spotting the ball all night...geez. Drew Brees had a much better game last night. He had better protection. Chemistry with Sanders is developing. Clearly missing Michael Thomas, though. Still seems hesitant to throw deep though. Still too many drops. On to Detroit and hopefully a better outcome.
  12. I hate the Falcons.
  13. He battled dementia for the past few years. May he rest in peace. Faceman...this one hitting you hard? I recall from many posts that Gale Sayers was one of your favorite players.
  14. 2020 is a real diddly-pooty year.