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  1. Truth.
  2. I didn't expect this one to be a W...a tough one to win even if we were at full strength with Zion. They played well tonight, which is a positive. They go cold shooting for long stretches though. Redick is a great shooter. But when he's not on the floor they sometimes can't buy a basket. Etwuan Moore's shot kept clanging off the neck of the rim where it connects to the backboard. I mean...over and over again. My wife was laughing at me because I finally screamed "Adjust your damn shot, man!" Defense, which has been the biggest weakness of the team so far, played well tonight. Harden was getting frustrated. We just couldn't capitalize and convert some of those moments to points.
  3. Lost 122-116. Kept it close against a good team, despite not having Ball or Ingram in the lineup. JJ Redick has had a couple really solid games back to back.
  4. Just that kind of night.
  5. Tough start against a good team. No Brandon Ingram tonight.
  6. This. 100% in agreement.
  7. I agree with you. The us vs. them is all good fun and the Falcons version should have a little extra sauce on it. But it was really awkward, especially given the score and the point in the game.
  8. Oh...I also hate bye weeks. They seem to be great for everybody but the Saints.
  9. Lol. I guess that’s something positive!
  10. I hate the Falcons. We diddly-poo the bed today.
  11. Good sports weekend so far.
  12. Thinking the same thing. A change would not shock me. Last night was terrible. They are losing the fans quickly.