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  1. The fan in me likes the idea of another weekend of real football and a reduction of the BS preseason games. But I liked the 16 game season. It just made sense. It felt right. It fit in the fall calendar really well. And I'm worried about injuries. 17 games will take a toll on the players.
  2. There was so much chatter about the Pelicans being active at the trade deadline. But at the end of the day, they made one minor move to send JJ Redick and Nico Melli to Dallas for a couple of similar bench players and a 2nd round pick. So there was no fundamental change to this team after the trade deadline. So obviously there won't be a fundamental change to the outcome of games. We will play out the season as the most inconsistent and head-scratching team in the NBA. And then probably let Lonzo Ball walk in free agency with no compensation...all because Griff didn't want to trade him "for a ham sandwich." (His quote from post-trade deadline presser).
  3. Well, they avoided the trap. Actually dominated the depleted Lakers. SVG cleared the bench late and the reserves let the lead shrink, but the game wasn't in doubt.
  4. Agree with this tweet. No AD, no Lebron. Lakers on a slide. Pelicans just off a solid performance and road win at Denver. Perfect set up for the Pelican choke.
  5. This is how you close out a game.
  6. The roller coaster continues.
  7. Want this diddly-poo to really drive you crazy? I just saw a tweet that said the Pels have lost 10 games where they led by 10 or more points at some point in the game. They are 17-23. Turn half of those ten games in the Pels favor and they are 22-18 and comfortably in the playoff hunt fighting for seeding the rest of the way.
  8. Kushner write about the Pelicans for the Times Picayune/New Orleans Advocate. He's spot on. This team defies any reasonable eplanations.
  9. They are inventing new ways to give games away. I'm getting afraid to watch them. They are such a Jekyll & Hyde team. It's been game to game. Last night it was quarter to quarter...even minute to minute. I certainly don't have answers...and I'm worried that Griff and SVG don't either.
  10. Glad he's going to an AFC team. Was worried he was going to line up for a divisional rival.
  11. I'm no capologist, but I think if you trade a player, the future unpaid contract goes with him, but the team trading him still has a pro-rated cap hit from any signing bonuses and renegotiations that extended the cap hit into the future. And I think that all comes due for that team once they trade the player away.
  12. This was a thing of beauty.
  13. I just can't figure this team out. Look like diddly-poo against teams like the T-Wolves, Pistons and Bulls. Soundly beat teams like the Jazz and Clippers. We are 17-22. So what do we do with the trade deadline coming up? Do we keep the team intact through the trade deadline and try to make a run? Do we try to trade guys like Bledsoe and Redick to try to get player that might help get us into that 8 seed position? Do we blow it up and trade guys like Ball and Adams who can bring added value back to yet again make moves for the future (when will that future arrive)? I enjoyed the win last night (kept me from wallowing in the reality that Drew Brees is not the Saints quarterback any more). But I keep thinking that they'll blow the next game. Or the one after that. And that this nice two game win streak will just be followed by a lousy, no-defense 3 game losing streak.
  14. Nice. But I still hate the Falcons.