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  1. I was right there with you, calling for Gentry's head. And in the back of my mind I'm concerned that he's still not the right coach for us long term. But there's no arguing with the current streak. He's got them playing solid basketball. And Zion will be back tomorrow night!
  2. Just got home from the game. I thought the refs were giving it to the Jazz with that BS foul on Jaxson Hayes with .02 seconds left that allowed Utah to tie the game and force OT. But this was Brandon Ingram’s game! 49 points!
  3. Like everyone else, I respect your and ATN's opinion. guys are certainly entitled to it...earned your bones so to speak. So this isn't disrespect or calling you guys out. It's just my opinion. But in the Brees/Payton era have we really let others walk away because of cap restrictions? I'm not sure but I can't think of anyone that has left us because we couldn't afford them (different from not wanting to resign them) and went on to make us regret it. We found ourselves in cap hell in '12-'16 because of bountygate, poor drafts and misses on free agent signings, not because of Brees' contract. Hell he was one of only a few truly earning his contract in those years. And even then we took care of the guys on our team that we needed to take care of. We draft much better now and we have been great at filling holes in free agency lately. I don't see another year or two of Brees' contract negatively impacting Loomis' ability to manage the cap and keep our core happy. Maybe I'm naive about that. I also see us continuing to do well in the draft...the Patriot and Packer model if you will. I can see us getting that second YAC receiver and bolstering our defense through the draft...even in the later rounds of the draft. I don't know. I just don't see one or two more years of Brees as anything but a positive. He's the heart and soul of our team. He's playing at a higher level than maybe 25 of the other 31 starting QBs in this league. That can't be discounted. I'm not sure Teddy B. or Taysom Hill can do that over the course of an entire season. Love y'all...and maybe I'm just too sentimental and my judgement is clouded. But I just don't think it's wise to move on from a guy playing at an elite level just to speculate on both his replacement and the talent we might/could/should/hopefully be able to sign because we don't have his contract. Give me Drew Brees any day.
  4. Not exactly liking that news, Face. Not thrilled with Joe Brady going to a division rival...just can't even think that he would get to bring Burrow with him. Just can't, man. Although the trade to get him would likely cripple the Panthers. Still...Brady dialing up plays for Joe Burrow and Christian McCaffery? Scary.