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  1. Turnovers kill. Thank you for an amazing 15 year run Drew Brees.
  2. Loomis can always find the ammo if Sean Payton wants him bad enough.
  3. All good. I could easily be mistakenly giving him credit for some of the solid defensive plays that were made by other guys. It was a great defensive effort!
  4. Definitely deserves to be in. Hopefully his enshrinement will get the Saints to put him where he the Superdome's Ring of Honor. From what I can recall from an ESPN special on Mill, there still some raw feelings with the Mills family with regard to how he was treated by the Saints. Hopefully a HOF honor and getting his name in the Ring of Honor will mend those fences.
  5. Solid playoff win. Solid team win. Gameballs across offense and defense to Brees, Kamara, Thomas, Lattimore, Jordan, Davis. Special teams was tough. I voted Morstead but probably should have gone Harris. Hope a missed kick isn't the Achilles Heel that costs us this year.
  6. There is a different vibe with this team this year. I’m not delusional - they aren’t an elite team or anything - but this is a more fundamentally sound team than under Gentry. Solid win over a decent team last night. These are the games that the Gentry Pels couldn’t win consistently. Ingram living up to his max deal so far. Adams fits nice into this lineup. Still I’d like to see better free throw shooting all around.
  7. Jesus...why can’t things ever be easy for this franchise?
  8. Another Johnny Manziel.