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  1. This is an interesting point that I think is fair to discuss and debate. If you look at the pro sports that have come back and look at the players that have tested positive vs. the ones that haven't, it's the ones that broke team rules, did their own thing and went "out" with friends or family that got the virus. Not the ones that followed team rules or stayed in the bubble (for the sports in the bubble). Not a single NBA player has tested positive for COVID-19. And the only baseball players are the ones who left the team hotel on road trips to go "out" with friends (the Marlins) or as a group to a casino of all places (the Cardinals). Otherwise, the sports that are playing have arguably created a safer environment than the general public. Baseball is catching a lot of grief because of the Marlins and the Cardinals, but the flip side is a team like the Cubs who have not had a single player, coach or staff member test positive since they reported for the reopening summer camp. And more teams are like the Cubs than they are the Marlins and Cardinals. Football is a different animal because of the contact nature of the sport. And college sports are different because of the age/maturity of the players and the notion that they are students who need to attend class and can't be kept completely in a bubble. But I think there is a legitimate argument that teams and sports leagues can create a safer environment by playing and following strict health and hygiene rules than by just shutting down and leaving the players on their own to stay safe.
  2. Before the pandemic shut everything down I thought the XFL was getting a little traction. Seems like so long ago. Heh.
  3. Yep. I think the lack of consistent intensity will be the last straw for Gentry. But I also don't that we are just a new coach away from being a contender. What we do have is a base of young talent...maybe not all the right pieces. But we have assets. And we have draft picks. So, hopefully Griffin can leverage both to put together the right roster and pair them with the right coach to get us deep into the playoffs and make us a serious contender.
  4. Tonight at 7. But they are holding out Zion. Something just isn’t right. In an 8 game bubble why the hell would you treat your 20 year old superstar like he’s an aging, injury prone vet? Probably doesn’t matter. The ugly loss to the Kings yesterday pretty much made the rest of the games moot. Pels need a ton of help now. And they aren’t even helping themselves.
  5. Tried to listen while at work. Total garbage performance.
  6. Important game for the Pels. 12:30 tipoff in the bubble.
  7. I don’t know what it is with this team but they play their best with their backs against the wall. Big win 109-99 over the Grizz.
  8. Another tough one for the Pels in the restart. On the whole, the Pels had the "easiest" schedule in these seeding games. But the way the schedule fell, with their three toughest opponents all right out of the gate, it's going to be difficult for the Pelicans to capitalize on that "easy" schedule if they dig themselves a hole they can't climb out of. Tipoff is at 5:30.
  9. And of course, I have no doubt this is about to happen:
  10. This is a good take:
  11. The Pels looked like garbage.
  12. Game tips off on ESPN and Fox Sports NOLA in 45 minutes.