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  1. Yeah, this hardly even registered with me because we wear white at home every now and then and I like our white jersey. We won the Super Bowl in it after all!
  2. For all the talk of making resiging Cousins and Rondo priorities, they both left. I want to know what our offers were. Boogie is only getting $5 million from GS. What did he turn down from us? I loved Rondo with us last year. But he’s a friggin mercenary. I guess on the bright side we have cap space now, right? can we make a play for Kwai Leonard?
  3. Well crap. We just got gutted.
  4. That era in our history shows you just how important QB is to a team and how lucky we have been for the last dozen years. Everett was better than anyone Ditka brought in, but he was at the end of his career anyway. He washed out in San Diego after he left us. Ditka didn't cut Everett just for the Bill Joe Show. He acquired Heath Shuler from the Redskins and drafted Danny Wuerffel and hoped either one of them could develop. Of course, Ditka and offensive coordinator Danny Abramowicz didn't have a clue how to develop a QB. I thought Kerry Collins had a chance at making a mark but he was fighting his demons when he landed briefly with us and I don't think Ditka had the patience or know-how to help him. He went on to play really well for the Giants. Looking back...I think we all had high hopes for the "Iron Era". But boy...what a dud that was.
  5. After such great, competitive playoff series leading up to the Finals, I was disappointed with the Finals. Was hoping for a more competitive series. We gave the Warriors a more competitive series than the Cavs did!
  6. Good move. I liked the hire initially as I thought he could eventually do what he has eventually done. However, I'll admit to growing impatient over the course of the first two seasons. If you recall, he took over a playoff team and the word was all we needed was a new coach a few new pieces around AD and we would be there. Well, it took longer than expected. And yeah, I was one that got caught clamoring for change. But this past season, especially in the second half after DeMarcus Cousins went down, I think Gentry did a hell of a job coaching this team to the playoffs.
  7. Warriors just too much. 110-102 final. GS up 3-0.
  8. 58-52 Cavs at halftime.
  9. 29-28 Cavs at end of 1.
  10. Cavs holding their own early in Game 3. 24-19 Cavs as the clock winds down in the 1st.
  11. Warriors look strong with a 2-0 lead.
  12. That blew my mind. How can you not be aware of the score at that moment in the freaking Finals. Not exactly aware of the score with 5 minutes to go in the 2nd? Even as halftime approaches? Maybe I buy that, though I think a professional athlete should always be aware of the situation at any moment in any game. But with seconds draining in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, how can you not be aware that the score is tied??? LeBron James is doing everything in his power to win another championship for that franchise....but not so much for the rest of the team. Faceman I think said it...the Cavs would be a lottery team without LeBron James.
  13. Everyone see it yet? No spoilers, yet, but I'd like to know what y'all thought of the actors playing younger versions of Han and Lando. Personally I thought Glover played it much closer to Billy Dee Williams version of Lando than Ehernreich's version of Han. But Glover wasn't trying to cover an iconic character played by an iconic actor, either.
  14. Game 1 tips off at 8:00 NOLA time tonight. LeBron James is clearly the best player in the NBA. But can he carry the Cavs enough to beat what is arguably the best team and certainly the best collection of talent on a single team in the NBA? Who ya got? While I'm probably rooting for the Cavs, I think it will be Warriors in six.