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  1. I think so. The ending has been discussed at large enough that even people who never watched an episode probably know how it ended.
  2. Not necessarily disappointed but I was surprised at some of the final outcomes for a few of the characters. Need to ponder it a little. Maybe the ending, especially Jon’s fate, was fitting. But after so many years of building up to this finale I guess I expected more of a “grand” ending for some of the main characters. I’ll say I did like Bran’s line “Why do you think I came all this way?” He knew all along what his destiny was. Was kind of an “aha” moment. Can't believe it’s over though. I’ve enjoyed the overall series more than any other recent television show that I can recall.
  3. Tonight is the big finale! The speculation is off the charts as to who ends up on the Iron Throne, who lives and who dies. Can’t believe it all boils down to one last episode.
  4. Reading the National reaction to the Pels getting the number 1 pick is fascinating. The talking heads are unable to process it. It’s laughable. Some are suggesting that Zion is going to stay at Duke rather than play here. Others are outright calling for the NBA to “fix” the lottery because you can’t have markets like New Orleans and Memphis beating out New York and LA for talent like Zion.
  5. Last night's episode wasn't epic, but another stinging loss, a few goodbyes, and it sets the stage for the battle for Kings Landing and the Iron Throne. The post-battle party was pretty awesome. Tormund is a sloppy drunk! And as Varys said about Jon being a Targaryen, "it's no longer a secret, it's information." Where does that go? Hmmm.
  6. I’m out of town otherwise I would have watched. Saw the score and highlights. Incredible.
  7. Glad to see a major renovation in the works with participation by the Saints. I support anything we can do to preserve the Dome and lock up the Saints long term. But I’m curious about the plan to remove the ramps. My season tickets are in the terrace and the ramps are easily the fastest way to get down and out of the Dome after a game. Tearing those out and replacing them with more escalators and elevators isn’t “fan-friendly” to me. It means a much longer wait to get out after the game. I don’t care how many escalators or elevators they add, they can’t possibly have the capacity and ease of use as the ramps. I’ve never heard a single complaint about the ramps or anyone say “gee I wish we could all crush into more escalators instead of this free-flowing ramp.” Just my 2 cents!
  8. Thought this was pretty funny...definitely me.
  9. Ok, a few days have passed and I think most that would come here to discuss have seen it. If not and you don't want to be spoiled - stop reading! Amazing battle scene. I know the lighting was done the way it was to shroud the battle field in blinding darkness and mystery. But it was tough to follow exactly who fell during the battle. I know we lost a few major characters, but honestly I thought we'd lose more. Here is who I recall (spoiler! spoiler! spoiler!). Did I miss anyone? Beric Dondarrion. Theon Ser Jorah Lyanna Mormont Edd of the Night's Watch Melisandrda The Night King Now, I suppose we'll see more blood and deaths when the final battle for the Seven Kingdoms takes place.
  10. Now that's an adrenaline rush/emotional roller-coaster kind of day!
  11. Battle of Winterfell. Holy crap.
  12. My spoiler free advice - the movie is a solid three hours. Empty your bladder before it starts! There is no part that you would want to miss to slip out to pee!