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  1. On ESPN Radio Trey Wingo kept referring to him as the "Bronze Medalist" this morning, reflecting the media's preconceived notion that he can't possibly win MVP. But hey, he's a legit candidate and finally in the discussion. He's also a finalist for the Defensive Player of the Year. Maybe that's a consolation prize for him?
  2. This is the absolute truth! I've got three boys - 21, 17 and 13. My 21 year old had zero interest in driving a car. He didn't take drivers ed until we forced him to when he was a junior in high school. He got his license well after he turned 17. Of course he quickly realized the freedom having his license and a car to drive gave him. But we pretty much had to drag him to the DMV. Whereas I was chomping at the bit to learn to drive as soon as I could get my learner's permit at age 15! Then you could get your license six months later, even before your 16th birthday if you had the permit for six months and took drivers ed. My 17 year old was what I'd call "on time". He wasn't pushing it to drive early like we were back in the day. But he did get his license shortly after turning 16. My 13 year old is the more athletic, more outdoors, play ball or go fishing kind of kid. He plays his video games but would rather be outside. Rare type these days! I think he'll be "on time" driving as well.
  3. Hmmm...
  4. I'll add a comment about living on the Northshore and commuting. I did it for 20 years before opening an office on the Northshore. They will have to adjust to a 45 minute to 1 hour drive each way. And it's not easy, open highway for 45 minutes. It's 20-25 minutes on the Causeway Toll Bridge (on a good day) and then a lot of stop and go traffic through Metairie and New Orleans out to the Lakefront area where UNO's campus is. Maybe that's not a big deal. But you should factor that into the decision. Especially since you're saying that they are graduating high school early and will be 16-17 years old as freshmen. And that's not considering the wear and tear on whatever car they are driving. Certainly not trying to talk you out of anything...but the reality of the drive can hit hard once you start doing it every day.
  5. I don't understand how the NFL could get to the point of actually announcing a suspension without checking that a player had a proper use exemption. If it turns out Ingram had a valid exemption for whatever drug this was, the NFL would look pretty damn foolish. If he doesn't then I don't get the posturing by the agent. Is it likely that he took a substance that is not illegal or a direct PED but required the exemption, yet he just didn't get around to getting the exemption thinking it was no big deal?
  6. Disappointing end, but it was a great run. The Warriors are the defending champs for a reason. Four of their five starters would be THE number one player on more than half of the rest of the NBA teams. And the NBA is no doubt a league where the top dogs get the calls. Never was more apparent in the Pels-Warriors series. The calls went both ways in the Pels-Blazers series. But that changed drastically in Round 2. Not an excuse. Just a reality that a team like the Pelicans just has to know it has to overcome. When you won't get the calls, you can't afford turnovers and low shooting percentage. Just can't because you won't make it up at the line. So you have to play near flawless. Unfair? Maybe. But every one of the losing teams in this second round is dealing with that. With all of that said about this series, I take a lot of positives from how this season turned out...though I hope they don't completely ignore some of the obvious weaknesses. Positives - The play of Jrue Holiday and Rajon Rondo provided the team with the fuel for their playoff push. "Playoff Rondo" is a real thing and he showed up for us. This team didn't fold after Boogie Cousins went down. The Mirotic trade was possibly one of the best Dell Demps has pulled off (second to the deal for Cousins?). Anthony Davis continued to grow into the kind of player that can throw a franchise on his back and win. He may not be there yet (heck - was LeBron truly there in his first six seasons in the league?), but you could see the confidence grow in him as the season came to a close and the playoffs got started. The sweep of Portland injected a lot of juice into the team and the franchise as a whole. The players gained a little swagger. And the fanbase woke up to realize that there's life after football and that the Pels aren't that far away. But there are some weaknesses...maybe the playoff push and success cures some of it, but early-mid season this team just inexplicably took games off. Not one here or there which even the big dogs like the Warriors and Rockets do...but just crazy slides and lackluster performances against the league's bottom feeders. This team, as it builds itself into a contender, really can't afford a five game losing streak in January to the likes of the Suns, the Nets, the Hornets, etc. But sure as diddly-poo it happens. I also think our bench needs a serious upgrade. We need to rest guys like AD and Cousins...and especially Rondo more. But how many leads fade away when our 7 through 10 or 12 on our bench are in the game. Now, I do think we've elevated the image of the franchise as a free agent destination. Probably a pipe dream to think we can get in on the Paul George sweepstakes. But it's important that we resign Cousins and Rondo and send the message we are going to challenge the Warriors and the Rockets next year. I'd love to see us add a serious shooter at stretch forward and then churn the bottom of our bench to put some quality guys on the roster. Overall I'm pleased with where the franchise is.
  7. What we considered a position of strength is now possibly a need?
  8. Not sure what this means...
  9. More from Mike Triplett...
  10. First sign that 2018 may not be as magical as 2017...
  11. Tip-off is tonight at 9:30pm central time on TNT. Pels have to win on the road to stave off elimination. The Pelicans will have to play a near-flawless game tonight. The Warriors are the defending champs and you can just feel them elevate their game. They smell blood in the water. To their credit, the Pelicans seem to be taking the right game at a time. A reporter tried to bait Gentry into talking about having to win three straight and he quickly said "no...we have to win one...the next one." The players are all unified in their remarks...they know what they are facing and they believe in each other.
  12. I'm a proud UNO alum. Graduated in the 1980s with an accounting degree and it has been a springboard to a great career as a CPA. I think UNO is a great school, but like any school, it depends on the major and the student. UNO has several outstanding colleges and programs, including my own...accounting...but also Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The NAME program sounds like it's right up your son's alley. And with his scores I'm not surprised they offered pretty much a free ride. Here's the thing about UNO - it does not have the 100+ year old history...and accompanying endowments...of older, more established universities. Back in the day we sort of prided ourselves on how much we accomplished with so few resources. But now, 30+ years later, that kinda of mantra sort of gets old. Honestly it seems my alma mater is always operating on a shoestring budget. Probably important to dig into the health of any particular program before committing to go. UNO is routinely knocked for not having the typical college football real big-time sports....the Greek life is there, but they have fewer frats and sororities than a bigger school. But the dorms are new and nice and they are developing a nice on-campus culture. When I was a student back in the 80s, UNO was largely a commuter school, with only one traditional dorm building and one complex for married students. The on-campus life now is much more robust with I think about 3,000 students living on campus. Not sure any of that I'll wrap up with an employer's perspective. As a business owner in the metro area, my partners and I look to UNO to hire entry level employees. We do that with the confidence that UNO has provided a solid education and foundation into our profession. Is that so for every degree? I can't say. But UNO's always been known as a rigorous academic institution and a UNO degree means something to an employer when it pops up on a resume.