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  1. Honestly, it would not surprise me if it were some form of estrogen blocker. That seems to be the going thing now days. Though to be fair, the FDA does not regulate supplements as heavily as the food you purchase from your local wally world. Granted, he signed the contract and it his responsibility as a player to know what is going into his body.
  2. Did not know that. I always thought he was drafted. The more you know. Thanks.
  3. I believe, the answer to the first, is the saints. And, I have no idea on the second. what round was hebert drafted?
  4. Well, I must admit, I am actually excited for the first preseason game as it will be the first game of the season for the jags and the saints. Both, of which, I am a fan.
  5. I get that. But, I mean, he's also young and gifted. He's not an OBJ level talent, but he is still top tier in my opinion. I do get what you are saying and I wholeheartedly agree with the statement. I just think maybe he causes more problems than the public is aware.
  6. Honestly, I could be wrong, but to have been traded away from two playoff caliber teams with HOF locks at QB, I think Cooks must be quite the cancer to deal with behind closed doors.
  7. As much as I like to agree, I learned a long time ago to stop putting stock in what makes sense. And, what you said, about keep a team in the gulf south, NOLA being a special city and all, it is true and makes sense to keep the saints here indefinitely. Yet, people rarely react sensibly when money is involved. I guess it just depends on who stands to benefit and whose pockets can be filled as to whether the saints ever move.
  8. Don't know about that one. He's definitely cerebral enough to land himself a nice career in politics and make it work. However, I honestly think he stays invested in football. In what capacity, that's anyone's guess. Something along the lines of what Boris noted would be amazing.
  9. Maybe Brees and some of the other players can start a firm of some sort with a rich business man or two tied into it and buy it.
  10. I need to go back and read that article. I am not being sarcastic when I say this: honestly, I didn't realize she was trying to fart in the team's general direction. If so, I can understand that being a moment she'd gladly like back.
  11. Honestly, I mean, the pictures they take in their bikinis are more revealing than this. And, I mean, the Halloween attire on game days tend to be more revealing. I fail to see anything so risque that it constitutes being dismissed.
  12. Wouldn't that be counter productive? Why the hell would you jump ship to move 3 spots in the draft, likely hoping to land a franchise QB, then tank it during the season? For what it is worth, I agree with you. I just am more less baffled at the idea. Bizarre.
  13. Honestly, a week ago, I would have said he would have preferred a potential championship over money. At this point, I have completely flipped my ass in the opposite direction and am in full opinion that he wants one last HUGE pay day. And, you know, I am not going to be critical of the man for it. You do what you think is best for me, myself, and I. I won't second guess his decision. But, at this point, I am of the opinion the Saints are just kind of there, serving no real purpose, other than a bargaining chip for a better deal elsewhere.
  14. Forgive my ignorance for a moment, but since Mr. Benson has now moved to greener pastures, does this mean Gayle now is sole owner? Rita and the grandchildren are an after thought from this moment forward, correct?
  15. I still say, honestly, if the Browns are smart they pair Garrett with Chubb. Whether he goes 1, 2,3,4,5 etc ultimately makes little to no difference if it means you reap the benefits of a perennial all-pro talent for 10+ years. Honestly, I believe Garrett and Chubb are both incredible talents. And, it kind of blows my mind that nobody, I mean nobody, even talks about that as a possibility. It's either which QB will they pick or this is why they'd be stupid to pass on Barkley at 1. If I am Chubb, I make mental notes of all that and use it to my benefit to remain forever pissed off with a permanent chip on my shoulder.