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  1. Sadly, though I want to see Brees back, as good as he is and has been, his contract is going to restrict the team from doing too much outside of the draft.
  2. Well, I will say that as the saying goes: money talks and bulldiddly-poo walks. I doubt, so long as they don't F!! with too many players in a similar manner moving forward, they have much to worry about as far as getting players to sign their John Hancock is concerned.
  3. Eagles 30 over Pats 23
  4. In regard to life after Brees, I believe this will be an ideal year to draft for his replacement as I am of the opinion some of the top talent at QB slide big time. I think, honestly, Mayfield drops in the same manner Rodgers did. Allen will intrigue enough teams with raw physical ability that some team will jump and cause a domino effect. Rosen and Darnold will go prior to Mayfield in my opinion. So realistically, it is not out of thought to stay put and draft Brees replacement this year.
  5. I understand what you are saying. And, you are correct, they had some underlying issues not just at QB. Jackson, as Bonkers has noted, I believe does not have the team. However, when you suck that bad and for so long, it eventually gets to the point where being the laughing stock and the go to punch line wears thin on everyone involved. I believe, now I could honestly be wrong, the Browns will make a drastic turnaround next season and surprise a lot of people. If I am wrong, I will gladly eat crow. In fact, I will call it now, they finish next season at 8-8 or better.
  6. I think when all is said and done, he lands with Cleveland. I understand he has stated he wants to go to a contender. The truth is Cleveland is set up to make a drastic recovery from a lifeless state they've been in for quite some time. They are loaded with draft picks that can make an immediate impact. Myles Garrett, though injured, still had a pretty good season. If they sign cousins, they are in prime position to mold the draft to their liking. Even without trading back to acquire more picks, they can draft a solid bookend opposite Garrett and a top skill position player on offense. Look, I still stand by my statement that Kizer's career can be salvaged with some help. However, Kizer will never be the QB Cousins is now. And, Cousins is still on his way up. He will only get better. If I am the Browns' front office, I am showing the money and spinning this in a favorable light for both parties. My two cents: with another good draft, some decent tier 2 free agents and the signing of Cousins, the Browns go from a 0-16 team to a team that could easily be 11-5 or better next season.
  7. Could always make an attempt at resigning Tom Johnson. The man has been a pretty decent rotational player everywhere he has played.
  8. That's the thing, it takes a special kind of stupid to manage to pull this kind of boneheaded mistake. Sometimes, I really don't think these guys have much hope outside of football. And I understand about youthful ignorance, but these things go beyond being young and dumb. I forget his name, right off, but there was a QB who was drafted and converted to WR and played for the Jags. He had an immense amount of talent, but the guy was always making poor decisions off the field. Ultimately, he found himself out of the league in a few short years. It is now driving me nuts that I can not remember the name but if I remember correctly, he played his college ball at Arkansas.
  9. Thank goodness he did not find his way to the saints.
  10. The thomas pick for SF surprises me. The dude was a beast at Stanford. He is strong as an ox. Yet, he has done next to nothing for the 49ers.
  11. Personally, this would not only make me happy as a fan, but it would be practical (so long as it was the BPA). Given where we are likely to draft, it is likely that a top quality OT/OG is the BPA.
  12. I am not certain of the different positions that are available. But, it would be interesting to see what benefits would come from adding Morton to the team without subtracting any of our current coaches.
  13. Were there, I imagine it would make for some major cluster F!!ed roster moves. Thankfully, as has been mentioned, there is not a limit.
  14. Brees, Thomas and Ginn for plays made all game. Lutz for that beautiful FG. Cam for being a monster. And, Oneymata for as has been mentioned, knocking the snot out of Newton.
  15. I am so glad that I was wrong about this game. And, eating plenty of crow because of it. MMMMMM