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  1. I was going to say Sammy Knight but he didn’t sign until the first year of the Ditka error.
  2. Bridgewater, Kamara and Oline Bell/Apple combo Harris and Tommy Two Picks
  3. Two old adages come to mind. 1. (When the starting QB is struggling) The most popular guy on the team is the backup QB. 2. If you have two starting QBs, you don’t have a starting QB. I believe Payton will go with Teddy with some Taysom packages for at least two weeks. If Teddy struggles, he'll make the change.
  4. I’m cautiously optimistic as I’m concerned with our interior defense. Saints are in sole possession of 1st place in the division. WhoDat!
  5. The last two season ending heartbreakers? ScrewDat! 12-4/Lombardi.
  6. CongratulATNs
  7. Necessary evil =smart football. MT doesn’t just want to be the highest paid, he wants to be the best, so this should not change his work ethic. Players love it when one of their brothers scores a big payday so this definitely sends a positive message.
  8. Weese retired in ‘79. A few tidbits: Weese followed Archie at Ole Miss and Ferguson followed Bradshaw at Shreveport’s Woodlawn. Bobby April was a HB and punter Weese’s senior year at Chalmette. I have the dubious distinction of being turned down (for a date) by both of their sisters. Yep, I was a real ladies man (boy). Back to the OP, I was born a Packers fan and Bart Starr was one of my first football heroes, along with Jimmy Taylor. I tried my Dad’s patience when I became a J-E-T-S fan in the mid 60’s and he ridiculed me when I adamantly told him for a week that my J-E-T-S would beat the almighty Colts in SB III. We had some heated discussions about AFL vs NFL before the merger eased the tensions. RIP Bart RIP Norris RIP Pop
  9. I believe our focus now shifts to backups at S, CB, OL, DL and LB with a chance we may select a WR with our 2nd rounder
  10. IIRC, Te’o was a “healthy scratch “ for much of the season.
  11. He’s missed three games in five years.
  12. Didn’t see either but from what I’ve heard, neither was worth the price of admission. Goff may not be able to call an audible, but McVay’s SO sure can.
  13. Mrssuffrin and I went to Middendorf’s at Manchac Pass for a late lunch/early dinner and then took a leisurely drive back to BR on state hi ways and Parish roads. No football, no Maroon 5; just a good meal and a carefree day.
  14. WhoDat say they gonna screw dem Saints! WhoDat! Screwdat!