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  1. We all know he stepped out of bounds on that return, just not enough for the refs to make the call. WHAT A GAME!
  2. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!! You are are wonderful guy!
  3. I heard that somebody set up a go fund me page but don't know who. I have no idea how these work.
  5. I cannot type wrte now, just wanted to let my friedns know.
  6. OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!
  7. Not that is matters, I am just curious. I used to know but forgot what it was.
  8. LOL Thanks Alex.
  9. I didn't think I would still be here at this age. But, I made it to 45 today. I had thought since I was a little kid that I would die at the same age as Elvis, at 42. But I done been passed that up. (I know strange thing for a 7 year old to think of. It was just weird.) I am not fishing for birthday wishes. Just thought I add this thought. (But, hey, if you want, have at it.)
  10. That is such a great picture Christie. I am glad yall got to take it together. James was such a cool guy and is still missed by many of us and will be remembered.
  11. I used to have a friend/bass player who would fall asleep EVERY TIME he tried to drive at night. He was in SO MANY accidents it's hard to believe he didn't die. He kept on doing it though, always saying that he was fine and wouldn't fall asleep. He told that to a chick who's car he borrowed when we lived in L.A......He came back to the house a few hours after he left and simply walked in and looked at the girl and said, your front end is on Sunset, the rest of your car is on Gower St. He was insane. But, that story is just as nuts. Thanks for adding it Dru. Can you imagine, to look up at a cop and then fall back to sleep? And the girl was "asleep" too?! I think a little more than just being "tired" had something to do with this. Anyone who doesn't....Well, just wow! Sounds like too many xanax or something.
  12. CPS has become a rouge org. that takes kids if you look at one of the "officials" wrong. I have read and heard of complete horror stories of people losing there kids for MUCH, MUCH less than this. I applaud what that lady did and there is no way this should be happening. When I was a kid I would get hit with the metal fly swatter (it's almost like a close hanger) if I didn't come home when the street lights came on, or other such things. My mom made sure I never got into trouble. She was on me like a hawk. Fortunately, I have never had to whip my son. Once in awhile I would sit him down and tell him why he shouldn't do things. I would make him sit and think about what he did that was wrong. To this day I am getting praises from his friends parents telling me how great of a kid Austyn is. Some kids are just worse that others. But, some kids deserve to have that belt across their backside. Like my step-daughter did, but never got it from her mom, even though she should have. She eventually turned out alright. It's her P.O.S. boyfriend that she has been with for about 15 years, on-and-off, who has MAJOR problems. He just got out of jail after two years for beating, NOT WHIPPING, his friends kids when they spent some time over at the house he lives in (my mother-in-laws) since all the money go to his drug addiction. This guy is threatening and DANGEROUS! He's the type that need to be knocked on his ass as a kid. But, never was.
  13. Glad you are holding up so well. I still catch myself thinking about James so I know you must be having it rough. My heart is with you.
  14. If yall want to see a REALLY FUNNY movie "Daddy's Home" with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell is FREAKIN' HILARIOUS.