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  1. You make him the Super Bowl ref! Report: Bill Vinovich, the Saints-Rams no-call referee, will head Super Bowl LIV crew That Godell letting everyone know who is boss!🤬 Sent from my iPhone
  2. As time goes by, our 2009-10 Super Bowl win becomes even more special, as it becomes less likely we will see another one anytime soon. Payton’s teams seem to end their season tragically. In 2006 we lost to the Bears in the NFC Championship game, but that year we over achieved. The loss to the Niners in SF was tragic, as was the loss in Seattle where we were heavily favored and victims of “beast-mode”. Then we had the Minneapolis Miracle with one of the biggest defensive chokes of all time. Then the No-Call, losing as a result of one of the worse officiating blunders of all time. Then this year, we go 13-3, and miss a first round bye, thanks to a painful loss to the 49ers with another epic defensive failure. Then we miss a second chance for the bye with an officiating blunder in a game that we aren’t even playing in, (Seattle’s loss to SF). And today, it almost seemed like the Saints had loss their mojo, because they didn’t get the bye, losing to Cousins, who had never won a big game. To add to the tragic ending, we lose the coin toss In OT and the final play again is one involving questionable officiating. Payton’s teams have been fun to watch, but you have had to endure painful season endings. It makes you wonder if they can recover from it all and actually go all the way again? WTF Dat!?
  3. Don’t know how everyone else feels, but I’m having a hard time watching any football this weekend. My interest in the NFL is waning. For one thing, I don’t like any of the remaining teams. And I really think the Saints had the team to go to the Super Bowl, so I keep thinking the Saints should be playing. It’s like deja vu. Finally, it seems like the pregame and talk shows are loaded with horrible Saints lowlights. All in all, it’s very painful to watch. After this weekend, 4 more team’s fans will probably feel the same way.
  4. Defense and a strong running game can still win Championships. It is going to be two pretty good conference finals. I think the one team that the NFL would not want in the Super Bowl is the Titans, small market franchise. So, I will pull for the underdogs. I would rather see Green Bay in there than SF. I still despise them from the Mora years.
  5. Hopefully, he is walking away with health. We really don't know how it will be long term. I am sure he was already feeling something to retire at 28.
  6. Well, the Owner of the Panthers and Coach Rhule have taken away LSU's Passing Game Coach (OC), and put a Saints ex-Coach on their staff as OC. Then LSU loses Aranda, their DC, to Baylor to fill Rhule's head coaching position. Carolina is definitely moving up the Hate Ladder.
  7. Well, that ref said he "didn't see the call". The video shows him looking back. And even if he hadn't seen it exactly, you would have thought that he would have at least called a huddle to discuss. The fact that he was the crew chief on one of the worst calls in NFL history, and then you make him the Head Ref in the following year's Super Bowl is just mind boggling. It is a slap in the face to the Saints and their fans. I mean the NFL admitted it was a No Call that should have been made, and the award the head ref on that crew! And I hope he screws up a call in the Super Bowl. Then you will see the poop hit the fan.
  8. That was the biggest BS call at the end of regular time that I have ever seen. Even Charles Barkley mentioned it on TNT, and said that was a horrible call. Incredible that the refs would do that against the Pelicans playing the same team that they lost on a non-call 10 days ago. What is it with Refs and New Orleans's teams? The Pelicans are playing exciting basketball right now. It almost seems like they are doing better without Drew Holiday in the lineup. He is a great defensive player, but I actually thinks that he handles the ball way too much, and he slows the game down. Lonzo Ball has really been doing well at point guard. And Ingram has been fantastic. Add Zion to the mix and it should be an interesting second half of the season.
  9. Let’s face it, 31 teams won’t win the Super Bowl next year, and the Saints are more likely than not to be one of them, regardless of who is the Saints QB. But I’ll take another 13-3 season and our chances in the playoffs with Brees.
  10. Luke was a great player and thorn in the Saints side. He has some serious concussions, so he is making the right decision. I wish him well.
  11. End of the Line for Zack.
  12. Not good that a coach that knows the Saints offense in and out is going to a division rival. Not good for the Tigers offense or morale. That being said, I think would be a big step for a 30 year old to jump from OC to head coach. But I can see Brady being a successful OC. As to Burrow going to Carolina, I can’t see Cincy giving up a homeboy QB that fell in their hands. That franchise needs to stir up some fan interest, and Burrow would be the guy.
  13. If it makes everyone feel a little better, the only team unlike the Saints in their Super Bowl futility, in the Free Agent era, is the New England Patriots. Realistically, the Saints are not an over the hill team. Their average age is 26.2, which ranks 21st, of course the youngest average is the Dolphins averaging 25.2, the oldest, the Patriots at 27.0. I just don’t get the “move on” idea. We have a great team, that played a bad game. We have a strong core. We arguably should have reached the Super Bowl the past two years, except for the horrible play by a rookie and a terrible no call. I agree the bye is a big deal, ask the Patriots who lost to the Dolphins with their destiny in their hands. The Saints lost to the Rams when their QB was knocked out of the game and the 49ers by 2 after Brees drove them to the go ahead score. The loss to a division rival was tough, but the Falcons are no slouches when playing well, ask the 49ers? Fortunately, I think the people in power and in the know, Gayle Benson, Loomis and Payton will do the right thing, and I will support them. The rest is pie in the sky!
  14. That would be a dream come true. Unfortunately Joe will be running plays next year in Cincy 😢
  15. Getting Rankins and Davenport back, and the OL healthy would help.
  16. He makes 30 in August. He would have to change his style some... avoid most hits.
  17. It’s the way of the world... what have you done for me today? Brees as our “detriment”? Time to clean house ... why not get rid of Payton too? 😂 BTW, Brees played much better in his loss than Jackson did for the Ravens. And 13-4 really sucks.
  18. Congrats to the Tigers 🐅... unbelievable year!
  19. I’m with you on the Titans. Sick of the rest of them. 🤪
  20. Rebuild a 13-3 team? It’s more like tweak it. Another WR or 2, a couple of good draft picks .. get some players healthy again, like Davenport and Rankins, and I like our chances. This team was good enough to win a Super Bowl, and a few plays and a coin toss away from it.
  21. Titans win goes to show you that a great defense and running game win championships. Who would have thunk, Ravens, Saints and Pats out after losing their first playoff game? I think KC and the Seahawks move on to play the Titans and 49ers.
  22. Well, it’s obvious the Vikings played their game of the year last week. They just don’t have it today. That first round bye is crucial. The stop on the half yard line in the last game of the year for SF against Seattle was one the biggest plays of the year for the Saints, along with Kittle’a long play against the Saints.
  23. Nice to see this team playing well, particularly after the Saints season ended so abruptly. The Saints were expected to win. I had low expectations for the Pelicans. It will be interesting to see how Zion and the team do when he returns.
  24. Pels really are getting it going and are fun to watch. Ingram, Ball, and Hayes have really been impressive. Its incredible that they are only 3 games out of 8th after the horrendous start.
  25. Quote per ESPN from “The report officially reads that "Gobert (UTA) makes contact with Ingram's (NOP) arm during his shot attempt." It rules the review decision as CNC, which stands for "incorrect non-call." The report likely won't be much of a surprise to Ingram or his teammates, who argued the call immediately as the refs assessed whether it could be reviewed. It could not, however, as the NBA's coaches challenge system and auto-review procedures do not have a mechanism to retroactively add a foul. Coaches can only challenge fouls called relative to their team, and the review can potentially overturn them.“