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  1. With so many openings in the NBA, it kind of surprises me that only two of them have been filled, Nash to the Nets and Thibodeau to the Knicks. That leaves openings in OKC, Philly, Houston, New Orleans and Indiana, 5 openings. I thought Donovan did a good job with OKC, as his contract expired. Lue is reportedly wanting $7 million a year. Jason Kidd is still coaching the Lakers, and likely will be through the Finals. Available candidates: Lue, Kidd, Donovan, Atkinson (Nets former coach)..... but for some reason I think Griffin is going to look for the right guy that can develop a young team... possibly a young assistant.
  2. It’s somewhat ironic to watch the Phoenix Suns playing so well under Monte Williams while the Pelicans played so poorly under Gentry. So it was time for him to go. Lets face it, although the Pelicans are young, I think it’s time to go for a total rebuild around Zion. It’s probably time to trade Holiday, and get whatever we can for him. He’s a good player, but hot and cold on offense and will be in the last year of his contract. Give him a chance with a contender. Also, not sure if Ingram is deserving of a max type contract. He might be the best we can do, but he seems to disappear during crunch time. If you sign him to a big contract, you are probably stuck with him. He has had physical issues also. Ball played horribly in the Bubble. I like Hart, he plays with a lot of energy. Melli couldn’t hit a 3 pointer. The other two rookie first rounders look like keepers. I guess we have to give the young players time; maybe a coaching change will help. Lots of decisions to make.
  3. Yes, if you noticed the ref closest to the play didn’t throw his flag, the ref came in from the middle of the field and flew his... they even talked .... makes you think the NFL wanted to get off to a good start in that new $2 billion stadium. I also saw a lot of holding by the Raiders OL; there was a play where a Saint was pulled down from behind... it didn’t matter to that play, but was an obvious call. It’s only game 2, in a different kind of season, I’m not going to send Brees to the “glue factory “, as people are already calling for his head. I’m more worried about the defense as that was a horrible showing ... I mean we could not stop them or get off the field. I mean the Raiders scored on 7 of their last 8 possessions..fumbling on their own mess up on the only time they didn’t score ... 23-37 time or possession ain’t gonna get it.
  4. We probably could have survived the TE without the penalties..., the offense only had 7 possessions, and they scored on 4. The Int hurt, and the fact we did nothing with the fumble recovery was telling. The defense looked like a nightmare from the past. There were a couple of close calls, and we didn’t get any help from the refs. The penalty against Sanders for blocking a defenseless player was a joke... he barely touched the guy.
  5. One positive, the two players that got dinged, Peat and Easton, returned to the game. Looks like we got out without any serious injuries .. ... made the TE an All-Pro.. Its early in the season, hopefully we can cut out the penalties and mistakes.
  6. Penalties on both offense and defense... letting the TE kill you, INT at the end of the half, failure to do squat with the turnover we got.. wasted timeouts, one on a useless challenge..
  7. That was an amazing ending to the Falcons game.. the onsides kick was the key play. Unbelievable. How about KC kicker Butler nailing a 53 and two 58 yarders to win the game. One of the clutch kicking performances ever.
  8. It’ll be interesting to see how the Saints perform without Thomas. We are going to see how Brees and Payton do without MT. Some other players need to step up. Sanders, Harris, Kamara, Smith, Cook, Murray and Hill. That’s enough weapons.
  9. First, this is not a political or social statement, but my thoughts as a Saints fan. I am not inviting a political or social discussion. I renewed my Saints tickets at a pretty significant expense at a very difficult time financially. Its strange to think that I have paid for something that I might not even be able to use, or want use. Whether this season is played in front of an empty stadium, a small amount of fans, or a filled Superdome, I tend to think this season is lost. There are too many things happening to make football seem relevant, even though it creates an escape. The Drew Brees controversy for me put the last nail in the coffin. Regardless of how you feel about that and all the hell that is going on right now, between politics, COVID-19, unemployment, the upcoming election, players making millions of dollars in the face of all of this, protests, riots, the horrible killing of George Floyd or the senseless killings and injuring of police and other innocent people, football just seems irrelevant. Over the past several months, I have learned to do without sports, something that I have always loved as an escape. I think the games will be a source of additional protests,.. it will not be an escape. I do not intend to attend any games this year. Its really scary when New Orleanians are yelling, "F- Drew Brees" in the streets... its almost surreal. And expect to hear it at the games. Drew is not a quitter, but I wouldn't be surprised if he retires. Why subject you and your family to hatred both on and off the field? He is now even being criticized for apologizing by both sides, giving in or disingenuous. Actions tend to speak stronger than words, and he did contribute $5 million to help people in need before all the protests. He is being ostracized for a bad choice of words at the wrong time. Anyone really thinks Drew is a villain as a person? I wish everyone well both health-wise and spiritually. Hopefully our country will come out of this. Football is the least of our worries.
  10. There are quite a few people boycotting the NFL games. To me sports is the only thing on tv that is live and spontaneous.. it is real competition and you don’t know how a game is going to end ... I think people are a bit tired of the social political aspect.
  11. OBJ has the same problem Antonio Brown had; he is full of himself. When he does well, he is full of himself. When he does poorly and his team is losing, he is the first to complain and blame. I wouldn’t want to pay all that money for a locker problem and a selfish player.
  12. Geez, I hope that won’t be the case ... 😢
  13. I found this info on line as of August 17th, about a month prior to the first game. NFL'S COVID-19 RESERVE LIST REACHES 110 PLAYERS Most players who have tested positive have been cleared to return. Broncos have one on virus list, fullback/tight end Andrew Beck, who is expected return Monday. Author: Mike Klis Published: 8:10 AM MDT August 17, 2020 DENVER — 9NEWS has been compiling a running list of NFL players who, according to the league’s daily transaction wire, have been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list since training camp testing began July 23. A player does not have to test positive to be on the list as he can also be placed if he becomes in contact with a person who has the virus. In all, 9NEWS counts 110 players who have been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list, including Broncos’ fullback/tight end Andrew Beck, through Sunday, August 16. Beck returned to Broncos headquarters last week to work with the medical team and conditioning staff. He is expected to be activated Monday. The Dolphins added their NFL-most 16th player case Saturday when defensive tackle Brandin Byant was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list, although he was activated the next day. Bengals receiver John Ross, a speedster who was the No. 9 overall pick in the 2017 draft, went on the COVID-19 reserve list Wednesday. Many players have already been cleared from the virus list and activated back on their team’s active rosters. There are another 67 players who have chosen to opt-out for the season because of virus concerns (68 counting free agent guard Larry Warford). The Broncos had two players opt-out for the season -- defensive tackle Kyle Peko and offensive tackle Ja'Wuan James. Five teams have yet to place a player on the COVID-19 reserve list. Five other teams, including the Broncos, have one player on the virus list. COVID-19/Reserve by team (110): Miami Dolphins (16) - LS Blake Ferguson, DT Benito Jones, DB Cordrea Tankersley, LB Jerome Baker, DT Zach Sieler; G Ereck Flowers; RB Malcolm Perry; DT Davon Godchaux; DT Raekwon Davis; DT Benito Jones*; S Brandon Jones; OG Solomon Kindley; DE Shaq Lawson; WR Kirk Merritt; CB Xavien Howard; DT Brandon Bryant *Benito Jones was placed on list two different times. Jacksonville Jaguars (12) - DB Luq Barcoo, NT Davon Hamilton, OT Ryan Pope, OT Jawaan Taylor, DB Josiah Scott, OG Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms, TE Charles Jones, DB Parry Nickerson; RB Ryquell Armstead; QB Gardner Minshew; WR Michael Walker; D Andrew Wingard Minnesota Vikings (9) - LB Anthony Barr, OT Blake Brandel, S Brian Cole, OG Tyler Higby, WR Justin Jefferson, DE Ifeadi Odenigbo, LB Cameron Smith, OT Olisaemeka Udoh, DT Armon Watts Detroit Lions (8) - WR Kenny Golladay, TE T.J. Hockenson, CB Amani Oruwariye, S Jalen Elliott, CB Justin Coleman, TE Isaac Nauta, P Arryn Siposs, QB Matthew Stafford Atlanta Falcons (7) - DB Jamal Carter, RB Keith Smith, DB Jaylinn Hawkins, DT Tyeler Davison, QB Danny Etling; LB Foysade Oluokun; DB Chris Cooper Buffalo Bills (5) - DT Vincent Taylor, WR Duke Williams, DB Isiah Brown, DB Dane Jackson, DB Siran Neal Cleveland Browns (5) - RB Dontrell Hilliard, DB Jovante Moffatt, P Jamie Gillan; QB Garrett Gilbert; WR Ja’Marcus Bradley Green Bay Packers (5) - K Mason Crosby, DT Treyvon Hester, LB Greg Roberts, TE Jace Sternberger; LS Hunter Bradley Pittsburgh Steelers (4) - DB Arrion Springs, CB Justin Layne; RB Jaylen Samuels; WR James Washington New York Jets (4) - LB Ahmad Gooden, DB Shyheim Carter, CB Bryce Hall; LB James Burgess Chicago Bears (3) - RB Artavis Pierce, TE Eric Saubert, DE John Jenkins New Orleans Saints (3) - LB Kaden Elliss; LS Zach Wood; WR Deonte Harris Philadelphia Eagles (3) - LB Nathan Gerry, OT Lane Johnson, OT Jordan Mailata Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3) - RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, RB Raymond Calais, RB Aca'Cedric Ware Las Vegas Raiders (3) - RB Devontae Booker; DE Maxx Crosby; RB Rod Smith Tennessee Titans (3) - OT Isaiah Wilson, DT Jack Crawford; LB Josh Smith Cincinnati Bengals (2) - DE Kendall Futrell; WR John Ross Dallas Cowboys (2) - WR Jon’Vea Johnson, DB Savion Smith Indianapolis Colts (2) - WR Malik Henry, DB Jackson Porter Los Angeles Rams (2) - TE Michael Hoecht, LB Terrell Lewis New York Giants (2) - WR David Sills, LB Josiah Tauaefa San Francisco 49ers (2) - WR Richie James, RB Jeffery Wilson Baltimore Ravens (1) - DB Nigel Warrior Denver Broncos (1) - TE Andrew Beck Kansas City Chiefs (1) - WR Aleva Hifo Washington (1) - TE Logan Thomas Seattle Seahawks (1) - WR John Ursua Arizona Cardinals (0) Carolina Panthers (0) Houston Texans (0) Los Angeles Chargers (0) New England Patriots (0)
  14. I thought the defense was outstanding, particularly against Brady and a talented TB offense. They stuffed the run, and pressured Brady. Jackrabbit Jenkins was impressive, along with Hendrickson, Davis and the entire defense. The offense made enough plays to win, and I thought Murray picked up tough yardage, Kamara scored and Cook made the key offense play of the day on that long pass when the game was in question. Sanders made a big play. Brees didn’t have a big game but he protected the ball and made the plays that counted. Our special teams were special, Morestead, Lutz and Harris will win games for us. FG block was a huge play. Missed and blocked FGs are big momentum changers. Good start to the season and quick division lead. The Saints brought intensity even without fans. Kuddos to the coaching staff for getting the team ready.
  15. Well, the Saints didn’t get a lot of production from him this week, (3catches) but I’m sure he drew a lot of double coverage. The Saints will have to do better in the running game. The rest of the team receiving Corp will have to step up. There might be some good come from this setback. The main thing is they need for MT to recover completely. I was kind of wondering why the offense was so aggressive with them game decided. The Kamara play where the TD was called back seemed risky and unnecessary.
  16. Saints exercised their 5th year options so I think they will be extended next year.
  17. Alvin Kamara and Saints agree to terms on $75 million contract extension: source “The New Orleans Saints and star running back Alvin Kamara agreed to terms on a five-year, $75 million contract extension that will make Kamara one of the NFL's highest-paid running backs, a league source confirmed. The NFL Network was the first to report the extension, which the two sides agreed to about 24 hours before the Saints kick off their 2020 season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Kamara will receive a $15 million signing bonus in the new deal, per the NFL Network report. Kamara has vastly outperformed his rookie contract, being named the 2017 Offensive Rookie of the Year and making three consecutive Pro Bowl teams despite never making more than $1 million in base salary. He was set to make $2.1 million in the final year of his rookie contract in 2020. Rather than holding out for a new deal this summer, Kamara decided to report for the 2020 season and leave contract negotiations between the Saints and his agent, Damarius Bilbo. “Me and my agent talked briefly about it, and I told him, ‘Don’t tell me anything about a contract until stuff is happening and there’s something I need to know,’” Kamara said after reporting for camp. “... I’m just here to do my job. I’m healthy and back with my teammates, and we’re working toward getting ready for Tampa (in Week 1).” The Saints don’t always use Kamara in a traditional running back role, often utilizing his route-running ability out wide in formations, and because of that he has been one of the most uniquely productive running backs in NFL history through his first three seasons. Kamara is one of four players in NFL history to record at least 2,000 yards both rushing and receiving through three seasons, joined by McCaffrey, Roger Craig and Herschel Walker. Though Kamara battled injuries last season, contributing to career-low totals in yards per touch (5.3) and total touchdowns (6), both Kamara and his coaches have expressed confidence in the running back being healthy and ready to return to form this season. The Saints have recently taken care of successful draft picks with second contracts. Last summer, New Orleans signed Michael Thomas to a five-year, $96.3 million contract, at that point a record for a wide receiver. This offseason, they signed offensive guard Andrus Peat (five years, $57.5 million) and defensive tackle David Onyemata (three years, $27 million) to long-term extensions. Kamara became the first member of the Saints’ vaunted 2017 draft class to reach an agreement on a contract extension. This spring, the Saints exercised fifth-year options on defensive back Marshon Lattimore and Ryan Ramczyk, whom they drafted in the first round of that year. That class also includes key defenders Marcus Williams, Alex Anzalone and Trey Hendrickson.”
  18. Evaluating rookies and back up QBs has been the focus for fans on preseason games. As we have seen, those performances don't always equate to regular season performance. I think the lack of preseason helped the Chiefs, particularly Edwards-Hellaire's performance... no one knew what to expect from him, and I think he proved to be much better partly because the Texans couldn't really prepare for him. He was a tackling nightmare.
  19. The start of this season might help determine the fate of preseason going forward. It will be interesting to see how well teams play by starting play directly into the regular season. Some teams with established rosters will probably do better; teams with new systems probably will struggle. Of course, from a fan’s standpoint, preseason games are probably better than no games; but from a season ticket holder standpoint, they were a waste of money. Star players played very little... rookies made the roster with good performances. Injuries in preseason were always a risk. I would expect there will at least a reduction of preseason games going forward.
  20. It will be interesting to see whether the Saints retain Rankins... I think it will depend a lot on his play this year. He has been injured a lot, but I think I read where he had some kind of defect in his lower leg that caused his achilles injuries. Davenport seems to be another player plagued by injuries.. for an elbow to keep you out of practice seems a bit unusual and possibly serious. He is only in his third year and we gave up two draft choices for him, so I don't think he is going anywhere for at least another year, (unless in a trade). Onyemata had to be extended as he is in his 5th year, and was a 4th round pick in 2016. But he appears to be a solid and dependable player.
  21. Local station Fox 8 reported the Saints are negotiating with Jadaveon Clowney. That’s interesting considering they are also trying to extend Kamara. Apparently other teams are also in the mix.
  22. Seemed like last night the Chiefs were executing well. Tackling was poor on both sides. If this continues through the weekend, you might see 1 or 2 preseason games for the benefit of player evaluation. The Owners liked it because they charged full price tickets at low cost.
  23. I’m going with 11-5 ... but could certainly be better if the injury gods and calls go our way. I’m saying Super Bowl because if any team deserves it, it’s the Saints. With the way the last 3 years ended, the Saints are due for some breaks. In a season where a veteran team will be very important, with no preseason and players needing to behave, I think a mature Saints team has a good chance to win it all. And this team has a lot of depth, which is crucial.
  24. One thing I’ll give the Saints credit for is that they retain their own players.. very few have gotten away in free agency since Loomis has been around... one that got away, Jenkins is back. We’ve been a few plays away from the Super Bowl the past 3 years, so you can’t say they haven’t spent the money well. It’s been more bad luck than a lack of talent. I think Clowney was an opportunity to get an impact player to help against improving competition in the NFC South. They tried and failed. No doubt the Saints are strapped against the cap, but I’d rather see that than have a team that’s not spending. The issue with their strategy is that the cap supposed to increase where that might not be the case next year, which is why it’s important to retain our draft choices. One reason why they might have went for Clowney is that Davenport has had injuries... he did not practice today, and is on the injury report, along with Ruiz.
  25. According to one report, the NFL apparently nixed a deal where the Saints would have obtained Clowney via a trade with Cleveland for a 2nd round draft choice, a deal which would have circumvented the salary cap issues ... An inside look at wild backstory behind Saints' last-ditch effort to sign Jadeveon Clowney