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  1. Saints just announced “no fans for the season opener”. Unlikely for the Green Bay game. Until the infection rate statewide is curbed for a period of time, there won’t be fans. Not really a surprise. Saints announce no fans in the stands for home opener Sept. 13
  2. I was watching some news shows today discussing college football. It seems the divide as to playing and not playing is being driven along political lines. It’s almost red state (SEC and ACC) hanging in, and Blue state (PAC10 and BIG10) bailing out, with certain teams like Nebraska saying they will try to play anyway. There was one politician saying that he wants to see records on COVID for athletes that sit out compared to athletes that play, and he predicted that athletes that play will fair better in that they will be supervised, have testing and medical care, whereas those that don’t play will be on their own, in bars, at parties, etc. Coach O and Saban had similar opinions, suggesting they should play. Players can opt out and retain their eligibility. The fact that 30 LSU athletes tested positive when they reported seemed to support that they don’t do well on their own. I don’t know what the answer is, but suffice to say that you won’t have a true national champion with some teams playing in the fall and some in the spring. And university sports is going to take a huge financial hit. It’s going to be interesting, and we might wind up with 9 months of college football, and no college playoffs.
  3. This is normally the time of year that football fans get excited about the upcoming season. Training camp has started, and fans and the experts start to pick contenders and analyze offseason changes. Well, there have certainly been a lot of interesting changes, with Brady and Cam ..... but the one thing that has really changed is the fate of the 2020 Season. Who would have thought, that as sad as it was, that the end to the Vikings playoff game would be the last game that you might go to for a couple of years? After the Minneapolis fiasco, then the No Call Game, I thought probably the worse thing that could happen would be for Drew Brees to get injured. Then, that happened last year, and the team overcame that setback. Then, we lost another heartbreaking playoff game. Then we have to deal with the possibility of Brees retiring, and he decides to stay. So what happens, a friggin' Pandemic that shuts down the world and threatens the 2020 season itself. So, with my 2020 season tickets being history and the group trip to Vegas eliminated, the next question will be whether the season itself will be played, and if so, will it be in empty stadiums? But the final question I ask myself is whether I even care? Football seems so irrelevant, but I also know that if games are played I will be watching on TV. You would have thought that a lost season could happen if there was a players' strike, but who ever thought there would be question of whether or not the game should be played during a Pandemic? Its really hard to put much thought into something that might not even happen. And the strange thing is that you are hearing very little from all parties concerned the teams, the players, the television networks, or the NFL itself. Strange times indeed.
  4. Well, the team changed GM, changed players, and really, with TB passed away, in effect, changed owners. There is only one thing left to change, and that is the Head Coach. Gentry is a nice guy, and apparently that isn't enough. It is interesting, I can only recall him showing a lot of passion once in this time here. He is very calm, and probably that makes him a great assistant coach. I see him going back to Golden State.
  5. Mercifully, this team is done for this season. Something was definitely missing, as they looked like a team that wanted to go home. It’s interesting, both preseason and restart, they showed flashes when the games didn’t count, and then when the games were played for real, they were a dud. To start the game, the body language was horrible. They started almost every game like zombies, got behind and couldn’t recover. I prefer our backups to our starters, at least they hustled. I think Gentry has to go. His style as a head coach hasn’t been successful in this league. JJ Reddick played his butt off, if we had the others play with his sense of purpose, we would have something.
  6. Another valuable story. Difficult times make us reevaluate our priorities. Suffering makes us more empathetic. As for Donald, unfortunately he prefers to talk trash when the truth would serve him better. Probably his best trait is he is not a politician; and probably his worst trait is he is not a politician. I think he actually loves his country and wants to do well, he is just missing some a nice-gene.
  7. It seems like the other team gets all the loose balls and offensive rebounds. pelicans go on cold streaks and can’t hit open shots. Terrible and free throws, and defense is not consistent. Not to mention the rash of turnovers. This team really deserves to go home. They don’t have mojo.
  8. I know there are games like this in the NBA, but I do not recall seeing a team come apart like the Pels did yesterday. In an 8 game season, you just cannot have a game like that ... I mean is the talent on the Clippers that much more superior? It looked like a high school team going against a pro team. I mean, the Clippers did hit every shot ... and the Pels couldn't hit a shot, but the ball handling and passing were horrible. And then the lack of effort. Was it just an anomaly, or is there something else going on? Something tells me that having Zion sit during the end of the Jazz game did not help this team's psyche. And listening to the GM talk about not risking the long term of the team to have Zion sit with the game on the line against the Jazz might have something to do with it. It just doesn't ring right to me, and sounded like "throwing in the towel", or almost like they don't want to make the playoffs, because they don't want to get anyone hurt. Looks like the Pels will get a chance at a lottery pick, because I don't know if this team can recover from a second miserable low point this year. The next game will tell us a lot. If they don't win that one, or at least play at a high level, they are done.
  9. Just to let you know Brod, I advised a good friend today not to attend a funeral in Texas, and I relayed your story. I have been invited to a family wedding also in Texas and there is no way we are going and your story only validated our decision. Why would anyone want to have a big wedding during a pandemic is beyond me. How can you enjoy yourself, and how would you like your wedding to be the source of a loved one’s sickness or death? As long as everyone in your family recovers, the days separated will seem irrelevant, although it is so painful not to be with the one you love in their time of need. That is one of the cruelest and scariest aspects of this virus, that people are isolated from their love ones when sick and even in passing. So once again, thanks for sharing your story.
  10. That game was an embarrassment on national tv... LA hit everything and the Pels couldn’t hit the side of a barn. It’s almost like they want to see their coach fired, cause that’s the kind of game that will do it. Both teams came off a tough loss; the championship caliber team reacted one way , and the pretenders didn’t show up.
  11. FYI, I talked to my service rep. He told me it would take 4-6 weeks to get a refund. I had to fill out a form and send it in.
  12. If it’s a full season, then I think the stats should stand. Again, everyone is playing by the same rules. It’s almost a survival of the fittest. It will be a total team effort, from the water boy to the owner that will win under these conditions. Trust, sacrifice, courage, dedication, endurance, ..... it will take a lot to win this year. If one person messes up, it could be curtains. One more point, before training camp even started, a lot of players contracted the virus both on the Pro and college levels. So not playing is not insurance against the virus.
  13. The argument that “someone might die” is certainly one to consider, but I also think people are going to die even if sports aren’t played. There is an argument to be made that some athletes are in better hands with their teams and being employed than they would be on their own, particularly players without families. College athletes probably aren’t going to sit at home, but they aren’t being paid so that is something to consider. I think it is a decision that each pro player needs to make. They have the option to opt out, and they have the option to make money and/or further their careers. The statistics seem to indicate the risks are low for young healthy people, but you can be THAT person that it kills or harms seriously. (Of course that could happen to you outside of football.) Of course, football players assume a lot of risk just playing the game. For some players an ACL is much more serious than COVID...sure there is a chance that it can kill you, but it is more likely to go away in 2 weeks, as opposed to having to rehab for a year. And we know that concussions are a risk to NFL players. The NBA has a good system going, but they have a long way to go. It all depends on what you do when people test positive. MLB will show us how that works. As to asterisks on the season, I think any team that wins under these circumstances should get a bigger trophy. You have to overcome the virus, being alienated from your family, additional stress and demands, possibly overcoming sickness, practicing and training under unusual conditions, being mentally tough, additional demands on your staff and coaches... staying focused... etc etc ... This is uncharted territory. I respect the fact that the leagues are trying to continue. Sports are an escape for the masses, and pump money into the economy. I think any safe attempt to generate business is important. The financial consequences of this virus is going to be felt for a long time, and have to be considered. There are a lot of people that don’t have a choice; they have to work just to survive. Again, for the athletes, they have a choice.
  14. I thought the Pelicans lost this game on defense. They were getting killed in the paint. Like a lot of games, the better team tightened up their defense in the second half, and the Pels didn’t. Still they could have won it on a last second shot that rimmed out. That was a good effort by Ingram, really bad luck. I don’t know how putting Zion in with 3 minutes left in the game could have risked his health more that the other 15 minutes. He is 20 years old! Just having him on the floor would have opened things up on offense. I think that is just plain dumb, and if they aren’t playing to win because they are afraid Zion will get hurt, why bother? I think part of the issue was that Gentry thought that since Zion hasn’t been playing that he was not in the top 5 players that he wanted on the floor at the end of the game. If the minutes restriction was so stupidly strict in a 2 point game, play Zion the last 3 minutes.
  15. Once again, the Pelicans went undefeated when the game didn’t count. The win against the Bucks was pretty impressive, as the Bucks were playing their starters much longer than the Pels, and the Pels were without Zion. It appears to me the young Pels players improved during their time off. It will be an interesting 8 game run, and I think “The Bubble” has a much better chance of succeeding than the MLB or NFL.