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  1. It is hard to believe the Pelicans have fielded a team that cannot shoot. Other than Zion and Ingram (who is inconsistent and mostly disappears when the game is one the line), the Pelicans have no one who can shoot. Bledsoe is horrible.. Ball has improved but erratic .... Hart is inconsistent and now injured.. along with Alexander-Walker.. kind of odd for a professional basketball team.
  2. Saints have taken players recently to fill needs, Erik McCoy and Cesar Ruiz... you can say Trautman was a need also, and they moved up to get these guys. I think the Saints really have to get a CB, and may trade up or down to get one... particularly with the Lattimore situation. I am sure they are hoping that Davenport steps us to fill the edge position. The one RB that I would take would be the Alabama guy, Najee Harris, because he is the most impressive college RB that I have seen in a long time. But he seems to be moving up all the time. Murray has been good but he is getting up there in age. I do not see them taking a QB unless one falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd round, but they need help on the D Line. I think the Saints philosophy is not to pass up value, and if the right player falls, they will take him regardless of position, and they deal with it later on down the line via trade or free agency. But I would be shocked if they do not take a CB or two in the first 3 rounds.
  3. I was expecting Lattimore and Ramzcyk to get extended but with the new TV deal and the big bucks coming next year that might not happen. Of course Lattimore’s arrest complicates his situation. But would you take less to extend this year and get guaranteed financial security or roll the dice on not getting injured and wait a year for more money?
  4. Sponsors like Nike are “suspending” Watson which isn’t a good sign.
  5. I am sure his defense is that he didn’t know the gun was stolen, and I agree the situation he placed himself in will probably at minimum get him a suspension from the NFL. I also imagine there is some deal making in the works. Being an Ohio State star-player can’t hurt his chances of getting off lightly. Good thing he wasn’t in Michigan!
  6. Interesting how no news has come out on this issue ... reason why they opted for the Grand Jury route .. all secretive .. smother the issue with silence.
  7. Possible misunderstandings: 1. He thought it was his Uber. 2. He was just catching a ride and the gun happened to be on the seat. 3. He was just looking at the gun and didn’t buy it . 4. He volunteered to work with felons for a criminal rehab program. 5. It was just gangsta-play-time.
  8. OMG, Jason David! 😱
  9. Well, here is a young man on the verge of signing probably a $100+ Million contract, generation changing wealth, and is buying a gun off the street, turns out to be stolen, and at the same time is reportedly riding around in a car with several felons, who are also apparently armed. Dumb, dumb, dumb.. Lattimore is a very good football player, but geez, he apparently has issues that could at minimum jeopardize his contact negotiations and possibly his career.
  10. The good news is that success hasn't caused him to forget his old friends.... well, maybe not so good.....
  11. He is probably history with the Saints,. Thank goodness it happened BEFORE he was signed to an extension ... Also, what is pertinent is that he was arrested by "gang investigation" police
  12. I think there is more going on, but after reading some of the details, Watson has some issues. The part that is weird is he was seeking masseuses on Instagram, and he was obviously booking different women. I am not a massage expert, but if I received a nice massage as an athlete, I would try to use the same person. There are 22 coming forward? It is not to the degree of Sharper, but still creepy at best. Not sure if there is some market on masseuses for star athletes, but wouldn't be surprised if there is, more was expected in certain circles. And you don't have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt for the NFL to take action against a player. If you can get 22 women to make a statement against you, you have a problem.
  13. This year's pick is always worth more than next year's pick. They can always trade the pick.
  14. Now it is 12 and might reach 22. By shear quantity, it doesn’t look good for Watson. It’s very odd that someone would book massages with that many different women. If these allegations are true, he might not play for the Texans or anyone else.
  15. I think it’s fortunate if only Thursday night games ,starting in 2022 , are going to a streaming service over the next 11 years. I also saw where Peacock is going to get a London game, and that ESPN+ is getting a game. It makes me wonder if CBS, NBC ABC/ESPN have some future rights to move to their premium streaming platforms. With an 80% increase there has to be more revenue objectives for the networks. Also looks like the salary cap will be increasing over the next few years, thus these huge contracts for teams with cap space.