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  1. I still haven’t decided on what to do. I have some expensive seats, and some less expensive seats for friends and family. I’m leaning toward keeping the less expensive seats and letting the higher priced go. i also expect a diminished resale market, in spite of what was a great home schedule. Very uncertain that people are going to travel to follow their teams this year.
  2. I liked Teddy, but was never sold on him as our long term QB. The team really rallied around him, we our defense and running game stepped up. I loved him as a backup, but not as our solution at QB. I wish him luck, except against the Saints..... or in competing with the Saints.............., who thought a few years ago he would get a $63 million contract? He is already a winner.
  3. Yikes, please don't compare Malcolm Jenkins to Byrd. Byrd was one of the worst signings ever by the Saints. After Byrd signed his contract, he basically checked out. Everything I have seen about Jenkins over the years, that is not going to happen. There have been plenty of Safeties that have played well into their mid-30s. I doubt Jenkins contract has a lot of dead money after two years, which is probably the amount guaranteed. And Jenkins has been extremely durable over the years, which probably means he takes care of his body. He is a smart dependable player, and a leader on and off the field. I doubt Bell is worth the money he is probably looking for, or what someone has already agreed to give him.
  4. He would be a welcomed addition. A Leader and clutch player. He is an Ohio State player like Bell. I’d probably take him over Bell if we are looking to win a championship this year.
  5. We resigned/restructured Alonso and P-Rob
  6. It’ll be interesting to see Tom and Bill operate on their own; I’m sure they will embrace the challenge. I think Bill will go on, ( there offense had declined anyway with Tom) and Tom will have some success if he gets protection. It’ll be interesting to see Brees and Payton go up against Bridgewater/Joe Brady in Carolina and Tom Brady in Tampa. The Bucs will be a contender in the NFC South. Of course, as these mega contracts are signed there is a big question mark on whether the season goes on as planned. And as we go through this virus thing, fans are being asked to make payments on a season of uncertainty.
  7. I was waiting for the game to come on and having it cancelled in real time was surreal. Looks like the NBA, in the best case scenario will fast forward to the playoffs. It’s very possible the season will be cancelled.
  8. It’s the elephant in the room for the Saints organization. I guess they really don’t know what’s going to happen, so they don’t know what to do. But I’m sure they recall the situation after Katrina, and a lot of season ticket holders didn’t renew, many cause they couldn’t. Although the Saints have a much better team in 2020, I think there will be a similar occurrence. Many people won’t be able to pay, so there will be a change in season ticket holders. It’s possible the Saints won’t sell out.... maybe local blackouts. I understand there is a big waitlist but it’s not a tough choice to decide either pay your mortgage or pay for Saints tickets. This situation is unprecedented. Unemployment could reach 20%... how many season ticket holders will be in that number?
  9. Well, Taysom has performed and has been a key contributor to the Saints success. He has put his busy and future on the line doing whatever has been asked of him, even with a history of injuries. He is almost 30. Speaking from personal experience, if you don’t look out for yourself and let your expectations be known, you probably won’t get what you deserve. It is the right time for him to get paid and get some security.
  10. I realize that the NFL is a welcomed distraction at this difficult time, and don’t want to put a damper on things, but I have a couple comments appropriate for the forum: 1. With Saints season ticket payments due at the end of the month, I’m a bit surprised that the NFL and the Saints have not addressed the situation. It’s a tough time for people to be paying for tickets to future sporting events. 2. I’m still undecided on whether I want to renew personally. I imagine if games are suspended they will refund us, like the Pelicans, but do I really want to spend money on this right now? 3. Regardless of whether this issue subsides, will I feel safe to sit with 70,000 people screaming and high-fiving? Particularly in that I am older and many young people appear to not be concerned. 4. As the market craters, NFL players are signing $100 million contracts. It’s very ironic and almost surreal. I sincerely hope this Saints season provides the welcome relief that it did following Katrina. But there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding all sports until a treatment or Vaccine is found. I think the Saints are in a tough situation. I guess they are seeing how much money they can collect before making a move.
  11. I don’t think the Saints could pay him that ... I liked him but he was injured a lot. Goof for him to get his money.
  12. I think the Saints sign Hill to a long term incentive laden deal with a big bonus and a base worth more than the tender offer. He will probably have a low base the first year to offset Drew’s contract. With all the players reaching the end of their rookie contracts Loomis has his work cut out for him.
  13. Well, the Pelicans lost once again, this time on the road in OT vs the Mavericks in the 2nd of a back-to-back. I thought they played much better tonight than against the T-Wolves. Zion looked a bit gassed at times in his first back to back. Lonzo Balled this game... he kept us in the game with his 3’s. A little better shooting except the end of the OT, with some bricks and air balls. Melli couldn’t hit a shot until the one that sent the game to OT. I still don’t think we have a player that comes up big at the end of games, like Doncik or LeBron. The Pelicans just can’t finish close games.
  14. And a very big problem is no one can hit a shot when the game is on the line m, worsened by the loss of Reddick.. both losses that the Lakers they could not hit a shot when it counted .. against Minnesota they didn’t play any defense or hit a shot. And their free throw shooting is horrible!
  15. That’s is a big loss.. seems like the Pelicans don’t have any luck with injuries...