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  1. I agree that there will be opportunities for the Pelicans going forward and Gayle has taken an important first step. I am an original season ticket holder, so I have seen a lot, and been through Baron Davis, Paul and now Davis demanding to be traded. I’ve seen the team go to OKC and return, the NBA take ownership, the destruction of the Paul, West, Chandler core, etc. (Funny, it was West and Chandler that wound up with rings.) Actually I’ve never been that big of an AD fan, so the fact he is leaving isn’t so bad as the way it’s all transpired with his Agent (LeBron’s buddy), and the overall craziness of the NBA. I mean players getting coaches fired, sitting out, guaranteed contracts, max contracts, players making $30-40 million a year complaining and needing their freedom, etc is just too much B.S. The fact that it is better to have a guy making $30 million sit at home than playing is just crazy. Any team’s season can be sabotaged at any time, by any big time player’s fancy, and the Pelicans fans are victims. And it’s happening more often. I really felt like a sucker walking into the arena last night. Ironically it was a good game, and I applaud the players’ effort. But they should play hard, they are being paid well. But in the end, I’m done. Still going to hang with the Saints for at least one more year.
  2. It’s about time Demps got the boot. I have to give credit to Gentry for keeping the team competitive. I was at the game last night and the team played with a lot of effort. I watched Davis slowly walk off the court at the end of the half and knew he was finished. The team and fan experience is much better without him on the floor. The Pelicans are in for a long rebuild. I wish them luck; but I’m done with being an NBA season ticket holder.
  3. If LeBron could have waited until the end of the season to push for Davis it sure would have made for a more pleasant experience for both Pelicans fans and players. The team playing now has only a handful of players under contract next year, so the team was bound to change anyway. Now we have a lame duck team, with a lame duck star in Davis on a team playing lame.
  4. He’s a player that’s made some great plays, but he has an attitude problem. Of course there might be more to the story than we know. You would hate to give up something for him and then have a problem in your locker room.
  5. Apparently Antonio Brown has asked to me traded and the Steelers are likely to comply. Does he go to a cap friendly big spender like the Jets or Raiders? Or does a team with a specific need go for him? Both the Patriots and Saints could certainly use his services, but he is a $20+ million a year player. Don’t think the Saints have the assets or the cap room, and still have to sign Michael Thomas long term.
  6. It looks like there will be a net of 3 sure open starting positions, Jax, Mia and maybe Wash, (if Cincy, Den and TN, look for new QBs it will make their current QBs available). Foles, Flacco and Bridgewater are the front runners for starting QB positions. If Bridgewater gets a big offer, I think he is gone. Saints will probably go with a value veteran backup, ( no 3) unless Teddy doesn’t get a big offer. After giving up a no 3, maybe Loomis has a plan; it really depends on how long Drew plans on playing. With regard to Brees, he had his best year in a long time. As to his long ball, other than Mahomes, who else is making the real long throws in the playoffs? Certainly not Goff and Brady in the Super Bowl. Normally long pass plays are the result of busted coverages or broken tackles, as defenses work to take the bombs away. It will be interesting to see how they restructure Brees. That will give an indication on how long he plans on playing. He’s a year and a half younger than Brady.
  7. The Rankins injury as created a need for the Saints. I think the OL and DL are very important areas where depth is crucial. I think Ingram will stay as his market value will probably be reasonable. TE is definitely a position of need. It’s an important element to Brees’s game; always has been. I actually think it’s a bigger need than WR, particularly if Meredith and some of the young guys can step up. Back up QB is an iffy position with the Saints. Tayson Hill has to improve tontake over that position, and if he steps up you probably lose him as a specialty weapon. With the other needs and Brees cap hit the Saints probably can’t afford to spend a lot. I see the Saints probably trading up and/or in higher rounds by dealing future pics to help fill one or two needs if players fall to them. Values Free Agents have to fill other needs, unless Loomis works wonders. Not would make sense to extend MT with a big bonus, of a Loomis can make it work.
  8. I walked around the city all day, saw the parade, checked out Boycott Bowl and took photos and exchanged laughs and Who Dats. It was a mini Mardi Gras. Had some drinks at a local watering hole, where Puppy Bowl was playing. Got home during the first Quarter of the game, had some home cooking and napped through most of the first half. Woke up to see part of the WTF halftime show, and then painfully watched the second half pulling for the Rams to lose. Didn’t watch any pre or post game shows. It was truly a beautiful day in New Orleans.
  9. Cooks Gurley and Donald all signed long term deals. Everyone you mentioned and most of their key players (except Suh and Fowler) are under contract at least for next year .. For Goff 2020 is his contract year. He didn’t help us cause on Sunday.
  10. In beatiful downtown Atlanta!
  11. I voted Lambs. The refs punched their ticket to the Super Bowl; but they didn’t show up!😬
  12. That’s funny.., I had the same thought yesterday
  13. Now this is something Goodell understands $$ Half in NOLA:
  14. That was probably the game saving play for the Pats!
  15. Bad game, bad commercials, bad halftime show... those who didn’t watch didn’t miss anything. Rams got what they deserved!