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  1. Davenport did get a sack today and the entire team played the run well..... I agree it took Jordan some time to develop .... Our secondary continues to give up one big play after another ... we have problems with scheme, talent and/or technique ....of course we have been going against some good WRs, but there is no way any NFL defense should give up this many big plays... i expect we will be looking at personnel changes, or signing someone ... Rams most their two starting CBs today... Peters looked to be season ending
  2. The past two calls on Mathews are B.S. Last week he actually reached out to break his fall. Today he tackled TD man and fell on him...he didn’t drive him into the ground... (and is agreed having a 300lb man drive a QB into the ground should be a penalty).... Clay had become the poster boy for bad calls
  3. I agree with your choices ... kudos also to TE Watson who made some key catches ...OL kept the pressure off Drew... Jordan made some big plays and Okafor’s blocked punt was a very important play... A.J. Klein made some plays.... a couple positives on the D was they stuffed the run and got that stop at the end of the 4th.... Coin toss gave us the edge
  4. Well, give them credit for honoring has been one of the best rivalries ... all the games are exciting and usually close ....
  5. The Saints certainly haven't impressed through the first two games this year. As I have said, we suck and we are 1-1 this year, as compared to sucking and being 0-2 last year. Our defense played a little better last week, but what really concerned me is that we continue to give up the big plays. I couldn't believe we let that long TD pass happen on 4th and 5 late in the 4th Quarter..... Which leads me to consider this week's game against the Dirty Birds. I know Fitzgerald has been hot in his first two games, but can anyone argue that the Falcons offense is not more high powered than the Bucs or the Browns? We are probably fortunate that the Browns kept Mayfield on the bench against us, because his play last night was impressive in the Browns win against the Jets. With regard to the Falcons, having Donte Freeman out is a help, along with Saints killer Deion Jones, but the Saints will have their hands full against Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. Of course, it seems like the teams within the NFC South always find a way to make the games close, but I tend to think this game is a bit less than a toss up, with the Falcons having the home field advantage. We need Drew to have a big game, and hopefully get our running game going. Somehow we have to cut down on the big plays, and contain Julio Jones. Just an observation after Monday Night's game, it seems like Chicago got a pretty good deal giving up two no. 1's for Mack, compared to our two no 1's for Davenport. But the Bears could only pay him because they have a QB under a rookie contract. Hopefully, in time Davenport develops into a solid player and pass rusher. Seems like he has played well against the run.
  6. He quit during the middle of a game, and walked away from his team. Some other player wasn't activated for that game for him to be out there. He not only let down his teammates, but probably distracted them. I think he probably owed it to his team, the organization that was paying him, to hang in there until the end of the game. I would have to think this guy had some kind of mental breakdown …. from a psychological standpoint, maybe he thought he had to do what he did in order to walk away. Otherwise, its just plain selfish to walkout on something that you have committed to...
  7. Well, as I told my friends, last year we sucked after 2 games and were 0-2: we suck again this year and we are 1-1. Browns are the Browns and found a way to lose; thanks to their kicker on this occasion. And Payton almost blew the game. We should have run the clock out, kicked the FG which would have either sealed the win or sent us to OT. Instead we gave them a chance with a Time out against our big play prone defense. i guess he had second thoughts the way the kickers were kicking, as Lutz also had missed a FG earlier. I think Lutz has merited our confidence. One positive is that we kept Taylor from running on all but one play. We’ll gladly take the ugly win.
  8. I remember last year after the preseason and the first two games, everyone was ready to fire the head coach and trade Drew Brees. The Saints made an incredible turnaround and almost made it to the NFC Championship game. Those first two games were at the Vikings and then the Patriots, pretty tough opponents. This year, we lose to the Bucs, a division rival. Who believes the Saints will turn it around this week? You have a very hungry Browns team, with a pretty good defense. They should have beaten the Steelers, but screwed it up like only the Browns do. I am trying to figure out how the Saints D can turn it around in a week. Tyrod Taylor is no Ryan Fitzgerald, but I don't know if that is good or bad. Browns have some pretty good receivers. Personally, I think this game is a toss up.
  9. Ball got popped out on Gillislee, just like it did for Michael Thomas. I wouldn’t write him off yet, but unless he does something special, he could be a gone pecan when Ingram comes back. Can’t say he hasn’t had an impact 🤪
  10. I agree that teams start slower because of the lack of playing time in the preseason. Only problem with that is that Tampa Bay went through the same process. Both defenses were horrid, but the Saints defense was worse. The turnovers played a big role in the Saints not being able to keep up and falling behind. Also, Fitzgerald played an almost perfect game. The only throw he missed should have been another TD, where the Saints DB fell down and the receiver was wide open. In watching other games this week, I found it incredibly strange how the Saints defense could be so much more ineffective than most of the other teams in the league. Other than a few run stops, there was nothing to feel good about on the defensive side of the ball.
  11. I actually fell asleep right before half and woke up in the third quarter just before Rodgers reentered the game. That was an awesome performance by Rodgers. That was an incredible comeback, one for the ages. Rodgers was obviously injured, and still managed to shred the Bears defense. Incredible. As for the Bears, IMO, whatever they did wrong (and they did a lot wrong) was overshadowed by Rodgers performance.
  12. A long day at the Dome today. Some comments: 1. Last year we were slashed by Sam Bradford and the Vikes. This year Ryan Fitzpatrick completely picked us apart. 2. Fitzpatrick had all the time in the world, but he made just about every throw today. They knew just what they wanted to do, and executed at will. We did absolutely nothing to slow the Bucs offense down. When we had coverage, he ran for yardage including the last drive. The Bucs only stopped themselves with an overthrow to a wide open receiver on third down when our DB fell down. I think the only other time they were stopped was at the end of the half when time ran out. The Bucs only punted once. 3. We had no running game because we had to play catch-up from the time they ran back the fumble for a TD. Saints had to try to score on every possession to stay in the game. 4. I think the Saints were outcoached, their offense vs our defense. There is no way their players are that muchmore talented than our players. Tampa always plays us tough, but my gosh, they made it look so easy. 5. Tampa OL completely neutralized our Defensive front 7 pass rush. Sure our DBs gave up a lot of big plays, but there was no pressure on Fitzpatrick. 6, Wasted time outs and penalties were problems, along with the two turnovers. Some positives: a. Drew Brees played well, as did our offense with the exception of the turnovers. Come on, 41 points and we lose? b. Kamara looked great. c. Our receivers played well, with the exception of a drop by Michael Thomas and a fumble by Thomas. d. You have to give the Saints credit for playing till the end of the game. When Tampa missed that FG, I had dejavu of the Redskins game last year. I really thought we would come back and tie the game, if only the defense could have gotten that one stop at the end. They let a 35 year old scramble for a game ending first down. Hopefully, this team can pull it together quickly, even faster than last year. I would hate to give the Browns that first win in 2 years. But the Saints are historically good for ending losing streaks, and we typically have not played that well vs the Browns. I am always skeptical when the Saints are being picked for the Super Bowl. They ate the cheese.
  13. Williams promoted to active roster per ESPN “Jonathan Williams is brought on to the roster for the Bucs gameSaints RB Jonathan Williams made the Week 1 roster after all. Williams was promoted from the practice squad to the active roster on Saturday, according to a source, after he was one of the team's most surprising cuts last weekend. Williams could split time with newly-signed veteran Mike Gillislee as the backups behind Alvin Kamara. The Saints needed depth at the position since Mark Ingram is suspended for the first four games of the season.”
  14. Replay of playoff .. and more fans watched the game in NOLA than Atlanta 🤪
  15. Winning another Super Bowl would be fantastic. Doing it in Atlanta would be extra special!