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  1. Two of those losses were games after we had clinched ... I was actually at the other in Carolina, when Brees was injured, and the backup played well and we almost won. All were against Carolina. I’m just as worried about the D as the offense. We give up too many big plays and can’t get off the field on 3rd down.
  2. Just as much as Payton and the offense, I think the Defense needs to step up!
  3. This is an odd game against a good opponent in a difficult venue. We haven’t had a lot of good fortune in Seattle, and now we are without Brees. I can’t help but having a bad feeling about this game. Its odd without Brees, with two backup QBs, with the team coming off a tough loss to the Rams, while spending the week on the West Coast. This will be an interesting game for Payton, as we will see how he prepares his team without Brees and what he might have up his sleeve. It should be interesting but I would be surprised if we can win this one. Saints wearing their color rush uniforms.
  4. I think Payton will stick with Bridgewater as long as he protects the football and makes some plays, and continues to improve. Teddy has to be more than a game manager, as our defense gives up a lot of points, and we have to score. But if Teddy doesn’t play well, Payton will make a change and Taysom will see action regardless at QB. I am a bit surprised though that the team hasn’t activated a 3rd TE.
  5. And he supposedly threatened the person that made the claim.. he’s a bad dude. I wish the guy would get lost... I’m tired of hearing about him!🤪
  6. The Patriots released him! Per ESPN ; ”Brown out: Pats cut WR amid off-field allegations Antonio Brown's brief stint with the Patriots is over, as the team released him Friday. "We feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time," the Patriots said.”
  7. He was listed as limited participation the other day, so he’s probably getting close
  8. The Tulane vs Houston game was fun to watch.... The NFL game was played in the rain by two offensively challenged teams....I watch because its still a game that counts .... I don’t buy all the bs, because it’s like every team gets a Thanksgiving Day game.. and the players want their money just as much as the owners
  9. Ramsey has behavioral issues, but he would help our pass defense tremendously. It would really depend on whether and extension could be worked out and what we would have to give up. We need the defense to step up, particularly with Brees out.
  10. The Bears game ending was incredible, very similar to the Saints - Texans game. Broncos score to come within 1 pt with 50 seconds left .. start to go for 2, but have a delay penalty .. so they go to kick the PAT to tie, miss it, but the Bears are offsides.. so they go for 2, make it, and go ahead 14-13... Bears drive .... make a completion with no time on the clock... but refs put back 1 second ... Bears kick 53 yard FG to win16-14.
  11. Latimore has give up some big plays. But what is behind him will not be better. My thinking is Latimore has not played as instructed.
  12. Well said X-Man. Teddy can set himself up to earn a big contract if he can perform, and earn tens of millions of dollars. The Saints invested in the backup QB position for the first time that I can remember; the team should be as best prepared as they could be to deal with a Brees injury. And to have a third stringer like Hill is a luxury. Let’s see how it works out.
  13. Supposedly he is getting a second opinion ..
  14. He has glass shoulders...unfortunate !
  15. As in the preseason, he appears to have a hard time finding his receivers; maybe none were open. Hill appeared to find them quickly, and when he didn’t he created a play scrambling or running. But that was preseason against backups.