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  1. He signed with the Cowboys, one year, 8 million, 6th round 2020 draft choice. Fins paid some kind of roster bonus that he was due. Seems like the Fins wanted to get rid of him.
  2. At this stage we don’t have a lot of cap space or draft choices. I also think the Cowboys are desperate.
  3. Thanks for the update. It would be interesting to see Brees throwing to Thomas, Kamara, Cook and Bryant. But I agree that he will probably test free agency. The Ingram thing is still a head scratcher. He left with positive comments, so maybe he thinks his role with the Ravens will be bigger. He was second fiddle to Kamara in New Orleans.
  4. I agree we could use another WR, although I think Cook will help open the field up. I wonder if there are any plans for Dez Bryant?
  5. With the signing of Jared Cook, Malcolm Brown, Marcus Sherels, Bridgewater, Nick Easton, Mario Edwards, Latavious Murray, and Robertson, Banjo and Hardee, and Lutz, the Saints have addressed all of their biggest needs in Free Agency. It looks like they will be able to draft the BAP with their limited picks. How they managed this with limited cap space is incredible.. kuddos to Loomis!
  6. Quinn was a terror against us in 2017. I’d like to get him for something less than a king’s ransom.
  7. Could be haggling over some contract terms or guaranteed money. Or perhaps Loomis needs to get something else done prior to the signing. I don’t know Cook’s injury history but they could be looking at something or waiting on something.
  8. Getting Bridgewater, Banjo, Robertson, and Lutz signed, Brees restructured, and adding Murray and Brown, the Saints have done well. TE and DE are next. Maybe Cook will fill one role. And we are back to drafting BAP! Look like Thomas probably won’t get extended until next year.
  9. I agree... well worth it, particularly compared to what other teams gave up in draft choices or big contracts to get a starter. And being a contender the Saints really don’t have the draft resources. If Teddy can be the kind of player that Brees is, learning from him and Payton, in the Saints system. Playing back-up is less risky than starting for the Dolphins. And if he plays the incentives kick in. Playing for a team you want to be with is a lot different then playing somewhere you are uncomfortable. And a 27 year old QB’s future is in front of him, along with the money.
  10. Good for him! Hopefully the Saints will upgrade the position for $6-8 million per year.
  11. It’s the same money, one less year. I think Ravens offered more guaranteed money, but one article says Ingram didn’t give the Saints a chance to counter. Seems like a deal was pretty close; had to be some strained relationships in the negotiations.
  12. Ravens had a great kicker! So JH really didn’t have a choice. Thanks to Payton who stuck with him they throws awful blocked kick times.
  13. Having a reliable kicker is such a relief. With Lutz and Morestead, we are set!
  14. He is definitely a high character guy, the kind of player the Saints want at QB. Any player, much less a doo-doo would have a very difficult time following Brees.
  15. Looks like the Saints are not improving at backup RB. Surprised by what they are paying Murray.l; but you have to believe it’s not a true 4 year deal and light in the beginning years. I think the problem is paying Ingram what he probably deserves and finding the money to keep Bridgewater, Thomas and Kamara going forward. I don’t think the PED thing helped his case either.