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  1. It is interesting to reassess the team after the Falcons game. I expected a close game, but not domination by the Dirty Birds. Of course, I didn’t expect the Ravens to have their way with the Pats either. Losing Peat and Lattimore this week will make the Tampa game even more competitive. We will need to score on offense. The second half of the season has a lot of Division games and I expect the race to get closer. Lets see how the Saints respond this week. It will tell us a lot about the way this season is going to go.
  2. Lattimore rruled out Sunday with a hamstring. Evans should be stoked. Don’t know if back-ups can do the job. We will need to score points.
  3. I just hope the escalators work!🤪
  4. That was definitely a “WTF moment” in the NFL. Swinging a helmet at the bare head of a man is more than an NFL penalty or suspension, I think it is criminal assault. I actually thing Garret could face charges. What if he had fractured the man’s skull. He could have possibly done serious damage or death.
  5. Both the OL and DL got manhandled today. 6 sacks, and almost 150 yards rushing by Atlanta, only 1 sack by the Saints.. very unlike the Saints ... we got out coached and out played... not to mention the penalties ... Atlanta was better prepared and much more intense and focused.... Put pressure on any QB and you will make him average ... Brees ain’t going to run for any first downs..
  6. But the Bungles have benched Dalton.. I think they’ll be looking for a new QB.. as well as Miami. True they need a lot. But I do believe that you can get value for a QB in the draft. Seahawks, Rams, Chiefs, Eagles all got better with a good young QB on a rookie contract, which left them money to fill other holes in free agency. Not many drafts you have 3 highly rated QBs available .... it’s hard to win without a good QB. I doubt the Bengals can get a good FA to sign with them.
  7. On a different subject: With the Bengals playing their way to the no 1 draft choice, do they take Tua or Joe Burrow, the Ohio boy?
  8. Saints trolled the Falcons on the scoreboard during the 4th Quarter, showing the 3-28 debacle, along with the Gleason block, (with Gleason in attendance), while at the same time the Saints were getting this asses kicked on the field... they showed a still of the video which was the subject of this thread... and said “don’t troll on what is done to you as opposed to what you do to yourself”... I thought it was in poor taste and the timing could not have been worse ...
  9. .. another thing to be concerned with ... Michael Thomas looked like he was hurting that entire last garbage drive ... he was bending over with his hand on his hips... on that last game ending play, he was very slow to get up, and when he did, he walked a few steps and went down on his knee... he tweaked something during garbage time not to mention Peat and Latimore left the game with injuries and didn’t return
  10. Well the Saints provided CPR to the Falcons’ coach and their season today ... maybe that is a good thing (1) 5 of their 7 games left are division opponents and they might knock off the Panthers and Bucs for us, along with the Niners (2) no way they get Joe Burrow in the draft now..🤪
  11. The penalty riddled 7-1 Saints were totally dominated by the 1-7 Falcons ....real head scratcher .. .....maybe Payton was distracted by his engagement party? ....outplayed, out coached and out reffed ... maybe they needed a second bye week, cause they didn’t show up today!
  12. ...I meant, “if Bama loses to Auburn in the Iron Bowl or to Georgia the SEC Championship game” with Penn State losing, even after losing to LSU, Bama still has a chance to get in the playoffs if they win out... I would think the final 4 will be LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Bama... “ the new “fly in the ointment” is is LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship game...
  13. It will depend on how close the games are... if the LSU-Bama game is close, then the loser might still get in. Of course, that could mean that LSU would have to relive its nightmare scenario, they beat Bama and have to beat them again. If Ohio State and Clemson win out, they are in. What could really stir things up, Bama beats LSU, loses to either Auburn or Georgia in the SEC Championship game... Now, what happens if Auburn, LSU and Bama all wind up with 1 loss?
  14. Isn’t it nice that we teach our children how to dislike the Falcons at an early age?😂
  15. seemed to stir it up as controversial. I thought it was humorous .... and basically validated the no-call, sort of admitting the Saints got screwed. Or you could say coming from the Falcons, they were making fun of our misery. Since the video is directed at Falcons ticket holders for the upcoming season, it was probably made around the time the No-Call was big news.