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  1. Time has caught up with Brees and Brees has caught up with the times…. as maybe his arm strength has diminished his football smarts, experience, and determination have increased. I think he recognizes any physical limitations and adjusts his play accordingly. His Interceptions have decreased and he just set a new NFL accuracy record. It goes without question that Coach Payton has worked with him to adjust play calling with his strengths and weakness in mind. Maybe Brees can't make all the throws, but his vision and ability to react to defenses is unmatched. There is no reason, based on Brees's play, that the Saints should have not made the Super Bowl the last two seasons. Saints football has been fun since Drew Brees has been our QB, and I will enjoy having him play as long has he can. I think Drew will be the first one to know when it is time for him to retire.
  2. Nice signing .. this is an extension and not necessarily a restructuring, so I’m not sure about cap savings. The article states he counts $14m against this year’s cap.
  3. Unfortunately, $250 p/hr is a reasonable rate. Kraft’s lawyer is probably 2 to 4 times that rate. But even a public defender should try to suppress evidence. P&I lawyers take up to 40% of the award/settlement plus expenses in contingent fees. The cost of legal fees is why insurance companies and businesses look to settle. It is one profession where it pays to prolong and delay, and the odds are in favor of the party with the most money to spend. You can sue someone into submission.
  4. I would have to admit that I would bail as a season ticket holder if I had to pay a PSL.
  5. Suppression of evidence is one of the first steps in any criminal defense. I surely wouldn’t want someone filming me changing clothes and getting a perfectly legal massage. Without human trafficking or underage participants, the embarrassment for a guy like Kraft is probably punishment enough. Mid-70’s widower billionaire, it’s really kind of sad.
  6. Griffin is a winner. Getting Zion was a great break for a franchise that needed one. Trade AD! He’s finished in this city!
  7. Getty Images New stadium, same old fans😂 Report: Defaults on Falcons' PSLs at $30 million Fans have defaulted on about $30 million of personal seat licenses since Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened in 2017, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The Falcons responded to the newspaper that it continues to sell PSLs to new buyers and has no plans to put single-game tickets on sale to the general public. The Falcons reported in September 2017 that it had sold 57,040 seat licenses, which require a one-time fee for the right to buy season tickets. A recent state audit report on the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) shows the number was down to 50,408 a year later, according to the ACJ. Falcons CEO Greg Beadles told the AJC that the decline of 6,632 did not include new sales, including seat upgrades, made since then. Financial records indicate the defaults have continued, though. Using a quarterly report provided by the Falcons to the GWCCA, the newspaper found PSLs in default reached a total of $29.85 million “to write off” by the end of last month. The Falcons can re-sell PSLs in default. The Falcons sold $273 million worth of seat licenses as of Sept. 1, 2017, not including interest, and about $236 million of those sales remained active at of the end of last month, according to the GWCCA.
  8. Minus a 2020 2nd round pick... still a QB, CB and top 15 DE is pretty impressive, especially if Teddy turns out to be our future QB
  9. And Bridgewater
  10. The thing to keep in mind as that our no 2s are at the end of the round, they aren’t apples to apples. You move up a half a round, they move down a half round this year and get an end of the 2nd round next year, but we also move one of our picks up two rounds this year. The other thing to remember is not that many rookies are going to make our team. And we acquired a potential starting QB, starting DE, and starting CB , along with a potential starting Center, all with below market cap hits, with our 1 pick and 3 picks traded from this year’s draft choices. You would be hard pressed to get that out of any draft. And you would pay a fortune for that in Free Agency.
  11. McCoy appears to be a solid player and helps fill the void left by Unger’s retirement. He is a long term player, and apparently the Saints thought a lot of him to trade their 2 and next year’s 3 for him. Of course the Saints 2 and 3 are more like a 3 and 4. Maintaining a strong OL is a prerequisite to a team’s success, so it’s hard to argue this move.
  12. I understand your pain and that of some of the others. Pro sports in general is becoming less and less meaningful to me. The NBA fiasco with players not honoring their contracts is slowly working its way to the NFL. I’ve thrown in the towel on the NBA, but I am still hanging in there with the Saints, at least as long as Payton and Brees are still with the team. I can see an end coming to that as well. As you get older I think sports, or at least one’s passion for it, becomes subdued. You see players making more and more, and showing less and less loyalty to a team or a city. So why shouldn’t fans feel the same? We will see how we feel when the season gets closer. I still love the game but less and less the participants. I’ve watched some of the draft. There is still a human drama element that makes it somewhat interesting, and of course the Saints’ picks are of interest. Our drafts have been pretty good lately, so let’s see if they can pull a rabbit out of the hat!
  13. Interesting, both Greedy Williams and Irv Smith are still available. Seems like not playing for his team in the Bowl game might have backfired on him. And Devon White, a leader who played, goes no. 5!
  14. He signed with the Cowboys, one year, 8 million, 6th round 2020 draft choice. Fins paid some kind of roster bonus that he was due. Seems like the Fins wanted to get rid of him.
  15. At this stage we don’t have a lot of cap space or draft choices. I also think the Cowboys are desperate.