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  1. The Bills shut down Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, so I figure they will have a good chance against KC ... don't see the Browns advancing. Packers look unstoppable on offense, so whichever team beats them will need to score, (although next Sunday's forecast in GB is snow and 20Fs... If the Saints defense comes to play like they did in the last game, or close to what they did, then I think the Saints offense should be able to score enough to beat the Bucs.
  2. I keep hearing that Tampa is a different team than when the Saints beat them 38-3. If I recall, the pundits were saying the same thing before that game, that the Bucs were a different team than in game 1. Well, with all hands on deck for the first time all year, (hopefully we get Hendrickson back), the Saints are a different team now too. I am trying to figure what the Bucs are going to do differently then they did in the first two games to make a big difference. Antonio Brown is more indoctrinated into to system, along with Fournette, but outside of those two, I don't see the big difference. Brady is playing better I guess, after more time with his teammates ..... they weren't exactly clicking against the WFT, and that victory wasn't very impressive. I have to think that Brees is a bit better than Heinke... and that our offensive weapons are better than what WFT had... The great equalizers are turnovers and penalties... that cost us against the Bears, but we were able to overcome. Fortunately, the penalties weren't there. ... and we actually got some breaks from the refs. I think it will boil down to defense. We cannot give up big plays.. we need to pressure Brady like we did in game two.. that is where Hendrickson is so important. Davenport has not been a factor, and I am sure Jordan is getting a lot of attention. Rankins came through.... but we need more against Tampa Bay... Brees vs Brady.. that is the Super Bowl we were hoping for the year of the No-Call.. we got it now in the Divisional Round. . should be interesting..
  3. Davis played 100% of snaps along with Anzalone... he was tied for 2nd on the team in tackles with 5.. the Bears only had the ball 21 minutes, so there were less opportunities for making plays... they only ran 49 plays, 19 rushing plays, so Davis actually made +25% of the tackles on rushing plays...
  4. The entire defense, Harris, Brees, Kamara, Thomas .. overall good team win. Payton and Brees made the right adjustments at halftime .. they are good with that.. Really need to add the coverage teams on specialty teams.. they have been excellent all year!
  5. Defense played well. We were lucky on the dropped TD pass, but other than that, we were solid. The few plays they made the Bears earned. We miss Hendrickson on the pass rush. As is usual, after starting off slow, Brees and Payton figured things out in the second half. OL blocked better, we had some good runs, and Drew had more time. We have to beat the best, to be the best, so now it is a matter of playing our best, and doesn’t matter who we play. The final 4 NFC teams are all good. Donte Harris was a big factor. Good to have MT back. The big factor now is where we play, i.e. Green Bay or the Dome.
  6. I think it is likely we will have to go to Green Bay... once Seattle lost, our only chance was the Rams. The Rams have a good defense.. shutting down Russel Wilson is not that easy.. Goff played pretty well... he is erratic but is capable of having a good game. If the weather is bad, a good defense is important... If we can beat Chicago, we will have to beat Tampa and Brady for the third time this year... that will be a tough task, but I like our chances.. It would be great to have a rematch against the Rams in the Dome...
  7. I think if the Saints have their players back, and play at their best, they can beat any team. However, subfreezing temperatures, snow, ice and wind or not something you can control and I don't think helps a QB like Brees, particularly coming off of broken ribs and a punctured long. I am sure the Saints are saying, we will play anyone anywhere, but the Dome, even without fans, gives us our best chance, and Green Bay is the only away field we can go to.
  8. I agree, but I would still prefer to play all of those games in the Superdome, and particularly not in Green Bay in January. I was at the NFC Championship game in Chicago in 2006, and that field made a difference. We also got abused by the Bears fans, they are some of the worst; so I am all for focusing on the Bears, and sending them home.
  9. Problem with Washington winning, Green Bay would get an easy game. I think WFT has no chance in Green Bay. I’d rather get Tampa next game and get the Rams in a rematch for the NFC Championship game in the Dome. The Rams would have a better chance of beating (or at least beating up) Green Bay.
  10. Hendrickson has a neck injury, reportedly a stinger. I am certain, with him being a free agent after this season, and probably due a life changing contract, that he is going to be very careful about playing with any injuries. It seemed a bit odd that he practiced one day, then didn't practice the next day, then was out. Of course, I think Donte Harris had a similar kind of injury earlier and has been on IR the last half of the season.
  11. Hendrickson ruled out.
  12. And if the Saints do get to the Super Bowl, or even win the Super Bowl, those free agents will demand even more money... that is always the case the players on Super Bowl winners attract a lot of attention....
  13. What is up with Lonzo Ball. He played a huge part in the Pelicans last two losses, with at turnover at the end of the Pacers game, and a two dumb fouls in the Thunder game. His shot has improved but the rest of his game is shot... he needs to get better in crunch time and with turnovers if he is looking for a new contract. The Pelicans turnovers and points given up off of turnovers is really hurting this team.
  14. I agree on Davenport, as I think he has big 5th year cap number. He has been injured a lot and Hendrickson has out performed him, but Hendrickson has also been injured a lot. Rankins has performed well, but he too, has been injured a lot, although I think part of his problem was discovered to be some kind of defect which has been corrected. I have faith that Loomis can find a way to keep and prioritize players. I am sure that they have been looking at this for years and have a plan. And when you think about it, the closest thing we have had to a holdout in years was Kamara, and that didn't really amount to anything. Another big plus for this organizaton.
  15. It looks like Kamara is going to play, as he is "practicing" virtually with some new technology, where he can hear and see what is going on during practice. It really seems like the Saints have handled each challenge they have faced this season pretty well, (with the exception of Jalen Hurts). As I mentioned above, the Saints have been through a lot over the past 4 years, and I think it has hardened them. I am as optimistic as I have ever been about our chances to reach and win the Super Bowl. One thought crossed my mind this week. Everyone was pushing for the Saints to get the no 1 seed, but then I realized we actually get to see this team play one more time this weekend. One more chance to watch Brees play in what might be his last season. One more opportunity to sit on the edge of your seat, cheering and cursing, and experiencing the excitement of your team in live competition. In this day of lockdowns and Covid, I actually welcome the additional game.