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  1. It will be interesting to see how many season ticket holders feel that way next year. It will take a lot for me to go to a game again.
  2. I got a refund on my 2020 tickets. I love Saints football but not enough to go to a game during COVID and with no vaccine. I was really looking forward to this year’s schedule and probably Drew’s final year. With Brady passing Brees on certain records, it makes you wonder whether Drew will stick around. He’s still playing well.
  3. It was nice to see the Seahawks lose. They really had to lose twice; finally their luck ran out. Murray has really turned out to be a really dynamic player. Give the Cardinals credit, the hung in there after some big momentum sucking plays. The tackle on the “would be pick 6” and the missed FG. Arthur Blank’a face was blank when the Falcons blew a sure fire win, and he realized he had no one left to fire. Smart play for the Lions to let Gurley score. It was their only chance to win. I expect when the Saints play the Falcons we will get their best game.
  4. But not for the sack/fumble given up by Armstead’s replacement, Hurst, and another coverage bust on the 74 yard td pass, I don’t think this game is close. What is puzzling is the secondary was supposed to be our strength, and it hasn’t been. They cut down on the penalties, but not the big plays. I have to think Marcus Williams is a weak link. He still takes horrible angles on tackles and with all the long passes, the Free Safety has to play a big role. If we can that cleaned up, we have a shot at being a really good team. Brees has proven he still has it. Down the top 2 receivers, he distributes the ball to 8 players and make Calloway look like Michael Thomas. No punts vs a division foe? Pretty impressive!
  5. No punts was a crazy stat. Brees, Kamara and Callaway (who did a great MT impersonation). Drew was incredible! Kamara is such a weapon. Defense came up with the big play. Lutz is such a great kicker!
  6. If SVG can get the Pelicans to play defense and finish games that will be a big improvement. Supposedly he has been successful at developing young talent. This will probably be his last hurrah at 61. He is a colorful guy, so his personality should fit in with the fans. He has a much better record than Gentry. Assistant coaches will be important, and he has a good front office to work with. I doubt he was the first or second choice of the Pelicans, who picked a tough year to change coaches, with so many openings at big market teams.
  7. Now E. Sanders is out for the Carolina game placed on the COVID list. This, and now Michael Thomas has a hamstring injury. So we are probably left with Smith and Callaway. Hopefully we have Donte Harris back too. Saints will need to get the running game going. So much for healing during the bye week.
  8. I agree on the Taysom issue too. It seems like Payton is forcing things.. in most of the plays, Payton pulled Brees when he was in a rhythm. Payton has been off on his play calling o far this year. My hope is the Saints will peak later in the season.. we are fortunate to be 3-2.
  9. Although Kamara had some drops, he did make the play of the game with the catch that set up the FG in Overtime. That was a thing of beauty. So far he has earned his money, especially with MT out.
  10. I went with the same group as you, but added Callaway, who I was really impressed with as a rookie free agent. I expect good things from this kid as he has that IT factor. I would have to agree that Brees was lackluster in the first half, but Kamara dropped a big play pass and the offense got stuffed on short yardage. The INT was ugly, but so was the WTF roughing the passer penalty and the Kamara drop. I also think Payton keeps pulling Brees for Hill when Drew has gotten in a rhythm, and that isn’t helping. Getting MT back along with Sanders progress is going to be a big help. Getting the running game going will be a big help. The defense keeps giving up big plays, a lot of busted coverages. At least they cut down on PI. I’ve been a bit disappointed with Malcolm Jenkins, seems like he isn’t making the plays you expect. I hope he begins to make mor big plays. I think Marcus Williams is a weak link. It should help to get the other Jenkins back, along with Davenport. We have to give some credit to Hebert, he has played lights out and made some great throws. That catch by Willians at the end of regulation was a great play; one of the best catches I have seen. Lattimore was pissed and got back on the hand ending tackle, a great play on a big WR. We finally got a little luck when that FG doinked at the end of regulation. It’s àbout freakin’ time!
  11. And they reportedly have had issues in the past. But tonight on ESPN they said it wasn’t just the punch, but he “disrespected the coaching staff.” Double jeopardy
  12. Crazy weekend of games. The Dak injury is tough, compound fractured and dislocated ankle. And he turned down $110 million guaranteed. I guess $110 mil ain’t what it used to be. He seems like a good guy, and I wish him luck. It was good Dallas pulled the game out or it would have been even more depressing. Brady loses track of downs? Falcons clean house! Teddy playing well for the Panthers, without their star running back. That injury might wind up extending McCaffrey’s career. MT punching out his teammate .. sounds like frustration got the best of him.. Probably best he sits out until after the bye week. I don’t think Payton will make an example of him. Russel Wilson is a Wild West gunslinger. You just knew given the last possession he would find a way to win. Unbelievable! And he just does it all the time. Jos Burrow won’t last the season getting hit like he is getting hit. Hard to watch. How about the Jets and the Giants - 0-10. How can the richest franchises be so bad? Add the Knicks, the Yanks loss, COVID, riots, crime up, and a bat ass crazy Mayor, I don’t think NYC is in a good place. It is good to see the Chiefs lose. I guess the Saints loss to the Raiders wasn’t a fluke. At this point, I would say the Chiefs and the Seahawks are the Super Bowl favorites. Green Bay is a contender. The Saints are a work in progress. Tonight’s game will be a good test; they need to win the games they are supposed to win. No home crowd is a big disadvantage.
  13. Marcus William makes a lot of bad plays. He also misses a lot of tackles. A positive is he makes a pick every now and then. All in all, I think the secondary stepped up yesterday with two starters out. Malcolm Jenkins is a really hot and cold player; he is in a lot of plays, but he has been out muscled on several big pass plays so far this year. The one to the TE being a big one yesterday.
  14. My bad on the INT, Patrick Robinson made the great play. I agree on those diddly-poo penalties. Good win for the Saints .. showed a lot by coming back and holding on.. and killing the clock at the end. I thought we got a little too conservative with Ramzcyk out.
  15. I thought Murray, Kamara and Smith had good games. But Drew really hit some nice passes in the clutch; some really great throws for being called “done” by many pundits. Patrick Robinson made the play of the game with that INT; really changed the momentum. Nice effort by the backups against a good QB.