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  1. 11-5 Playoffs SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!! 🖤⚜
  2. lol, I didn't wanna jinx anything ?
  3. 10-6 Playoffs Divisional round I feel like I make the same prediction every season. ? I think this team can fly under the radar and make some noise later in the season if healthy.
  4. Bring him back ASAP! Maybe he can teach these DBs to catch too. ☺
  5. 0-3

    Even with this crappy start and Brees' injury, I still believe this team can get it together. Now, all of this positivity hinges on Brees, Byrd & Lewis getting back on the field by Halloween. They played well today without Brees, well enough to win. That give me some hope. I've got plenty of this black and gold positive kool aid left. Sharing is caring. ?
  6. 10-6 Win the Division ... IF the offense can control the ball, I believe this team can get 11+ wins. As long as we have a healthy Brees we have a chance. Lose in the Divisional round I feel like I make the same prediction every year. at Cardinals L vs Buccaneers W at Panthers L vs Cowboys (SNF) W at Eagles W vs Falcons (TNF) W at Colts L vs Giants W vs Titans L at Redskins W at Texans L vs Panthers W at Buccaneers W vs Lions (MNF) W vs Jaguars W at Falcons L
  7. Takes a lot of mind control, but its possible. :cool: People block out traumatic experiences everyday. 2014 Saints season exceeds all criteria to become a repressed memory lol
  8. lol yeah I meant the kicker He hasn't been that bad. 18/20 ain't too shabby for a kicker
  9. I'm 100% for the tank. I'd like to see some close games but at this point I trust the FO drafting more than I trust coaches playcalling right now. If the playoff game were on the road, we'd have a better chance. It's just shocking how they've given up Domefield advantage. It all started on that 4th & 10 against SF. They've been all downhill since then. They need to spend the playoffs at home watching real teams compete for the Lombardi. They have showed no fight except for the fight. The only bright spots are Moorstead and Graham. This crappy division was there for the taking and they're giving it away.
  10. Bye-Bye Bandwagoners! Ya won't be missed ESPN NFL Matchup come on at 7:30 CST It is an awesome show. Sadly, I normally just wake up in time for Countdown. I used to love the old format of First Take, back when they were Cold Pizza. It's really not just sports either, it's all TV programming these days. I've noticed it more frequently on Cable news, the faux-reality shows and even scripted shows. Everything is geared towards a specific casual audience and quality has been lost. I prefer Netflix these days.
  11. I had a special feeling after the preseason game against the Raiders. The 1st team was really dominant. The team had a whole new attitude and it carried throughout the season. The Miami game cemented it. They were good, confident and resilient.
  12. I saw something on MNF about laceless footballs. Are those the standard in the NFL now?
  13. PT was the spark the offense needed.
  14. I'm at grandma's house
  15. 12-4 Improved D and younger O. Playoffs definitely. Loss in NFC Championship... Probably to Seattle or SF.