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  1. One also has to wonder how much has Young mentored Hill? Young said he felt Hill could even be better than he was which says something about the talent Hill possesses. The brotherhood among players who attended the same university is real & you have to imagine that Young has taken Hill under his wing in some capacity over his early career. Be able to work with a current Hall of Famer as well as a future Hall of Famer is something that many inexperienced QBs don't get the opportunity to do.
  2. That was the epitome of Tennessee under Butch Jones. Really talented teams but very undisciplined & sloppy.
  3. I honestly had never heard of this disease until Ella's parents informed everyone of her diagnosis but one of the first things they explained was that treatment for it has come a long way in the last 15-20 years. Ella is in the stage where her doctors are trying to narrow down the right mix of medications for her. Each patient/case is different so finding the right mix of medications is different for each individual case.
  4. I also want to take the time to recognize another very special girl from this Heartbreakers squad. That would be Ella Houston. (In the picture above, Ella is on the left, standing in front of Ava) Maybe a month after this photo was taken at the Cheersport competition in Atlanta, Ella sustained a concussion during one of the weekly practices. While undergoing medical tests for her concussion, her doctors discovered & diagnosed Ella with Myasthenia Gravis. It's a very rare chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease (see more about Myasthenia Gravis in the link) Because of this diagnosis, her parents were forced to remove Ella from the team. With the girls earning their bid to Summit all the way back in October, all arrangements for Orlando had been set up months ago. Despite her recent diagnosis, the Houston's still attended Summit even though Ella would not be performing. She still felt like she was apart of the team which is so true. Without Ella, there would have been no D2 Summit bid to begin with. To all the parents & coaches surprised, Varsity had prepared a tribute to Ella prior to squad's performance on the Saturday of the competition. They had the emcee call Ella onto the floor while giving a brief explanation of Ella's situation. The girls are usually held backstage until they are given the signal to come on but the officials allowed the girls to come out early. All the girls crowded around Ella & traded hugs with her before taking their pre routine positions on the mat. It was a really touching moment that left most of us in tears. The Houston's are really good people who are entering what will be some trying times dealing with Ella's disease. My thoughts & prayers are with them. They also have the full support from the CSA gym/family. We all know Ella is a fighter & she will fight to overcome this disease.
  5. You have to love his mindset after everything he has been through. I'm really anxious to see him under center this upcoming preseason. His physical gifts are not questionable. I still remember his game against Texas in Austin where he shredded the Longhorns with his running ability (259 rush yards). The questions surrounding Hill are of course durability, can he learn & adapt to a vertical NFL passing attack & accuracy. While at BYU, that offense was a heavy zone read style of offense very similar to Auburn's so he wasn't asked to read coverages or make many audibles on his own. This has been a much talked about issue concerning college QBs who come from a heavy zone read offense. When it comes to accuracy, he has to improve & be better than the 58% completion percentage he had a BYU. I'm sure improved mechanics & playing in a more pass friendly offense with many more weapons will help but it's still something to watch this preseason.
  6. Kamara's power is underrated. His power is what gives him the ability to stay so balanced after taking a hit. It seems that defenders never are able to strike him with a solid hit either which allows him to take those blows & continue to get extra yardage. Kamara is the type of RB who has to be gang tackled because one defender will very rarely bring him down. I was a big Kamara fan heading into the 2017 draft after watching several of his games when he was at Tennessee. This was game that did it for me. This was the game that showcased his entire skill set. Kamara did not let an early fumble define him that game. He was unbelievable in the 4th quarter.
  7. This whole story sounds fishy. Apparently the girlfriend was involved in road rage fight the day before her incident with Foster. The road rage fight was supposed to have been captured on cell phone video & turned into the DA's office. Part of Foster's girlfriend's recanting says she received her injuries during the road rage fight so who knows at this point. Either she made up this story to ruin Foster or Foster & his lawyer paid her off to change up her story. While the chances look better for him now to beat this domestic abuse charge, he still has the felony charge there in California surrounding a rifle found in his home that is illegal in that state as well as a marijuana charge in the state of Alabama.
  8. Arden Key is a bitter, selfish, young man with a very poor attitude. He hasn't learned a thing. When you are selfish & isolate yourself from teammates because you think you above anyone else, of course you won't feel welcome to the family. Thank goodness we went with player with the better character & work ethic (Marcus Davenport) over this clown. It's an embarrassment to say this guy repped LSU. He really better get it together otherwise that attitude will have him out of the NFL in a New York minute. Meanwhile in Jacksonville, the brotherhood is alive & well. Leonard Fournette helping former LSU teammate DJ Chark learn the ropes in the NFL Last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected former LSU RB Leonard Fournette in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. This year, in the second round, they took LSU WR DJ Chark. While Fournette’s rookie year was a strong one, he also experienced some ups and downs as he adjusted to life in the NFL. Now, as Chark prepares to embark on his NFL career, Fournette is setting out to make sure Chark’s transition goes more smoothly than his did. Chark revealed that Fournette has already been helping him get up to speed in the NFL (via With the Jaguars under the leadership of Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone, Fournette told Chark to make sure he is always early for meetings and practices. Having a mentor like Fournette is a huge benefit for Chark. He’ll be more comfortable than most rookies, and that could translate to some immediate success on the field.
  9. The atmosphere was awesome all weekend long. Prior to my daughter being in competitive cheer, I had no clue about anything revolving around cheer. I would have laughed at anyone who called it a sport just a few years ago. Not only anymore. These girls bust their butts to get to D2 Summit. I've witnessed first hand broken/dislocated arms & broken legs along with numerous other types of sprains & ailments. These girls are tough. I've seen them fight through injury to compete so they won't let their teammates down. You see this at allthe competitions throughout the season. This was Ava's 5th year in cheer. Everyone knows I'm extremely high on leadership & work ethic. 2 seasons ago Ava was playing football in an empty lot with some boys in the neighborhood. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, one has to ask how is a girl who is involved in cheer playing football with the boys. Despite cheer, Ava is tomboyish. She is bigger than most girls her age & I guess my love for football rubbed off on her. She already watches NFL & NBA games with me. Even her classmates at U-High were shocked to find out she did competitive cheer. Anyway, she sprained her wrist playing football with those boys. It just so happened to occur during the competition season. She was worried about not being able to compete in their next event that year. We worked desperately to get her ready for the next event & it just so happened she healed in time. Her wrist injury was significant because she is a bottom girl who holds the top girls in the pyramid. I didn't fuss her but I explained to her that since she is a member of a team she needs to think about what she does outside of cheer & how her actions can effect her team. Fast forward to this year. The coaches raved about how Ava is like having another coach. She keeps the girls in line at practice when some may want to play & not listen to what's being told. She took the competitions seriously & it rubbed off on may of the other girls. I can't help but to be proud. One, she took what I told her to heart. Secondly, she is a team leader. Not everyone is built do that. She is only 12 years old but she carries herself like someone well beyond 12. It was so emotional after the awards ceremony because reality set in not only with finishing 3rd. We all knew prior to Summit some girls wouldn't be back for 2018-19. Financially, its a lot & some parents don't realize this until the season starts. It's also draining because of the practice schedule. Some girls also move on to the senior squads due to age. The ole lady said Ava would be taking a break because she couldn't handle the daunting schedule. She takes most of the responsibility of getting Ava to practice because she has the more flexible work schedule. The coaches knew of this months ago. So did Ava & a few of the parents. It was all tears when we meet the coaches & girls outside the tunnels of the arena after awards. It was very emotional. It was even hard for me to hold back. As we began to all go our separate ways, the head coach was like, see you guys at practice in two weeks. I simply smiled & walked away. The ole lady was like, why are they tugging on my emotions? My gut says Ava will be at practice next week. Lol
  10. UPDATE: To start off, I will post the link to the video of the Heartbreakers' performance back from February that was hosted in Atlanta that earned them the Cheersport National Title for the Youth Medium Level II division. (This is premium content from I'm hoping you guys can view the videos as well but you probably won't be able to. I will post the links anyway.) Tv.Varsity Cheersport results D2 Summit was this past weekend in Orlando at ESPN's Wide World of Sports where the Heartbreakers were the #1 seed in the Youth Medium Level II division. Saturday evening our girls went on & knocked it out the park resulting in a 1st place position heading into the Finals on Sunday just like a #1 seed should. Championship Sunday there was a feeling the D2 Summit National Championship was in the bag. The girls performance was on point as usual until they got to the pyramid part of their routine near the end. In the video, you can see the top girl on right of the formation (left on the screen), came down early & the timing was off with the other two top girls of the pyramid (around 2:09 of the routine). The team was ultimately deducted points from their overall score because timing is a key component of the scoring system. That small error ended up being the difference in coming in 3rd place & winning a National Title. It was sobering feeling following the awards ceremony because everyone knew, including the competing teams that Heartbreakers were the team to beat. Just as in any other sport though, there is an extreme line between winning & losing. Despite the disappointment, all the parents & coaches made it known to the girls that they had nothing to hang their heads about. There were thousands of Youth Medium Level II squads across the country who would have loved the opportunity to make D2 Summit much less finish 3rd in the country. I know the girls wanted that Natty though. We all wanted it too. I'm still a proud dad though & extremely proud of the girls for a great season. I know the hard work & dedication that was put into this season. This was a season that won't be forgotten any time soon. Congratulations Heartbreakers! CSA Heartbreakers Pregame Saturday May 12
  11. Since it's draft season, why not relive probably the franchise's greatest hidden gem it's draft history.
  12. Tis the season Last year too much info got out about his infatuation with Pat Mahomes & it ended up costing Payton his chance at Mahomes. After the early talk about Payton's new infatuation, it's been quiet the last months & that's just what Payton wants.
  13. Here's a great article with videos to breakdown what I was trying to say earlier.
  14. This was the play of the game. Holiday was lights out defensively all night long.
  15. Offensively, it was a 2 man game with Holiday & AD in the 1st & early 2nd. Lots of pick & rolls & pick & pops. Early on, the Trailblazers looked to take AD away. They made sure that AD's defender stayed with him on pick & rolls. It allowed Holiday to get to the basket at will in the 1st. Then the Blazers started doubling Holiday as he attacked the basket which gave the clearance for Holiday to dish to AD in the paint or easy lobs. The success of this put the Blazers on their heels. It opened up the pick & pop for AD at the top of the key. Then Holiday started rolling off the AD screens & hitting jumpers himself. That in return opened up the kick outs to Mirotic in the 2nd when he started to heat up from 3. In the 3rd, Gentry had them go from playing in the half court to pushing the ball in transition. Their offense went full on fast break mode every possession. With every Portland miss, it was push the ball & try to score within 10 seconds. Even on makes, the ball was right back up the court in 2 seconds. Gentry went for the kill & it paid off in gaining that 19 point lead. The Blazers didn't know what hit them. The look on the faces of their fans said it all. Completely took that crowd out of it for a large portion of the game.