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  1. Warriors vs Cavs Warriors in 5
  2. Houston built a new city tonight with all those bricks from 3. What was it 27 in a row missed from behind the arc? Also James Harden continues to disappear in big playoff games. I feel bad for Clint Capela. He played his ass off tonight.
  3. As badly I want to talk myself into giving Houston a chance tomorrow night, I just don't see it. The Warriors just have too much experience & too much firepower.
  4. Perfect time for this 😂😂😂
  5. My goodness Lebron James.
  6. Ballgame. Lebron with the deep ball assist to ice the game.
  7. Celtics just cannot hit from 3. That should have been a continuation for James there.
  8. Agreed. No matter what happens here, you have to be impressed with the rookie.
  9. Here we go! Action is picking up down the stretch!
  10. Wow, what a dunk by Jayson Tatum!!!
  11. Lebron is simply unstoppable when he attacks the basket.
  12. Gonna be a slugfest the rest of the 4th quarter.
  13. That's a nice "tough guy" stance but let's see the NFL sell the league to consumers without using the images of the players. It's impossible. This is not the same as any regular job no matter how hard you try. The league blossomed into the most popular sport in this country in the 70s because the league embraced individualism & grew off the backs of the character of each individual player. The eventual self destruction of the NFL will be because the owners have moved so far in the opposite direction. They have sold their souls for sponsorship dollars when the truth is the ultimate selling point of the league are the player themselves. It always has been & always will be.
  14. Cavs haven't been much better but the the Celtics have been abysmal so far in the 3rd quarter. This is flat out terrible.
  15. Jeff Green coming up big for Cleveland.