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  1. We've discussed many of Trump's gaffes during this pandemic in private. This was definitely one of them along with him stating that the virus would just magically disappear. I may not agree with everything he does or says but at the same time, I can say that he has also made many moves to benefit the people of America during these trying times & during his entire tenure as POTUS. His Executive Orders from yesterday is evidence of him doing something good for the people of this country. It's just his ignorance & arrogance though that brings Trump so much negative heat in his direction. He just recently admitted himself in an interview that he later regrets many of the Tweets he sends out on impulse after hearing from others about how ridiculous they sound. I'm sure it's the same when it comes to certain statements he makes to the press. Without letting my post become to political, I will refer back to football on this one. I posted this letter well before Trump even thought about running for President but the sediment of this letter from then fellow owner of the USFL Tampa Bay Bandits, John Bassett, still reigns true concerning Trump.
  2. You're welcome. After what my family & I went through, if the story helps prevent one person from getting Covid-19, it was worth relaying to you guys. I agree with you. This pandemic has made the thought of being around family & friends a scary proposition. Like you said, the last thing anyone wants to do is be responsible for getting a close friend or family member sick or even worse possibly dying from covid. Not only that but it makes you question simple shows of affection like a handshake, hug or kiss. The doctors cleared me to be around my family again this past Wednesday so I've home since thank goodness. With that said, it's obvious that doctors have learned so much about SARS-Covid-2 since this first began to the present but there are also still many unknowns. Subconsciously, it's made me hesitant to even give hugs & kisses even though the doctors say that all 3 can no longer pass on the virus to myself or anyone else. Still, it's just natural to have doubts. Each passing day though, I'm getting past that "phobia". I'm just glad to see all my girls doing well & getting back to being their old selves again. I have another story pertaining to the isolation aspect you mentioned as well. My step daughter's biological father contracted Covid-19 back in April. He also suffers from diabetes. He's a self proclaimed "tough" guy & tried to gut the virus out in his home. Now, we haven't always gotten long. Matter of fact, for many years, you can say that we despised each other but over the last 2 years we have at least become cordial with each other. When a family member finally went to check on him at his home, they found him unable to walk, he could barely talk & was having trouble breathing. He too was in very rough shape. Once he arrived at the hospital, he was placed in a room with his only line of communication to anyone else outside of medical caretakers being his cell phone. The morning he was rushed to the hospital, I woke up to find my step daughter crying on the phone as she was trying to find out more information on his condition. I had already heard the stories about people dying alone in isolation & thought to myself how lonely & scared he had to be. I asked my step daughter for his number. I texted him some words of encouragement & told him he has to fight through it. Don't give up. Luckily for him this was at the time that hydrochloroquine was beginning to be used on patients. He was one of the people the medication had positive results on. A week later he was released & has since recovered. He called me the day he was released to thank me for my texts. He told me that I was the last person he expected to hear from & that he gained a new found respect for me. He said that reading those words made him fight harder because he knew if pulled through, he was going to strive to be a better man afterwards. That's not what I was looking for honestly. I just wanted to give some words of encouragement during a dire moment being that he was completely alone but it worked out for the better in more ways than one.
  3. This virus effects everyone differently but those it hits hard & they survive, may never be the same again. I will keep anyone & their families who are dealing with Covid-19 in my prayers.
  4. Thanks man. It hasn't been easy at all. I think my line of work & being away from home long periods help me cope but it was still difficult with the feeling of helplessness & uncertainty. I knew as soon as this virus became a threat here in the states that if Melissa contracted it she would be in trouble because of her autoimmune disease. In March her job allowed her to work from home & she has been doing so ever since. Laryn & I were the ones who made runs outside of the house. I felt more comfortable when I would be home making those runs because of my attention to detail. I took every precaution I could think of when going out in public. I knew Laryn on the otherhand would sometimes be forgetful & being that she just turned 21, she would feel invincible to catching it. We had done so well though for so long but just before I left out for offshore this last time, I felt complacency slipping in within the household. While I knew the possible consequences, I also knew everyone was tired of being isolated & taking the necessary precautions to prevent the virus from getting into the household had put a mental strain on the entire family including myself. When I learned of Melissa's friend's dad passing away & knowing how close both families were, I knew Melissa would attend the funeral. My gut told me to advise her & the girls not to attend but that would have been absolutely cold of me to suggest. Under normal circumstances, that thought would have never even crossed my mind but these aren't normal circumstances yet I still couldn't bring myself to suggest it. That decision to attend almost cost Melissa her life. I'm just thankful it didn't. There's still a lot of unknowns even with them all getting better now. We don't know if Melissa will have permanent lung damage. Even though she has been released, she is still coughing up mucus for most of the day, she has trouble breathing at times & gets winded very easily. All 3 now have antibodies but how long will those antibodies last for especially for Melissa? With school about to start up, will Ava's antibodies prevent her from getting the virus again for the entire school year? Could Ava be an asymptomatic carrier if she were to get it again? Could she it pass it on Melissa again? That's where we are right now. We have to decide in the next few days whether to allow her to physically attend school for 3 days a week or do we take the option of her doing online classes for the entire year.
  5. Thanks everyone. Melissa is back home now. She was released today & sent home with breathing oxygen. She was also given a device to use to help strengthen her lungs. There's 5 classifications of patients based off their symptoms. Asymptomatic, Mild, Moderate, Severe & Critical. Melissa was Severe to borderline Critical. Because of this, her doctor told me over the phone that I cannot be in her presence for 20 days since her first symptoms appeared. The day I can be around her again in Aug. 5th. Laryn is also doing much better. She still has some fatigue & gets winded if she over extends herself but that's about it.
  6. I apologize for not having time to post much over the past year. I've maintained contact with Bobby though. He mentioned that he posted about my family here. I just wanted to drop by & say thanks for the support & well wishes. I also wanted to provide an update on my family as well. My wife (Melissa), 14 year old daughter (Ava) & 21 year old daughter (Laryn) all tested positive for covid about 10 days ago. Ava was the first to begin showing symptoms around 5 days prior to Laryn & Melissa. While I was offshore, all 3 attended the funeral for the father of one Melissa's closest friends. He was an elderly man who passed away from heart & kidney failure. Melissa's friend's name is Allice. Allice's mother & father in law had covid yet didn't know at the time. They spread it at the funeral. That's how Melissa, Laryn & Ava got it. Besides being pretty sick for the first 3-4 days, they all told me they could maintain. At that time, Ava was also diagnosed with pneumonia too. Even though I knew I couldn't go home with them all sick, I offered to come in early to stay nearby at a hotel so that I could run errands. This was the Sunday before last. I was scheduled to come in on Thursday. That Tuesday morning when I spoke to Melissa she complained about having chest pains & shortness of breath. Because she has Lupus which is an autoimmune disease, I urged her to go to the hospital. That's also when I decided I needed to get in & I couldn't wait until Thursday. I flew in that afternoon. Melissa went to Baton Rouge General but they released her only after checking her vitals. The following morning it was Laryn who had the chest pains & trouble breathing. She had to go to BR General as well but they did the same as they did with Melissa. I couldn't bare not to see them at this point. I have a full face cartridge respirator that I own. After Laryn returned from BR General, I masked up with it along with gloves to go inside. Both Melissa & Laryn were in rough shape. Ava was already beginning to get over her symptoms. Over the next few days neither Melissa or Laryn could hold any food down. They had fevers of 102-103 every morning they woke up. Whatever they tried to eat, they threw it right back up. Their violent coughing made it where they couldn't even control their own bodily functions. This along with the high fevers they were running had me terrified but I had to remain calm for them. I advised them to try everything I knew. I even called Our Lady of the Lake (OLOL) to speak to nurse on the covid floor for help. She was very nice & helpful. I was grateful for her help. Friday night, Laryn had the chest pains & shortness of breath again. She took an ambulance to OLOL. They treated her with an IV & steroid shots but released her 5 hours later around 6am. That same morning, Melissa woke up with a fever of 104, shortness of breath & chest pains. I told her she needed to go to OLOL. She was in REALLY bad shape. She could barely talk or move yet somehow she drove herself there. Thank goodness she did. When she arrived, her oxygen levels were extremely low. She had pneumonia & could barely breathe. She was dying. She texted me reminding me that all of her life insurance was through her job. I almost completely lost it at that point. I was scared but I could only imagine how frightened she was to even text that to me. They immediately gave her oxygen, steroids & an IV. She was really weak at that point. Later that night, her oxygen level rose & she could breathe somewhat better. They told her Sunday morning they would begin her on a 5 day treatment of Remdesivir. She got her first dosage later that day. In the meantime, Ava was already past all her symptoms yet I still couldn't go home because Laryn was still really sick. Just last night, Laryn symptoms began to lessen. She's feeling a bit better today. Melissa is gradually getting better everyday but she says its a struggle. She still has a long way to go. I'm hoping Laryn symptoms are completely gone by the end of the week so that she can take Ava & herself to retest just to make sure they are good before I go around them. Who knows how long of a recovery Melissa has. We just have to take it one step at a time. I urge any & everyone to not politicize this pandemic/virus. Take the proper precautions to prevent this from continuing to spread. Don't be selfish. Consider your close friends & loved ones especially those who are elderly or who have preexisting conditions. Wear your masks, where gloves when necessary & wash your hands. Those are MINOR things we can all do to help out our fellow man. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what myself & my family have gone through over the past 2 weeks. I'm drained right now. It's been an emotional rollercoaster. I haven't even been the one sick but it has been draining having to run all day for items, checking in on their conditions constantly along with trying to answer calls & texts from family from the crack of dawn to past midnight everyday.
  7. With Lattimore's early season struggles in year 3 & Mahomes picking up right where he left off from his MVP 2018 season, it's looking more & more like we got screwed by the Chiefs from them jumping in front of us for Mahomes. Factor in Brees' recent injury & his age & my disappointment in not getting Mahomes goes from frustrating to anger. Had things gone like they were supposed to we wouldn't be seeing a drop off with a loss of Brees. And today Brett Kollmann puts out a film breakdown pouring salt in the wound of missing out on Mahomes. F*ck you KC & f*ck you Andy Reid!!!
  8. It sucks losing Todd Harris but the injuries to Rashard Lawrence, Glen Logan & K'Lavon Chaisson on the defensive side of the ball are more worrisome.
  9. The Tigers will be donning their white helmets & purple jerseys Saturday against Northwestern State. These are sharp!
  10. The Tigers have entirely too much future NFL talent on the defensive side of the ball to play the way they did in the 2nd half vs Texas. Coach O lit into them today at practice. I love it. The man is proving me wrong which in this case, I'm excited to be wrong.
  11. Don't forget McCoy. Heck of a performance in his rookie debut.
  12. Yes, that's a really good Texans team the Saints beat last night. They would have been much more difficult to block upfront if Clowney was still on their roster. They will take the Falcons, Bucs & Panthers lunch money.
  13. They come to Tiger Stadium next September. Pay back is a b*tch.
  14. I see that. I'm about to start following him on Twitter now.