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  1. With Lattimore's early season struggles in year 3 & Mahomes picking up right where he left off from his MVP 2018 season, it's looking more & more like we got screwed by the Chiefs from them jumping in front of us for Mahomes. Factor in Brees' recent injury & his age & my disappointment in not getting Mahomes goes from frustrating to anger. Had things gone like they were supposed to we wouldn't be seeing a drop off with a loss of Brees. And today Brett Kollmann puts out a film breakdown pouring salt in the wound of missing out on Mahomes. F*ck you KC & f*ck you Andy Reid!!!
  2. It sucks losing Todd Harris but the injuries to Rashard Lawrence, Glen Logan & K'Lavon Chaisson on the defensive side of the ball are more worrisome.
  3. The Tigers will be donning their white helmets & purple jerseys Saturday against Northwestern State. These are sharp!
  4. The Tigers have entirely too much future NFL talent on the defensive side of the ball to play the way they did in the 2nd half vs Texas. Coach O lit into them today at practice. I love it. The man is proving me wrong which in this case, I'm excited to be wrong.
  5. Don't forget McCoy. Heck of a performance in his rookie debut.
  6. Yes, that's a really good Texans team the Saints beat last night. They would have been much more difficult to block upfront if Clowney was still on their roster. They will take the Falcons, Bucs & Panthers lunch money.
  7. They come to Tiger Stadium next September. Pay back is a b*tch.
  8. I see that. I'm about to start following him on Twitter now.
  9. I will save my displeasure with Dennis Allen's (I think Payton has his hand in this as well) play calling in 2 minute situations for later but you have to tip your hat to Watson on that 2 play drive. Both throws were absolute dimes with the game on the line. As a fan of the game, you have to respect that. Kid has ice water flowing through his veins. If he can stay healthy, he will be special.
  10. It was a terrible mental error by Davenport by not holding containment on the Watson run but he did not play terrible last night especially against the run. There were other times he got pressure but Watson managed to move around in the pocket. Watson is pretty good at that. If he wasn't as mobile as he is, the defense could have had 10+ sacks last night. Davenport reminds me a lot Cam in his first few years. Jordan has always been solid vs the run but early on, he could get pressure but he didn't put up the sack numbers. Those came with time. We are seeing the same with Hendrickson in his 3rd year. Remember just last season, he wasn't even activated for the majority of the season. One last thing that I know will catch your eye & respect. This is a monster bullrush. The only Saints defensive linemen I've seen over the last few years pull this type man vs man domination were Akiem Hicks & Sheldon Rankins. We know what's become of Hicks in Chicago & prior to his injury, Rankins had become a stud for us. I think Davenport is well on his way to being a stud as well.
  11. That's good stuff right there!
  12. Wil Lutz with the savage line on the Pat McAfee Show today.
  13. I wouldn't mind Cameron Wake if he becomes available. Early mutiny in Miami Losing 59-10 at any level of football leaves a mark. In Miami, it’s sparking a mutiny. Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, multiple Dolphins players contacted their agents after Sunday’s season-opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades elsewhere. The players believe that the coaching staff, despite claiming that they intend to try to win, aren’t serious about competing and winning and by all appearances have bought into the notion that the Dolphins will take their lumps now in the hopes of laying the foundation via high draft picks for building a successful team later. Coach Brian Flores consistently has denied an intention to tank, but the first rule of Tank Club is never talk about Tank Club. And even if Flores insists that there’s no tanking, that doesn’t keep the players from: (1) believing it’s happening, based on the trade that sent tackle Laremy Tunsil and receiver Kenny Still to Houston eight days ago; and (2) wanting to be no part of it. The Dolphins informed PFT that they have not heard from any agents or players regarding this matter, and that they have not received any requests for players to be traded. Again, this doesn’t mean that coach Brian Flores and his staff are actually not trying to win. Flores is a respected coach with a strong work ethic and high character. But the perception wasn’t good before Sunday, and now it’s getting worse after a 49-point loss to the Ravens. It’s inevitable that, eventually, people inside the locker room were going to notice. They now have, and some of them want out.