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  1. I agree with Qfisher - I can accept a loss but not getting totally screwed. The non-calls are an embarrassment to the whole NFL. Officiating needs a complete overhaul after the cr@p I have witnessed this year.
  2. Nothing more need to be said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I am in for 12 - 4 with another Lombardi
  4. OK - I'm in for 11-5 and a second ring for Drew.
  5. Yes the D. Can't give up points like that but I'm still upset the refs basically forced us to use a timeout we could have had at the end. I didn't get a great look at that PI call but it didn't seem legit to me. Either way we should not have allowed it to be that close. Giving any QB that much time isn't going to end well. Like this Quote Hardee - two BS calls were the difference in this game. The PI call and the "holding" call earlier were both BS. Take those away and we win. I agree that the loss of Breaux was a difference maker. Hope it is not serious.
  6. Okay - I went 9 & 7 - lose in the wildcard round. I'm really bad at these so I hope I'm on the low side. Go Saints!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great! The next one should be a 'drive by' incident in St. Louis.
  8. Whitner wants to drop the 'W' and change his name to 'Hitner'. I think he should drop the 't' since Whiner seems to fit him well.