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  1. Glad to hear Faceman, sending my best to your family. Glad to here you're negative Bonkers. Sorry to hear about the person you know Bonkers. Sadly due to ineptitude, we're all going to know someone directly infected now and even worse, sadly.
  2. Apparently I lose my seats this year, from what I've read as the Saints organization still hasn't contacted me yet. I had to reach out to them and they told to me await a call. As I still wait I see others like Chuck got a signed jersey for the fiasco of his seats getting bumped as well. The seats along the teams are safe but the endzone ones are gone forever as they are turning those into box seats forever. I'm thankful not to lose my seats forever but unsure we'll be in those seats this year as is.
  3. If you can make sense of it you'll be right up there for the nomination of a Nobel Prize for Humanity, outright. It's mind-numbingly dumbfounding on levels incomprehensible to fathom.
  4. Hoping the best for you man.
  5. a Merry 4th to you All!
  6. This should have been in the works for a few years but I didn't anticipate them adding the 2 games to the schedule tho. The players are torn on this and not having 100% buy-in is going to be interesting/challenging. The need for preseason is to get lines and players gelled up with your solid players and separate the wheat from the chaff. Honestly, preseason games have been a joke to the fan for years, however to the players it's their lifeblood and for a very select few give them their time to shine in the semi limelight so other teams might be tempted due to an injury or them not pleased with what they have inhouse or solidify their ranks here for the year. Preseason has become a showcase for upcoming talent that can't yet start with the 1st team, yet flash their potential as well as their skillsets. Losing those 2 games will cost quite a few of their chances outright and they will be left wondering for life like all but with a COVID twist to this one. We don't even know what camp will even look like at this point but losing 2 preseason games won't hurt the fan as much as the players. We know what we're getting as fans and it's a tease for the most part of what we hope to see but instead, we get 2 teams playing vanilla ball. We also are aware that we're seeing less and less of the entire starting lineup year after year as Brees ages out. Our team has proven you don't need a full 4 games to get your starting team ready either, just look at the production numbers. We know that nearly half of the team will be gone by the time preseason is over, this year is going to be painfully interesting to watch from that perspective.
  7. Kinda nutty and no one saw this coming.
  8. makes that 18 game transition easier, eh?
  9. My deepest condolences mon fere. If you need to talk, I'm here for you. All input is appreciated on this thread. Not gonna do anything radical, just some refresh and maybe a few toys.
  10. Whelp, there go my seats... First eight rows of Superdome will be covered to protect from coronavirus Saints fans are om for a different experience in the Superdome during the season of coronavirus. (FOX 8 photo) (Source: FOX 8 photo) By Chris Finch | June 25, 2020 at 4:35 PM CDT - Updated June 26 at 9:46 AM NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The NFL announced Thursday that all stadiums, including the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will be mandated to cover its first eight rows to protect coaches, players and other staff from coronavirus. “We are already in the process of working with and reaching out to our season ticket holders making it a priority to accommodate and relocate them,” said Saints Vice President of Communications Greg Bensel. Bensel also said they will offer a number of fans options for the 2020 season including a refund or credit and it will not impact their season ticket holder status moving forward. “I would add that this will be revisited for the post-season,” Bensel said. The NFL plans to begin training camps in July. Sources tell the Associated Press the Hall of Fame game in Canton has been canceled. Link
  11. First off, sorry to hear Faceman about your family, after losing 2 friends in NOLA from this, I can well understand your concern for your family. I wish them well. Uptown, I'm just repeating what I've read up on and new stuff comes out all the time. I try my best to stay on it as a business owner of an essential business that has not been closed thru this pandemic. It's challenging to stay up on everything and I'll be the first to state, I'm not a scientist although I helped bring science to my industry, I'm far from knowing everything. I wished I did at times so I could figure out how to fix all this and give us a reasonable answer, I can't. Per your discussion even from the article above. "Scientists are uncertain because the coronavirus is still so new" We don't fully know much but we do know it mutates, the thing went to the EU and mutated and went back to China and is causing shutdowns 3 to 4 months after. So that's a mutation that took the world by storm, sorry it doesn't fit into any agenda, it's just science and it doesn't mean a vaccine will work or won't, time will tell. We're all in the practice patience mode until further notice. Ya, I don't like it either, at all. Especially reading how it's possibly affecting our family here, this sucks and everything about this sucks. It doesn't mean that a vaccine won't work or not, what we do know is a mutation of the original strain that took place and is having a world stage where it supposedly came from. It doesn't mean that a vaccine will work as we just don't know yet, I hope it does though. Too much I don't know for you and me and everyone. We need more science period, but we've waived that option apparently here in the US and we're all going to have to lump this shit until it's run its course and science catches up with a vaccine. I don't like knee jerk reactions either, I rely on science and intelligent decisions to protect my employees and family whilst this thing is apparently ramping up again. It's simply a numbers game at this point and the numbers don't bear out in time for the fall, at this time. Things could change in a few months These are jobs, correct, non-essential jobs. They're entertainment, high priced, overpriced and this whole thing won't change prices, in fact, I'd expect a hike in prices. I wish this would lower it, but, as a businessman, I see how many people work in the dome on game day and that's a lot of staff and workers that were underpaid due to what was put on the field. Think that will get cheaper? Human labor isn't cheap and doesn't get cheaper, that's just hard reality. Leagues are businesses and they are going to be hurting at levels they've never faced at/in any league of in any/all sports and are all in the same boat together, unprecedented all around given the scope of what sports have become in the present day. It will be interesting to see what will take place between now and the Saints' first kickoff. A whole lot of uncertainty to pinpoint that specifically as a date right now, if there is in fact a date this year. Leagues will have to walk a fine line to stay afloat and jobs are going to be lost, leagues and teams are going to fold. Some will be able to get back some of their audiences whereas others will not. Better grab your popcorn, it's gonna be a while. What we knew is not what we know now and we might know more tomorrow as to where we're going but we do know it is new territory never tread on before.
  12. David E and I are going to do some upgrades to this site as its 20 years on now. What would you like to see done here to improve your experience here? Let us know your thoughts and ideas and we’ll see what we can do. I engaged him after our one thread issue and he’ll be looking into that this weekend. We appreciate everyone here and we’ve definitely have quieted down around here but I want to upgrade and we’re going in that direction so any input you’d like to see would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  13. Well everyone wants to talk about new cases because the hospitals are getting overwhelmed to the point of danger again. We have not stopped this spread. We don't know how 100% fine they are, found this article on post-Covid, What we know (so far) about the long-term health effects of Covid-19. Appears we have a lot to learn still and there are issues and sub-issues but you are correct there is a part of the population that is fine. The problem is the non-infected still outnumber the infected by many millions and the ratio of what hospitals can handle and a normal NFL/College season can't/don't seem the meet in time for a successful start to the season or a traditional one that we've been used to. The first domino fell today with the cancellation of the Hall of Fame game, something in my gut tells me to anticipate more cancellations. There are also studies that are showing you can pop positive again for it. As Faceman stated this thing is a mutating beast and a large scale example is now in the news with China is currently in shutdowns due to a 'Euro' mutation of the original Wuhan Covid 19 that was recently brought into China and is wreaking absolute havoc. I want to honestly answer your last questions, the problem still lay with the reality of nature and mutations of viruses. It can reinfect, and which one, just because you tested positive doesn't mean you're immune to a mutation. The tests can't even tell you which mutation you survived. The biggest problem is the inconsistent pass/fail issue with the US tests. If we can't get that right then without a vaccine right now in your Dr's hands, I just don't see it coming. Happy to be wrong and happy for mom nature to kick this thing to the wind as I want normal back last week but with too many states proverbially peeing in our collective US pool we're not going back to normal for longer than you or I want. We need a vaccine and there are 5 in production NOW however the fear of the mutations outpacing these currently being manufactured vaccines is a reality we have to be prepared for. Those that have had it have to wait for this to wash thru the population, sorry, not happy about it either but the restrictions are to protect the health care workers that are overwhelmed. My sister is a nurse in MS and ya, well, let's just say it ain't good, it's really upsetting and she and her coworkers are under immense pressures they've never had to endure much less how long they've had to endure it. The PTSD they are going thru is very real and taking its toll, we're doing this for them. We could have gotten out in front of this, our gov't failed us and wearing masks got politicized instead of doing what exactly did for the 1918 flu and we couldn't even do that little cohesively and now we have to deal with it until it's done. History will record where this all went off the rails and why, I just want to go back to normal and we're not there yet. Sports pales in comparison now and I hate that it does and why it does and forever why it will.
  14. True but Oil and Gas workers aren't tackling each other in the trenches and meeting face to face in a circle huffing and puffing every minute or so. How many people working in the Superdome have tested positive? Many, both the NBA, NHL, and MLB can't figure it out. They thought they had it figured out and then the players started testing positive and had to shut everything down again. COVID is potentially career-ending to a player for what it can do to the lungs, how many players are going to want to play once one of the superstars pops positive for COVID, and can no longer perform at their previous level? Just playing devil's advocate but this is a real possibility. Renovations are ongoing at the Superdome but none of us will be in seats to enjoy it this year I'm afraid. I just don't see a full season happening. I'd like to, I'd like to see some of y'all at a game, it's just not realistic to me.
  15. if you click on the second page then click on the first page you can access it. I cannot understand why you can click on the name and get in. I'm dumbfounded.