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  1. Color me jaded and in the I really don't care anymore department. I used to care or actually do some research. This year I know some names but honestly, I don't care. Tomorrow when we draft I'll be in a theater watching Endgame. To watch the commissioner get booed repeatedly just doesn't hold the joy it used to. We don't have any pick until the second so I couldn't muster the care for the first. Then when I had the chance for tickets I didn't pass on the chance of first day 3D Imax for this epic ending because I'm not going to guess who it is anyways. The brain trust has proven sound in their methods and methodology that they'll pick a solid player. The later rounds I feel the same way. They'll be character driven smart men who will adapt well and excel. We'll learn about them once we know their names. Yes I'm spoiled, yes I've been here before but so have you. This isn't our first draft rodeo together. Do you care? Are you even at all excited? The thought of football just still doesn't sit well with me and the passion has waned and I still ponder how much I wish to emotionally invest anymore. The league didn't or hasn't put my mind at ease, at all and I still feel like we were outright robbed. I don't believe or faith in the refs or that they can call a fair game after how the NFL refs just sort of shrugged it all off. No accountability. Trust is something that is earned over time and to me 40+ years of trust went out the window completely. How do you reckon with that? How do you rebuild that? There are rule changes afoot but I don't see how still they can earn any iota of it back.
  2. We'd be stupid not to.
  3. No curse for us, whew, thanks for taking that bullet KC. As for of AK41 can keep he and his girl's shenanigans out of the media that would be nice.
  4. any and all low hanging fruit is dangling across the board as teams prep for positioning. We don't have anything viable to trade, I'd say he suits up elsewhere.
  5. So I've dived into futbol and internationally news-wise it's a virtual sh*t show. Rumors about and every salacious secondary media outlet from the Sun on have little to no credibility but they have headline after salacious headline daily with no basis in reality. For soccer fans we're on the verge of the offseason and international friendlies and that means transfer time. These transfer rumors are beyond out of control and they started at the beginning of the season and the hype and outright lies are at an all-time high as we crescendo into the offseason. I follow one team, for the most part, and they're huge. Due to that exposure, I've been made aware of the major players in the game in Europe. If you play any of the games you learn the stars and especially the superstars that command outrageous weekly salaries that you and I won't see in a years time. How do you as a fan separate the wheat from the chaff? The first year I was lost in the sauce of what was out there to grasp. There is a lot. I've found it very challenging following one of the best teams in the game. Following Barcelona is fun and a challenge. Due to the sheer size of the fanbase, you cannot get agreement on anything except happiness when we win. The way and how and what is absolutely gone over with a fine tooth comb. Every game there are breakdowns of strategies that worked and didn't and why and how they've worked in the past. Finding forums is very challenging, again due to the sheer size, language, and lack of any semblance of agreement or decorum in some cases. I've forgone the traditional forums and just get my news via Twitter via a few respected journalists and from the official releases. If you believe half of what's out there you'd go mad. Watching your team is a challenge even for one of the biggest teams in the world. BEIN sports carry the games and they were on Directv until last year and Directv tossed them off their platform and that's when I went to Sling. I could record the games on Directv but not with the Sling, you gotta watch it live or at some ungodly hour when it's rebroadcast. I get the Spanish Sling package that gives me every Barca game for the most part. The most part is the later challenges in the Champions League, international friendlies, or the Copa Del Rey, they can be on Fox or other US-based Spanish channels and now on TBS? Yup the Champions League quarterfinals and on are broadcast on TBS. We have the Semi's against Liverpool on Wednesday of next week and that's going to be a helluva series. The fanbases of these teams are here in the US and you can find your team and fans. I belong to my local Barcelona Penya or club that is acknowledged with the FC Barcelona. I have an actual ID card that signifies the official Penya stance with cards issued by FC Barcelona. This gives us access to discounted tickets and discounts on team merch. I'm in a large area and I'd say anywhere from 10 or more show up to a local sponsored bar that gives us an area and a TV to watch the games together. In South Beach SF we meet at a cool pizza spot which makes perfectly thin personal size pizzas that are delicious. That spot houses up to 50 of us, for the big games like Champions League and when we play Real Madrid it's at a brewhouse with ample room and lots of seats and lots of TVs all tuned to our game. 100's show up for El Classicos when they happen. We had the fortune of the team playing in SF at the Whiners new comfy cushy stadium that the food was WAY overpriced but we as a Penya group got official tix right behind the goal post as a full block for pennies on the dollar tickets. The prices we heard for tickets were outrageous and I got ones for my fiance and I. We met with the group prior and tailgated in a dusty parking lot. It's called water trucks SF, they're cheap and well worth it to run around and tamper that dust. It'll be years before they're back but I'll be there with my Penya. I've not gotten into any of the US pro soccer teams and to say the talent drop off is considerable is an understatement. I do notice that some of the aging stars are coming stateside more and more. The real money is in China tho, wow, the pro's are getting dumb money for playing there. I don't see the US market being as lucrative a market as the Chinese can afford on their premier league. Iniesta and Paulinho both played for Barca a few years ago and now both play in Chinese leagues due to money and business opportunities. They're treated better too with better support networks as well as sponsorships keep them very busy. The international markets are keeping their eyes on the US. Barcelona has opened up soccer academies all over the US for young boys and girls. They can spot talent early and often and are doing what they did in the EU and South and Central America to scout future talent. The window of play at the high level is larger and longer than the NFL but the physical strains and mental are just as intense. They are looking for the next Messi or Ronaldo. Messi was found at 12 and was doing things at his age that defy what he should have been able to do. He was put into the Barca academy LaMasia where the shy quiet kid learned the skills to shatter the rules as we know them. They have metrics and they're now, here, on US soil, looking for such talent as the game has gotten much bigger in the US and it will continue to. It's the sport of every person, anyone can do it, but only a few can do it at the elite level and excel into legendary status. Every team has its lore, every team has its history worth exploring. Barca's history is thick and goes back to 1899.
  6. Hi, as a growing soccer fan I've decided to open up a new section to discuss soccer in general. Feel free to post accordingly.
  7. Maisie Williams is here to remind you that her parents have also seen that sex scene
  8. Wonderlic test scores of 2019 NFL Draft quarterbacks leaked
  9. Needless to say, I'd love to have Grier, I just don't think he'll be there.
  10. No spoilers still, WOW, great episode! Things slowed down and sped up but it only builds to next week. I was wrong, crow recipes for me again. Winter is beyond here, it's at the frigging door and the night king's knocking. 80 minutes next week, brace yourselves.
  11. Not opposed to this one iota
  12. Whelp that officially ends that.