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  1. No Brees, No Problem, Same Defense, Same Results. Dirty birds successfully plucked prior to Turkey Day with our backup QB LOL! Nothing like beating this rival, no matter where or how! 8-2!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Old NFC West foe comes to town, we take care of business. We didn't eat the cheese and all 3 phases made it happen. Brees getting injured is concerning but Winston was manageable. 7-2!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!
  3. He's also lined up at FB, kid's a swiss army player, yet master of none. He's a bizarre X factor amongst other X factors. He's an enigma inside of an enigma, practically an inception.
  4. Turns out it was a historic W!
  5. Primetime Sunday night SHINING!!! We showed up at their house and humbled them completely. All 3 phases romped all over the field and made things happen. I did not expect it but break out your brooms, it's a sweep. 6-2 and division lead!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!
  6. A daunting trip into the Windy City and it was the type of fight we were expecting. No Wide Receivers, no problem, we had Brees, Kamara, and Hill. Against the wishes of the refs once again we eeked out a win in hostile territory. 5-2 and taking care of business!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing, sorry you had to deal with it. A political failure of epic proportions is why you've had to deal with it and I've lost 3 people I know due to it. All the best to you and your family.
  8. Next man up, manned up!
  9. #Nevermore
  10. Home divisional dogfight without our starting WR's and we rose to the occasion. Everyone stepped up in all 3 phases to get this Victory. Brees spread it around to 8 different receivers regardless and everyone was ready. Bye over, got the W, 2-0 in the Division thus far! 4-2!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!