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  1. that's not so much a shock, it's kind of a given, go out on top. I for one have expected him to go out this way. Time is not on our side anymore, hence why we've been building depth and youth in anticipation of him going forever. If we don't, he'll be back, if we win it all, that window of finding his replacement is closed. We missed the opportunity to groom an heir officially if we win it all this year. It is what it is.
  2. and the slippery slopers slipping again:
  3. Using the term final analysis was misplaced, it seemed IMO you were wrapping up your thought there, apologies. I agree that this is an interesting situation from all vantage points. I'm all for dialogue. I don't listen to traditional news per se anymore either although I will go thru the 3 letter news folk every once in a while, I prefer to read about issues from different vantage points so I gauge what the big ones are contemplating and I have my left, right, and center online media to gauge perceptive thoughts promulgated from all sides if possible, then I make my own call.
  4. John Elway Didn't Quite Tell the Entire Truth About Colin Kaepernick Contract Offer Matt Stranzl16 AUG 2018 31 k Love It Cool Haha Boo! Not so fast, John Elway. You can't attempt to set NFL Twitter on fire and get away with it unscathed. It turns out the Denver Broncos general manager left out some crucial contextual details when saying the team offered Colin Kaepernick a deal only to be rejected. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Ah, context. It matters. A lot. Especially when you make a claim that would literally delegitimatize the foundation of a social movement that's transcended football and ingrained itself in the national consciousness. I guess Elway thought the fact Kaepernick was under contract with the 49ers at the time and would've had to take a significant pay cut to join the Broncos was just a minor detail. Sure, Elway, the difference between a guaranteed $11.9 million and $7 million is something we can look passed. And please, don't even start with comments saying Kaepernick is selfish for not taking this pay cut and he should've sacrificed that money and none of this would've ever happened. No matter how tempting you may find that poor excuse, it's factually incorrect and illogical. Twitter Ads info and privacy The public perception of Elway couldn't have transitioned more quickly from a brave trailblazer to a deceitful liar. That's exactly the kind of reputation you don't want as a general manager. The NFL literally cannot get out of its own way. Maybe one of its several teams with depressing quarterback depth charts will finally come to their senses and offer a contract to a guy who led his team within 3 points of winning a Super Bowl. He'd probably accept.
  5. it was a bit of both we had to make a solid pitch that was starting money and then he traveled to Miami and made his decision. ----- Then Dolphins head coach Nick Saban has said the Miami doctors felt Brees' shoulder injury was too severe, and he would never be able to throw the ball as well as Culpepper would. The Dolphins sent a second round draft pick to the Vikings for Culpepper, who, a year later, would be released by the Dolphins. Asked what he remembered from the pursuit of Brees back in 2006, Saints Head Coach Sean Payton explained:
  6. The media has spun kneeling as disrespectful but taking a knee has always been viewed as just taking a knee. Coach calls you all in, what do you all do, you respectfully take a knee. I don't get it, personally. I stated previously that sitting on the bench was IMO disrespectful. I saw it as a compromise to the entirety of the protest that was to take the knee. The knee evolved quickly from just taking a knee to a symbolism against an felt societal injustice that was being ignored by the general media. So what started out as one person kneeling spread to others doing so, thus lending credence and credibility of the action of what it symbolized. American citizens, unarmed, outrightly executed without a trial, predominantly and exponentially people of color. The media somehow decided to pay attention when NFL players started doing this. Somewhere along the way, it went from a protest of injustice and execution to now a disrespect of the flag by kneeling. How in the hell did that happen? Who chose to spin it that way? That is what we should be asking, instead, we just accept it as the president says. The same president who was told he would never have an NFL franchise by the previous commissioner, who went off and funded an alternative league that flopped out of spite. Now he's using his influence the opposite way the players intended their protest to be. Now the media has taken ahold of this narrative and thus confusing and conflating the issue. So for the Saints players and others to sit to me is coward, they're not man enough to kneel then rethink what you're really protesting. To sit and cop out on the real protest lends itself more to the presidents narrative more than the who narrative that was kneeling in the first place. So IMO, sitting is just lazy, I'm not sure I want to fully commit to this protest but I'll half-ass compromise it by taking a seat. Has either kneeling or sitting taken away from the game, no. I watch people sit in the stands, chew gum, drink beer, don't remove their hats, talking to each other from lines in concessions to walking to their seats during the anthem. Most do take off their hats and stand, I don't see the media or fellow fans complaining about their fellow citizens not standing and to be quiet and respectful to the flag as they are supposed to. I don't care, they can sit, fart, do whatever, I myself, stand, hat off, hand over heart. That's me, I'm gonna do it by example but I'm not going to force everyone in the Dome to do the same and to expect the players to have that same expectation when the 80k fans around them won't, seems kinda hypocritical to me. As stated, it's a football game, not the Olympics, or a gov't game, so why have a national anthem play then?
  7. The Saints paid Brees starter money for an injury he was unsure to come back from to make him their starting QB in '06, if we had low balled him or league minimum at the time he would have gone directly into Miami's arms and we are just all jolted by that thought. As stated it's not good for Kaep's case, again depending on the terms of the deal. This contradicts that he was unable to secure a job in the league, he wasn't able to secure a job for the money he wanted, there is a difference. He wasn't that good a QB consistently, I said that then, I say it now.
  8. Saints getting a more refined Robinson this time around APAug 14, 2018 at 5:05p ET SHAREURLEMAIL METAIRIE, La. (AP) — Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson sees his ease in front of a swarm of microphones as symbolic of the more secure person and player he has become since his unsatisfying first stint in New Orleans. He left the Saints in 2015 as a five-year veteran who’d never quite lived up to expectations since being selected out of Florida State in the first round of the 2010 draft, just months after the Saints had won their only Super Bowl. Now he’s back one season after winning his first Super Bowl with Philadelphia. “My first tenure here I was quite weak-minded, to be honest,” says Robinson, who signed a four-year free-agent contract worth about $20 million with New Orleans this offseason. “I wasn’t that mentally strong. I left and had some experiences, and that definitely helped me. So now I’m a totally different person.” Early in his career, Robinson routinely struggled to get out entire sentences without seizing up in awkward silence as he tried to make his mouth utter the words in his head. It was known that he preferred to conduct interviews off camera. Not anymore. And the way the 30-year-old Robinson sees it, the same growth in maturity and confidence that helped him overcome his speech impediment also helped him on the field, and he asserts that the Saints are regaining his services at a time when he’s the best he’s ever been. “Going through the trials and tribulations — that really helped me as a person. So I’ve definitely grown since then, a lot,” Robinson said. “I’m more comfortable. I just try not to make it more than what it is.” Robinson said a combination of self-doubt and a tendency to get discouraged by injuries kept him from playing to his potential early in his career. It also didn’t help that he played man-to-man coverage all throughout his college career. He described learning the Saints’ more exotic defense his rookie season as something akin to “a different language for me. And I was kind of lost — very lost.” He didn’t become a full-time starter until his third season, in 2012, when New Orleans fielded one of the worst defenses in NFL history. Injuries sidelined him nearly all of the 2013 season, when New Orleans defense improved dramatically and the team made the playoffs. He returned as a starter in 2014, when New Orleans again struggled defensively, ranking last in the league, and the Saints missed the playoffs. Robinson then spent one season each in San Diego and Indianapolis before sliding into a role as a slot defender last season with the Eagles. It seemed to suit him. His four interceptions tied his career high, first set with the Saints in 2011. Robinson added an interception for a 50-yard touchdown in the Eagles’ NFC title game triumph over Minnesota. Now Robinson even has the confidence to discuss some of the changes he’s noticed in coach Sean Payton since his previous stint with the club. “I’ve definitely seen a difference. Before he was just like very serious about everything,” Robinson said. “Now he’s kind of lightened up a little bit, has a bit of leeway with certain things. “I’m not sure why, but he’s a little bit more lenient.” Saints quarterback Drew Brees was fresh off his Super Bowl MVP season when he was invited to announce Robinson as the Saints’ top pick in the following draft. He said Robinson’s maturity has been evident in camp. “He just doesn’t look like a young guy who’s still trying to get it and understand it,” Brees said. “He looks like a guy who’s been there, played that position, and has had that experience. He’s seen that route and that concept. … He is much better with his communication with other defensive backs out there on the field.” Link
  9. Not at all disagreeing on the collusion issue, they all simultaneously dropped him together it looks like. He violated their terms individually, yet he was deemed to have been sentenced together from how the layout occurred. Others have allowed him or tolerate him still, the FCC removed one of his illegal radio stations broadcasting on an illegal channel without a permit or licensing on that channel the other day. Twitter just suspended him for a week due to continuing to violate it's service agreements. His voice is still out there on google+ so his voice hasn't been completely silenced, but his availability on internet platforms is extremely limited to what it once was. He has freedom of speech, his volatility and hubris along with his blustering does not shelter him from the slander and outright lies he's slung toward the Sandy Hook victims families. Freedom of speech does not come with bodyguards nor does it have to be supported by private companies it seems, if that person has agreed to that corporation's terms of service. If the individual violates that does that give the corporation the right to outright erase your presence from an invisible platform that holds corporate personhood? In society's eyes, it seems to be the case, but that hasn't been fully tested or vested thru the court system. That is the next frontier it would seem to be courtwise. I don't agree that the Constitution only protects people from the gov't and not private enterprise, it's kinda difficult to decipher as they've decided corporations have personhood. I don't agree with that. That being said my employees can't curse and do rude things that the Constitution upholds, the courts have decided what is decent and what isn't and we as a society have defacto agreed to it in our complicity and silence. We don't stand up for our rights and our beliefs, only a few of us do, it helps when the education system willfully chooses to not teach kids their rights anymore so they don't know how to exercise them. The lines judicially have been made extra murky depending on what state you're living in and choosing to exercise your rights. A business has the right to refuse service to anyone as long as they do not discriminate against them, that is the law. If you don't like the law you can try to change it. My friends and I didn't like the cannabis laws and you can see the impact we've had on the electorate, we flipped the script. I have no desire to further tie of the courts time with but someone will fill this need and take up this cause. People are testing this law thru the courts via the cake case and bathroom usage cases currently, we're awaiting the time to arrive at the actual final judgments depending on what court and district they're tried in and how far up the court flagpole they go. I hear you and Xardoz but currently, it's not that cut and dry in your final analysis.
  10. I don't think you should play the national anthem before games, it was started during WWII and has continued, I personally think it doesn't belong there. These are games, not patriot games, but that's my big picture I don't give a flying fig. I do have employees and we as a company and I have chosen not to trot all my employees out into the parking lot and make them stand before a flag and do a sing-along to a song none of them could hit the high notes on. Okay, maybe one or two could possibly hit that but I don't think we have the talent to rotate for each shift and department honestly. We have more important things to do and I hire them to do jobs and none of their job descriptions state the need to stand for the pledge. I've not had a single issue of people complaining about my people kneeling or anything else for that matter. We sell cannabis legally, to adults who leave their politics at the door. The NFL isn't hemorrhaging money due to anthem sitting, it's the product on the field. The rules have changed and it took them years to figure out what a 'catch' is and get ready for another year of them figuring if they got it right this time or not. Catches alone have cost numerous teams and fanbases confused and isolated. The average fans interest is waning and the hubris of the owners and yanking franchises from loyal cities and new billionaire owners moving teams to towns that don't care about football, I'm looking at you, Los Angeles. Cuz, F*U*, San Diego, St. Louis, and Oakland fan bases that have been loyal for decades someone else will fill another stadium in another city. Overpriced tickets and overpriced food along with overpriced official team apparel along with overpriced parking/tailgating it has made the average fan to have to pay a hefty much to go to a game. Did your wife bring a purse, sorry, can't bring them in, when you get screened thru security she can purchase a clear purse for $39.99. The cost and time to go to a game are large and getting larger year by year, it costs a whole lot of time and nowadays a whole bunch of stupid money. I wish it were just some guys kneeling that are really to blame here, but it's just the distraction that is covering a game that has changed on the field and a league that has monetized every part of their NFL reality and now the owners can't figure out why their consumer model that requires the individual fan to make a small investment in clothes, gear, out of market video access, physical tickets, gas, along with parking. Now multiply it by how many family members that are fans and it quickly escalates into the $1000's of dollars on tickets alone, depending on stadium and section along with the time of year. Then let's throw in the traffic in and out of the stadium to your home. This is becoming a time suck and expense that fewer people can afford or want to afford.
  11. Now with 100% less mouth than Ramsey!
  12. The game was great, fun time, great atmosphere. Opposition outnumbered 100 to 1 in the stands. It was a friendly competitive game with all the youth players and the new signings. We ended up losing 1-0 in extra time, but no one cared, it was nice to see the team and hang out with our Penya. We were all behind the goal which was a nice view of the whole thing. We have a youth movement and one that is extremely bright. These kids start at La Masia, the Barça school, at the young age of 10 or so and they come up thru the ranks over the years and work their way up to the first team. It's an incredible fielding system that teaches those with the exceptional talent how to harness their gifts and what their strengths and truest positions are. This academy is very difficult and it takes great mental fortitude as well as great talent to rise to the upper echelons. Our 4 team captains, came up thru this training and combined have over 80 years of playing experience. They are taught how to do the smallest things to perfection and it shows on the pitch and the quality is on the field year in and year out. It's a farm system that is the envy of all sports and for a good reason, it's not cheap, but they also have scouts all over Europe hunting special talent always and for decades. A tiny young player was scouted when he was 11 to 12, he arrived on the soccer scene and was deemed too small. He had a growth issue, he wasn't growing. This small child turned into a ruthless whirlwind dynamo when he stepped on the field and was placing ball after ball into the net no matter who ran in front of him or how many. Not only that, this kid would only move or do anything with the ball, with his left foot, only. This minuscule kid was an enigma wrapped in a sweater who always got pushed off the ball due to his size. Barça saw this kid and his talent and they brought him into La Masia. He had all of the skillsets needed to play, the only issue was his size. They weren't sure what to do wit him. Their doctors did many tests on him and in the end, he was diagnosed with a hormone deficiency. Those hormones are expensive and especially to a poor family from South America. Barcelona took a chance on this kid and made the decision to pay for his care as well as move his family to Spain to be with their son. It took time but the medicine worked, the coaching worked, this kid raised quickly thru the ranks. Barça took a flier on this kid with immense talent and in turn that little Argentinian took his opportunity and he, in turn, changed the game of soccer forever. That little kids name is none other than, Lionel Messi, considered one of the greatest players to ever lace up. The greatest former players alive today, from Pelé, Maradona, Zidane, and others when asked who's the greatest in the game and they will tell you without blinking or even a second thought and the one word that they always combine off their lips respectfully and with authority, "Messi!" I've seen him play before my very eyes at Camp Nou and he is a magician with the ball from how he passes to how he scores and he scores a lot. He is the most prolific scorer in the game and he's not even a true forward. Barça has opened up academies around the US and they are now out there scouting, hunting, searching for the US's equivalent of Messi. The game of the NFL is on the decline to the point I read the other day that entire districts are starting to shut down due to lack of players and parents and kids aware and thus afraid of the consequences. FCB has been establishing camps all over the country in the anticipation of the growth of this sport but also because of the availability of a new country to scout fresh talent. Right now a US player is playing for Paris Saint Germain and scored the other day. He is expected to not be an anomaly in coming years and I credit the big teams with reaching out and finally coming to the US. He is rare, he's also the son of a great player from Europe who moved to the US and raised his son here. Still, it gives me hope for future generations. With all that said, I'm not a fan of the US teams. After following and watching soccer in Europe, needless to say, the US game is amateur at best and the equivalent of watching high school football. It's entertaining but the product consistency is lacking at best and can't keep your attention unless you know someone on the field. Yea, remember the XFL, yea not even that good. But ATN EU players are now coming into the US game? True, however, they are way past their prime, yet go look at the video of Rooney's 92' min heroics from stealing a runaway ball from a baller on the move to then pivoting to punt the ball 70+ yards on a dime for a header to win the game. Yes, that's exciting, but not worth the other 91' min in my opinion. US players do not have the fundamentals most of these EU players have because they haven't been trained by academies of specialists at young ages. It makes a considerable difference when you have an ex-player who has mastered the game teaching passing fundamentals as opposed to Uncle Al who watched a tape and played some soccer in high school?!? The product is night and day and so is the pay scale. This week Barça had 2 games, this week Barça came away with 2 trophies and the season officially starts this weekend for LaLiga. It's a pretty exciting time and the fan base is pretty excited about this year. Last year Barca faced much turmoil due to the loss of superstar Neymar and a new coach. Barçq only lost 1 regular season game and just missed out on the perfect season by one goal. They lost the Champions league by losing in the quarterfinals yet they won the Copa Del Rey (Spanish Cup) and LaLiga Title, also known as a Duo. Not a bad year at all last year, yet we cut loose multiple bench players and sold them for just below our signing of 4 young talented players. These guys have the Barça DNA, as they say, which means they've mastered their positions at their levels and need to play at the highest levels to hone their skills and refine them at the world class level. They have worked thru their years training at the lower levels rising thru the ranks respectively. Thru those years of watching the masters of the gameplay, to finally earning their chops and mastering them enough to have earned the right to step onto the pitch and play alongside them. Those new players each contributed directly to the team already with the 2 trophies they've hoisted over the past week thus building on their resumes and their confidences. The goal is to win every trophy before us, we have assembled the squad that has the talent to do just that. Whether they will do all that is going to be seen over the coming year. Soccer is a long season with tournaments sprinkled in and depending on how well you do in all depends on how your season shakes out. So as the year goes on the pressure amps up and we have a solid A and B team to handle what's ahead. We have a solid mix of youth and seasoned veterans to field an experienced ball controlling team no matter who we face throughout the season. We have had a nonturbulent offseason and a year of solid stability and solid winning behind our current coach so we as a fan base are expecting big results. Our competition didn't rest on their laurels and each team did their best to arrive at a starting 11 that will compete for the league title. It will be interesting to see those teams that have risen into the division and always interesting to see who falls out at seasons end. Lots of drama and games ahead, we just hope to avoid the injury bugs. Let the season begin!
  13. Twitter suspends conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for one week by Rob McLean and Oliver Darcy @CNNMoneyAugust 14, 2018: 11:22 PM ET Play Video Why Facebook,YouTube and Apple are removing InfoWars content Twitter has suspended far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from its platform for one week. The news was first shared by an InfoWars personality, who tweeted a screenshot of Jones' Twitter account -- indicating the company limited some of Jones' account features temporarily. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the screenshot. The spokesperson said the content which prompted Twitter to suspend Jones was a video published Tuesday in which he said, "Now is time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag." On Friday, one day after a CNN investigation found that Jones' Twitter accounts appeared to have repeatedly violated the company's rules, Twitter said the accounts belonging to Jones and his fringe media organization InfoWars would remain online. At the time, a Twitter spokesperson said the company concluded that of the more than a dozen tweets included in CNN's Thursday report, seven were found to have violated Twitter's rules. Twitter would have required those tweets to be deleted if they were to have remained up. But after CNN's investigation was published, the tweets cited in it were almost immediately deleted from the social media website. Jones said on his program that he had instructed his staff to do so and "take the super high road," though he contested whether the tweets violated any Twitter rules. Twitter is one of the only major social media companies that has not scrubbed its platform of Jones or InfoWars. Recently, Jones has seen the vast majority of the social media infrastructure for his media empire crumble. Apple has removed the full library of his podcasts, Facebook has unpublished his pages, YouTube terminated his account, and other technology companies took similar action. However, InfoWars apps remain available through the Google Play store and Apple's app store. Still out here violating terms and this time temp banned for a week.
  14. I'm excited to see our DLines play at full strength, both Rankins and Onyemata have steadily proved their worth. Once Davenport gets back from his groin injury and starts beasting I have a feeling this year the D is going to be something worth watching.