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  1. The final selections have been chosen and in over a week we get the final game of the season. We all wish we were in that number and for many reasons we're not. The 2 teams are very good and I honestly would like to see the Chiefs win. Mahomes is the real deal and we can all see why Payton wanted him, Reid wanted him more. Patrick replacing Brees would have been our Young to Montana continuity, it would have been amazing to watch instead we get to watch him play. I'm kinda glad we're not facing him and that team, they are very good across the board and I'd be very nervous facing him in the Superbowl and I would not feel good about winning. I'd believe we'd do well but the kid just seems to have 'it' and 'it' is ungaugable with a talent who can run, think, perform the QB tasks with all the right touches must less his escapism. He's going to be a nightmare for the 9ers. SF will hold their own but Patrick has his entire team believing, he's faced deficits that would have crushed teams and stormed back time and time again. IMO, it's KC's year and I can't crown em yet, but it's going to be an entertaining game regardless, there is no way I could ever pull for the 9ers and I live in the bay and married into a 49er family across the Bay just on the other side of the Golden Gate. I went to a Barcelona game at their new stadium. It's one of the dumbest stadiums I've ever been to. Well, overpriced crappy food and overpriced drinks to then go sit directly in the sun for houuuuuuuurs. No shade, no cover, just a terrible design, and no parking, literal dusty shell lots that become sand storms upon exit. Just brilliant. Tinfoil hat fun-time discussion with a few Bay Area locals that brought this up to me, I didn't play in it but thought it an interesting listening to : The NFL also has it's a finger in this IMO, they know the Raidahs are now history in Oakland and the 49ers were dangling with no one going to the games. Then coincidentally this year bam, they're relevant and the locals break out their red jerseys again and voila the Bay suddenly cares that their local team is viable again and pays for tickets to the games after being a laughing stock for years with lots of empty seats. A new stadium, other divisional team gone, NFL interest dropping and voila 49ers in the super bowl! We know L.A. is going the way of the flop and the NFL has to do some lifting in a market to make it viable. Some of the locals are skeptical?!? Some are, I personally see a very good 9er team that went toe to toe with us and eeked out a W and a high scoring affair. Interesting thought and concept but too tin foil hatty for my liking but thought would pass along since there is little to no discussions going on and some of you might find it entertaining. I feel bad for my Raider fans, they are in major mourning and there is no coming back now. Family generations are not pleased with the LV locale and some of them will forever bleed their silver and black but others are moving on and not to the 9ers or any team for that matter. It's painful to see as it hits close to home for the many years of Saints uncertainty that we witnessed for way too long. It is what it is. Geaux Chiefs!
  2. I've been away from media for a few weeks and I'm hearing about some scandal in the game of stolen signals? What transpired folks? Surprised no ones discussing this as I'm hearing of firings and other stuff. What's the word?
  3. I've questioned rigging in the past and we've had discussions on this board in the past but it seems the past few years the NFL doesn't seem to care or not what the fan thinks and seems to revel in the smirk of it. This selection is just gobsmacking worthy in its brazen ballsiness to whip 'em out and let folk gasp regardless with a sh*t eating grin and looks you right in the eye and stares you down. It's to their detriment as other franchises get the bad taste in the mouth treatment, they'll see. Sucke being ahead of the proverbial curve consistently yet here were are.
  4. Par for the course and every championship team from college to the pros gets picked clean of talent after the big game. Continuity is a beast and this makes it near impossible to do. It's even harder in college due to the yearly turnover of senior talent as they move onto life and a few to the pros.
  5. Thanks, Z. Line, you were awesome, sorry to see you go and wish you nothing but the best.
  6. Gee and they have the audacity to wonder why people question the integrity of the game. I wonder if he was still the selection if we had made it this far? Classless move NFL, just taunting at this point.
  7. No offense taken in any way shape or form. I don't disagree with you or any of the dissenting opinions, I feel a bit of that too, kind of always will. I just had to listen to this inner voice and let it out. It's a worthy discussion and one I thought would be solidified as ancient by now. No word from Brees or the franchise at this point and I expected a tell by now. So just plodding along wondering still.
  8. oh this is NOT good, no bueno at all.
  9. I'm not saying blow the whole team up, agreed, we have a great young core. The QB is the issue if we keep Brees we have tough decisions to make, if we let him go we have tough decisions to make. Some easier with him here, some not so with him here. I trust them to do the right thing, I just don't think what they will do will get us there if we keep Brees at this point.
  10. That was one helluva game, Burrow cemented his legacy forever and will probably never buy a drink (or cigar) ever in the state of LA! One of the best LSU teams ever, one of the best college football seasons ever. Hats off to the 2020 National Champion LSU Tigers!
  11. I'm not opposed to letting Payton go either, blasphemy, sure, but change is inevitable, it's going to happen sometime in the future. How often do a coach and QB retire together? Please refresh my memory? These guys have been tied at the waist to a level and they've done amazing things and I hope they do more amazing things, but will they do it forever in Black and Gold, no. Payton is a great coach, greatest we've ever had, greatest in the game ever, no. Payton has proved consistently he can field a team, still call brilliant games, and can still overthink himself and lose a game. I believe he's built a successful team year after year with what Loomis has given him. Bress is not the coach, he is a coach on the field and the technician who runs the Payton concept to perfection. Payton and company didn't consistently have our team ready for a few games this year and those mattered, ATL comes to mind and the team didn't look ready for this year's Vikings game. That ATL game mattered greatly in our seeding and cost us a one-week bye, that bye we'll never know what would have happened but my gut tells me we do better with a week off than without one. How didn't Payton and company not adjust to the interior line, why did they put Peat in instead of Edwards who was holding his own prior to the Vikings game? Dunno, just looking at the fine print of the season and looking who's responsible where. I do this all the time as a business owner all the time, it's a mental exercise for me, good, bad, or indifferent. The coaches let the players down, thus the players let the team down. It all starts and stops at the top right, so it's not unacceptable to call out Payton for his failures? These all be it small decisions have big consequences and it's a fine nit-picking point but he's not without any fault in all this. Is it fireable in my opinion, no. Payton's situation is different from the Brees situation and he and Ireland have done an excellent job of finding amazing talent and depth across the board and keeping us viable. Payton can still get it done, for the most part, Brees will further decline, time assures it, when, well we'll further know when we all see the results and collectively agree he's no longer viable. Payton has gotten better with age somewhat. So we either agree to sacrifice another year for another try or finally move on. Many are fine with this current status quo and I'd be lying if I didn't say a bit of that resides in me, but the pioneer in me craves the inevitable change that the winds will bring in time regardless. I'm not into prolonging the inevitable, I prefer to rip that bandaid off and heal with time. Others aren't ready for that pain, I get that, I feel you, I want the prize again too, I'm just not convinced anymore.
  12. I knew as I typed it, it would not be popular and outright dismissed and I'm fine being against the grain here. I'm away on some downtime so I've had time to contemplate it all. I look forward to being wrong, and I hope I am, however, I've learned to listen to my inner voice and this voice tends to lend itself toward the realist. As the token rally ape, I have an idea when and where to throw that hope out there. I keep searching my heart of hearts and the realist comes to the forefront for me and as I look at the picture as it stands currently then I cannot see it happening. It doesn't mean I don't hope to be proven wrong, I look forward to it, but I've been around awhile and see what it takes to get teams to the big dance and I look at where we've been and what we have to do to get back there and between the money and talent, we're at a deficit currently. Along with money and talent is time, it's not on our side, we've sadly wasted some of Brees's best years with no trophies but one to show for it. I'm beyond happy we have one, it keeps us all in a warm glow forever, but it can't keep us warm forever. We're 10 years + past our team. We're serviceable and we're consistent but we're consistently less serviceable year after year in the playoffs we get further and further away. We were just bounced in the wild card round, with a 13-3 record, the game could have gone either way, we didn't get it done. We're all here again, wondering, so I got to wondering, is this our fate now, just wondering? It's a lot greater than wondering for decades why we didn't make the playoffs or the division crown. We just did it 3 times in a row, epic, first in our division to do so in the new alignment. Usually awesome stuff, stuff we used to revel in and just be thankful for, but again, no hardware. Now it's just expected, that's a great mindset change for a fanbase and franchise and one we're all happy to be spoiled in. Our expectations have been raised across the board and so our belief in that we can get another one, it's a legitimate thought and expectation given what Brees and Payton have served us up for 14 years. It takes talent, health, and luck to get there and to win it, and our time and window are close to closed and part of me feel like it's officially closed. We saw a year again of bad slanted officiating against our team, game after game affecting outcomes. Stats even proved this slanted news and there are questions over the last play of the game that the Vikings benefited from. To recap, we have a league showing bias against us, still, using penalties to affect outcomes of our games, a over the age of 40 elite QB playing ageless statistical brilliance, Teddy's situation, loss of coaches, O Line tweaking, injured players to return to full health, very limited cap room, major and minor players across the board to retain, that along the 24th pick. I stack it all up and look at it and I just don't logically see it. Loomis and company have done a herculean effort to keep us consistently where we have been and I hope he can pull it off and do it. The realist in me just can't and doesn't see it, the dreamer in me will hope eternally it somehow happens and will dream of a second Lombardi being hoisted into the air by Drew. The realist in me keeps winning this internal argument and I look forward to reality changing this, I'm just not expecting it at this point.
  13. NFL Memes all over your theory dog!
  14. Sadly Brees isn't going anywhere. I say sadly because I feel if we don't let him go and move on we're just prolonging the pain and the inevitable. 3 years in the playoffs, 3 years wondering what happened. He's on the decline and yet still puts up gaudy numbers that no other qb we'll get will be able to do or replicate, I totally get that. I'm not blind although I am technically in one eye. I'm honestly not ready for the 4th year in a row of this but against my wishes, most likely tomorrow, Payton officially announces Brees returns for another year. "We're gonna give it one more try!" speech will follow and the rebuilding phase will officially start and Payton and Co. will go into their caves and plot who to resign, who to cut and where to prognosticate with the 24th pick in the draft is 4 months away. I don't see the front office nor our owner wanting to move on, just yet, although I feel it would be in everyone's best interests. Just my gut feeling, don't mean squat but Payton will ride this out as long as he can and we're just along for the ride at this point. They're New Orleans legends, they made us the best we've ever been and possibly the best we've ever been has passed. Let's all try to act surprised next season at this time when we're once again here having this same discussion for the same reasons. Change is inevitable, we accept it or fight it, it seems this franchise is going to go into fighting it.
  15. Seattle was not ready for today and it shows, the pack are doing just enough to get it done. 28-10 currently