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  1. Saints officially didn’t blink, he’s a Raven now.
  2. It does add to their admiration of him, their love, IMO is misplaced, that was Buddy Ryan's team on D. That dominant D set the tone for the '85 Bears. I liked him initially and thought he was going to bring positive change. Instead, he brought his own circus and was the master of ceremonies and the clown at the same time. It didn't take long for us all to see he was not only not the answer, he was nowhere close to what we really needed.
  3. Ravens have signed former Saints WR Willie Snead to a 2 year 10.5 million offer sheet.
  4. Ya, we don't need Tim Couch 2: Electric Boogaloo happening at all, whatsoever!
  5. Two MNF and two Thur games back to back, week 6 bye is nice but damn those last 7 of 8 games are a BRUTAL stretch.
  6. 9/9 vs. Tampa Bay 9/16 vs. Cleveland 9/23 at Atlanta 9/30 at NY Giants (4:25) 10/8 vs. Washington (MNF) WEEK 6 BYE 10/21 at Baltimore 10/28 at Minnesota (SNF) 11/4 vs. LA Rams 11/11 at Cincinnati 11/18 vs. Philadelphia 11/22 vs. Atlanta (Thanksgiving) 11/29 at Dallas (TNF) 12/9 at Tampa Bay 12/17 at Carolina (MNF) 12/23 vs. Pittsburgh 12/30 vs. Carolina
  7. Slowly but surely the band is getting back together to make a serious run. His blocking is crucial especially with Ingram vying for a contract year and Kamara emerging as a triple threat. Kinda surprised he's back, but not really that surprised.
  8. Tuma, you’re 100% correct, Colston was nothing but class and dignity. Rare qualities for an elite WR.
  9. As much as I love Mills and what he did for our team, for me, it's forever PT. To me, it's important that you win a ring to be in that discussion, PT not only did that, he scored during the Super Bowl on a most amazing screen that finished with an off-balance dive to get across the goal line.
  10. He may have never had the accolades, however, he's forever in our lore, fandom, and hearts and he has gifted us a gift no one can take away, ever.
  11. He wasn't just any gem, he was our Hope Diamond. We'll never see the likes of him again in the 7th round.
  12. Good reads, thanks Dru. It's great he has a rapport with CJ and is excited to work with him again. CJ has done wonders for our group and since he already knows Meridith's weaknesses and strengths can only work in our favor. He sounds like he's had no setbacks in his rehab and he's on his way to being ready to go is a good sign. We'll see come camp time what he's got. I know Brees will be able to find him.
  13. I hear you fully, that he got no sniffs is kinda odd given his youth. As stated injury issues are more pressing than a DUI however that DUI completely affected his entire '17 season. He missed reps, he lost time, he lost the trust of Brees in the clutch. For a 3rd down helper, he was pretty much not there when needed. I like Snead, especially his blocking but teams teed off on him on 3rd downs as it was pretty much his only option time from the '16 season on. He knows the writing on the wall tho, which is why he's showing up in the offseason to work for a roster spot.