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  1. It's Officially Preseason Saints football so that means it's officially that time of year again, once again! It's The Official Put Up or Shut Up Thread: 2019 Edition! This is an annual WhoDatZone tradition where YOU get to make your prediction for all to see for the ages. This is YOUR chance to make your prediction on how YOU predict the 2019 Saints Regular Season finishing. This polls will be open until the start of the first Saints game of the Regular Season and then it will lock automatically and won't be unlocked until after the Season is completed. This thread will be locked to the top of the forum for the duration of the 2019 Season. We do this so we can see who made the best prediction overall. This is just for fun, there are no prizes except for all the bragging rights. Your job, if you choose to accept it is to First, cast your votes in the polls here. Secondly, go into the comments section and type your selection down and tell us why you chose what you chose. Third, write below and tell us if you see the Saints reaching the Playoffs or not. Fourth, if you envision the Saints making the Playoffs, tell us also how far we will go into the Postseason. It should look something like this Example (not my official vote): I'm going to vote 8-8! I can see us going 8-8 because of injuries and Carolina coming on strong. I can see us finishing second overall in the division. I don't see us making the playoffs. Good Luck All! 2019, Who Dat!
  2. Thank you all, back in the internet world again.
  3. ...of course, they did...
  4. Fun watch. The two most successful Saints coaches ever together, talking, you don't see that EVER! Mora is up there but still there mentally. Payton looks delighted until the end when you'd think he'd be himself he straight up went humbly took his lumps and even self deprecated. Just hearing Mora talk about two a days and Payton wowing him with the depth of staff and all the many of today's challenges. It's a totally shifting game year to year and their conversation brought to mind the many changes we've seen over the years. Nice to see Mora still follows the Saints and even he is enamored with Payton's schemes. A nice breakdown from Payton about his attacking offensive schemes and how they attack the defenses the same way defenses used to. Very interesting breakdowns.
  5. To get some discussion going as we transition from offseason into training camp, this seemed like a good topic for your brain noodles. As details come out on the Saints deal with the WR we have 4 solid years of history to judge his play and leadership and decide his pay compared to his play. I've asked 3 questions for you to not just click on but to discuss below on why you selected what you did. We've given splashy deals to undeserving players who never panned out in the end, MT does not seem to be of this pedigree, but he also just got paid. He'll be in camp shortly and we'll get a better gauge on things. So in the spirit of getting the discussion going, I submit to you for your thoughts on this issue.
  6. A risk is a risk is a risk, they took a flyer and lost on that gamble. That's the breaks, he could have healed and contributed, you don't know until you take the ride. He got some pay and we overpaid in the end but at the beginning, the team saw something worthy, it just didn't pan out in the end.
  7. He's gonna have to do some crazy stuff his last 2 years to get all that but he's still handsomely paid and set for life. Now get a Tiffany and the number is forgotten.
  8. 6 ft 3 DB, YES PLEASE!
  9. Well then it's time you met one of my heroes, he's a brave one and one who's walked the walk and now talks the talk. His brave family moved him to CO and now are going home to IL after years of having to live elsewhere to get the medicine he needed to survive. The Coltyn Turner Foundation I suggest you talk to his Mom, tell them I sent you. She can give you her account of what she went thru and what she had to do to make sure that her son also didn't end up with a bag at 17. I hope this helps point you in a direction that helps.
  10. The recently discovered endocannabinoid system is showing us much: read up on it, it's backing up our anecdotal talk for decades, this discovery has only just begun. It brings up huge questions, like if this regulates your health and body internally, with 90+% of the population having unsaturated endocannabinoid systems, what does that, in fact, do to our health care system? Among others
  11. Boo Williams: From the NFL to a Life of Giving Back Cannabis helped Boo Williams get back on track after suffering head trauma. July 25, 2019 7:00 am By Sharon Letts Courtesy of Boo Williams After former U.S. National Football League (NFL) player Eddie “Boo” Williams’ athletic career ended via blunt head trauma and subsequent damage to his frontal cortex, he thought his life was over. Laying down on railroad tracks, waiting to die, he was rescued by homeless men who took him to a friend’s home. Chronic concussions in football, specifically with damage to the frontal cortex, limits complex thinking and impulse control, causing a short fuse, with former football players becoming erratic, angry, and worse. Dealing with the pain alone, with its subsequent laundry list of pharmaceuticals, is a whole other matter, typically leading to addiction and an early death. Though Williams said he never became abusive, he knew he had some serious issues to work through. “I was watching the Khloe & Lamar docuseries, and they were interviewing a friend of Odin’s who was depressed, then got help at a place in California called, the Crosby Clinic,” Williams shared. “I knew I had to get there, and called them. In one week, I was there.” A video clip on YouTube produced at The Crosby Clinic in Southern California, features Williams getting healthy, looking good, and advocating for the center; stating, he found a sense of well-being after overcoming injuries, emotional distress, and subsequent drug abuse. The Crosby Center focuses on individualized programs for drug and alcohol recovery; with Williams proudly proclaiming he added another dimension to the programs offered, including using cannabis to overcome emotional obstacles. “Crosby isn’t about alternative medicine, but if your doctor approves it, you can use cannabis,” he explained. “We had a session around a fire pit at Crosby one night. We introduced the plant to the players there with an open discussion. Everyone was able to open up about their true feelings – they were able to say what was really bothering them – some of them for the first time. It was helpful in going into the group sessions – now they were able to share, when they weren’t before.” Williams believes cannabis helps open up your third eye, allowing you to see past the emotional chains that often binds someone to a hurtful or abusive past. According to a piece in Waking Times, Canadian author, Chris Bennet, who has penned books on the spiritual and Biblical history of cannabis, states that our Pineal Gland, or the “’Seat of the Soul,’ as described by Rene Descartes; “… is the focal point of our spiritual guiding system which makes us go beyond the five senses of rationality and become multisensory; tuned into and aware of higher dimensions of consciousness within a holographic cosmos.” Bennet continues, “Cannabis or Marijuana among other psychedelics, facilitates the activation of the pineal gland and helps turn on the third eye or the mind’s eye, directing our spiritual evolution to wholeness.” This theory was not lost on Williams, who, prior to recover, felt lost emotionally and broken physically, after his football career ended. As quoted in Vice, via David Davis, “I was in a dark place,” he said. “I thought I was a small person in a big person’s body. I felt like I had no purpose.” “Before cannabis, I only had a green light on all the emotions I was feeling – there was no yellow light to red, and no stopping if things got heated,” he shared during a phone conversation. “Cannabis gave me a yellow light, to stop and think about how I’m feeling, and gives me a red light, keeping my emotions in check.” Once he began ingesting cannabis via medibles and tinctures, both his pain levels and emotional well-being notably improved. “CBD is like taking an aspirin, you don’t feel it working, but the pain is gone,” he shared. “Add THC and it replaces SSRIs – helping your emotions, anxiety – everything is in check in a more natural way, with no bad side effects.” Williams was inspired to start his own line of cannabis products via BooBeary Products. His current line is comprised of tinctures, liquid capsules, and topical creams, available online via his website and in several locations throughout Louisiana and Florida. Testimonials include help with muscle pain via the lotions and body pain via the capsules. “It took me every ounce of energy to move my legs, then enter Boo Williams, stage left, and I started taking BooBeary capsules,” Michelle Vogel said via a Facebook posting. “My quality of life has improved, I can walk much better and even my mental state is getting better. I thank God for putting Boo and his products into my life. A BooBeary a day keeps thee dumb-ass specialists away!” Leann Bird-Robbins writes in another post, “My girlfriend’s mom used your cream on her hands that are filled with arthritis, and the pain was gone within hours! She was in disbelief – has tried everything and nothing worked like the BooBeary cream.” Since being helped himself, Williams said he’s walking the talk, reaching out to people in need, giving them some love and hope – and not just with CBD products. His home state of Florida continues to be ravaged from hurricanes, and he’s been there in real time to lend a hand with his Floridian not-for-profit Corporation, BooBeary Kares, Inc.; also a Federal 501c3 non-profit. This year BooBeary Products joined forces with Summit Harbor Holding, Inc., and Limitless Venture Group, Inc., bringing BooBeary into the publically traded market. At this time they are seeking investors for several projects, including help in building a multi-unit retreat center out of hemp, as temporary housing for those displaced by hurricanes along the Florida and Gulf Coast. The property slatted for Logan’s Retreat in Youngstown, Florida, is owned by Shelly Summers, is already set-up to host multiple families. Logan was Summers’ son, who was killed in a car accident. Williams and Summers are eager to build hemp structures in her son’s memory. After recovery, using cannabis as one of the tools in his kit, he said he was led to a life of service – to the community at large, for the greater good. “When celebrities go to Vegas, they don’t visit shelters, but I do,” he shared. “I live near the same neighborhood I grew up in, and people here need help from hurricanes. My crew will go in, set up a barbecue, and hand out clothes, personal care products – whatever they need. Then, I can talk about cannabis and how it changed my life.” This form of educating via volunteerism is working for Williams and the people he’s reaching. “Cannabis helped me get off the drugs – including the legal prescription meds,” he surmised. “Cannabis helped me find my gifts; showed me who I am; and what I was put on this planet to do. Football was a big part of my life, but it’s not my entire life now. I believe was put here to help and inspire others. And cannabis helps me do that every single day.” LINK
  12. I hear you, it was still his choice and his decision. Lawyers just advise you, you can listen to them or ignore them, it's still your decision in the end. They get paid regardless. Mine told me there was pretty much no chance I'd win my federal case, I'm not talking one lawyer either. I had everything to lose, I still had to try, regardless. I was told to take a deal and capitulate and give up. It's a risk, a calculated one at that. It was an all or nothing risk. He had the same choice, he made his. Now he's guilty in the laws eyes after pleading and doing his time.
  13. he chose to plead guilty, he had the right to prove his innocence, he chose not to in that one particular charge. I don't have the evidence in front of me either and I don't know the details of the case, however, the prosecutor and judge do as well as the defense. They had enough evidence to charge him and to convict him from the prosecution's standpoint, which Granderson's counsel would know which is why he chose the plead. Why go for a plea deal if you did nothing wrong? You don't just plead guilty just to plead guilty. Not buying that. If you're innocent you fight it, all the way, period. Even then it doesn't mean you'll win. That's the risk, he chose not to go there, why? The law is the law, if the person says no, stop, and it's in your bed, you have to stop, if you touch them inappropriately, even if it's in your bed, stop is still stop whether you want it to or not. It's the perspective of the one being touched that matters in the eyes of the law, not that it's in 'your' bed. You've got the classic her versus him with no witnesses. He should have been situationally aware and he wasn't or chose to not or she's lying. Athletes are taught to be careful and how to conduct themselves more so now than ever and yet here he is. There is his side of the story, her side of the story, and then there is the truth. We don't have the facts to know what happened. All we have is what he plead to and currently, he's sitting in jail and we have no DE now.