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  1. and that's why the owners need their 'bad' guy to do their dirty work for them and take the heat. He will totally drive the next CBA, without a doubt in my mind. He's hated enough to force it and the players will strike, no doubt in my mind. The players gave up too much last time, the league isn't going to give anything back.
  2. Colin Kaepernick withdraws collusion case against NFL In a stunning move that strongly indicates a financial settlement between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL, the quarterback has withdrawn his collusion complaint against the league and will take no further action in his case. While sources declined to offer specifics for Kaepernick’s decision, Yahoo Sports was told on prior occasions Kaepernick would only withdraw his complaint if a lucrative financial settlement was reached between the quarterback and the NFL. The final hearing in the Kaepernick case was slated to begin this month. Kaepernick had alleged the league conspired to keep him out after he began kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. Multiple NFL players adopted Kaepernick’s protest in 2017, hoping to draw attention to social justice and racial inequality issues. The actions sparked a political firestorm from President Donald Trump and the furor became such a central issue for the league for nearly one year that it instituted a rule that banned protests during the national anthem. That rule has since been shelved by the NFL and now appears to be dead, for all intents and purposes. ------- It looks like he and Reid got the NFL to outright blink! This isn't really any sort of surprise, honestly, there is no way the NFL was going to let a judge air their dirty laundry, emails, and communications opened up in the media and the public, due to discovery. That's my initial legal take, I'm not a lawyer, however, I've done enough legal work to know the intricacies of these dances. He didn't get his victory per se tho he did get paid and he'll never see another NFL field except as a fan. No precedent set at all whatsoever.
  3. Loomis is already doing his work.
  4. We can't afford him, that being said I'd prefer he stay in the AFC if at all possible.
  5. 'Patients Are Being Duped': NBC 6 Tests CBD Products By Dan Krauth Published Feb 5, 2019 at 6:35 PM | Updated at 12:34 PM EST on Feb 7, 2019 Arliss Buergo has been using CBD for the last year. She uses it in oil form, with just a drop on her tongue once a day. "Those anxious moments, they seem to just drift away," Buergo said. "I feel just calmer, more at ease, grounded." She considers the extract a natural alternative to treat her anxiety. It comes from the leaves and flowers of hemp and marijuana plants. "I feel more mindful in the moment," she said. She's one of a growing number of people taking a variety of CBD products. They come in the form of oils, edible gummies, creams, and even coffee. People, like Buergo, say they're taking CBD for their reported health benefits saying it can help treat everything from inflammation to anxiety. "I definitely see CBD as something I could use for the rest of my life," she said. As of now, the extract has only been officially approved by the FDA to treat epilepsy. 'Patients Are Being Duped': NBC 6 Tests CBD Products An NBC 6 investigation found some products on the market labeled as containing CBD did not have the amount listed on the product. NBC 6 Investigator Dan Krauth reports. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019) Growing Business Right now, you can find CBD products in beauty salons, gas stations and online. But you'll soon be seeing CBD products show up in a variety of other places, including larger scale retail stores. Last year, federal lawmakers passed the 2018 farm bill which separated hemp from the legal definition of marijuana, making it legal to manufacture and buy anywhere in the United States. In 2018, CBD was a $619 million industry nationwide. By the end of 2019, it's expected to hit $5.9 billion, according to researchers with Brightfield Group, a CBD marketing research firm. Little Regulation The growing industry has little to no regulation with no one watching what's going into the product. CBD is not considered a food or dietary supplement, so there aren't strict regulations or testing requirements for the products. The FDA can only go as far as warning companies against making any type of marketing claims regarding what the product can do for a person's health. Product Testing The NBC 6 Investigators purchased 35 CBD products from seven different companies. We bought five products of each brand. We covered the samples with white labels to prevent identification of the samples being tested at the lab. We then took the samples to Evio Labs, an accredited testing facility in Davie. The company tests for more than 400 companies worldwide. At the lab, the products were photographed and entered into the company's computer system. Chemists then measured and weighed the samples and tested for how much CBD was inside the products. The NBC6 Investigators then took the results and compared them to what we found on each of the company's labels we purchased. Product Results Of the 35 samples we tested, 20 of them had less than half of the amount of CBD advertised on the label. Some samples had no CBD at all. "Patients are being duped," said Chris Martinez, President of Evio Labs. "They're buying products that really aren't going to benefit them." Of the products we purchased, the biggest differences were found in gummies that were infused with CBD, one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. The NBC6 Investigators bought five packages of Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies. Each package listed that it contained "5 Max Strength Gummies." The package label advertises each gummy contains 15 mg of CBD. However, test results show each gummy had 2.2 mg or less. In an email, the attorney for Global Widget (which owns Hemp Bombs) said he "cannot verify" the test results but said the products tested were not made the way the company makes them now. "The gummies you tested were not made using our latest manufacturing equipment, which infuses the CBD hemp extract into the gummies, rather than sprinkling it one them," said attorney Rod Kight in an email. "This is significant because temperature changes, handling, and other external factors can cause the hemp CBD powder to fall off of the gummies over time." In another brand of gummies, Gold Line, the results were similar. The NBC6 Investigators purchased five bags of the product. The company's website listed each bag was infused with "High Potency 25 MG CBD." However, test results show each bag had 10.5 mg or less. In an email, a company spokesperson said he posted the wrong product photo online and has since removed it from the website. He called it an "innocent mistake." The biggest difference was discovered in a third brand of gummies. NBC6 purchased five packages of gummies from, a surgery recovery website based in the Miami area. The website claims they're the "strongest" CBD gummies and can help "speed up your recovery." The package advertises 1,000 mg of CBD inside. However, test results show each of the five packages had no CBD at all. "It's concerning and alarming," said Martinez. When the NBC6 Investigators called Dani from Dani's Doll House, she said she purchased the gummies from a distributor she did not name and put her own label on the packages. She told NBC6 she was going to "get to the bottom" of what happened. When it comes to oils, NBC6 also found differences. We purchased oils from three different companies. Out of the five oils purchased from Jolly Green Oil, all five had less than half the amount of CBD claimed by the company. After two weeks of calls and emails, the company hasn't responded to requests for comment. The oils from two other companies, CBDistillery and Lazarus Naturals, all had about the same amount of CBD inside the product as listed on the labels. Link I get asked a lot about CBD and it's good, however, I helped rediscover CBD thru testing, so I'm very knowledgable about this issue. Ask where it is tested, ask where does the CBD come from? Is it isolate? From Hemp? There are many more snake oil salesmen than there are valid CBD products on the shelves and gas stations nationwide. The chances that you tried real CBD is closer to none than slim. I know where mine comes from and even who grew it, I also saw the lab results and batch numbers. Unless you have that type of access, you have to outright question what you're actually getting. I found other research around the country that found very hard drugs being put in those products. I even saw them in head shops all over the country with labels handwritten. People, don't buy that stuff if you have ANY doubts. Unless you know the real stuff is in there, avoid it.
  6. Link Saints hire former Dolphins coach Darren Rizzi as new special teams coach BY ROD WALKER | RWALKER@THEADVOCATE.COM FEB 11, 2019 - 11:30 AM FacebookTwitter Em New Orleans Saints defensive end Marcus Davenport (92) attempts to block a punt by Carolina Panthers kicker Chandler Catanzaro (4) during the first half of an NFL football game in New Orleans, Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018. Advocate staff photo by SCOTT THRELKELD Facebook Twitter Email Print Sa The New Orleans Saints have hired Darren Rizzi as special teams coach. The Saints announced the hiring on Monday morning. Rizzi spent the past 10 seasons with the Miami Dolphins. Over the past eight seasons, his special teams unit in Miami ranked first in the NFL in blocked punts (11) and second in the NFL in total blocked kicks (22). Rizzi’s units served in the top half of NFL writer Rick Gosselin’s annual special teams rankings in all eight years that he served as the Dolphins special teams coordinator. The new hire came just 10 days after the Saints parted ways with special teams coordinator Bradford Banta and assistants Kevin O'Dea and Mike Westhoff. The Saints had what seemed to be a solid season on special teams. Kicker Wil Lutz made 28 of 30 field goals, including 26 in a row to break Morten Andersen's franchise record of 25 straight. Lutz also made 52 of 53 extra points this season. The Saints punting unit, led by punter Thomas Morstead, led the league in net yards. In addition, the team had a key blocked punt by Tayson Hill that sparked a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and converted a fake punt in the playoffs against the Eagles. Rizzi, who became the Dolphins' assistant head coach in 2017, interviewed to be Miami's head coach this offseason before the team hired Brian Flores.
  7. If the AFC North was as competitive as the NFC South over the past decade, methinks their getting fewer opportunities to arrive at the big game, personally. Ya if I was Brady and Belichick I'd keep on truckin' as long as possible and taking rings too.
  8. Saints one of four NFL teams affiliated with AAF's Memphis Express L By: John Sigler | 24 hours ago There’s been demand for a pro football spring league for quite some time, and someone finally decided to seize the moment: the Alliance of American Football, or AAF. What’s more, the AAF uses a recruitment model designed to attract players to their teams who are already popular in home markets. As explained in depth by Mark Inabinett at, AAF teams initially draw from local university programs. Otherwise, they are connected by the league office to players who last suited up for the closest NFL or CFL team. Any remaining players — those from unaffiliated universities and never signed to an NFL or CFL team — are considered free agents. That means that the New Orleans Saints are affiliated with the Memphis Express, for player recruitment purposes. In addition to the Saints, the Express draw from professional teams including the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers. At the collegiate level, the Express pick up talent from SEC programs such as Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. Other universities affiliated with the Express are Memphis, Middle Tennessee, Austin Peay, Tennessee-Chattanooga, Tennessee-Martin, Tennessee State, East Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Carson-Newman, Lane, and Tusculum. As of the AAF’s opening weekend, the only former Saints player on the Memphis roster was linebacker Davis Tull, a UT-Chattanooga graduate who was waived in 2016. Here’s the full list of former Saints on each AAF team: Arizona Hotshots: CB Sterling Moore, LB Obum Gwacham, WR Josh Huff Atlanta Legends: CB Damian Swann, WR Seantavius Jones Birmingham Iron: N/A Memphis Express: LB Davis Tull Orlando Apollos: OL Andrew Tiller Salt Lake Stallions: N/A San Antonio Commanders: N/A San Diego Fleet: LB Travis Feeney Link
  9. I get the red and yellow, those are AZ State colors however the green just flat out confuses me, the only green in that state are cactus. Salt Lake looks more Detroit-ish to me. Randy Mueller is the GM for Salt Lake, so I'm probably not going there. He can evaluate talent, however, still gunshy from the shit show he pulled off here.
  10. It's also disciplined surprisingly mistake-free ball penalty-wise as well. The play is a bit reserved and not very impassioned play. It's as if everyone is trying to put on their first date face for their job interview.
  11. The no onside kick replaced with the 4th and 12 in your endzone play and if you get it, you continue to drive, if you don't the other team gets the ball right at the spot. That's both interesting and potentially brutal if you lose it.
  12. It shows an angle they need to cover that wasn't. Agreed, that call was blown but I can see why he went there. That being said it looked to actually hit the ground, I would have reversed the call from my view. Agreed, Controversy Achievement Unlocked
  13. The no kickoffs, I can live with. It's statistically where most injuries take place. The rushing of 5 hasn't hurt the defenses, they're getting in their licks. They do a good job of officiating, I haven't seen anything too egregious that wasn't flagged. (this is only the second game I've watched.) I like that you get to watch inside the judges' box, the transparency is refreshing, to say the least. I like that they can actually hit the QB and not a flag. It seems balanced playcalling-wise. The going for it on 4th and 12 is an interesting twist. The lines on both sides of the ball will only improve with time together, that being said, they're solid teams. The teams look balanced as well. The app is something the NFL will have to replicate, it's animated and you can see the play how it happens. You paying attention NFL?
  14. Shhh! Just kidding, he was already considered and dropped from that consideration already. We want to retain Nolan if possible, the man performs LB miracles.