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  1. The NFC East is a joke wrapped in a sweater surrounded by confusion and talent that can't seem to meet consistently to decide who's what much less why.
  2. nope, but feel free to enlighten us when you come across it.
  3. No, I would not be in favor of signing him, next man up.
  4. It's also about the matchup, had the Saints vs Bucs game been the night game the numbers would have been different, second they ran 2 games which is always kinda confusing and confounding as the usual casual user expects one game on Monday night much less 2. People care about a narrative and our matchup had various facets that made people watch for different levels. Those numbers bear out. The ability of the NFL to put snoozers of matchups during prime time is a consistent conundrum of idiotic choices that bear little prime time number loot and has caused many of us to tune it out unless our team is playing. The NFL can be rather tone-deaf matchup-wise and nailing a solid matchup is more of a surprise nowadays as opposed to an expectation. What was a sexy matchup last year, suddenly isn't, why that is, is rather fascinating and worth a deep dive. You've got baseball, basketball, soccer, and football going, once those die down I expect them to bump upward. I watched the game side-eyed whilst gaming. Just not emotionally invested, not because of politics at all, more of what the NFL has become and how my team has been treated. Why care, when it will only be stolen by paid-off refs, come playoff time anyways. The game is no longer sound or trustworthy and is less entertaining year after year. The talking heads are just annoying and any sports media is just obnoxious to the point of ad nauseum. Mark Cuban was very right and in time it will come to light as to why, but too much life and COVID going on to care as well.
  5. The NFL’s Week 1 Ratings Are A Choose-Your-Own Narrative Roller Coaster #NFL by Brandon Wenerd 19 hours ago LINK GETTY IMAGE Depending on your point-of-view, either no one is watching the NFL or everyone is watching the NFL. Like most things in our fractured world, the discourse around NFL viewership lacks nuance, especially when the data tells two different stories. And that’s why data is beautiful. It has a way of underscoring the subtleties, providing a read-between-the-headline glimpse of what’s really going on with cold, hard numbers. For example, the NFL’s Week 1 Ratings. Last Thursday’s NFL Kickoffs between the Super Bowl champion Chiefs and the Texans marked a 16.1% drop in viewership compared to 2019. The primetime NBC game scored a 5.2 among adults aged 18-49 with 16.4 million viewers tuning in between 8-11 p.m. ET, while last season’s opener between the Bears and Packers ended up with a viewership of 22 million. Ouch. But wait… The NFL Game Of The Week was… Great?! Tom Brady’s debut with the Buccaneers was a ratings success for FOX Sports. According to the network, they received an overnight rating of 16.2 for its Week 1 game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers – That’s almost as many people as the Thursday night opener and marks a four-year high for the very first NFL Game of the Week. In laymen terms: More people watched the 4 PM game on Fox this year – despite all the rhetoric and noise about boycotts – than last year, creating a net positive rating success. Particularly important for the viewership is the Tom Brady storyline, which drove hordes of viewership in both the Tampa and Boston DMA: But what about Sunday Night Football? … Not great, Bob! The Los Angeles Rams debuted their fancy new $5 billion home in Inglewood against America’s Team, beating the Cowboys 20-17 in the home opener. According to Deadline, ratings for Rams-Cowboys slid compared to previous years. It scored a 4.7 in early ratings among adults 18-49, driving an estimated 14.81 million viewers. That said, this data is missing West Coast numbers, which is probably pretty meaningful considering the pull for an LA team. via Deadline: So what’s going on? The NFL backlash will be a narrative all season long. It’s not going away; tempers are hot and election-year rhetoric is in full swing until the first week in November. Clearly the NFL isn’t in any major trouble, despite sky-is-falling rhetoric from a doom-and-gloom crowd. NBC probably isn’t too happy about the rocky start for their expensive primetime franchises. FOX, meanwhile, is presumably ecstatic – People tuned in for Tom Brady in Tampa Bay orange; they were “meh” on the storylines going into Sunday night, including the shiny new Los Angeles Rams stadium, because there are probably more important things to care about than stadium showpieces right now. Jerry Jones hand, however. That was must-see TV. The X-factor at the time of this writing: ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Steelers vs. Giants draws from two huge viewership regions, with national implications. If it’s a slump, conclusions about the success of the boycott will be trumpeted. If it’s a net-positive compared to last year, there will be a whole lot of “I told you so.” Guess we’ll see. But what about NFL merch? According to Fanatics CEO / founder Michael Rubin, NFL team apparel and merch is BOOMING compared to other years. That revenue directly lines NFL teams’ pockets. So I doubt any of the billionaires who own NFL teams are losing sleep over ratings losses or boycotts when they’re making all kinds of money on their team licensing. The NFL masks on are a nice touch. In conclusion Depending on their audience, many media outlets are running with “NFL RATINGS ARE BAD!” or “NFL RATINGS ARE GREAT!” headlines. The reality is that, like everything in life, they’re complicated and don’t really reflect the nuance of what all this means nor the business reality for the NFL and its franchises, which seem to be doing just fine, even without tailgates and fans in the stands. A couple more notes in conclusion: -Ratings in the Bay Area for the 49ers boomed. -Las Vegas was lukewarm for its very first opener as the Las Vegas Raiders. -It will be fun to watch the Buccaneers ratings as the Tom Brady franchise drama continues to unfold.
  6. What were your thoughts on the game? It was an opening game against a divisional opponent in the Dome with an HoF QB and we come out rusty but firing serious shots! It was odd with no fans in the Dome but the team brought the intensity and we got a division W and all the other teams in the division lost! A good solid start from all 3 phases contributing to make this a win! 1-0! WHO DAT!
  7. Voting is locked, good luck everyone!
  8. Expect sloppy ball for a few weeks as the kinks get worked out. Agreed this will determine the need and necessity of what has been preseason in the past and if it's worth moving forward and how much as a whole. Rookie rosters are going to have a tough time, I feel, initially, established teams should have a hiccup or two but I'm expecting to see some chaos, but not too much. I also see preseason continuing in the future but not 4 games anymore, those days are gone.
  9. I'm not optimistic, I feel there will be a few pauses in the season due to COVID, but the season will eventually continue. I still feel we're a 12-4 team and can show up against anyone, we just have to prove it. We can't win every game but Brees knows, we know and everyone knows this is Brees's final season here so he's going to either pull it off or age will show it's time to move on. We're here, father time calls for everyone but Brees is trying to buck it, time will tell, how ironic. Even if a worst-case scenario injury-wise happens we have depth at QB I feel we would not miss a beat. It comes down to trenches and we have deep trenches on both sides with a plethora of talent. We have to pay the bills next year so we have to do it now or never. I still see Brees hoisting a second Lombardi and riding off into the sunset, it's the feel good story we all want to see. Buckle in, it's gonna be another bumpy ride but we're in for an epic season regardless.
  10. Haven't really had any luck in the past years landing any 'names' late prior to the season starting. It all comes down to money and we're deft at it, but we're too tight against the cap year after year and each year has its justifications but it leads to other teams having a plethora of more cash to throw around. Clowney was a mercenary like Suh was and it all comes down to available cash, the likes of wanting another shot at the title seems to fall short of when the check gets signed as of late. We just can't financially compete at this time of the year. He was pure lagniappe at this point, but once injuries start to pile up, that lagniappe could be all you got and we've gotten to that point in recent seasons past. I love Loomis and what he does but if you look at next years cap, we're in for a forgettable 2021 season, let's just say that to get it out of the way. We are dangerously forward loaded and Loomis has credit but even he will have to pay the piper. They're just riding out Brees at this point.
  11. It's Officially absolutely NO Preseason Saints football so that means we're gonna officially try for that time of year again, once again! It's The Official Put Up or Shut Up Thread: 2020 Edition! This is an annual WhoDatZone tradition where YOU get to make your prediction for all to see for the ages. This is YOUR chance to make your prediction on how YOU predict the 2020 Saints Regular Season finishing. These polls will be open until the start of the first Saints game of the Regular Season and then it will lock automatically and won't be unlocked until after the Season is completed. This thread will be locked to the top of the forum for the duration of the 2020 Season. We do this so we can see who made the best prediction overall. This is just for fun, there are no prizes except for all the bragging rights. Your job, if you choose to accept it is to First, cast your votes in the polls here. Secondly, go into the comments section and type your selection down and tell us why you chose what you chose. Third, write below and tell us if you see the Saints reaching the Playoffs or not. Fourth, if you envision the Saints making the Playoffs, tell us also how far we will go into the Postseason. It should look something like this Example (not my official vote): I'm going to vote 8-8! I can see us going 8-8 because of injuries and Carolina coming on strong. I can see us finishing second overall in the division. I don't see us making the playoffs. Since we're in a unique year for sports I've added a new line, Cancelled/Suspended. I debated it but it's a real possibility so I added the option for your consideration. Good Luck All! 2020, Who Dat!