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  1. We know this saying, we know coach is too. The Saints are coming off their bye and we have a steep challenge and this weeks key is to not even sniff that fromage. I like challenges, we faced the daunting #1 D in Washington and we know how that ended up. This week we once again face the #1 D in the league. Odd how that happened, yet here we are. If you glance at this weeks power rankings you'll notice something odd. We're top 2 for the most part in the view of the media. Where the hell did that come from? Well, it's been the emergence of the D, plain and simple. I mean c'mon we've had little to no doubt about this teams ability to score from game one, it was the ability to not stop the other team from scoring is how we ended up at the bottom of the barrel for the league in yards. Brees circled this game, this is a game he hasn't been able to win and one he wants badly. We are playing in the open field of Baltimore and not the confines of the dome, people will say. This is the time where we remind people that Drew played outside in the mud and the muck at Purdue and did just fine. This is a game Payton wants Brees to win like any other, but we have to really bring our A game across all 3 phases. This is a true test of where we are and where we're going, sadly it's that way for both teams. The Ravens have a D that is built to give teams like the Saints O fits, we have a true challenge. We also have one of the best interior linemen in the league. This is where we are going to really find out how elite that line is. They have size power and quickness and its been on display, but they've not faced an O like ours. The team has benefited from an early bye week to rest and recoup as well as the gameplan for this team. If Lattimore passes protocol we will have our D back to full strength. We are the #1 running D in the league by the numbers currently and that will be tested all game. Flacco is going to be Flacco, he has decent games and downright awful ones. If we unleash Davenport and Jordan consistently then Flacco will have the latter. He doesn't respond to pressure well. Neither does Brees which is why it will be key for our interior linemen to hold their ground. If they do so we can win this one with some comfort. If we collapse consistently, we're going to be in nailbiter territory and no one wants that. Geaux Saints!!!!!
  2. Michael Thomas calls Josh Norman a 'Goof ball con artist' to cap late-night Twitter feud play Ad (0:09) 12:55 PM PT ESPN Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print A Monday Night Football feud between Michael Thomas and Josh Norman went from the field to the locker room to Twitter, where the Saints receiver ripped the Redskins cornerback in a back-and-forth that carried well into the early hours of Tuesday morning. Norman was one of several Redskins players to criticize Thomas after the Saints' 43-19 victory. "That guy -- to speak on him, I will not waste my breath," Norman said when asked about Thomas. "I'm sorry. I will not. He's not worthy of it. He never will be worthy of it." Thomas, in response to a Washington Post reporter's tweet of Norman's quote, tweeted after the game that he "made that boy check out after the first half," referring to Norman's brief benching in the second half. Norman, in a tweet that has since been deleted, responded by accusing Thomas of "clout chasing," followed by an emoji of a clown. Norman also stated that Thomas did not have a reception when the two lined up against each other and called Thomas a "blocking decoy." In a series of subsequent tweets, Thomas called Norman a "Zone Corner" and said "[I'm] going to bully you ever(y) time I see you." Thomas also poked fun at Norman's "cheap ahh suit" and said, "You 30 yrs old dude. Life comes at you fast." Thomas then called out Norman for deleting his tweets, calling him a "Goof ball con artist." Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Twitter Ads info and privacy Norman was joined in his postgame criticism of Thomas by Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger and cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Swearinger accused Thomas of "petty stuff" and suggested that the Saints receiver would have been penalized if Drew Brees had not broken Peyton Manning's all-time record for career passing yards Monday night. "[Thomas] is just a clown -- just clowning," Swearinger said. "Just doing little petty stuff after the play. Petty stuff after the play the referees would call if this wasn't history night for Drew Brees. But we had to fight against the refs and all that, too." Michael Thomas capped a late-night Twitter battle with Josh Norman by calling the Redskins cornerback a "Goof ball con artist." Chris Graythen/Getty Images Dunbar told reporters that Thomas was "pushing" and "hitting" Washington players after the whistle. "He was just doing little slick s--- after the plays, tapping you and doing little crazy stuff after the play trying to get you going," Dunbar said. "Pushing, hitting, talking -- doing all that." Dunbar said he thought Thomas' actions were more "corny" than "annoying." "I don't take disrespect well," Dunbar said. "For you to keep hitting another man and going back to the huddle, who does that? Not hitting after the whistle, but tapping you as he's going back to the huddle. Just little corny stuff." Thomas set the NFL record for most catches in the first two years of a career (196, from 2017 to 2018) and the most catches through the first three weeks of a season this year (38). He finished with 74 yards on four receptions Monday night. Thomas is typically soft-spoken in interviews, but he isn't afraid to show his bravado on Twitter -- starting with his handle, "CantGuardMike" -- though this is the most that a trash-talking battle has ever escalated with an opponent. Thomas also seemed more fired up than usual for Monday night's game. He wore a ski mask during pregame introductions and was dancing on the sideline and firing up the crowd as the Saints' rout escalated. "I'm not a big fan of the ski mask, honestly. I am a big fan of Mike, though, and how he plays," Saints coach Sean Payton said. "He is an emotional player, he's tough, extremely dedicated, he works his tail off and there isn't a more passionate player."
  3. Michael Thomas‏Verified account @Cantguardmike 14h14 hours ago More Michael Thomas Retweeted New Orleans Saints | Sis Michael Thomas added, 2:11 New Orleans Saints | NOLA.comVerified account @SaintsNOW .@Cantguardmike putting DB's in their feelings: Part 1. Josh Norman didn't even want to "waste his breath" on Michael Thomas … 181 replies2,098 retweets5,905 likes Reply 181 Retweet 2.1K Like 5.9K Direct message
  4. Michael Thomas‏Verified account @Cantguardmike 13h13 hours ago More Michael Thomas Retweeted New Orleans Saints | “Get Out Yo Feelin’s” by @YG Michael Thomas added, 2:31 New Orleans Saints | NOLA.comVerified account @SaintsNOW .@Cantguardmike putting DB's in their feelings: Part 2. Quinton Dunbar said that there was a lot of (expletive) talking, but he doesn't know "what's wrong with that… 41 replies1,029 retweets2,905 likes Reply 41 Retweet 1.0K Like 2.9K Direct message
  5. Josh Norman and Quinton Dunbar after Michael Thomas talked to them: 10 replies590 retweets1,772 likes Reply 10 Retweet 590 Liked 1.8K Direct message
  6. Michael Thomas‏Verified account @Cantguardmike Michael Thomas Retweeted You my son, go to bed son. I was punking you all night give me a break. @ your coach so he can put your so called tough guy self in timeout again … Michael Thomas added, This Tweet is unavailable.
  7. Josh Norman has since deleted the thread but MT13 didn't
  8. Whatever, who cares what tripe these fools peddle to get a rise outta y’all. This is one reason I stopped watching these idiots years ago. A bunch of never did much-es talk smack like they did something. They play your emotions like a fiddle and get y’all riled up over nonsense. Ignore these fools and drivel and just watch the game. These guys are paid to go against the grain to get you all up in your feels, stop playing into their manipulative hands at your expense. They’re literally not worth the energy concentration or giving them a thought or consideration.
  9. NFC SOUTH W L T PCT HOME AWAY DIV CONF PF PA DIFF STRK New Orleans Saints 4 1 0 .800 2-1 2-0 1-1 3-1 180 140 +40 W4 Carolina Panthers 3 1 0 .750 3-0 0-1 0-1 2-1 104 91 +13 W2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 2 0 .500 1-1 1-1 1-0 2-1 112 139 -27 L2 Atlanta Falcons 1 4 0 .200 1-2 0-2 1-1 1-2 133 163 -30 L3
  10. Davenport came into his own and straight wrecked fools tonight