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  1. Interesting idea. In my mind a ring of honor is for retired players (for some specified amount of time?) Just a thought. I picked my 5 players with this in mind, in no particular order: Deuce Hollywood Mills Rickey Jackson Dalton Hilliard
  2. Jesus, I really hope not. For the life of me I don't understand why ANY team not named Buffalo, Jacksonville, or Cleveland (probably also SF when reality finally sets in) would want this circus in their back yard.
  3. I'm uneasy making hasty decisions in our secondary. We had no consistent pass rush, and aside from Rob's first year we really haven't had one since 2009. No DB can cover forever and we keep our secondary running for days and then crucify them when they fail. Each year we have limited CAP space to work with, so we can usually only afford a few key free agents and on D we keep investing in the secondary, how 'bout we bring in a marquee D lineman for a change? Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
  4. We will probably never know the full story. Everyone has their theories, here is mine for what it's worth: My company hired a new CEO a little while back, who was supposedly hired to help us reach "the next level". During this period there were tons of rumors, chief among them was that the new administration was looking to sell off our company. The new CEO addressed this in a town hall meeting. He said, no we're not actively looking for buyers. Then he picked out a random person and asked them if their home was for sale. This person said no, and then our CEO said what if I gave you $1 mil for it, would it be for sale then? Of course their answer changed. So while we are not being marketed for sale if the right offer came along then well, we are a publically traded company we would have to do the right thing for our share holders. What it sounds like to me is that one or more teams made inquiries on Sean, probably prompted by the rumor mill, and the Saints Org didn't want to let him go but made a pie in the sky request, which sounds like it was overly generous to the Saints and so was rejected by his suitors I just have a hard time believing that if Sean really wanted out that the Saints would force him to stay out of what, spite? Spite to a coach that won us our only Super bowl? If I owned a team would I want to keep our HC a hostage that didn't want to be here? Especially if a team was willing to offer any compensation for him? It's not like SP has had a contentious relationship with management... Just my .02
  5. I didn't read the whole post (too many pages, and frankly I don't care that much) but I didn't see a gif or meme with the scene from Scanners where dudes head explodes so I'm not totally happy yet....
  6. Couldn't happen to a better franchise...hopefully after that the Falcons will hire him.
  7. Hightower for some hard running and good screen running. Browner for his run support every time I saw him get near a back the play immediately screeched to a halt. Forbath for not choking on the chip shot to win.
  8. Never!!!!
  9. I don't know about "celebrating" but a decent amount of fans/posters on this site and others have been pretty adamant on "demanding" this firing. My comment is to them. . I myself have been a manager, responsible for hiring, firing, and evaluations. Even if I didn't like or respect the employee, I was never happy to fire anyone, no matter how terrible I judged they were. So, I hear ya Face.
  10. The last two D-Lineman we had that could take over a game with any kind of consistency were Charles Grant & the fresh Prince (neither of whom were drafted by Sean/Loomis by the way). I watch our D-line running in place week after week allowing every quarterback we play to have all the time in the world to carve us up. Think about that before you celebrate Rob's firing.
  11. I dunno, it seems like every damn year a story comes out where our CAP looks grim, and every year and we still manage to make some plays that bring in some coveted free agents and then the CAP doesn't kill us. Remember after 2008? When (much like this year) the last team to hold the ball won every game and we ended up 8-8? The word in the off season was we didn't have enough money to do anything significant to change that and yet we did enough to win a ring. I also recall after 2009 it was all "oh, the sky is falling, we have 20+ potential free agents, oh, however will we field a team" and we did, and it was a pretty good play-off team even if we did implode under Beastmode. I appreciate that we don't seem to be getting the return that we'd hoped for from Spiller and Browner, but they were both marquee signings, which on paper sight unseen seemed like good moves and we still seem to do it year after year.
  12. OK, so let me understand this correctly: someone "tweeted" that they didn't like Browner's language after we lost??? You know this isn't cricket, right? STFU!
  13. Well, timing is everything. We started at 0-3 and then we managed to crawl, scrape our way back to .500 with three straight wins. The Titans on the other hand have dropped 6 straight and also had their HC fired. I joked with a coworker earlier in the week that I wished we played them a week before the firing not the week after. I was only sort of joking, IMO this was the worst possible game to play Tennessee. I'm also honestly surprised by all of the firings of assistant coaches in the middle of a season that's happened this year. When did this become a thing? I know there's the usual 'scapegoat turnover' of assistants at the end of every season but I don't remember any year prior to this one when it's happened during the season. An occasional HC, but not assistants. Since our Superbowl season we have had a serious problem with getting pressure on the QB. (This just in, no corner can cover forever!) Greg Williams couldn't figure it out, Spags neither, and frankly, the last DC we had that managed to field a good pass rush was, um... Rob Ryan. Can someone tell me why Rob, who has had considerable success with us, and elsewhere, is suddenly the problem, versus our roster being the issue? I like Dennis Allen, and I was thrilled to have him back, but I don't think he, himself is going to get a lot of sacks out of our team.
  14. I know he got the linen, but was it really deserved or was it ticky tacky (as well as the other numerous defensive holding calls we got)? I'm watching without sound (and to be honest some broadcasters go out of their way to show video of most penalties and some don't - this team was the latter) so I didn't see a lot of it. I fully admit I am a homer, but it seemed that at least 3, if not 4 of the Giants offensive TD's only happened because the refs kept extending their drives, over and over again yet it never seemed to come our way. Particularly notable - in the 4th Sneed was targeted and when the ball got there dude has a defender on his back, literally, and no penalty. I don't like to be that guy that blames the refs for everything, but it felt...uneven to me. Did anyone else feel the same?
  15. My first thought as well.
  16. I liked Dunbar when he was with us. I hope he's still in good shape (and clean)
  17. The last few years the NFL has made a point of ruling catches on the follow through - even after you hit the ground you have to keep possession of the ball. Remember when Megatron incident that cost Detroit a game them a few years back, and he didn't lose possession, he gave it up after the catch. It's being called even tighter this year. I was surprised when Sean called his first challenge on this, and even more surprised when he threw the red flag again on what was basically the same situation. It was obvious that the receiver did not keep possession in how the NFL is now calling it when the ball popped out. I live in Bucs country so I go to a sports bar to watch our non-nationally televised games so I get no audio while I'm watching. I've never thought SP was a replay call "genius" as a coach, but I didn't think he was stupid either. Was he challenging some other aspect of these plays other than the catch it self or was he getting bad advise from our peeps in the booth? Was it addressed during the game or in the press conferences?
  18. Great win but we made this harder on us than we had to by passing so much in the 4th Q thereby giving them so much time to close the gap. One pass doesn't earn a game ball but damn good throw under serious pressure by McCown in the fake FG by the way. He got leveled the second the ball was out of his hand.
  19. Thanks!
  20. Is there a trick to it? It's telling me "invalid user"
  21. I'm not sure that you read my post correctly Brod, I didn't blame anyone for our lack of a strong deep passing game, I just mentioned what I perceived as it's absence. I admit I may have been a little flip with the "chucking" comment which combined with my praise of McCown may have set off alarms to make you go on a Drew Defense Offensive but that wasn't my intent.
  22. You have more faith than me in our long range capabilities. Do I think that may have been best tactical approach? Maybe, even probably, but the last year or two (at least) I haven't seen a very powerful down field passing game from our O. You take just chucking it to Graham in a miss-match situations out of the mix and it has been flukish at best and an INT at worst. We need a pass rush, and we need a run game.
  23. Luke did a very good job. Was he perfect, of course not but I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen one of our back-ups perform so well. (Chubby Chase always looked so great in preseason but every time he went in for one of our year mop-up games he never did doodly squat.). He took command of the offense Our team right now has a lot of issues: struggles to have a consistent running game (AKA O-Line issues), a youthful receiver corps (well, mostly) , defensive issues. IMO I don't believe if Drew was there we'd have had a different result.