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  1. Well deserved...
  2. I thought I heard an announcer say that, but not sure. I know that we at one point were tied for league lead in picks at around our 2nd one I believe, so with 5, don't we end up as the regular season INT leaders? For D, I'm going full Oprah for those who got a pick, 'YOU GET A PICK! AND YOU GET A PICK! AND YOU GET A PICK! EVERYBODY GETS A PICK!' DD as usual for his LB play, Davenport as well. O: Brees, Sanders, Montgomery, Calloway (some clutch catches), Carr for that tough TD, and the OL for opening some holes for Mont and keeping Brees relatively clean (minus that rough looking hit he took). ST: Legatron and TLL. I wanted to give one to Deez Lutz, but he missed the XP, so the Deez Lutz jersey stays in the closet yet another week...
  3. I haven't seen a game yet, but I know they're 4-2 so far... should I start tuning in?
  4. Great news for us. I really hope the RB situation gets resolved ASAP b/c I'm worried that Hill got a concussion yesterday, and besides Montgomery, we got nuthin' else... unless we put Legatron in at RB (I keed, I keed)...
  5. Yeah, Jackrabbit was an absolute monster... Same for TRex...
  6. Brees has 11 fractured ribs, wow...
  7. On offense, Hill, AK, MT, and the OL. The whole defense got a gameball from me. SP? Callaway since Deez Lutz doinked one... Oh, and, too soon? Lol (never too soon!)
  8. Thanksgiving came early for Taysom and the defense... nom nom nom...