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  1. I'm happy for Toronto, especially being a fan of a franchise that took decades to reach the mountaintop. I saw a hilarious vid of a drunk Raptors fan in Toronto who pulled up a plant from somewhere and was interviewed about it and he asked the reporter if he'd seen Kawhi Leonard around b/c he had a plant to give him. Gave me a good chuckle.
  2. Last week was rough for NOLA, first Leah Chase then Dr. John. A prominent writing journalist in NOLA died the week before that but I can't remember his name, but he was a big deal. I saw video of the second line for Dr. John, to say it was massive is an understatement. He will desitively be missed... but on a bit of a bright side, there is one last unreleased record that we'll be getting from him...
  3. USA just blew out Thailand 13-0, Alex Morgan had 5 goals... wow...
  4. Awesome news! Way to Loomis it up, Khai! How much cap relief does this give us if any?
  5. Gotta love how the team spent the last day of OTA's... by visiting the WW2 museum on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day...
  6. He signed w/ the Panties... so much for his claim of wanting to go to a contender...
  7. The full press conference... Congrats to them both, I still hope the team would sign Reggie to a 1 day contract so he can officially retire as a Saint like he wants...
  8. Thank you for food Ms. Chase... NEW ORLEANS — Leah Chase, a legendary New Orleans chef, died Saturday at the age of 96. Chase was the owner and chef of Dookie Chase. Her family issued the following statement on her passing: "The Chase family is heartbroken to share the news that our Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Leah Chase, passed away surrounded by her family on June 1, 2019. Leah Chase, lovingly referred to as the Queen of Creole Cuisine, was the executive chef and co-owner of the historic and legendary Dooky Chase’s Restaurant. She was a major supporter of cultural and visual arts and an unwavering advocate for civil liberties and full inclusion of all. She was a proud entrepreneur, a believer in the Spirit of New Orleans and the good will of all people, and an extraordinary woman of faith. Mrs. Chase was a strong and selfless matriarch. Her daily joy was not simply cooking, but preparing meals to bring people together. One of her most prized contributions was advocating for the Civil Rights Movement through feeding those on the front lines of the struggle for human dignity. She saw her role and that of Dooky Chase’s Restaurant to serve as a vehicle for social change during a difficult time in our country’s history. Throughout her tenure, Leah treasured all of her customers and was honored to have the privilege to meet and serve them. While we mourn her loss, we celebrate her remarkable life, and cherish the life lessons she taught us. The Family will continue her legacy of “Work, Pray, and Do for Others.” Grateful To You, The Chase Family"
  9. LMAO... NSFW
  10. I know of the name and his legend only, he played before I was born. RIP indeed to an all-time great.