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  1. Wow, what a helluva game... Burrow was great.... Gotta fix the 1st down issues though...
  2. Man, part of me wishes we played all of our games on MNF. We show up so big time on these games...
  3. C'mon in and watch history happen...
  4. He's my FF QB in a league :-D
  5. Yeah, the OL was atrocious, they left Burrow out to dry. I wasn't a fan of all those cute jet sweeps they tried. I wish they would have stuck to the pass (even though there were some bad drops) to open up the run game. Our pass rush was pretty bad too.
  6. I think he and Demario are our best LB's.
  7. This kid is so awesome... he's apparently trying to get a victim for the skins game...
  8. I thought Jack Ryan was really good too. If you like that, check out Condor. I think it's better than Jack Ryan.
  9. Yeahhhhhhh, Ingram is HYPED!!!!! Mark Ingram couldn't wait to be back with the New Orleans Saints. Ingram's four-game suspension is officially over, so on Monday, he's free to rejoin the team. But, the veteran running back couldn't wait until meetings. According to Peter King's Football Morning in America, Ingram was at the airport at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning to greet the Saints when they returned home after beating the New York Giants on Sunday. Fellow Saints running back Alvin Kamara actually mentioned this possibility after the game. "Free Mark!" Kamara said Sunday. "I talked to him before the game. He'll probably be at the airport when we land. It feels good to know he served his four and he's going to be back. It's about to be ugly."
  10. Why cut Willams over the fumbling machine we got from the pats?
  11. They worked out a few guys today, have another visit scheduled, and signed Arrion Springs...
  12. And now PRob to IR w/ a broken ankle...
  13. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
  14. Reach out to this dude about the TB patches...

    1. BlackNGold4Life


      ordered two.. Thanks!