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  1. Ok, well he mad?
  2. I hadn't heard of this before...
  3. Yo dtg... Anyone wanna come join chat?
  4. Congrats on getting married!
  5. He seems really happy here and I think the future is very bright...
  6. One of the things I read about MT somewhere that the biggest thing that has been missing from camp for the WR's is his work ethic, how he goes 100% every rep, and that rubs off on the other WR's, so I look forward to seeing how the newbies and 2nd yrs respond to that.
  7. Wow.
  8. I'm also hearing good things about Cyril Grayson... the kid can run... plus Rashid Matthews is having a solid camp too...
  9. Cyril Grayson is a fast man...