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  1. Falcon Hate week would NOT be complete without revisiting this classic thread. Let's just call it the Falcons Fans Pit of Misery!
  2. I hate losing a third round (especially since we don't have a #1) but the Saints are in a "win now" mode and they are probably seeing this as an insurance policy. Additionally, they are hoping those are very late round picks. (essentially a #2 and #4) Add into this that TB had a 65% completion rate and stood well in the pocket during his last full season they might just be looking at the heir apparent. Brees is basically on a 1+1 deal. If they win the SB, then Brees may retire. Who knows?
  3. I think that this shows where they think the future may lie.
  4. This shows the team and the fans that the front office and coaching staff believes that this team is good enough to win with Bridgewater if Brees goes down. Also, this is only going to affect our cap by about 3.7 MM this year.
  5. He's on a one year deal right now. He was seeking a multi-year deal worth about $15MM.
  6. I think that someone must have been cutting onions down the hall at about the 15 minute mark. A wonderful tribute to the legacy of Mr. B.
  7. So after having season tickets for as long as I have (30 years), I was invited to participate in the pre-game flag unfurling during player introductions for the Cleveland game on September 16th. I can hardly wait! WHO DAT!
  8. Our seats are in the end zone opposite of the one where Hartley scored. Mo was so nervous through the last half of that game and OT that she kept squeezing my arm. I think that I still have bruises. I could tell it was good when that ball left his foot. That 'Dome erupted!
  9. We're going to Houston this weekend and are planning a big crawfish boil with family. Almost ALL of them are transplants from here so I'm going to share this with them.
  10. We'll miss seeing you at the occasional Saints game... unless, of course, that you can make it down occasionally. Congrats on the step up, Mexiclause!
  11. Indeed, the Saints haven't drafted a QB in the first round since Archie Manning in 1971 with the second overall pick. When you consider that there are only three other teams that haven't spent a first round pick on a QB in this century, that is a pretty amazing statistic for such a QB-centric league. Yes, Dave Wilson was chosen in the old Supplemental Draft but isn't counted as a true first round pick.
  12. All of those first round QB picks and they are STILL in the toilet. Trivia time; (1) Which team has gone the longest since picking a QB in the first round? (2) Who was the last QB that the Saints took in the first round?