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  1. Our seats are in the end zone opposite of the one where Hartley scored. Mo was so nervous through the last half of that game and OT that she kept squeezing my arm. I think that I still have bruises. I could tell it was good when that ball left his foot. That 'Dome erupted!
  2. We're going to Houston this weekend and are planning a big crawfish boil with family. Almost ALL of them are transplants from here so I'm going to share this with them.
  3. We'll miss seeing you at the occasional Saints game... unless, of course, that you can make it down occasionally. Congrats on the step up, Mexiclause!
  4. Indeed, the Saints haven't drafted a QB in the first round since Archie Manning in 1971 with the second overall pick. When you consider that there are only three other teams that haven't spent a first round pick on a QB in this century, that is a pretty amazing statistic for such a QB-centric league. Yes, Dave Wilson was chosen in the old Supplemental Draft but isn't counted as a true first round pick.
  5. All of those first round QB picks and they are STILL in the toilet. Trivia time; (1) Which team has gone the longest since picking a QB in the first round? (2) Who was the last QB that the Saints took in the first round?
  6. Thank you, BigBrod81. That was GOLDEN! And tarnished the gold on the Snotty Whiners at the same time! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The only thing better than all of this is that my obnoxious brother in law is a die hard Snotty Whiner homer and an LSU apologist. He was dancing around in glee last year after the draft. All that I can say now is: Revenge is a dish best served cold.
  7. Happy birthday, Face!
  8. If this secondary can deliver then think about what that means for the front 7. Especially when you consider the list of people in that group... Cam Jordan, Alex Okafor, Sheldon Rankins, Alex Anzalone, AJ Klein, Craig Robertson, Trey Hendrickson, David Onyemata, Demario Davis, AQ Muhammed, Manti Te'o.
  9. I read this move frees up 3.5 - 4 million and will likely keep "Legatron" here until he retires.
  10. Nope. They just restructured and extended Morestead and that frees up 3.5 - 4 million in cap space.
  11. This is a great read:
  12. He was instrumental in that 8 game win streak last year. I hope he comes back fully healed.
  13. Somewhere I have a picture of me with "Hondo" at Saints Training Camp circa 2000. I need to dig that one up.