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  1. Mo can't come tomorrow so I have her ticket available. I'm leaving Lafayette at about 7:30. Anyone interested?
  2. Yes, The Saints play the Falconian Scourge on the 28th and will earn their 3rd division championship in a row after vanquishing the disgusting fowls. 28-3. Never Forget!
  3. "I have spoken."
  4. Great read, Lee. A couple of things to note: 1. The Saints are 5 victories away from clinching the division right now. Furthermore, depending on what happens with the Panthers the Saints COULD mathematically have things wrapped by week 13 because that will mean the Saints are 5-0 in the division. If the Panthers (our only competition for the division at this point) drops one more in the next 4 weeks then they won't really be able to climb out of the hole. 2. the Strength of Schedule going forward has the Seahawks and 49er's as the toughest and second toughest schedules in the league for remaining opponents. The Saints are at 19th in the league. The 49er's have only played the 29th hardest schedule in the league for opponents of games played. Anything can happen at any point of the season but, as a fan, you have to be optimistic moving forward!
  5. Teddy was awesome! The O-line gave him time (with no big penalties) and he took over this game. But have awesome is that D-Line?!?!?! This is a complete team.
  6. There were a few Cowboy fans around our seats. And let me tell you, they paid A LOT of money for those seats! But the thing that amazed me is that when Dallas had the ball and we Saints fans were making noise the Dallas fans tried to shout over us with that "Let's go, Cowboys!" chant. I kept thinking "but your team's on offense, you morons!"
  7. This is a great interview between the two longest tenured and winningest coaches this franchise has ever had. Everyone can learn a thing or two from it.
  8. Well I should be there. I received my season ticket package on Saturday. FYI, the tickets have player pictures on them. For the first preseason game against the Vikings they have Marcus Williams as the player.
  9. And don't forget the missed opportunities with two redzone trips in the first quarter. They left eight points on the table. Up by 11 at the end of the game would have made a difference.
  10. Yeah... Don't piss off this bunch of NOLA/Cajun fans. The noise will be NON STOP! I know this because I will be in that number. Goff won't be able to hear what McVay is sending him. Deafening crowd noise!
  11. Yep. Getting ugly in KC early.
  12. Merry Christmas to all of my WDZ family! We don't have to play a meaningful game until January 12/13 2019. Until then, it's "Teddy Time!"
  13. The Steelers did A LOT of 5 wide out formations and that is always a problem for any secondary. If the pass rush doesn't get there quickly then someone is coming free in the defensive secondary.
  14. Ya gotta like those 98% odds with two weeks left. Let's beat the Steelers then rest some of that O-line, running backs, and receivers. Oh, and see what Teddy Bridgewater can do.
  15. Mine is already ordered. It will sit next to some of my other signed memorabilia.