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  1. I love the line that Baldinger said in one of his breakdowns about the Saints O-Line versus the Rams D-Line. It was something like "Look at that pocket! What happened to those 4 first round draft picks? They disappeared!"
  2. And we get to see that "wiggle dance" of his!
  3. Reporting here that he signed:
  4. And right now we are the ONLY team in the NFC that controls its own destiny for the playoffs and seeding.
  5. I had to Google translate that "Failfotzen." I figured I knew who you were talking about but I absolutely LOVE that take on them! BTW, don't just Google "Failfotzen." There is some VERY strange porn related to that term. You have been warned!
  6. And part of that was the fact that the 'Skins were looking at the underneath because Taysom Hill was in the formation split out and sweeping as the ball was snapped. Fake (not even a good fake) the hand off to Hill and the DBs were caught peeking into the backfield. They left one man on Smith and he streaked right by that guy. Wide open for TD #2! Maybe Smith was able to keep THAT ball! That is the power of the "Hill packages."
  7. They showed that in the 'Dome last night right after Brees broke the record. I have always loved Peyton Mannings self deprecating humor. Of course, he also showed great class!
  8. And, again. Smith ran it right into my corner of the Poydras Street end zone. A very special night!
  9. Yes. The "big uglies" are the ones that open those holes for Kamara/Ingram and protect Brees. Major props to them! And how cool is it that Kamara is excited for Ingram coming back? Ingram really is a major part of the heartbeat of that locker room.
  10. I just hope that he's tossing it to a receiver near my end zone seats. That's where it was for breaking both Unitas and Marino's records and I was IN THE HOUSE! I plan to be there next week again.
  11. Falcon Hate week would NOT be complete without revisiting this classic thread. Let's just call it the Falcons Fans Pit of Misery!
  12. I hate losing a third round (especially since we don't have a #1) but the Saints are in a "win now" mode and they are probably seeing this as an insurance policy. Additionally, they are hoping those are very late round picks. (essentially a #2 and #4) Add into this that TB had a 65% completion rate and stood well in the pocket during his last full season they might just be looking at the heir apparent. Brees is basically on a 1+1 deal. If they win the SB, then Brees may retire. Who knows?
  13. I think that this shows where they think the future may lie.
  14. This shows the team and the fans that the front office and coaching staff believes that this team is good enough to win with Bridgewater if Brees goes down. Also, this is only going to affect our cap by about 3.7 MM this year.
  15. He's on a one year deal right now. He was seeking a multi-year deal worth about $15MM.