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  1. Very cool thanks for the share! Ok, guys not trying to thread jack, but I need some advice. Fiance and I went to the game this weekend. She has never been to a concert. I don't know how someone can make it to their 30's and that be the case. She wants to go back and visit when we have more time. when is the best time to visit and maybe hit a concert? I haven't done the tourist thing in at least a decade there.
  2. I do agree that them being subjective is a problem. At this point I'm not sure they can correct the problem without scrapping the rules and starting over. I do like that they worked on the catch rule though.
  3. I watched it in two nights. I loved it. I like that there is a storyline traditionally when that character is involved. I have noticed that most spy films and series are all about action, but this one has a storyline like all previous one with the Tom Clancy series movies. I am also currently watching Iron Fist. Not the biggest fan and I think it is the weakest of the Marvel series but I know if I miss it I will be lost on the other marvel stuff.
  4. Ok ya'll lol sorry love to use that term. Not country by the way. Lol I am looking for a news series to watch anyone have any recceomendations. I honestly have burned out on TV if not for my DreictTV contract, and working sometimes on Sunday I would drop Cable all together. What do you guys and gals enjoy? I am startnig to rewatch old series, and that is not as fun as new stuff. I enjoy a lot of stuff from GOT to Justified, to SOA, to the marvel and DC series, etc. I em aven open to movies if you have a good series I could watch. BTW if you have not watched Peaky Blinders or Vikings both I highly reccomend. Waiting on new season fo those to come out.
  5. I agree with you here too Wade. I'm sorry that Rodgers got hurt last year, but at the same time, he should have thrown the ball sooner. That was on the QB and we didn't need a rule change. In all honesty, I don't like the rule, you cant elevate the QB at all which means now you can't wrap up the QB that is what he did. All he was doing was wrapping up and taking him to the grand. He didn't even look like he tried to pick him up off the ground (scoop and pull). I guess they just want them to hit without wrapping up. The problem is when you hit a bigger QB like Scam and you don't wrap up he will bounce off and keep going. I do not like this rule at all and I feel it favors the offense and QB's too much when there are already so many rules that favor the offense to begin with. I get going low yes it was a defenseless player in a bad position I get rules are changing due to player safety. I like the rule of not leading with the helmet that one makes sense. I get not striking a defenseless player like when a safety does it. But I also did not like the Seattle player basically taking a cheap shot on the offensive player when he was tagging down a defender during an INT last night. I think it was a cheap shot that you come to expect from Pete Carlo teams. Maybe I'm overreacting on that one, but an unnecessarily hard hit on a player by the sideline.
  6. I agree Wade, but in all honesty, they have faced some very good front sevens the first two weeks. Hopefully, it improves this week against Atlanta.
  7. I still expect a change in the ruling. I honestly don't have a problem with a tie at all. Yes, it sucks, but at the same time it exists for a reason and has since the beginning of football. I do expect the public to push for changes since I do see it affecting playoff seating for the Vikings and Packers. Two higher-profile teams. Especially since both now have franchise QB's.
  8. Patriots close to deal with Browns for him. That could be scary.
  9. I am curious if Jerry calls him. You know Dallas loves those trouble athletes who can still play. Dallas could use another dynamite receiver. Also, he and Randy Gregory could be roommates when on the road.
  10. You could be right Face, but the current system I think is broken let each team start at the then. Not a guaranteed FG or TD at that point. There has to be an alternative other than a tie. I doubt the Saints get into this kind of situation, but two times in the first week means it will get brought up in the offseason. Imagine if we see another tie or two. Everyone is going to lose their collective minds in the sports world at the end of the year.
  11. Boricko I agree that he has the right to walk away anytime he wants, but at the same time, you can't do it in the middle of the game to your teammates. I would have sucked it up through the game and approached the coach after the game. Or at least approach the coach at halftime and ask how he wants you to handle it. He quit plan and simple. I get he felt he couldn't keep up, but take your beating on the field and then move on or ask the coach to keep a safety over the top.
  12. Well, Gonzale may have been the MVP of our game. It cost him a job. The Browns have signed another kicker. Evidently, he has been kicking with a groin injury. Either they IR, or they cut him.
  13. I do now see there is going to be conversations this offseason about changing it. I have never been a fan of the format used in the NFL. I think the NFL format still does not make a team want to avoid OT at all costs. An NFL team would rather take a knee. If we do the college format you would see coaches do everything they could to not tie. Including going for two when you score a TD towards the end of the game. JMO. I would say the college format in the pros would be more exciting.
  14. It's funny I remember reading where there were days he got the best of MT, and days were MT got the best of him. I heard nothing about him getting beat most of camp. I think someone could be reaching with that article.
  15. True ATN this is sad. How else are you supposed to sack a QB? Pick them up and put them on a bed of feather? I questioned that one immediately.
  16. Already a weak spot for them seems to be gettng worse. Their starting RT went down with an injury unsure how bad as of right now, and in this article there is a gif of Kalil getting his butt handed to him on a speed rush. Looking forward to this season even more.
  17. Starting RT looks to be officially out for a while. He came back quickly from a preseason knee injury only to be headed in for knee surgery after week 1 injury. Saying that they did win and we didn't.
  18. I agree I saw some highlights. But I didn't get to watch the game itself. There is still time to turn it around defensively I thought they played great till they wore out against VT. They do need to figure out the offensive problems soon though.
  19. I will say this Willie can recruit, but at this point, he needs to figure out why the O line is so bad. I'm sorry but that has been a huge weakness for this team since Jimbo showed up. The QB has no time and the RB's have no holes. I didn't see any fight in the offense against VT. I didn't get to watch the Samford game it was blacked out in my market area. I thought there would be growing pains in changing systems, but offensively they looked horrible against VT.
  20. I will say I think it is a toss-up. If the defensive performance can be based on missed assignments, bad technique and mental errors like Payton said, then a win is possible. I'm not entirely sold that is what it is though. I do think we could win or be blown out. I don't see it any other way.
  21. My dad an FSU fan has been blaming Willie all weekend!
  22. He did look like a freak. how in the heck with Carr and Mack did they not have a better team? Not that Carr is Brady or Brees but his a good QB.
  23. That's true same cannot be said for FSU. I blame Willie Taggert for Burt Reynolds death.
  24. The Saints need to question the Gillislee addition. He fumbles on one of his few touches. Why not just turn to Williams. At this point let the offense run the ball down the defenses throat until they learn how to play. This one was very ugly. even Cam didn't show up on defense. That is unusual.