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  1. The Washington football team is also the only 1-0 team in the NFC East. Weird they are leading the division. Riverboat Ron doing his thing.
  2. I realized that when he tackled Lattimore from behind a couple of years ago. The dude is a hothead goof. I would not build my team around that, but Arians thinks he can control or coach anyone. I think he is too arrogant for his own good with character platers personally.
  3. Nick Underhill tweeted yesterday if it was that bad he would be on IR. The league has allowed this year an unlimited number of players to return from the IR, and the stay has to only be 3 weeks. I think if he or Davenport were too bad we would see both on IR right about now, but I could be wrong.
  4. Yeah, I thought of that too Boris, and am curious if we look to retain Rankins as well due to all the injuries he has sustained. I think there was a reason the Saints extended Onyemata before him. If he doesn't stay healthy I am curious if we extend Davenport after his rookie deal.
  5. I agree Face, that is a steep price to pay if it was legit.
  6. Another report shows that Baltimore had a similar deal lined up with Jacksonville and Clowney would have gone to Baltimore. Don't know if that was true or not.
  7. Clowney has said he hasn't made a decision.
  8. Reports are saying the Saints have approached agents for several players to restructure current deals. I personally think he is overhyped, but the depth would be huge we lost several d linemen last year to injury, and to think we could have 3 pro bowl caliber DE's on the roster would be great!
  9. The Falcons added Todd Gurley this past offseason so I cannot see them adding Fournette as well unless it is on a league minimum salary.
  10. Jeff Duncan Reported the Saints would only trade Kamara if they could not come to a long term deal, and the Saints true to form will only go to a certain dollar amount. Also, they are wanting a 1st in exchange.
  11. The two teams that come to mind for him to land at are TB and NE. I don't think TB can give him the touches he needs, but Fornette and Scam would be a scary thought inside the 10. Both are big menacing human beings when they get a head of steam. Not sure either makes a full season, but if healthy in the playoffs that would be a scary thought.
  12. The knock-on him is that he is a locker room cancer. I think he is going to have to take at least 1 if not more prove it deals and be a model player and teammate. He has a chance to get one serious contract but I think he is 2 good to great seasons away from that.
  13. Not sure why, and he had been a very capable LB. Time will tell. I believe the NFL starting allowing tryouts last week maybe that is why. Saints cut Nigel Bradham Posted by Michael David Smith on August 24, 2020, 9:58 AM EDT Saints linebacker Nigel Bradham will need to find a new “winning organization” to play for. Bradham was cut by the Saints today, according to multiple reports. The 30-year-old Bradham raised some eyebrows recently when he said he was glad to be with a “winning organization,” which he hadn’t been before — an odd thing to say considering Bradham won a Super Bowl ring with the Eagles. Bradham later clarified that he meant the Eagles weren’t a winning organization when he arrived, and they had to build the winning atmosphere. Bradham just signed with the Saints this month and will now try to find a new team before the season starts.
  14. Really glad depth is important to the staff on the O line. Andrus Peat waiting to find out if he needs surgery for broken thumb Posted by Josh Alper on August 18, 2020, 12:44 PM EDT Getty Images More details have emerged regarding the injury that’s keeping Saints left guard Andrus Peat out of practice, although his return date remains unclear. The initial report was that Peat is missing time due to a hand injury and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on Tuesday that he has a broken thumb. Peat may need surgery to repair the injury and a better idea of when he’ll be back will come into focus once the answer to that question is known. As of now, though, Peat hasn’t been ruled out of playing in the season opener against the Buccaneers. If he does play in that game, he could be doing so with a club on his hand. Nick Easton replaced Peat in practice and also filled in for him when he missed multiple weeks with a broken forearm last season.
  15. I honestly think I will buy this book. It sounds really good.
  16. Happy to hear that Brod I am going to keep praying. My owner's dad was bad off and feared for his life for a week straight and is still on oxygen, but they are finally starting physical therapy and moved him back to the floor with COVID PAtients he was in PCU I had never heard of that term before. But I am not in the medical field. Supposedly it is worse than ICU all I know is it scared some people straight I work with I was glad for that.
  17. I hate to say it, but I feel they should cancel most if not all sports altogether. Let me ask you all one question that I don't think has been asked yet. How would you feel if a Saints player catches COVID and were to die? I don't care about which team they are on if one pro or college athlete catches this and dies from it is traced back to the field of play or practice it is one too many. In football, there is too much contract to guarantee that they will not transmit or that someone testing negative won't actually be positive and pass it on. I want to watch Brees play one last year, and even want to watch it in person, but I don't think the risk is not worth it. I just don't see with how bad it is right now that it will not be transmitted through locker rooms and fields of play. I don't feel the risk is worth the reward. But that is me and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I would be devastated if a player on one of my teams dies from this because they played a game for my enjoyment.
  18. Brod praying for you and your family. It is scary the owner of our company who was skeptical has really stepped up after his dad got deathly sick from it. We had someone get sick with it at the office. He shut down all 3 offices and had a professional crew fully sanitize the buildings. He also paid to have blood work tests done on everyone in the building she worked and who she was around to make sure no one else had it. I actually thanked him because he made everyone start wearing masks in the office two weeks ago. I told him I am not sure I would have worn it around her had not made us do it. I was around her the day before she started having symptoms but wore my mask. this stuff is straight-up scary guys. Everyone be safe. I wear a mask all the time now. I don't while driving or alone, but even if someone comes to my door I put one on.
  19. Brod praying for you. ATN I love how you articulated that. It got me thinking. We have a phenomenal marketing team where I work, and my owner is wanting to make a big difference here in NW Florida. Your comment gave me some ideas, Thank you, I needed to hear that. ATN as far as the colors the WFT stated previously they are keeping the colors. I really felt they were going to do the Washington Red Tails to pay homage to the Tuskegee airmen, but I know that was one name that guy had already trademarked.
  20. I fear the long term effects of this. Whether economically, socially, spiritually. Think about the people who are having to isolate. I have a 14-year-old daughter not able to see her friends or anyone. My parents are the same way, and yes I know death is worse, but I do fear for the mental effect this will put on all our children. Think of the elderly who are single and live alone. Think of the people who cannot go around anyone because of a weakened immune system. I am thinking of the long term effects on the economy eventually the job loses and income losses will catch up to every single business it maybe trickle down or it could be like 2008 again. Think of how people will feel about going out in public will anyone truly feel safe anymore in public. I don't think we are even honestly only seeing the early stages of the long term ramifications. I fear suicides from this and so many other social and spiritual blowbacks. We as a society have been selfish. We could not follow some simple guidelines to put this down. Whether you blame the left or the right I feel we as a society have been very selfish for years, and this only drove that home to me.
  21. Florida State University has an ongoing partnership with the Seminole Nation where they get royalties among many other things from the University. They have spoken out several times in support of the University using their likeness. I do think you will see the Cleveland Indians change their name soon, and a few others in the next few years. But I agree the Washington Redskins have had the most polarizing name so far. I wouldn't be surprised to even see the Braves make a change in some form.
  22. This one hits hard for me. To warn you this post will be long. Most of you know that my daughter has an autoimmune disease which means she actually has a few. We had our 6 months follow up last wee with her gastro doctor. She was upset, but her doctor said he would not recommend her going back to school when it starts in less than a month. She is only 14 and I do not believe she understands the full magnitude of the situation. She was told by her doctor id she caught covid she would have to come off of her medication as it weakens her immune system so that her immune system does not attack herself. He said to her that she should have no issue fighting off covid, but he was about 99% sure she would have a flare-up from all of her autoimmune diseases and have to be hospitalized again. Thankfully she does not remember the previous hospitalizations. Let's just say she was admitted and spent at least a month each time the last two flare-ups. It infuriates me the lack of respect that people in the panhandle of Florida have for others' safety and well being. I have people come into my office where I wear a mask and they have a cough. That to me is so damn disrespectful. You all know I had a coworker test positive. Well, another employee and I work closely to her. The other co-worker a female complained the day after the positive test that she wasn't feeling well. So the owner sent her home and required her to get tested. What does she do, but go a building over (same company but we are growing so fast we have 3 office buildings now) and has an employee with an autoimmune disease talking to her outside her car door? Needless to say, those two employees had to be tested that same day. And the one sent home wanted to go bowling the next day before her results were not in yet and she wanted to see her BF before she was chewed out by myself and the person that was positive. I don't like the word hate and try to avoid using it, but I HATE how so many in this country seem to have no respect for anyone and a great amount of selfishness I am getting to the point that it is embarrassing we cannot stay home and wear masks! My coworker is doing much better and outside of headaches and the body aches was not seriously affected. I hope and pray that all of you stay safe as well as your loved ones. I hope that soon we all wake up and see how serious this and get it back under control as it should have been from day one.
  23. Praying for a quick recovery!
  24. My opinion is because as a society we are selfish and stubborn in every way.