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  1. I hate ot hear that, but it is understandable.
  2. Ok, maybe they are just trying to bulk up depth with Ongram out to see what floats to the top. he has been a good RB. Saints to sign veteran running back Shane Vereen: source Updated 10:26 AM; Posted 10:26 AM Shane Vereen is stopped short of the goal line by Jairus Byrd as the New York Giants host the New Orleans Saints. 9/18/16 East Rutherford, N.J. (John Munson/NJ Advance Media for 5 24shares By Christopher Dabe, | The Times-Picayune The New Orleans Saints will add another veteran running back to the roster one week before the start of training camp. Shane Vereen, a seven-year NFL veteran who played the last three seasons with the New York Giants, will join the Saints for the start of training camp, | The Times-Picayune confirmed Wednesday (July 18). NFL Network first reported the expected move. Twitter Ads info and privacy Vereen is a versatile back capable of catching passes out of the backfield. In 2017 with the Giants, he rushed 45 times for 164 yards and caught 44 passes for another 253. He played his first four seasons with the New England Patriots. The signing comes one month after the Saints added veteran running back Terrance West. The Saints will be without Pro Bowl running back Mark Ingram through the first four regular season games due to a league suspension for violating the league policy on performance-enhancing substances. The Patriots selected Vereen in the 2011 NFL Draft by using a second-round selection first held by the Saints. The Saints traded the pick to move into the first round so they could take Ingram at No. 28 overall. Vereen for his career has rushed for 1,489 yards and eight touchdowns and has 1,865 receiving yards another 11 receiving touchdowns.
  3. Dru yes he is a good WR and you make agood point about the money with Julio, but saying that I still think they overpaid. Also yes in college he was a great WR who ran the whole route tree. He played in two offenses with GREAT offenisve minds who limited his route running. Many great players in college do not translate their entire game to the pros. Now saying that I am not syaing he cannot run the whole route tree in the pros, but we have not seen it. So my guess is if Payton and McDaniels could not find a way to expand his router runing tree in their offenses maybe it was the player. I mean shoot MT played every WR position last year, and many players have plyed multiple positions in our offnese in any one given game. Even Ginn ran a lot of routes last year when he was the deep threat that I don't remeber Cooks doing. Again I could be wrong, but that is my reasoning why.
  4. I think it is a mistake, but that team has been building wrong all off season. Signing me first players, and off the field flawed players. The Eagles did this about a decade ago (ream Team), and the team imploded. Kind of hope it happens here too. Still don't like them from our NFC west running days. Man I can hold grudge.
  5. Dru I have no disdain for Cooks whatsoever, maybe I could have worded my post differently. I just don't think he is worth that kind of money. They gave him a huge contract and he is a good receiver just not sure he is elite. I'm sorry I see that kind of money they better be top 5 at their positoin, and I don't think of that and Cooks. He is making more than Julio. I mean honeslty would you take him over MT, Antonio Brown, Julion, AJ Green, Larry Fitzgerald? I could name a few more I would pay that money to before I paid him that. JMO.
  6. Just read another article it is believed counting this year a 6 year 88 million dollar deal. I'm sorry but bro is not wroth 14 mill a year. Damn that hurts us in negotiations with MT in 2 years. Maybe we should sign him next off season to try and keep the number down.
  7. I agree Dru he is such a fierce competitior with a phenomenal work ethic that I see home being great at anything he wants to do. Saying that I don't see him doing coaching or announcing after its all said and done. I'm not sold he does politics either unless its on a small scale at first. I think his business opportunities will take most of his energy and time the kids don't take from him. I could see when they go off to college him doing politics, or somehting more in depth with football. But outside of maybe the occasional preseason game commentary you won't see him do that too much with football. It has been such a huge dominating factor of his life I think like Manning he will take a break from it. Shoot even Elway stepped away for a while before coming back to work for the Broncos.
  8. It was a great read! Yes it was very inpressive he knew the plays, the na,e of them, and even when they were called. It's crazy his memory. I knew he had a work ethic, but that memory definitely helps make him as good as he is.
  9. I agree Dru this one was ahome run. And in all honesty I know we mostly think of the blunder on defense when it comes to free agent signings, but we have blundered on offense too. Fleener, and Cj Soiller come to mind. I do love this signing. I liked the Kelin addition last year as well, it didn't quit pan out like I, the team, or everyone here wanted. Saying that he did a great job communicating the defense which had been a problem. He was just physically limited, hoping he can be a great Sam linebacker for us. I feel his limitations are in coverage.
  10. Well I feel they tried couple of years ago with the signing of the older Kahlil, and a few others, but they did lose a big piece in their starting pro bowl guard this year. Previous years before last year they ignored the line greatly. I could see them regressing this year. Even though they went after better receivers. They did not sign players who I would consider great route runners. That tradtionally assists with quick throws when there is bad o line. They went after speedsters, but that would insinuate that the QB has time in the pocket to throw the ball deep.
  11. Man he needs to go away for along time. BTW I didn't want o like the post Nolapse as I don't want to like his actions .
  12. Thsi time for a lot of things including kidnapping and theft. Against someone who had a restraining order against him. He needs to go away for a while. This is not the first time he was arrested due to this restraining order.
  13. Love to see them hungry and in the community. This team has been great about this the last few years since we made a concious effort to go after high character players.
  14. I am still not sold West actually makes the roster. That's the thing I love about this staff. Best player makes the roster hands down. Shoot I remember when we kept a young green Chase Daniel as our only backup. So I could see us rolling without him honestly. As long as we find a good RB for protection outside of AK41.
  15. I hope he gets the job it would be cool to have two former players doing the broadcasting. Especially since both played under Payton. I bet they would hboth have good insight. IT doesn't hurt the degree Strief has.
  16. I am curiosu how they do on the ground without a true power back. If they try to use Cam for that he will only have his career shortened. They beter figure it out.
  17. Damn that is amazing. You know it's funny I was thinknig yesteray that I bought this really nice DSLR like 3 years ago I have used maybe 5 times. I used to drive around with it in my trunk for work, but I am going to pull it out, becuase I have never been much of a photographer. Also like you said phones have come such a far way. I can remeber the first camera phone I had was an LG when I first starting working at Circuit City in 03.
  18. That's awesome Nolapse. I am glad we signed him, regardless of political offiliation you have to admire they did something for the innocents involved. I love it when players back up what they say. Even if I don't agree with what they are saying I respect someone who walks the walk after talking. So many people now just seem to go oh well this is wrong, and don't back it or explain. A lot more players are doing more from things like Davis and Nroman, or when Chris Long donated every game check last year. It gives me hope in humanity.
  19. Yeah, but I read an article that said Color rush white, no our normal white. I'm not a superstitous person, but the article I read also said we have not won in the white color rush. I would like to see an all black color rush.
  20. All he got was a 2 game suspension. I tell you the league is really giving themselves a black eye with this and the Winston scenario on top of all the other issues. NFL suspends Reuben Foster two games for gun, marijuana offenses Posted by Michael David Smith on July 3, 2018, 3:01 PM EDT Getty Images The NFL has suspended 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster two games for his recent arrests on gun and marijuana charges. The league announced the suspension today and said that the suspension falls under both the league’s personal conduct policy and substance abuse policy. Foster will participate in training camp and the preseason but miss the first two games of the regular season. He will return to the team on Monday, September 17. “I accept the League’s decision and am sorry that my mistakes have hurt my team,” Foster said in a statement. “I have a responsibility to the 49ers, our fans and our community, and I am committed to learning from this situation and making better choices in the future. The support I have received over the last five months has been humbling, and I do not take it for granted.” The 49ers initially banished Foster from offseason work when he was accused of domestic violence, but he was welcomed back to the team after his accuser testified under oath that she had lied. “Our organization understands and supports the League’s decision,” General Manager John Lynch said. “Although we are disappointed that Reuben will not be with our team for the first two games of the season, we will continue to work with him on making better decisions and eliminating unnecessary distractions. We are encouraged to see Reuben take responsibility for his mistakes, and hopeful that he has learned from them as well.” A first-round draft pick last year, Foster started 10 games as a rookie.
  21. IDK about pimping out his coordiantors. Josh McDaniels didn't leave. You don't get a much better QB postion than what the Colts and Lions offered in free agency. I think Bellicheck is counting his days in NE, but he talked McDaniels into coming back. So saying he is pimping them out may not be 100% accurate. They bnoth deserved HC gigs though after their long track history of succes. Saying that I am not sure McDaniels will be a good HC. Some coaches are better as coordiantors.
  22. As a FSU fan I always hoped he would turn his stuff around, but I'm not sure he will. At the same token I am gald he hasn't as he is hindering the Yucs. I wonder if they sign him llng term now? That is somethignn they have to think about greatly very soon. Do they continue to build an offense aroun him, or do they try to find another QB. I think he is a great motivator when not eating his fingers, and he actually can read a defense and take a hit. But off the field should be a huge concern for any team.
  23. I agree Slinger, honestly even in 2016 we had UDFA rookies starting in our secondary. Yes we were bad, but not as bad as we could have been. We had street free aegnts, Crawley, and Harris starting than. Yes Harris and Crawley played poorly, but it could have been much worse. It was bad not syaing it wasn't I just felt he did the best he could that year as well as DA with what they were given. Shoot oursecondary as a whole last year outside of Vacarro had one or no years experience in the NFL that shows how great they did as a whole.
  24. I agree hpil injury is a concer, but this team has done everything they can to help fight that with getting more dpeth than any other roster I have ever seen Sean Payton carry. And Honeslty not just him, but the team history as a whole. I mean honestly to me the biggest question mark is QB, and O line. They brought depth to every position on defense, and almost every at offense. I am always worreid about injury, but we have safeguarded the best we can up until now.
  25. I'm not sure he will have the saem success, and probably not early with Ingram out, but I sure hope he does.