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  1. I do agree that some owners may be even half do not like him, but I don't know if they have enough of them or the right ones against him yet. JMO. I think you will need two-third to three-quarters of the owners ready to move on from him for it to happen. Especially with his current contract. Problem is none of us know what is needed to remove him from the position. I think you are at least another year or two, Better yet another team or two being screwed away from him being removed.
  2. I would like that, but that would mean theoretically we would not be able to add any key pieces in free agency. That is not our MO. I have too heard a 4th rounder, but no one knows for sure how they pass them out.
  3. He had said in an interview that he had contemplated coming back, but that once the Saints moved on from the previous staff he would not. I'm sorry but if you have a chance to add a premier young ST's coach you take it especially when your best coach may not be back. I feel the NFL will get away from Kickoffs in a year or two and the big thing will then be FG's, and the punting game. I like the hire thought by many to be one of the best ST's coordinators in football. You grab him while you can. We need to improve the return game.
  4. They don't have to say anything. The funny thing is Kaepernick's attorney has been saying all along he had a smoking gun. These owners have been known to make a lot of mistakes. It would not surprise me if an email was found that said something stupid even if it wasn't stupid. I had a guy who was a real hard character to deal with at work, and he threatened to sue me. The minute that happened I called everyone I worked with and said no text messages or emails of any kind are to be sent about him no matter what it is. Everything is to be done face to face or in a direct phone call. That is the best way to make sure something can't be used against you in a court of law.
  5. I read somewhere it may have been this article that he had been asked about being NFL commissioner by NFL owners. I do think there are some that don't like Goodell. Saying that I am not sure how they remove him if they can. I don't know how many votes they need or any of that. If I knew that I would say it's possible. But if they need 2/3 or 3/4 of the owners to vote him out I can't see it happening until after the next strike. JMO. If they can get it done with just a majority it could happen very soon.
  6. I'm not necessarily for or against him being the future. I don't know he can do it. Saying that he has a resume of being a good solid starting QB in this league. I think he is at the very least in the middle of the field if you lined up QBs who have started a game in the last 4 years and are still playing the NFL. I am all for giving him and Taysom the chance to compete to replace Brees should he retire after the 2019 season. And when it comes to the options on the market there may not be a better QB available to start in our current system.
  7. Normally I just laugh at these things, but it did highlight some cap-saving moves that surprised me. I expect Kurt Coleman and Cameron Meredith to be cut. We would save almost 8 million in cap space by cutting the two of them. Link to article below and the section about Saints. Some of what he said was brutally honest for all the teams. New Orleans Saints 1. Create some cap space. The Saints can free up $7.7 million in room by releasing Kurt Coleman and Cameron Meredith. Meredith played just 126 snaps on offense before aggravating his knee injury, and Coleman's $7 million cap hit is onerous for a veteran who played only 34.9 percent of the regular-season snaps. The former Panthers standout played just three defensive snaps during the postseason. Those moves should get the Saints to about $17 million in total cap space. 2. Let Mark Ingram leave if the price gets too high. It's going to be difficult to let the popular Ingram leave town in free agency, but the Saints might not have the cap space to keep him if he gets starting-caliber money elsewhere. Ingram still plays a meaningful role in this offense -- he averaged 13.8 touches per game after returning from his PED suspension in Week 5, compared to Alvin Kamara's 16.7 (not including the meaningless Week 17 contest) -- but the Saints are going to be pinching pennies to fill out the bottom 20 percent of their roster. They need to go into the offseason with a hard number on Ingram and stick to it. If it's $4 million or less, New Orleans could justify keeping Ingram around for a couple of seasons more. Anything more and it is probably better off adding a back in the draft. Mark Ingram has rushed for 6,007 yards and 50 touchdowns over his eight seasons in New Orleans. Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports 3. Re-sign Andrus Peat. Although the Saints drafted Peat as a tackle, he has settled in as a very good guard, albeit with an injury history. With Peat's fifth-year option arriving, the Saints should be ready to give the Stanford product an extension. They can even structure the deal to lower Peat's $9.6 million cap hit, although the deal is not going to come cheap. Peat's deal probably will come in somewhere around five years and $65 million. This will be a tough negotiation: If the Saints aren't willing to pay up, Peat will attract big money in free agency from teams that want to sign him to play tackle in 2020. 4. Maintain the other side of the ball. Picking up Sheldon Rankins' fifth-year option, meanwhile, is a no-brainer on defense. Rankins tore his Achilles in the divisional-round win over the Eagles, but the option would be too conservative to decline as it doesn't come into play until the 2020 season. The Saints also need to add at least one pass-rusher to their rotation with Alex Okafor hitting free agency; they could re-sign Okafor or go after one of the edge-rushers who are likely to be released by their teams this offseason to avoid affecting the compensatory formula. If the Saints could persuade somebody like Terrell Suggs or Cameron Wake to wait until the July 1 deadline before signing, that also would be a way to add another piece to the puzzle. 5. Trade up for Kyler Murray (within reason). The gambit to trade for Teddy Bridgewater ended up being rather inconsequential, as his only start in a Saints uniform came in Week 17. The Saints lost a third-round pick as part of the deal, but if they don't cancel out losing Bridgewater with a similar signing in unrestricted free agency, they should be able to recoup a 2020 compensatory pick, most likely in the fourth round. Grades, offseason questions, more NFL Nation reporters grade each eliminated team's 2018 regular season and look ahead to what's in store this offseason. Full coverage » I love the idea of the Saints ending up with Murray in the draft. Sean Payton was reportedly fond of Baker Mayfield last year, and while Mayfield's successor at Oklahoma is hardly identical, it's easy to imagine how Murray's accuracy, delivery and playmaking ability would make him a very viable weapon in Payton's offense. Murray would likely need a redshirt year a la Patrick Mahomesin Kansas City, which is in line with Brees' time frame, given that the 40-year-old's contract voids after 2019. My suspicion is that Murray will drop during the pre-draft process, although that has nothing to do with him and more with the archaic rules teams place on quarterbacks. When Murray measures in below 6-foot at the combine, a handful of teams will take him off their boards or give him impossibly low grades on height alone. If he measures below 5-10, that list will get longer. That would be great news for the Saints. The tricky part is that New Orleans doesn't have a first-round pick after trading up for Marcus Davenport last year, so it is going to need to leverage its 2020 first-rounder to try to move up. If the Saints package their second-round pick and that 2020 first-rounder, that should be enough to move into the bottom half of the first round. The Seahawks (21) and the Ravens (22) are teams comfortable with trading down for future selections, and they pick just ahead of the Raiders at 24 and 27. That could be a viable landing spot for Murray and the Saints. If I'm wrong and the league correctly values Murray's on-field ability, he'll go in the top 10, and the Saints probably won't be able to move up to grab him. In that case, the Saints will need to go back into the market for a Brees backup. If Sam Bradford is able to pass a physical, he would be a logical fit in that role.
  8. I am not saying you are wrong, but one thing to keep in mind isTeddy only signed a 1 year deal with the Jets. I believe he did that because he thought he could compete to start there. Not to mention They had not drafted a QB at that point. I don't know if he had others try to sign him to a longer deal. I don't know what he turned down. But I personally do not think he signed with the Jets thinking he was going to be a backup. You could be right his injury was horrific and many thought he would never play again. We may get him back under that pretense. We got Brees because no one else wanted him, and I would take Teddy back if that is the case. In all honestly, I hope you are right. I'm not holding my breath bu tI would be estatic. Because that would mean we have our QB of the future as well as being able to keep Taysom in his role of the Swiss army knife.
  9. We also just hired his assistant away from Penn State. Saints hire another special teams coach Posted by Darin Gantt on February 15, 2019, 10:04 AM EST Getty Images The Saints have thrown a lot of resources at their special teams issues in recent years, and they added more help Friday. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Saints are hiring Penn State assistant Phil Galiano as their assistant special teams coach. He joins new special teams coach Darren Rizzi, who was in some degree of demand after interviewing for the Dolphins head coaching job, not getting it, and then not wanting to hang around. Galiano has worked in the NFL previously, spending two years with the Buccaneers. He has also coached at Rutgers and Miami. The Saints hired veteran Mike Westhoff in the middle of the 2017 season to help the two coaches they already had on staff (Bradford Banta and Kevin O’Dea), and they let all three go after their loss in the NFC Championship Game.
  10. Saints are blocking the request. This may be a case of Glenn asking the Saints to deny so he doesn't have to turn down the interview. Looks better on him for the Saints to turn it down than him. Saints expected to block Bengals request to interview Aaron Glenn Posted by Josh Alper on February 14, 2019, 5:08 PM EST Getty Images It appears Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn will not be the next defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals want to interview Glenn for the opening on Zac Taylor’s staff, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Saints are not going to grantthat permission. Teams can block such interviews for other assistant coaching positions at their discretion. Glenn just finished his third year coaching the defensive backs in New Orleans. He has never been a coordinator at any level in the past. The Bengals had previously spoken with University of Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, but he elected to stay with the Gators after getting a salary bump. Longtime NFL coaches Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers also had their names in the mix before the Bengals moved on to Grantham. There’s been word that Cincinnati has been granted permission to speak to Rams cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant, who worked with Taylor in Los Angeles the last two years. Former Falcons defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel and Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mike Elko have also been mentioned as possible candidates for a job that’s been hard for the Bengals to fill.
  11. I hope we don't lose him, but honestly at some point, if the DB's keep improving as they have it will happen. I am honestly hoping he can take over for when DA get another HC gig. If the defense keeps playing well I suspect DA will get more interviews next offseason. But hey Mike Nolan could take over as DC too. Bengals defensive coordinator list is a long one Posted by Darin Gantt on February 7, 2019, 11:38 AM EST AP The Bengals went young at head coach, and aren’t straying from that path in their search for a defensive coordinator. According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the Bengals have a long list of candidates for their lead defensive job under new coach Zac Taylor. Among the names expected to get interview requests are just-fired former Falcons coordinator Marquand Manuel, Texas A&M coordinator Mike Elko, Florida coordinator Todd Grantham, Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn, and Rams defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant. If you think that’s a list short on experience, you’d be correct. The Bengals spoke to both Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers about the job, but both apparently passed according to multiple reports. That’s possibly a worrying sign for Taylor as he assembles a last-minute staff (yet another reason the league should consider letting new coaches become official before they’re officially official). Taylor’s 35 years old, and has never been a head coach. He hasn’t been an assistant that long (seven years in the NFL). Having a veteran on staff with some knowledge can help, as Wade Phillips was a good hire for Sean McVay when he was in the same spot with the Rams. But the Bengals apparently either can’t or don’t want to provide Taylor with the same kind of safety net.
  12. Washington although a horrible front office is a strong candidate for any QB right now. They don't know if Alex Smith will ever play again.
  13. Looks like it is gettng more steam now. Report: Bengals want to interview Aaron Glenn for DC opening Posted by Josh Alper on February 14, 2019, 2:04 PM EST Getty Images The Bengals zeroed in on Todd Grantham as their top candidate for their defensive coordinator vacancy, but Grantham will be staying at the University of Florida after getting a raise from the school. That leaves the Bengals to move onto other candidates to run the defense for head coach Zac Taylor. One of the names that came up in early stages of their search was Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn and he’s reportedly back on the list. Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that the Bengals want to move forward with an interview with Glenn. Glenn has been on the New Orleans coaching staff since 2016. He’s also coached with the Browns and scouted with the Jets since ending a 15-year career as a cornerback in the NFL. Rams cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant and former Falcons defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel have also been linked with the opening in Cincinnati.
  14. Oh, I agree, that's why I said what he should be doing. But it won't happen just like I doubt he is removed from his position until he is ready to retire. I fully expect him to be at the helm of the next CBA negotiations and cause a strike. I do not expect the players to be willing to give an inch which will cause the strike to occur. The players have been preparing, and rightfully so. They need to remove a lot of his power. In all honesty, if he had not abused his powers and used it as a normal sane person I doubt we would be looking at the next CBA negotiations turning into a strike, but I would bet the farm there is a strike when the current CBA expires.
  15. Yeah, my comment was based on the post stating that. Sorry, I guess I should have quoted so it would have made more sense.
  16. I don't know Face I do think it is highly improbable, but with the NFL draft, you can never say never. I wouldn't rule it out especially if he makes it to the end of the first. My thought process is if there is a QB at the end of the first you really like you need to trade into the end of the 1st to get him for the 5th year option alone. I wouldn't do it for every position, but QB is one of them I would.
  17. I don't think it changes it too much. I mean there was always a chance Denver would get involved. I see Case Keenum getting traded or released now. Which means another starter on the market more than likely.
  18. I would love a player in his mold, but he is the highest paid WR in the league. We do not need that salary with MT's contract due up next offseason. Not to mention he walked out on his teammates last year in a game. He was then benched for it in week 17. I'm sorry but not only no, but hell no. He is a diva, which is fine if you aren't hurting your team. We need to get a good slot player to help relieve the pressure of the offense running through MT. Honestly, a TE can help with that.
  19. I would too, but this may not be an easy decision. I think it will boil down to how much and how long of a contract he wants. I cannot see the team investing heavily into him in a long term deal. I could very easily see a 2-3 year deal offered by the Saints in the 3-5 million per year range. I know we all love him, but smart teams usually let older vets walk in free agency prior to them hitting the father time wall. I personally think he has tops two more years before he starts to decline. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Last time he hit free agency he tested the waters and came home. Curious if that is the case this time. He is a great 2-3 year stop gap for a team looking for a great leader and a good power back. Someone like Detroit would make sense. He is from Michigan.. just saying.
  20. Signed a few exclusive free agents today to contracts. Link and article below. Vince Biegel signs his exclusive rights free agent tender Posted by Charean Williams on February 11, 2019, 6:51 PM EST Getty Images The signings continue for the Saints. They also have re-signed linebacker Vince Biegel to a one-year, $645,000 deal, Luke Johnson of the Times-Picayune reports. Biegel was an exclusive rights free agent. Center Cameron Tom, long snapper Zach Woodand cornerback Justin Hardee also signed their exclusive rights free agent tenders with the Saints on Monday. Biegel, 25, played 14 games for the Saints last season after they activated him from the practice squad Sept. 21. A fourth-round pick of the Packers in 2017, Biegel joined the Saints’ practice squad on Sept. 3 after Green Bay waived him.
  21. Because it fit their agenda plain and simple. They wanted a sacrificial lamb to help the league look like they cared about player safety. Plain and simple.
  22. That still doesn't work to resolve the issues you are just passing the buck. Stand up be a man and do what it takes to make sure it doesn't happen again that is your job as commish to protect the integrity of the NFL as a whole and grow the game. DO YOUR JOB!
  23. Good to know thanks for some reason I thought it was a 2-year deal. I know he had an interview right before he came back to the active roster saying he thought he had played his last game when he was on IR. Hope he doesn't retire.
  24. Well I believe Ginn is a free agent this year. So we could see a lot of change in the passing game this offseason. Between a new starting TE, a new number 2, and slot WR.
  25. I went with Orlando due to proximity the only other team may be closer to me, and it is arguable is ATL, and in no way would I ever cheer for an ATL team.