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  1. Yeah, I think the Giants thought he could be a glorified game manager. But that teams needs a lot more pieces to be a contender. They are far off.
  2. Did you notice how he shimmied when coming off the ball like he was putting on a move to set up the lineman? I would love to see the film and see if he does that prior to his spin move. Curious if he sets that up another way. He did it in both clips.
  3. I agree on that, but remember field conditions have been an issue for the league for a while I mean soldier filed was bad in 06 when we played the NFCCG there, RG3 tore his knee on a bad field in Washington. The NFL maybe is finally turning the corner on at least not allowing players to play on bad fields. I know the grass is still better on the joints than the new field turf, but it just doesn't make sense anymore to not use that uniformly in my opinion. You don't have to worry about its condition like you do grass when it is played on or rained on.
  4. I hope he is ok from the injury we really are going to need him.
  5. If they send him to jail over it the NFL should have a field day going to town on the managers of the stadium about it going off during pre-game prep.
  6. IDK I am no Marvin Lewis fan, but I think that team needs a new owner. Dude seems to bring in bad character aging vets rather than having a decent scouting department.
  7. Realistically we are looking at what I would think is at least one more week before Marshall will suit up during a game. So same receivers will play this week against the Eagles. They are hurting at CB with I think 3 injured. Curious talking of IR if P-Rob will be a player who can come back or if the ankle injury is too bad.
  8. Yeah, I could see a fine, but honestly, I think he just pays the cost of the replacement and everyone moves on.
  9. I would rather bring back Ginn than sign Marshall.
  10. Yeah poor dude getting paid as a top punter in the league and we have punted less than any other team lol.
  11. I really get the feeling they will give to Mahomes, but I agree. He had Manning beat in almost every category in 09, and still didn't win it.
  12. I believe we have the best.
  13. IDK I am not a fan of this move. Honestly, we spread the ball around very effectively today. With 3 receivers catching a pass. I think Smith was the only one who didn't catch a pass. I say leave it alone it ain't broke. I am not a fan of Marshall at all.
  14. Who Dat!
  15. Yeah to lose that game with that many yards rushing means you need to fire your DC and whole staff. Shoot if you had that much in passing and lost it would still be bad.
  16. Just reported by NFLN that we are open to bringing him back if healthy.
  17. I agree with you face, I could see a female kicking in college. That thought reminds me of necessary roughness. Great movie btw if you guys haven't seen it.
  18. We did promote Keithwood from the PS. He was and still is the best option. I cannot see us being in a rush to bring anyone else in. If anything I could see us bring Ginn off IR before we bring anyone else in now. Dez was the best athlete available and the rest have major question marks wither with age, ability, and/or locker room issues.
  19. I don't feel sorry for CMC, that is the downside to smaller backs with weaker lower bodies. Honestly, he got bowled over by LB's too. I remember Reggie taking on and flipping bigger players than him in pass sets. Which I was always astonished by. The Steelers exposed a weakness that the Panties will have to address. unfortunately for them, it will more than likely mean he does not stay in on passing downs he needs to block. Which will be a tell to teams going forward. Can't wait to see Davis or Klein bowling him over. Maybe even Calzone.
  20. I would so buy some. You would think they would go out of their way to make money off of it. I know I would buy some even though I am not a huge airhead fan. I don't usually eat sweets but would buy for the novelty of it. Just like I have Colston's bottled water.
  21. Won't happen. MT will make more in his next contract than Joe probably made in his whole career with contracts and endorsements.
  22. I could see us signing him to another 1-year incentive laden deal this offseason to see what happens. Would not be surprised if that doesn't happen as well.
  23. Not to mention, we are playing 3 games in 12 days. I think anyone with tweaks he is going to try and give rest to so we can avoid major injuries.
  24. Glad the kid is getting a chance. I could see the 4 we have working just fine. MT, Kirkwood, Smith, and Carr working just fine. We may also bring back TLL for another smaller shifty type of WR to go with Carr.
  25. Yes, they aren't even labeled with any designations on the injury report just Dez was and Davenport who is labeled out.