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  1. Altuve in a video in the article is telling his teammates not to take his jersey off and his holding it tight. Mike Clevinger has strong words for Houston Astros players as Internet loses its mind over latest cheating allegations Updated Jan 16, 2020;Posted Jan 16, 2020
  2. From what I heard they videoed the competition from cameras out in the center field the signals of the catcher, and had the video being shown on tv the dugout could see. It was reported that the team was coughing or hitting trash cans so the batter would know the pitch. Lastest yesterday is that the players wore devices on their body and would get a vibration from the device on when to swing and supposedly there is photographic evidence of said device on a player after a home run. Personally I think the Title should be removed and all players involved who had devices should be banned. At this point, it is getting worse almost daily.
  3. Dang dude that is a tear-jerker, and I didn't know of her or anyone at LSU. I am even more glad they won it all now.
  4. I am curious to see how the offense does with so many players leaving, the play-caller should till be the same. As I understand it Joe did not call the plays.
  5. Slidell Realistically if we move on from Brees I don't think we make the Super Bowl next season, or honestly even the next two. Truthfully you are right there is no reason we cannot kick the can down the road further for however long Brees wants to play, but honestly, the day he retires we will probably have to go into full rebuild because of the cap hit. It will be over 20 million in dead cap space. You are also right about being able to keep players we want and draft other players this year, but outside of 2006, we have not had as good as drafts as we have had since Ireland got here. The concern I have is the players we have selected the Lattimore, Kamar, MT, Ram are all top of their positions in the league in the next 2 years they will want to be paid that way. If we do not they will get it elsewhere that is what I was referencing regarding keeping guys. Realistically I feel we will let Kamara go in the next two years unless he gets back to his rookie form which is hard without a better number 2 back. We will need to keep Ram as either RT or LT, we will need Lattimore, and then we will need to decide on Marcus Williams, Anzalone, Von Bell (this offseason) while having already paid MT, and Probably let Peat leave this offseason. Realistically again 100% expect Brees back if he wants to play and I think he is about 90-95% coming back now. If he comes back for 2 more years this core group of players will probably look very different. I really think we shoudl start an offseason thread specifically to discuss who we may lose in free agency this year and next. I believe Warford is in the last year of his deal.
  6. I hate he goes to Carolina. Hopefully, they don't give him a real QB to work with. I think Cam is done there and they will have to rebuild the whole team hopefully at that point he has moved onto somewhere else as a head coach. Hopefully out of the NFC south and not somewhere like Tampa or ATL.
  7. I hate to see i=hsi career end this early, but I feel he should have done this a couple of years ago when he was having multiple concussions. I think He, Gronk, and Luck walking away show players are getting smart about their health. I am happy he can walk away while walking and functioning at a high level.
  8. Boris, I agree, but there are teams that will steamroll teams in the regular season and not be able to do it in the playoffs. I feel we are one of those teams with Brees at QB. The concern that I have that has been said here before is if we keep Brees which I know will happen we will let others walk and not fill certain hols in free agency because we won't have the funds. Also arm strength, yes you can win games without throwing a deep ball and check down all day long. But when you have to focus your team on the run game and defense your QB has to take little money so the rest can go into that. If you can't throw the deep ball safeties cheat up and stop everything underneath and the run game. It will be our undoing. I'm sorry but we have all seen it before. History repeats itself. When the Seahawks won their first super bowl they played a Denver team lead by Manning who could not throw it deep. Go back and watch the film. The only reason Manning won the last one was because of defense and having two great YAC WR's. They had Demarius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders in their prime. We have one great WR that's it. We will not go far with Brees in the playoffs. I'm sorry I love him and hope he retires a Saint, I am just looking at it realistically. I really hope to be eating crow, but these are legitimate concerns. We all know this to be true, think about it. History is not on his side or Tom Brady's side. I am just being honest. You don't gain arm strength in your 40's. It doesn't happen even the guy with arguably the best arm in NFL history Favre played his last full season at 40. He didn't finish the season he played at 41 in.
  9. I agree, he was a much better blocker than expected when we signed him. He will be missed, but I feel we can overcome this one. The other players leaving in free agency are what scares me. I truly expect week 1 of this past year and next year to have a few different starters on both sides of the ball.
  10. Listen if we win the super bowl next year with Brees I will be the first to eat Crow, but honestly, I don't see it. I believe the window is closing so fast it may have already closed. We are going to lose players to free agency this year and need to fill a lot of holes before the draft.
  11. I agree with this so much it isn't even funny. I have said before I love Brees, but if he chooses to play he will be Saint to our detriment.
  12. Glenn is not going to NEw york they picked Miami's D coordinator. We lot s LB coach, not the d coordinator. But I do agree with almost everything here. Peat was the weakest link on the line. The downside to losing him as a player is that he is the best backup LT on the team and maybe the league. So that creates another hole. We do have a lot of moving pieces, and quite honestly this may have been our best last chance time will tell though. If Brees is done the super bowl is closed. We have good pieces, but not enough to compete next year for a super bowl without retooling some players and positions.
  13. Our tackles were the ones that got beat from what I saw, but I don;t watch many games live so I could have missed the guards part.
  14. I too think he comes back, but nothing is guaranteed. I think honestly the last game will chew at him for a while and I believe even before you factor that he is 95% sure to come back regardless. He is too competitive though to let the playoff game be his last game. Just like Favre was for the Vikings.
  15. I am not planning to watch any more NFL games until next season.