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  1. Benie Fowler was put in IR today. Hopefully, some of these PS guys can step up. At this point looking like Brees is going to have to spread the ball around now.
  2. Yeah, I say put him on IR, and let him heal for 3 weeks. Make him be a couch potato.
  3. I am not going to lie slow starts boil down to gameplan and the scripted offensive plays you start a game with. AS far as Cam, I have been concerned his whole career with the number of snaps he has played. Some years he played close to 100% of the defensive snaps because there was no one else. I am hoping we did not wear the tread off his tires. Time will tell. Payton has been on record saying Cam is getting double or chipped on almost every play. That just didn't stop him in the past.
  4. I was really hoping they would keep Quinn and Demitroff, but they had to after today the team was not competitive.
  5. I was hoping my noles could pull pone out on them, and they hung tough for a while. However, they are years from being truly competitive. They finally wised up and dumped Blackman only three years too late though.
  6. I don't know a lot of people that have had it, but I know a bunch on here have had it affect people they know and love. I have it and so did my daughter, and she has an autoimmune disease. So I thought I would share my experience I am still in quarantine until Monday. I got my daughter Friday night the 25th on Saturday she started showing symptoms that mirror sinus' with a low-grade fever. She asked to go back to her mom's that night and still had a small fever. Because of her autoimmune, they went to get tested and all facilities were closed on Sunday. Come Monday morning she was supposed to call and make an appointment. I woke up Monday with a small sore throat and a little bit of congestion but could still breath through my nose. Typical allergy stuff for me in the spring and fall. Well, I took the dog out and came back in to make my coffee. I thought to myself man I can't smell I shove the cup up to my face, and could feel the steam. Sure enough no smell. I drink community with chickory so I said not a good sign. I take a swig saying even when sick in the past I should be able to taste it. Well, no taste so I am 99.9% sure I have at this point and start calling work to let them know I am trying to get scheduled. I get ahold of a local place that is listed they schedule me I go in to get tested. This where I start to see how this spreading so easy. I call when I pull into the parking lot as I was directed to. They have a staff employee meet me at the door to fill out paperwork in my car. I was responsible and put on my mask. They did not tell me I had to. I fill out my paperwork and hand the clipboard back to people, not wearing gloves, they don't seem to wipe anything down I touched. Again good thing I used sanitizer before I took anything from them. I than m weighed and stuck in a room. The nurse comes in and goes what brings you in today. I respond here to get tested for Covid-19 outlaw my symptoms she says oh I need to change my mask. She returned with a new mask, and a couple of tests in her hands. She tells me she has to test for Strep first. I said ok she than shoves a swab to the back of my throat and proceeds to make me gag while she is in my face less than 2 feet with nothing covering her eyes. Than says sorry I have to make you gag. My draw almost fell to the floor she knew I would have to gage yet she was in my face with no shield protecting her own knowing I was being tested for this virus. Then she performs the nasal swab for Covid, and mind you this is the second one I have done (they have gotten better). Then the doctor comes in and asks the same questions. He also looks in my mouth with no face shield and makes me say ahh, checks my ears and lungs sends me on the way after strep comes back negative. My daughter had it worse than me she had a fever and cough nothing too bad, but she has been symptom-free for 3 days. She has t quarantine for 20 days instead of the 14 I am doing. I didn't have too bad a little congestion, a couple of small headaches, fatigue, and the no smell or taste for about 5 days which was really weird. She is doing well, but we may not have seen the end of this for her as she had to stop taking all her meds. She is on some very strong ones for her autoimmune diseases including Humara. We have another week before she can start back up we are hoping she doesn't have a flair up before she can start those back up net Friday. I'm not trying to get political with this at all. I feel everyone will eventually catch it, and it will replace the flu, not saying it is the flu, but I feel this will replace it in something we deal with yearly. I hope you all stay safe. Hope maybe this helps some of you in some way. Or at least explains some things. Feel free to ask any questions if you want.
  7. Well, they didn't have a lead last night. I am surprised Dan Quinn has not been fired yet.
  8. Yeah I agree I had big hopes after his rookie year, but honestly, I feel moving Jenkins to free would be better for all involved, and having CJGJ playing strong would be a much a smarter paly. Saying all fo that I am no coach or GM so I will make my comments from my chair. I just hope they get it moving in the right direction. I personally like PRob at the slot that is why we paid him all that money. I feel we are going to see some major changes this offseason on the roster like Marcus Williams and Rankins not being on the team.
  9. I went with a lot of what everyone picked but added PJ Williams. It was nice to see our DB's not get called for PI even though the refs decided to pick on Calzone yesterday. I thought Marcus Williams missed a few INT's by playing the player rather than the ball. The PI call was a good example of one. He ran into the player rather than playing the ball which would have been a n easy Int.
  10. The run game took a huge dip when Ram went out, but glad we got the win. Hoping he is back quick for the next game. But definitely do not want to rush it as concussions can becomes a serious problem.
  11. Yeah, I expect a lot of zone defense this week. Which may not be a horrible thing considering how many PI calls we have had lately.
  12. I am honestly surprised Quinn has not been fired yet. If he losses again this week I feel they have to fire him.
  13. The good news is they overpaid for Matt Ryan and Julio. I do not see them taking a QB with Matt Ryan at the age he is. today proved they can score without Julio and how bad it was the give him a raise with 3 years left in his contract. I kind of hope they fire their DC and finish around .500 just to keep Quinn again. I mean Mike Smith was there a long time after he should have been gone. Starting to Look like Shanahan was the reason they made it to the Super Bowl.
  14. I really hope all the issues and problems of 2020 don't carry over to 2021. I am not sure how much more the mental health of the world as a whole can take.
  15. The Washington football team is also the only 1-0 team in the NFC East. Weird they are leading the division. Riverboat Ron doing his thing.