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  1. I'm honestly not sure how much we will use him but I am glad they are worrying about it. 49ers bracing for heavy dose of Taysom Hill Posted by Mike Florio on December 5, 2019, 5:24 PM EST Getty Images Saints coach Sean Payton said after quarterback-of-all-trades Taysom Hill had a big night against the Falcons that the team probably should use Hill even more. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is bracing for it. “He’s a factor every week for them whether it’s at quarterback or any of the positions except for O-Line is I think the only one I haven’t seen him play,” Shanahan told reporters earlier this week. “He’s an unbelievable player on special teams. There’s no doubt we’re going to see him, we just don’t know exactly how.” Hill had a touhdown reception and a touchdown run last week. The Saints also got him the ball with an opportunity to uncork a deep throw, but the Falcons were ready for it. Hill’s arm becomes a potentially important weapon down the stretch because starting quarterback Drew Brees, who turns 41 in little more than a month, doesn’t have the arm strength that he once did. With Hill on the field sparingly, defense will look for the long ball; the more often he’s playing, the harder it will be to constantly guard against Hill trying to air it out.
  2. Kirkwood is also staying on IR... Mike TriplettESPN Staff Writer The Saints released TE Dan Arnold to make room for newly-signed LB Manti Te'o. They also decided to keep WR Keith Kirkwood on injured reserve for the remainder of the season instead of adding him to their active roster. I would have preferred he came off.
  3. I think that's partly because the other TE is a better blocker. Line is not a full participant in practice either.
  4. I truly believe the key to winning this game will be the run game and Murray. To wear out the pass rushers, and not have to worry about their secondary as much would be nice. I read today they have the 22nd best run defense. Time to lean pon the big hogs and ride them to victory.
  5. I think they need to fire their GM as well. Not that he is a bad coach, but the Panthers are shortening the career of McCaffrey. I am not going to complain, but the touches he has since being in the league is crazy!
  6. Yeah if Zack Line is clear to go it could be a depth move. Which I wouldn't mind.
  7. Sad to hear that I truly wish there was a secondary option for pro football outside of the NFL. I'm not sure that there ever will be a way to make it profitable.
  8. This 100%! The penalties also need to stop. I have feeling that Payton is going to get into them over the onside kicks, and penalties, at least he needs to.
  9. I really hope Armstead is a go, we will need all the help we can get against their d line.
  10. The still will be lucky to win 5 games and they are talking smack. wow lol.
  11. I think we extended him this past offseason, and honestly, I am not sold he wants to go just anywhere. I think he realizes what it will take to have a productive team.
  12. I honestly feel like it may be time in the offseason to think about moving him to LT and making a change with Armstead. He has not played a full season in his career, and the latest injury is one of many. We are paying him way too much to sit on the sideline. I love Armstead when he is healthy, but if he misses more than 2 games it is time to move on.
  13. Dude don't feel bad like has been said before any given Sunday, and I don't think any of us saw this coming, but this a good time to lose this game to show the players to avoid the "cheese".
  14. Glad I was stuck working with no cell phone reception. I got back into the car with 3 minutes left in the game and heard about the penalties and miscues. Glad I didn't get to watch this one today. Hopefully, it was a wake-up call to the team.
  15. I hope Payton shows it to the team.