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  1. great read thanks for the share. Realistically I don't blame Dundon I blame initial financial supporter. I am surprised it got as far as it did on smoke and mirrors. Hope the XFL uses a lot of the same ideas and principle since it seems more financially sound.
  2. I think Dural is done. He was a UDFA who could not stay healthy. I honestly doubt he catches on with another team at this point.
  3. The only concern I have right now is how much does Thomas want, and if we resign him to that what does that mean for the QB position next year? Realistically we are primed to compete next year with or without Drew, but if he wants to come back can we really say yes? Paying that much to a WR as well as few others, and the numbers keep climbing. We have 1-2 years tops before our cheap players eat up a bunch of our cap space.
  4. I watched the second half. I hate seeing anyone get injured not named Cam Newton and Steve Smith. But I was glad to see the Raptors win their first championship. Wonder how much of that team they will keep together?
  5. And they cut Travin Dural.
  6. IDK that's a tough call. I didn't watch the game but if it was 3-0 at the half that sound more like Thailand quit than our team pouring it on. I think at this point I don't blame the team for playing how they did. This is the world cup and no one is here to make people feel good this is a competition. Like in college football if it is 58-0 sorry move on. I don't have a problem with how it was done.
  7. This is his old contract, he counted over 14 million against the cap. They don't have his new numbers up yet, but I would imagine those numbers will climb a little for this year. Unless he didn't get a signing bonus just an extension which is possible. Sorry, I can't get his contract numbers to come over from the website.
  8. I know he had a high cap number before because of his original signing bonus. I wonder if over the cap has it. I will check and see.
  9. Good if they want him they are gonna work for it and pay for his services not only to him but the Pelicans too. We have his rights and they better hurry or the price may go up.
  10. I think this was done for two reasons, and I heard a rumor the Saints were also working on dead year extensions for Armstead. I think it was done to show that the Saints reward good hardworking great character players as they did for Evans, and many other prior to having to do extensions, and to free up cap space. I expect MT's contract to be in the 20 mill per year neighborhood. The Saints have always tried to reward their in house guys first. I expect MT to get done before the offseason, and a few others next offseason with money to carry over either for Brees or Teddy depending on what Brees or the FO wants to do after this year.
  11. Honestly, I know Mark was good but I never focused on him in pass protection like I did when I would Bush out there. I believe that is because when bush first came in the league I was concerned about him being able to do that with his smaller lower body frame.
  12. I think to a degree Kamara offers that, I just think Bush ran crisper routes not that Kamara has any flaws there. Bush truly looked like a small slot receiver on the field.
  13. Honestly, I think he may have been the best I have ever seen do that. Not only just a Saints RB. I saw him flip DB's, and LB's like they were rag dolls on some of his blocks. He was extremely unselfish in that. Even ones he didn't hit low I would see him stonewall defenders bigger than him. I wish someone would do highlights of his blitz pickups they were a thing of beauty.
  14. I have seen some non Saints fan argue that Reggie had too short of Saints career, but he did so much including some of the best blitz pickups I have ever seen here. He played decoy and so much more. No way we make it to the NFCG his rookie year or the Super Bowl without him.
  15. I agree that surprised me a little bit, but in his defense the 3 teams vying for him none had the pedigree of a competitor. In Baltimore, no one knows what's gonna happen especially since they lost 3 huge vocal leaders this offseason on defense, and have no passing game. Yes, the Brownies look good on paper, but the last time a team did that was the dream team in Philly, and we all remember how that turned out. Lastly, with Carolina, they are either really good or really bad never in between. But I hear the Panties get him real close to where his momma lives.