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  1. Former top 5 draft pick who plays on the inside of the D line a place of weakness due to injuries and potential suspension. Could be worth looking at. BTW love those 5th-year options. Wonder what they are asking for, but may be worth swapping a few picks for him. I know we don't have much to work with. Honestly, I would be willing to swap our 2nd rounder for their 3rd rounder. Just a thought. It would be a late 2nd rounder for an early 3rd rounder. In my opinion, he is a 3T they are playing out of position as a 3-4 DE. 49ers are shopping Solomon Thomas Posted by Mike Florio on April 25, 2019, 12:28 PM EDT Getty Images As the 49ers prepare to add another defensive lineman with a top-five pick, they could be parting ways with the player who arrived via the third overall pick in 2017. Per a league source, the 49ers are shopping defensive lineman Solomon Thomas. The willingness to part ways with Thomas could be an indication that the 49ers are leaning toward taking pass rusher Nick Bosa. However, it doesn’t rule out Quinnen Williams, a defensive tackle who has the skill to move around. The 49ers have two other first-round defensive linemen: 2015 first-rounder Arik Armstead and 2016 first-rounder DeForest Buckner. Thomas has two years left on his rookie deal, plus an option year available in 2021. He’s due to earn $3 million this year and $4.33 million in 2020. After Thomas racked up three sacks in 14 games as a rookie, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh vowed that Thomas has “got a plan” and will be “much improved” as a pass rusher. Thomas responded with one sack in 16 games, and he saw his playing time diminish.
  2. A good sign, If he makes a full recovery and plays well this year it would be smart to next offseason sign him to a long term deal as we did with Cam so to keep his number down as the cap keeps growing.
  3. Wow even naming the player without naming them. This is going to get interesting glad my team wasn't involved with this, but this could bring down Alabama in a very bad way if he can prove it to be true. Damn poor Nick Saban and Roll Tide fans. they would have to give back their trophies. Gald it doesn't yet involve FSU and LSU. Were is TO when you need him, but that meme does seem to illustrate the same phrase.
  4. I do have to admit it did cross my mind at first like damn I wonder if when she took the role as a kid if she thought she would have to be naked on camera before the series ended. Better yet did her parents know or think that? I mean really it should have crossed their mind since the end of the books and series had not been written yet.
  5. I am just not sold that Grier will be there. If he is there we could see us taking him. But truthfully I would rather grab a player for depth at a key position besides QB or a starter and just plan to roll with Teddy moving forward. Not to say that I know better than any of you or Payton. At this point, we don't know how much longer the window will be open, and my concern boils down to the cap less than Brees at this point. When he does walk away I feel Payton can manage a playbook to work in the QB's best interest if that is Teddy, Hill or even a Chase Daniel type. But Brees cap hit will make it hard to retain most of the roster that is my concern. That is my main concern at this point. I truly believe we are building a stronger defense if we can get a top 10 defense I feel Payton can manage a top 15 offense without Brees at QB very easily.
  6. I do agree that he is not a traditionally QB, but I still think the problem is that he is a QB and that is another roster spot. IDK maybe they would make a trade if they got Grier, but it would cause some issues with the roster numbers in my opinion. I mean shoot before Hill Payton usually only carried two QB's. Hill gave him the excuse of not wasting a roster spot on a backup, but that would still push him to 3 which means cutting a player otherwise that could have been used.
  7. I don't either, and do you run with 4 QB's on the roster? I mean really who would you cut? Do you cut Bridgewater, Hill, or Grier after preseason? I can't see them running with 4 QB's.
  8. hmmm. Could be, but will it be too warm for him to go there? Not sure he will travel without the snow. I tell you what thought it would get very interesting if the white walkers lose in Winterfell only for the NK to have a new army already south of Winterfell running amock before John and Dany can stop him. Man, that would be a great move! To sacrifice your existing army only to grow a stronger one who now has to only face armies without dragons, dragon glass, and without trained soldiers.
  9. Yeah I expect either Jon or Dany to die during the battle or war and there will be no controversy, maybe even both. I expect most of the people in the show to die. I mean honestly, if they didn't I would be upset truthfully. Every year at almost one an episode most of the characters die. I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrion Lannister has to take the iron throne at the end.
  10. I figured it wouldn't happen, yet and even though mostly only dialogue it was a better episode in my opinion than week 1. Curious how many episodes do you guys think the main or first battle will be against the white walkers? We are two episodes in yet, and there will still be a lot to be handled no matter who wins in the white walkers or mankind.
  11. Honestly, it doesn't surprise me at all, and if I was Kraft and Belicheck I would not fix it. It brings more to the story of the trophy.
  12. Yeah, but people are going nuts saying he is looking for the right situation which would not be us. I'm sorry but he wouldn't have to start, and this isn't about money. Some are saying oh the Patriots, but honestly, I don't see it as he would have to be a full-time starter. I can't see his body holding up to that and don't think he wants that.
  13. Yeah he would be coming back in a backup capacity, and I would not be opposed to that at all. I am sure Payton and company would be for it too.
  14. Just looked it up, we play 4 division games in a row too finishing up on Thanksgiving day against the Falcons.
  15. Not to mention they play all division games in the month of November. I don't care how bad teams are division games are never easy and to play a whole month of them sucks for them. Couldn't happen to a better fan base.