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  1. He has been interviewing for years for a head job. I hope he does well except when they play us. Report: Dan Campbell the favorite to become Lions head coach Posted by Myles Simmons on January 15, 2021, 1:42 PM EST It looks like one more head coaching vacancy is off the board. Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell is the favorite to become the next Lions head coach, according to a report from NFL media’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero. Campbell interviewed with the Lions on Monday. He’s not able to have a second interview with Detroit, which hired Brad Holmes to be its G.M. on Thursday, until the Saints’ season is over. A former tight end in the league from 1999-2009, Campbell has been with the Saints since 2016. Before that, he was the Dolphins tight ends coach from 2011-2015, spending the last 12 games of the 2015 season as Miami’s interim head coach. The Dolphins were 5-7 under Campbell. Campbell spent three seasons with the Lions as a player from 2006-2008. The Lions were reportedly going to meet with Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Friday, but called off the meeting, per NFL media’s Mike Garafolo. Campbell emerging as the favorite was part of the reason why.
  2. Now the Bears chairman is commenting and calling him a punk. I am not a fan of trash-talking, but if he can keep getting players ejected and not hurt the team with penalties while doing it I am all for it.
  3. No, I understand, but I will still take two free draft picks at the end of the third round. I think we will get one for Teddie this offseason, so that would be two 3rd round compensation picks. With at least one more next offseason. Also, either last year or the year before the league starting allowing teams to trade those picks. So who knows maybe we trade them to move up or down.
  4. Saw a bunch of tweets this morning stating the Falcons want to hire him when the Saints are done playing. Hate to see him go, but we will receive two compensation picks in the third round due to a new league rule for minority coaches and execs. The link below, an additional third this year and next would be ncie. I assume we will get one for Teddy too. I figure the AJ Klein will wash with Jenkins. NFL compensatory picks for minority coaches and executives explained The news that the Lions are hiring longtime Rams executive Brad Holmes as Detroit’s new general manager means that for the first time, the league’s new rule rewarding teams that help develop minority coaches and executives will be put into place. Holmes is a minority, so the Rams will now receive a third-round compensatory pick in both the 2021 NFL draft and the 2022 NFL draft for losing Holmes. Those third-round picks will come after the compensatory picks that are awarded to teams for losing free agent players. We don’t yet know how many third-round compensatory picks will be awarded for losing free agents, but if there were five regular third-round compensatory picks, those would be picks Nos. 97-101. Then the first compensatory pick for losing a minority player or executive would be No. 102. If multiple teams lose minority coaches or executives, multiple third-round compensatory picks will be awarded. They’ll be awarded in the same order that teams choose in the draft, so the team that’s higher in the draft order would also be higher in the compensatory pick order. These compensatory picks are in addition to the 32 compensatory picks that are regularly awarded. So while the draft would typically have 256 overall picks (32 in each of seven rounds, plus 32 compensatory picks), there can now be more than 256 picks because of the additional compensatory picks. The full text of the NFL resolution is below: 2020 RESOLUTION JC-2A Whereas, the member clubs believe that policies designed to promote equal employment opportunity and a diverse and inclusive workforce advance significant league interests, including improved decision making, enhanced business performance, and representing the NFL as an employer of choice that hires and promotes based on merit; and Whereas, the member clubs have adopted policies extending over several decades in furtherance of these goals, including policies designed to permit upward mobility and advancement of club employees, particularly those in coaching and football operations roles; and Whereas, the member clubs believe that it is appropriate to take additional steps to enhance opportunities for employment and advancement of minorities and women in key positions, including leadership roles in coaching, personnel, and football operations, Be it Resolved, that the League Policy on Equal Employment and Workplace Diversity will be amended as follows: (i) The employer-club of a minority employee who has been hired by another club as its Head Coach or Primary Football Executive (General Manager) shall receive Draft choice compensation in the form of a compensatory Draft pick in the third round in each of the next two Drafts for an employee hired as either a Head Coach or Primary Football Executive, or for the next three Drafts if it has two employees hired for both positions. The reference to the hiring of employees into “both positions” could be by the same club or different clubs. The following will apply to the Draft choice compensation: a. Any compensatory Draft picks awarded pursuant to this Policy will be at the end of the third round following all compensatory Draft picks awarded to clubs pursuant to Appendix V of the NFL-NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement. b. If multiple clubs are awarded compensatory Draft picks pursuant to this Policy, then the order of those picks at the end of the third round will follow the original selection order for that Draft established prior to any trades or other adjustments. (ii) The employer-club shall be eligible to receive this Draft choice compensation if: a. The minority employee hired as a Head Coach or Primary Football Executive has been employed by the employer-club for a minimum of two full seasons; and b. The minority employee is not the Head Coach or Primary Football Executive of the employer-club and is hired into the same position with the new club. There can be no break in employment between clubs. Submitted by Workplace Diversity Committee Effect: Establishes a system that rewards clubs for developing minority employees who move to the position of Primary Football Executive or Head Coach with other clubs. Reason: Supports development opportunities for minority employees to advance goals of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  5. I am curious how we plan to combat the two TE sets. Tampa has run more of that and TB was very good at that in NE. Anzalone is not great in coverage, but you can't have CJG in at the line or he will get run over by a TE in the run game. Curious to see how we combat that. They did lose a guard to a broken ankle. I really hope Hendrickson is back.
  6. I think it is dependent on how he feels. On Twitter it was reported to be a stinger.
  7. Doug Pederson out in Philly I think it's a mistake. I hope he doesn't go to ATL.
  8. I feel that may have been Big Ben's last game. He was crying as he left the field.
  9. Yeah, I read it flared up during practice that is why he practiced and then was pulled. I really hope we can keep him, as Muhamad who was drafted the same year by us has played well this year for Indy we missed out on due to numbers. I feel he will get lost in the numbers game.
  10. I remember how it was post Super Bowl 44. Players are more sought after for leadership reasons. Younger players will tend to listen to guys who have a ring than some guy who has played in a couple of playoff games. I remember Fajita going for way more than I expected to the Browns, etc so you are right 100% right on the money Boris.
  11. Thomas had a little one the year before Kamara, but they weren't crazy. I think we let Rankins walk as Onyemata is under contract, and by all accounts has outperformed him. I honestly think we do not do the 5th year option on Davenport. It doesn't mean we cannot sign him long term or Franchise him, but he needs to prove himself this postseason and next year if he wants to stay or get paid by anyone. I feel this offseason we will do contracts for Ram and Lattimore. There is a good chance they will get huge signing bonuses, and a small first year or two salaries to cover the Brees cap hit. If we do that alone it could really help with the cap not to mention extending a player or two. The truth is we all knew eventually we would have to pay the 2017 draft class. Curious to see who we choose to and can keep after this season. Anzalone, Marcus Williams, Hendrickson all have expiring contracts, and we do have 5th years on Ram and Lattimore, but they will want to be paid this offseason too.
  12. The thing I would add to this, is we have to decide this offseason if we are going to do the 5th year option on Davenport. It won't apply until the following offseason, but he is going to have to put up some serious numbers in the postseason and stay healthy for us to be willing to add that big of a cap number in 2022. We also have Rankins becoming a free agent this offseason. Going to be a lot of big decisions this off-season.
  13. Taysom is back to full participant I heard on Twitter yesterday that Easton is going on IR. He has another concussion. I feel that is the smart move, but the move hasn't been made official. Saints probably trying to keep quiet he won't be ready or who they are signing to replace him. Hendrickson was a no participant at practice today after being limited yesterday. Hope he is 100% as he is a huge contributor. Hope we can keep him in the offseason, but not holding my breath as we will have lots of bodies to sign, not to mention Brees cap hit will finally hit if he retires. Big offseason ahead, but hopefully, we don't have to worry about that until after the Super Bowl.
  14. He is very deserved to be in.
  15. There are several reports stating he wants 12 million a year. Personally, I think he is overrated, but people keep jumping at the chance for his services. I personally would love for the Falcons to sign him, but I think Jacksonville is the one who is pushing for his servies. Curious about others here thoughts.