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  1. The one thing I saw that liked is no late season out door cold games. Not that it bothered us last year, but I like thtat Cincy in November is last outside cold weather game. That could have been much worse.
  2. Not that i'm argung with you, but that's really close to the deal we gave Meredith. Snead has more production, and is not coming off a major kneee injury. Stating all of that Snead did get a DUI, has been suspended, and fell off the face of the earth last year. I don't see us matching this. That would be a lot of mney tied up into two WR's who are not our #1 receivers.
  3. I agree, would lvoe to get it back, but not athe expense of a 5th year option. Honestly I would rather stay put at 27 and just take BPA than trade around with the lower picks back and forth if needed.
  4. Wow I just lost a ton of respect for Disney and thier food!
  5. WE gave up a 2nd rounder not a 3rd for Kamara. Hern I don't think Davenport will make it out of the top half of this draft. He is srguably the second best rusher in the draft. I would love to get him though.
  6. We got two in the following two rounds too with Kamara and Williams. If this team keeps up the scouting we are going to kill it this year too. Remember we have a really raw prospect from last year too in Muhamad who was great in the pre seaosn. I am curious to see how he does this camp.
  7. It's too bad he hasn't developed into the reciever we have wanted to yet, but he still has one more off season to see if he can do it. IDC if he runs with two hands on the ball even when no one else near him I want him to succed and not fumble. Dude is all heart, you can see that when he is blocking and a RB gets stopped short of the end zone.
  8. I agree Dru. It seems since 2009 we have alaways had to play multiple people across the board. Shoot even when we won the super bowl Bushrod started at LT he was not the planned starter or even the starter for half the year. I think that is why this team invests so heavily in the line knowing they need the depth. Shoot we always seem to have at least one good utilitery back up on the team. I think Tom Cameron already on the roster is the next one. He should be able to play all 3 interior postions, and it would allow Peat or Bushrod to play LT if necessary. Even Ram if truly necessary.
  9. I feel this is a great move for us. I hope we can get and Amrstead on the field ogether for the whole season this year.
  10. I honeslty think he deserves the money after our doctors had to be fired. Report: Keenan Lewis negotiating settlement with Saints in injury grievance Posted by Charean Williams on April 17, 2018, 7:34 PM EDT Getty Images Keenan Lewis is negotiating a settlement in an injury grievance he filed against the Saints, the New Orleans Advocate reports. An arbitration hearing was scheduled to begin later this week. The Saints released Lewis before the 2016 season after he had a lingering hip injury. He has required multiple operations since, per the Advocate, and Lewis publicly stated the Steelers discovered a “failed surgery” during his visit there last year. Lewis told WWL radio last August that he was hospitalized to treat a staph infection in December 2016 after his surgery, and one of his hip flexors is deteriorating because of his treatment. The Saints fired team doctors Deryck Jones and Misty Suri following the misdiagnosis of cornerback Delvin Breaux‘s leg injury, according to the paper. Breaux missed most of training camp last year with a leg injury diagnosed as a contusion before a second opinion revealed a broken fibula.
  11. I don't think we will come down in the first round. I think we will trade from back to get further up in the 3rd or the 2nd round. Think about it this is a young and talented team. DOes anyone here think we have 8 roster spots that need to be updated by rookies? I think we will move around and finish with 5-6 picks. Which honestly is fine with me. We have good young depth on this team. If we add players who can make the roster I'm all for it, but I don't see us adding 8 rokies plus at least one UDFA ike we always do. That would be 9-10 rookies on a yound deep strong roster already.
  12. Sailor I agree with you, no matter how bad of a team you are you take BPA, you cannot pass on the best player who is considered a potential first ballot HOF caliber player. You take him and than take the very best next player at 4. Tyrod Taylor is a servicable starter. Gives them a guy to carry the torch so they are not picking number 1 againb next year.
  13. I agree Dru I believe truthfully the Saints would add one more year, but not two. If he tacks it on for same rate for another year they should do it.
  14. Joe Morgan did, he just didn't produce. Payton will play the best player. Time to tell if that can be Snead.
  15. Agree with above about smoke screen, but the reason he said Darnold is because everyone bvelives he will be the top QB. If teams keep passing on QB's one could fall to us. Saying that the only one I would take with a first round pick outside of Darnold is Mayfield. If any of the other make it to 27 I'm not sure we should take them. I would love to see what grades we have on the QB's, but it won't ever happen.