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  1. I'll save you the time of the click and the watch of the video which looks like it was taken in an airport while he is walking with his kid. He is asked if he thinks this is Brees last year. RB says "if he wins the Super Bowl yes." I honestly don't know. The roster is stcked with not many free agents next year if we do win Drew could make another run and go out with 3 rings which would be more than Manning and Elway. Just a thought. We have a bunch of rookie contracts this year and next. Two years from now the roster may have a lot of turnover. But this year and next we are ok with contracts. Time will tell and a Lomabradi or two would be nice.
  2. I like the dialogue as well. It is weird to me how it seemed almost over night the media started to lean one way or another and forcing scare tactics. Is it me or did it happen around the time Obama got into office? I am not sure who actually started it, but I do remeber Fox News being so right winged that they were attacking other new stations. It is sad. When I was a kid you could wathc channels like Headline News and just get the news, no opionions just the facts they could corroborate. It is sad how much it has changed some times.
  3. I agree Dru, that didn't make any sense unless they were doing it on principal. I think they still had the GM that York choose over Harbaugh, and that he wanted to prove a point. Remeber he was shown to be an arrogant ass who got himslef fired after the team fell apart. That team was a dumpster fire the minute Harbaugh left. And Honestly I would have left too if I was Harbaugh. Quite honestly they still need to turn the corner. We will see if Shanhan and his QB can do so.
  4. Very good read thanks for the share. I like when you can see this kind of interaction you would see on the Gruden QB camps. Not very often if at all you will see any active player do this as scheme can be given away by doing so, but I enjoyed the read thoroughly. Would love to see more of this. Brees did one I think for ESPN this offseason too. He was vague, but gave some insights away. For instance he even knew a play that had been called twic ein his Saints career by name, and when it scored a TD. It was a run play. He mentioned how each year a play with the same name is run different ways. Like in 06 it was run this way. In 08 we ran it this way, and 2011 we ran it the same way we did in 06. I think that is really cool and unique when you have a QB, Head Coahc, and OC together for so long as we have been fortunate to see.
  5. I am excited to see if he and Scott can get some good returns in the next couple of weeks. I thought they both did good in week 1.
  6. The post I was referencing was talking about trimming his guaranteed moeny. Now it did not mention if they were touching his salary or just his guranteed money. I would not see that as a huge deal brekaer for me perosnally. He was gambling though that his services would be wanted elsewhere, and they were not. The funny thig is Marshawn Lynch has a job and has not stood for the anthem for how long before Kap started sitting? I'm not saying I know why he isn't signed. Honestly I don't know, but my guess is because peope feel like Tebow that he is not worth the media attention for the player. Same thing with any player like TO they are kept until the ramifications of having said player out weigh what they feel his production is. At least that is my thoughts. If he was Carson Wentz, Brady, Brees, Luck, or a better player than I think he is I would believe he would be signed. JMO.
  7. You have a great point Drew. No one saw it as isrespectful when Tebow would do it. Honestly he didn't do it during the anthem, but no one saw it that way than.
  8. I didn't know that either. His lose, and that honeslty may not look good for Kapernick in a court case. Honestly even if they try to spin it that Elway was wrong for offering less I would say I'm sorry he is coming off of injury I am not givign that guaranteed money to a player who is not 100% the day he walks in my door. Who is to say he would have been the same.
  9. Clips wouldn't transfer over, but if you go to link you can see them.
  10. Very nice read, and break down with optomism as he is getting better through the offseason and adding to his rush move repertiore. Trey Hendrickson showing Saints talent at DE/EDGE runs deep 23 Can the 2nd year man out of Florida Atlantic be the pass rusher the Saints were looking for all along, and maybe more? By Deuce Windham Aug 12, 2018, 7:00am CDT Film Study SHARE Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports Trey Hendrickson has found himself in what is becoming a pretty crowded room of defense ends in New Orleans. Not only do the Saints have star player Cameron Jordan, but they’ve added Marcus Davenport to a group that already had Alex Okafor. This might lead some to believe that the former third round pick from the 2016 NFL Draft is now buried down the depth chart, but a closer look at his tape (noting his improvement since having to take over as a starter when Okafor went down) shows a player who Dennis Allen and Ryan Nielsen will be hard pressed to keep off the field. Hendrickson’s scouting report coming out of Florida Atlantic (Conference USA) describes a player who flashed but possessed little negatives, such as below average arm length, that make fans scoff at but scouts worry. Lance Zierlein said he had “Average height with lean legs and short arms for the edge. Not an “other side of the line” run defender. A tick slow to diagnose and respond off snap.” Several scouts (and agencies such as Pro Football Focus) were quick to note his positives made him a tempting option for teams looking for a pass rusher. PFF listed “Exceptional burst off the line of scrimmage. Challenges the edge routinely and already adept at turning speed into power.” The Saints got this last year during his rookie season. As a pass rusher, Hendrickson’s go to move is the swat-swim which we see below. He used this from both the left and right side from the 3 Technique to the 7 Technique. Even though he started the season as a situational rusher he was able to take advantage of his snaps with reps like this one. Pass Rush Move: Swat-Swim For a successful swat-swim a player needs quickness in both his hands and feet while having enough power for the swat to redirect the offensive linemen’s arm(s) and momentum. In the above clip Hendrickson uses a double swat down to avoid the left tackle taking control of his chest and swims over the top. At the 2017 NFL Combine Hendrickson finished in the 99th percentile in the 60 yard shuttle, the 89th percentile in the 20 yard shuttle and the 82nd percentile in the 3 cone drill. This athletic ability is on display above with how quickly he’s able to cover ground once he passes the left tackle. This rush (in combination with the efforts of Craig Robertson, Cameron Jordan and Sheldon Rankins) forces Matthew Stafford to release the ball before the route full develops and it falls incomplete. When playing in tight quarters against a guard when can see Trey adjust his technique slightly to compensate and win with the same short area quickness and efficient hand work. Against Chicago Trey used the same move that he did against Detroit to get a sack on BearsQuarterback Mitchell Trubisky. In the first clip we saw the Lions left tackle try to meet Hendrickson at a spot using the 45 technique. He was being aggressive and swatting down caused him to lose his balance and any potential leverage he would have gained from connecting to the chest plate. Here against the Bears the guard is being more patient and allowing Hendrickson to come to him. To counter this he attacks the outside shoulder/upper arm to prevent being “caught” by the guard. Swimming over the top frees his inside him and once again we see the short area quickness and agility from the NFL Combine drills translating to a sack on the field. These subtle variations in technique allowed him to be more versatile in where Dennis Allen and Ryan Nielsen lined him in 2017. Pass Rush Move: Forklift This wasn't the only move in his repertoire, and as the season progressed more of his skills and abilities made themselves known. One of the more difficult pass rushing moves to master is the forklift technique. Often combined with a bull rush (traditional or long-arm), it allows a defender to prevent an offensive linemen from dropping down into his anchor and slowing and/or stopping a bullrush. The execution of the forklift requires excellent hand-eye coordination as well as quickness and power. Above we can see Hendrickson strike the chest of the right tackle with the long arm technique (extending his right arm to create space, and gain leverage) and following this he takes control of the tackles’ right hand and lifts it into the air, preventing it from latching on. While the long arm arm bull rush takes the lineman’s chest, the forklift helps prevent the offensive linemen from deploying any upper body counters that would negate the rush. Scout Brandon Thorn describes the forklift techniquein this article, “The key for success with the forklift is predicated on the rusher bringing their hand inside to their armpit in order to locate the blocker’s hand they want to move. The forklift can be utilized in a reactionary manner based on an initial move that doesn't work, or as a counter, but also as a premeditated primary move to win a rep.” Situational Awareness A common flaw found in players who are situational pass rushers is that they often sell out to the pass so much they can be fooled by read option plays, quick passes and draw plays. During his time in New Orleans, Junior Galette exhibited this flaw. While he was able to real in double digit sacks there were also plays where he failed to maintain containment or spot when a quarterback/receiver were using his upfield burst to their advantage. Players need to have the mental processing to read their keys and understand what is going on around them. Lets once again take a look at the Lions vs Saints game to get an example of how Hendrickson reacted in these situations. Lined up out wide would seem to indicate to the offense that Hendrickson wants to run the arc with a quick up field burst. The left tackle attempts a cut block on Hendrickson who recognizes the block and adjusts his body and momentum. He understands that the tackle is trying to quickly clear the passing lane to his side and he must respond by filling that lane. By stopping his pass rush and avoiding the cut block he is now free to disrupt the passing lane. All of this is taking place in less than a second and a half. Running The Arc: Taking advantage of his athletic ability Coming into the 2018 with even more competition along the defensive line more progression from Hendrickson will be needed for him to maintain the snap counts he became accustomed to at the end of 2017. One of the ways he can do this is by taking advantage of the stellar athletic ability noted earlier in this article. At the time of this article only the first preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars has come and gone, but in that game Hendrickson displayed short area quickness, bend, and ankle flexion that is hard to find on his 2017 tape. This ability to run the arc with athletic ability/bend adds another dimension to him as a pass rusher that not many even at the NFL level possess. In the above play Hendrickson is using a swat-rip move to get past the right tackle, but it’s the bend around the edge that is simply difficult to defend against if you don’t win at the beginning of the rep. To provide comparison I’ve provided two still shots of Trey Hendrickson and Al-Quadin Muhammad both rushing upfield from wide positions to show how deep Trey is getting in the same amount of time as another draft pick from the 2017 class. There are still several issues that need to be worked out if Hendrickson is to develop into the starting defensive end of the future who can be relied upon to play three downs. While he wasn’t suspect against the run in 2017 he wasn’t a stalwart either. When running the end-tackle and tackle-end twist game Hendrickson has a habit of letting his pad level rise which slows him down and provides a easier target for offensive linemen to block. Trey must also continue to add to his pass rush moves while improving his plan of attack to avoid wasted rush reps. One of the advantages of being a situational passrush is it allows Hendrickson to focus on honing his craft, and last year he was tasked with taking on greater responsibility due to injury. This year, assuming the Saints defensive line stays healthy, he’ll likely return to situational rush duties where his focus will be finding opposing quarterbacks. If the progression we’ve seen in 2017 and now the summer of 2018 is any indication he could do a pretty good job of that once the regular season comes around. I leave you with one last clip of Hendrickson’s go to move, the swat-swim. It seems like he’s gotten better at that, too. “T-Rex” looks ready to eat. MORE FROM CANAL STREET CHRONICLES Saints one of the NFL’s best in preseason Power Rankings Cardinals vs. Saints: 5 players to watch New Orleans Saints veterans with the most to prove in 2018 Alex Okafor injured during Saints Wednesday practice [Updated] Natrell Jamerson draws favorable comparison to D.J. Hayden Saints 53 man roster projection - Version 1.0 MOST READ Cardinals vs. Saints: 5 players to watch New Orleans Saints veterans with the most to prove in 2018 Saints one of the NFL’s best in preseason Power Rankings Saints 53 man roster projection - Version 1.0 Natrell Jamerson draws favorable comparison to D.J. Hayden FIND TICKETS FRIAug 17 Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints 7:00 PM - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LA 1,903 tickets available THUAug 30 Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints 7:00 PM - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LA 4,490 tickets availableSEE FULL SCHEDULE From our sponsor
  11. Ok ya'll lol sorry love to use that term. Not country by the way. Lol I am looking for a news series to watch anyone have any recceomendations. I honestly have burned out on TV if not for my DreictTV contract, and working sometimes on Sunday I would drop Cable all together. What do you guys and gals enjoy? I am startnig to rewatch old series, and that is not as fun as new stuff. I enjoy a lot of stuff from GOT to Justified, to SOA, to the marvel and DC series, etc. I em aven open to movies if you have a good series I could watch. BTW if you have not watched Peaky Blinders or Vikings both I highly reccomend. Waiting on new season fo those to come out.
  12. What!? I had never heard of the athletic. I just googled them. You guys are holding out what other great avenues exist for sports news?
  13. Wow, wonder where he is going? Good chacne he is still covering the team, just may be doing it for someone else like when Triplett left. The biggest downside I saw when Triplett left them is he writes a lot less articles than he used to. I wish he would write more. I really enjoy his work as well. Maybe the NFL caught wind of how bad their reporting is on a team by team basis like when they call our rookie WR Tre'Quan Smith a RB. But they already have Herbie Teope who has covered the Saints. Who knows?
  14. I was thinking the same think Nolapse it's supposedly week to week not day to day. At least that's the alert I got wehn asleep from the NFL I am thinking it may be the hgih ankle sprain which can take at least a month to heal. Bit he won't miss the whole year.
  15. Listen I don't ahve a leg to stand on here. I did not serve I think part of the problem is generaltional. Hoenslty I have not met a signle Millenial that cares about the kneeling including those who are currently active duty. However, the older retirees of military I kow care deeply. I think ATN is right why do we have to play the anthem? This is not for an olympic sport where you are representing your country? Why not play the state song, or even a team song for the home team. I am not saying not to play it, not sure I am for anyone protesting during work hours. Saying that forcing them to support a country they see issues with unquestioned are bad too. JMO.