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  1. I caught that too. That's funny right there.
  2. I was unaware of that, but yeah Payton won't put up with that.
  3. I just saw that I am surprised we could not garner a 7th round pick at least for a pro bowl player. However, I do not doubt we tried to trade him first.
  4. Of course, they had a nice jab at ATL when delivered there. Saints have food delivered to front-line workers in four cities they will play Posted by Charean Williams on May 7, 2020, 4:09 PM EDT Now that’s the way to promote a schedule release, New Orleans Saints. The Saints are known for trolling their opponents on Twitter, particularly the Falcons, whom the Saints enjoy reminding of their blown 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. But the Saints did something nice for four cities where they will play in 2020, including Atlanta, and promoted it on Twitter. In a 2-minute, 43-second video, the Saints show deliveries of food to front-line workers. “When you come to our house, 70 thousand voices unite to deliver one message: Y’all ain’t welcome here,” the video begins. “When we come to your house, we make sure y’all don’t want us coming back. So with a new season of NFL football upon us, we want to make one thing clear: None of that matters right now. Because while we may be enemies on the field, we are on one team, with one mission.” First responders in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta received food from the Saints. The Saints couldn’t resist a jab at the Falcons, though. “We even have 283 reasons to be nice to them, too,” the caption reads as food is delivered to the Atlanta Police Department. The video ends with reminders of New Orleans’ rebirth from Hurricane Katrina.
  5. Yes, he was considered too short to play QB in the NFL. So he went the NBA route as he was a two-sport athlete.
  6. I believe he is still the winningest coach in NFL history. A great man who did much for the game.
  7. Yeah, I agree timing killed them. Speaking of bankrolling. I had a conversation with a friend of mine regarding the NFL and the new CBA this morning. Did you know the league has no protections in the CBA if the games aren't played? They still have to pay the player's salaries. I did some rough calculating that would run roughly $5.7 billion. I told him I know for a fact they will have a season, the question is how do they do it, and when. The league would go out of business if they do not. No business can withstand a 5.7 billion loss in a 20 week period. Honestly, if they find a way to make it work it would really help the league in the TV contract negotiations because it will be even more in demand. The draft had record viewership this year for the demand.
  8. I am going, to be honest with you guys and I am sure I have said it before if we draft an offensive or defensive lineman with every first-round pick forever I will be happy. I was talking with my dad last night about the issues with offensive lineman transitioning from college to the NFL. We have had the discussions here before, but the number of NFL ready o lineman coming to the pros seems to be dropping every year. I was hoping the XFL or the AAF would stick around and give the NFL a place to pull more developed lineman. I know they don't want to do it, but the NFL sooner or later is going to start suffering drastically from the lack of a farm league to send prospects who need work and do not have anywhere to hone their skills.
  9. They were hurt badly here, and honestly, I was hoping someone could push the NFL to make changes. And give them an even if a bad version of a farm league to develop O lineman and QB's.
  10. This I agree with 100%, but they get Brady and add o lineman in the draft. I am not saying that was Winston was not at fault for his shortcomings, but they ignored the o line and so has Carolina for years. AS it is the Bucs I believe only added one o lineman which came in the draft at LT. They did not solidify it enough. Their interior and RT are weak. I think Brady made a big mistake going there for that reason. The pats at least built good to great o lines around him. That's why he didn't always have the best WR weapons.
  11. I hope Cam goes to ATL lol. I think Jameis' athleticism has been overplayed by a few in the media. He is agile in the pocket like Brees, but he is nothing close to what I would call a mobile QB. He does move better than Brees and Brady in the open field, but not by much. He has a very awkward stride too. He did have some decent runs in college, but he barely broke the 5-second mark in the 40. I agree with you Boris he is not a natural leader, and the sad thing is he was at FSU he would carry that team and give the pep talks during the NC season when needed. So maybe he could regain that being around someone like Brees. In college, he was a phenomenal leader and teammate but his off the field stuff was way too much.
  12. Sorry, you're right that's what I meant.
  13. I honestly don't know any of these guys. Hoping one of them can become a good 3rd tackle for us. Remember that Stinchcomb was a 7th rounder which is very similar to what these guys are. We need a true back tackle to develop. That is our biggest weakness in my opinion on this team. Yes, Peat can play LT, but we do not have a true good back RT right now. Peat was a disaster on the right side either guard or tackle. I love the depth everywhere else on this team.
  14. His interviews said he was filmed by teams running routes and sent it to multiple teams. He also was coached by Joe Brady in his time at Penn State. He could take some of that TH role in the future. I am not sold TH will play St's as much moving forward. I like the pick as an athlete who can help give coordinators headaches. Can you imagine in a playoff dame if you have 4 QB's on the field, and two of them are built like an LB who can run and throw? I mean Jameis and Brees aren't going to do anything other than throw, but how do you defend that? Shoot even if you have them burn a timeout it would be worth it.
  15. As an FSU fan, I was embarrassed by him many times his last year there. I will say in the last year or two all the off the field stuff seems to have fallen off. I will also say this Jameis plays his best when he has a coach who will hold him accountable. At FSU Jimbo Fisher was the type of coach who would grab you by the facemask and rip into you when you needed it. He was also the only QB I saw Jimbo let call audibles. The football smarts are there, but the biggest thing with him is he was immature and was trying to be a class clown. I honestly believe he has the same mentality as Brett Favre. For Brett, it took Mike Holmgreen to calm him down. I truly believe that Taysom is our QB of the future. The Saints would not keep saying that if they did not believe it. Sitting behind Brees and having him say over and over again completions are not bad will help him. There were and are a lot of times Brees will dump it off and have PT, Bush, Ingram, Kamara, etc break tackles and get a first when others thought not possible. He needs to learn this. I do NOT want him as our long term answer after Brees, because I am not sold the maturity will last. However, as long as Brees is here he will keep him in check. There is not a better QB room in the league hands down with him and TH backing up Brees. If he is needed for a game or two if Brees and TH get banged up I know he can handle that and then some. The talent and football smarts are off the charts. It's the overcompensation and bad o line play that hurt him in Tampa. Look up the stats under pressure he threw a lot of his interceptions. I can't find the numbers now but saw a stat by PFF that something like 20 of his 30 interceptions came when under pressure. Take the sack or the dump-off will be what he learns here. Not his biggest fan, but I really like this move, He is a clipboard holder at worst and could be a 3rd round compensation pick in a couple of years depending on how he looks when he is on the field in the preseason or mop-up duty. That is something I am glad we are finally finding a way to exploit like NE always seems to do. They trade low on a vet and let them leave in free agency for the picks. In the past, you could not trade those picks as of a couple of years ago they changed that. I would love to see us take advantage of that. Since he has not officially signed until today, he nor Jenkins count towards the compensation picks. Only the Emmanual Sanders signing did. And we lost more than we signed so the expectation is next draft we pick up a 3rd rounder. It would be nice if that became the norm. Who wouldn't love an extra 3rd rounder every year?