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  1. I would say we do exactly what we did last time we signed him. Let him find his value and we match it. No one is going to overpay for a 29-year-old RB. I would think he gets 4-6 million a year. I would like to get him for another 2-3 years. I think he will be ready to retire at 32. Either that or be all used up. With him having shared duties I still think he can run good till around 31-32 in a committee.
  2. I would be disappointed if we didn't go 4-1.
  3. I didn't mean down year as he played bad, but down in the numbers he put up. That is why Down was put in quotations to indicate not a rue down year.
  4. I gree Brod, the team is satrting to come around. I was really worried after wekk 1, with little to no reprive on that in the following 2 weeks as well. They are starting to gel and work well together. Let's hope everyone comes back healthy from the bye and ready to run cut throat on the legaue.
  5. I have hoped he can develop into a replacemnt for Ginn. With so many good young players we need new ones to step up and do it early to save money for expiring rookie contracts. I know his blocking was a huge plus coming out of college if he keeps developing we won't have to sign or raft another deep threat WR for at least 4 more years. That would be huge for money to Kamara, Williams, and others.
  6. I do agree, but I think this may have been a calculated mvoe by MT. Remeber that Norman was the one who got into it with OBJ afew years ago. I think he did it to get them off their game, and honestly it worked. I hope it isn't a premanent thing as well, but it could be. Time will tell.
  7. I too think his snap count incrases, but take your time. There is no need to rush it. I think by the end of the year his snap count will be higher than Okafor, but I say take time to get there. No need to rush it.
  8. That is crazy thanks for the share!
  9. I think one of the reasons they are holding back on Robertson is because he is so valuable as an ST's player. That was the main reason he was brought in. The year we signed him the offseason he was the highest rated free agent LB against the pass by PFF. So I was high on him early even though he was passed up in free agency. I like him, I am not sure why he is not starting. Like I said the only reason I can think is his St's play. I wonder if Teo healthy will change the lineup any.
  10. Don't know anything about him honestly. Saints sign cornerback Josh Robinson Posted by Michael David Smith on October 4, 2018, 8:52 AM EDT Getty Images The Saints are adding some help to their beleaguered secondary. New Orleans, which has the worst pass defense in the league through four weeks of the season, has signed free agent cornerback Josh Robinson, a league source tells PFT. Robinson worked out for the Saints last week when the team started looking for help at the position following the ankle injury suffered by cornerback Patrick Robinson. A 2012 third-round pick of the Vikings, Robinson played four seasons in Minnesota and played the last two years in Tampa Bay. The Bucs cut him this year just before the start of the regular season. The 27-year-old Robinson has been a good special teams player in addition to helping out on defense.
  11. Well deserving funny that Tucker and he both won it when they were both on the same team last preseason.
  13. I agree with you, we don't know after this season if he is going to agree to stay here. A guy n a rookie deal has no choice. I like Bridgewater, and hopefully, he sticks around till Brees calls it a career, but we don't even know how much longer Brees will play, or if Bridgewater will wait if it is after this year. Not to mention he may not want to follow in Brees footsteps.
  14. Yes, I agree that RG3, Prescott, and others have looked good. But they were scrambling QB's who could also throw. The difference I see is a guy scrambling to throw not to run. He is smart, athletic and accurate. I saw throws I have seen no one I repeat no one else do off their back foot while falling hitting a tight window. It was a crazy game to watch, and this kid is special if he stays healthy he could be the best ever, but they need to protect him better. Yes, he has great weapons, but some of the stuff I saw I have never seen. Not with Brett Favre, not with Aaron Rodgers, or even with Steve Young. Also, KC jumped us in the draft to pick him. We were picking 11th overall and KC traded to 10th to draft him before us. We knew the ramifications of waiting, but we had so many holes and were so depleted in depth that we would not be the team we are today and not nearly as competitive even if he was the QB if we gave up the capital we used in the 2017 draft. I like the kid, and again I feel he will be great. Curious to see if a weakness is found. Everyone has a weakness Drew's is the interior pressure which is why we invest so highly in Center and guard. Every QB has it. Brady's is pressure that is how the Giants and Eagles have beat him in Super Bowls. Curious if his is being pushed one way over another out of the pocket, doubt it from some of the throws I saw but some serious throws on Monday night that should scare the league.