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  1. Correction the TEAM we have been waiting for. Offensively and Defensively sound. Yes, we have holes but every team does. We could use a better slot receiver, but if we get Ginn back I feel really good about the number 2 WR.
  2. Ingram, Jordan, Thomas, Hill, and Lattimore
  3. Good read Dru thanks for the share. They make some good points. I can see it only make sense with the current system that players would relapse they are cut off from the game they know and love. They are cut off completely from the team and they have nothing to occupy their time. I hope the league does make some changes to help rather than just hoping the sentence will deter the players.
  4. Armstead and Ram were the only limited participants today. everyone else including MT was full participants.
  5. I agree Face. Our O line is full of road graders. Time for them to feast in this game.
  6. I hope in all honesty she is charged with perjury but I hope that so it deters others from doing what she did. Not because she deserves to go to jail.
  7. I thought he was picked on a lot in the beginning and settled in some. I thought as the game went on that Apple played better.
  8. MT did not practice. Stating that I'm not getting worried till next tomorrow if he isn't at least a limited participant.
  9. I didn't like the game plan at all. I'm sorry but when you are facing athletic quick LB like they have you run at them and use your guards to punish them. I thought Payton was off with using both challenges so early in the game. Not taking the points, he was way off. I did not like the game plan at all. Not to mention I felt the whole team came out flat too.
  10. I personally wouldn't say they are improved since week 1, but they are better than the 48-10 loss to the Bears. They are not putting up the points they were the first few weeks, but it will not be a cake walk. Not to mention they always give us fits.
  11. Yeah, I really think the coaches should be able to challenge anything in the NFL too many times bad penalties are called or missed and if we are going to offer challenges why not let it be that? Don't change the other restrictions though 2 challenges per game unless you win both challenges you gain another one. To me, that makes sense and is fair.
  12. IDK Drew I doubt TM has an agreement with the league this video, as well as the Ray Rice video, hurt the league in my opinion. Neither of them looked good on the league in my opinion.
  13. It probably won't happen till next week. They usually hand out fines on Fridays. Not that that helps us now. Just bad officiating overall in that game.