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  1. I love his breakdowns.
  2. I'm not saying we have to add anyone, but I believe Dez is still rehabbing, and it has been mentioned October is when he expects to be ready to sign. That is my reason for thinking he has not been signed or brought in for a workout yet.
  3. Emmanuel Saunders to the 49ers.
  4. Yeah, but we already don't have a second next year. So you have to ask who could we trade for maybe Emmanuel Sanders for a 3rd? If that is a no go, and Eli Apple is fine I say we sign Dez, because outside of WR2 who could be traded for that would make an impact. Realistically once we come out of the bye I think we will see a much healthier team. Payton made it sound like we were going to bring Kirkwood off of IR in the second half of the season. Brees, Kamara, Smith, Kirkwood, PJ Williams, P-Rob, Apple (depending on injury). I feel we will be ok without going after anyone. I truly think this is the deepest team in the NFL. The Patriots needed to add a WR, because they have no TE weapon and no depth at WR.
  5. There it is! One of the main reasons I made the post.
  6. I really get the feeling we entertain the idea of Dez Bryant again. Especially once the bye comes around. We do need a number two and being down our original number 3 and number 4 WR's in Smith and Kirkwood for all but 2 games has hurt us.
  7. I picked Line on offense, but he could get a game ball for ST's and offense. Dude was a beast today. I don't think he was supposed to be playing I think Grey going out he was the sub in St's. He still tipped the punt. He has been good all year, but yesterday was his best game IMO.
  8. Yes, they are and it is awesome!
  9. They overpaid so badly they are not going to be able to rebuild their roster next season even IF they fire their coach and GM. Looks like their GM should be fired, but their rebuild will take years due to the cap hell they will be in no matter what they do this offseason. And Arther Blank is still supporting Dan Quinn. Couldn't be happening to a better team. Falcons are bad, 2020 salary cap situation makes things worse Posted by Michael David Smith on October 21, 2019, 10:37 AM EDT Getty Images Teams sometimes try to sign a core nucleus of top players to expensive contracts in an effort to make a Super Bowl run, and then worry about the salary cap consequences later. The long-term effectiveness of that strategy is debatable, but it at least ought to produce a good team in the short term. What the Atlanta Falcons are doing is something different: They’re one of the worst teams in the league, and they simultaneously have the worst salary cap situation in the league heading into 2020. As noted by Zack Moore of, the Falcons project to be $8.7 million over the cap next year based only on the players they currently have under contract, before they draft any rookies or sign any free agents. That’s largely a result of spending big money on a few key players, most notably Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, who all by themselves are expected to count for 27 percent of the Falcons’ salary cap next year. The five most expensive players on the Falcons (Ryan, Jones, Jake Matthews, Grady Jarrett and Desmond Trufant) are slated to cost more than half the salary cap. Five players. More than half of the entire salary cap. Keep going down the roster to the Top 10 players, the Top 22 players, or however you want to slice it, and the end result is the same: The Falcons have an extraordinary amount invested in the top of their roster, which leaves precious little cap space for the rest of the roster. Next year they’re going to have to fill a lot of holes with league-minimum-salary players. And maybe that would be OK, if the highly paid stars at the top of the roster were capable of carrying a team all by themselves. But they’re not. The Falcons are 1-6 with those highly paid stars. There’s absolutely no reason to believe they’ll be any better next year. Falcons owner Arthur Blank said after Sunday’s loss that he still supports head coach Dan Quinn. Perhaps he realizes that the Falcons’ roster has been constructed so poorly that no coach can turn them around any time soon.
  10. Me too, we will need him this week. hope he can come through.
  11. Mike TriplettESPN Staff Writer The Saints promoted TE Dan Arnold from their practice squad, giving them another pass-catching option with Jared Cook out. They waived newly-signed TE Brian Parker.
  12. Well, that is a gut punch to have Cook and Kamara out. Looks like Josh Hill, and Taysom Hill will be playing a lot of snaps at TE. Wonder if we call up Barrett from the PS to have a 3rd QB on the roster on game day?
  13. I agree I would prefer team-first players, but I will add this how many times have we seen teams cut a player when it was better for them and not the player. As the years go on I more understand the hold outs, and demands for trades when it comes to contract negotiations.
  14. I really feel they should sit him until after the bye. JMO.
  15. I believe he appealed it. And hoenstly this is 100% against him. Realistically no matter when it hit it would suck. This may be the best time to face it as these next two teams are not known as air juggernauts.