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  1. I agree Boris I would be surprised if they do not, but they seem to surprise me every year when I think I know who would be available. Saying that I was surprised by Ramzyck, and it worked out great. CB is a very deep pool in this class, and there are supposed to be some at the end of the first this year according to the draft pundits.
  2. The Saints will take BPA, and I get the feeling it will be Etienne. I would prefer another position, but I do get the feeling he will be there. I would prefer anything other than RB or QB in round 1 honestly. But in Loomis, Payton, and Ireland I trust. I will just be happy for it to get here so we can start signing free agents to finish out the roster afterward. Because that will be when the older players like Craig Robertson sign for super cheap.
  3. I still think we extend Ramzcyk and or Armstead. But with Lattimore having legal issues I highly doubt we extend him this offseason or season. My guess is if nothing comes of the arrest the Saints will franchise tag him next offseason and hope he has another clean season/off-season to extend. At this point, there is a major red flag for a long-term deal.
  4. If I had to guess, and strictly based on a guess I would think it is because he is someone of fame, and they want to make sure their bases are covered. Even if he is cleared I would think the league is going to suspend at least 1 or 2 games.
  5. If they had said one or two first-round picks I would have thought it was viable, but not at that compensation.
  6. I really feel the NF L needs to keep the expanded roster rules and PS players to avoid injuries.
  7. I would say driving around with known felons and everyone in the car has guns he may have been jeopardizing his life. I truly hope it is a misunderstnading.
  8. I honestly thought we could get Rankins back on a 1 year prove-it deal, but Anzalone had interviews and said he felt disrespected when we traded for Kwon Alexander and he would not be back. I'm sorry but dude your play warranted the trade, and the defense got better after you were benched.
  9. I am curious to see the "misunderstanding" Of the gun. If he did purchase it second hand then yes it is understandable, and if he does have a concealed carry license, but was unaware of the Ohio laws then maybe explainable if not I expect at least a 1 game suspension and think it would be warranted. I'm sorry, but concealing a gun without a license is known by everyone to be illegal, and no excuse at all.
  10. I for one have fought buying multiple streaming services. I currently use AT&T tv which is basically DirectTV streaming (very inexpensive). I also have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and get HBO Max for free with AT&T TV. I feel the networks are trying to cut out cable companies, and honestly, I don't blame them. Cable companies made it hard for the consumers, and consumers have been cutting the chord for a while. The only reason I have AT&T TV is that I wanted to watch and record the Saints games. It only runs me bout $45 a month because I have my cell and internet through them. Saying that I don't know what I will do if I have to have peacock and other options to watch games in the coming years. I have allowed my parents, sister, and GF to use my accounts, but it sounds like Netflix, and others are going to starting to require confirmation numbers texted to you to access any of them anymore to stop that. It will be interesting to see how it plays out with the streaming companies. Since Covid started HBO Max releases all of their companies movies Warner Brother and others for streaming for free on the streaming when they hit the theaters. Talk is that will continue after COVID. Which is nice I have watched a lot of movies from home, and prefer that than in a theater with stale popcorn and $7 cokes.
  11. I hope honestly we can keep them both, but I agree Boris unless the cap goes through the roof we will have trouble keeping both, and I believe Ram will be the one to keep, but I could be wrong. Hopefully, with the TV deals, the cap jumps through the roof. If fans will be allowed back to full capacity this year we could afford to keep them both, but one or both may have to take a less than market value deal.
  12. Ok, she said it best.
  13. I don't know the details, but the Lawyer representing the women has done work for the Texans owner in the past that should be known. I just hope the truth comes out and that justice is served no matter the truth.
  14. Just read a tweet by Mike Triplett that it was a handgun that he had concealed. He was arrested because of a failure to report the gun and later found out the gun was stolen. Facts are getting worse.