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  1. I'am sorry to say we don't have a misunderstanding, we have a problem! In possession of a stolen gun and in the company of three felons? There is no good way to spin this. If the Saints history of holding players accountable stands here, ML may not be around long
  2. There are reports all over the internet about Russell Wilson putting the Saints as his number one spot if traded? Thoughts?
  3. SS, Maybe it was just me, but I thought Demario Davis was pretty much invisible yesterday. I say that because he's one of my favorites and I'am always expecting him to be in on every play? Not trying to doubt your picks
  4. Not surprised Washington couldn’t get it done against TB First things first let’s take care of the Bears! I still remember people on this site talking the abuse they received in Chicago in 07. Let’s get square with them tomorrow and then worry about beating TB a third time this season.
  5. Looks like if we can do our part we'll get that chance! I'am not a superstitious person, but karma can be a bitch! I would love the chance to pay the Rams back
  6. Hope Cam doesn't have to sit out. Our opportunity to put pressure on the QB is clearly diminished without him! We really need to get the offense back on track, although missing MT is a huge problem. Sanders and Cook need to bring their A+ game for us to be competitive
  7. Looks like we might get to see IF he really is a QB I'am cautiously optimistic
  8. Offense: Kamara Defense: CJGJ was a one man wrecking crew along with Demario Davis ST: This was a tough one! Had to go Lutz
  9. I went Brees, Taysom, Hendrickson, Onyemata, Harris Don't think Trautman is supposed to be listed on defense! Good first td catch rookie!
  10. I’am 100% in agreement on the Taysom Hill issue!
  11. He is becoming one of my favorites!
  12. I’ll do my best to drop in
  13. This is truly Goodell saying F You New Orleans