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  1. I’am 100% in agreement on the Taysom Hill issue!
  2. He is becoming one of my favorites!
  3. I’ll do my best to drop in
  4. Good move
  5. This is truly Goodell saying F You New Orleans
  6. Time is not on our side! We really probably weren’t good enough to go all the way this year. If it wasn’t for the no call last year we were good enough to win the whole thing
  7. On a selfish note I’am glad we don’t have to face him twice a year!
  8. Sorry to disagree, but I don’t like Watson. All that muscle man diddly-poo reminds me too much of Cam Newton
  9. What would make you think it’s his last season in Nola?
  10. If he's cleared we just need him to step up and play about 4 games! How many players get the chance to step in and play a few games and get a ring!
  11. Is there more to M. Thomas’s injury that they are saying?
  12. Damn! Never would have seen that coming! Helluva lot to be proud of
  13. So Very Sorry to hear this. RIP Vaughn! You were a part of the best quad ever! Rickey is still my all time favorite Saint