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  1. This type of moronic nonsense by the sports media continued today with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. Basically, they gave "reasons" why Brees isn't considered one of the greats. Only 1 Superbowl, being coached by Payton, offenses more pass friendly, etc. Both then went to the stupidest arguement possible....wins. Skip immediately points to 6 non-winning seasons out of 12 for Brees in New Orleans. Then, moronically, mentions Brady's regular season record. Now, I think Brady is one of the greatest of all time, BUT that division had been pathetic for over a decade. Who is going to challenge the Pats? Miami? The Bills??? It's such a stupid argument. I am also tired of the "well, Brees doesn't have multiple SuperBowl wins" argument. By that standard, Marino shouldn't EVER be in the conversation of elite QBs. I don't get it. What does Drew have to do to get SOME respect from the press? He could have a 10 td / 700 yd game, and the press would shrug their shoulders. The man breaks an all time record, and most of the so called sports experts are not only unimpressed, but give excuses as to why it's not really a big deal. Disgusting.
  2. Fellow Whodats, we are in the golden age of Saints football. We have a talented roster, a inventive and gutsy coach (and staff), and a united team with absolutely no quit in them. But, in the center of it all, we have the "Elite 3": Brees, Kamara, and Michael Thomas. Just take that in for a second. Each of these fierce competitors are at or near the top of their positions. We have a future Hall of Famer at QB, a powerful shifty RB, and a wide receiver catching everything thrown his way. Every dominant NFL team that I've seen has had that top 3 combo to build a championship team around. The Cowboys had Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin. The early 90s Bills had Kelley,Thurman Thomas, and Andre Reed. Heck, the 2000 Rams had Warner, Faulk, and TWO elite WRs. This staff has taken steps to build this team and address weaknesses. Do they miss it sometimes? Yes, of course. But we've come to a point where the front office, after building up the defense (and overall depth), can build around the Elite 3. I always hoped as a Saints fan, that I would see Brees surrounded by elite talent at the skill positions. Now he has that...and then some. WHODAT!!
  3. This. This Oline is opening up huge holes for the running game. I remember on one of Kamara's runs, there was a Grand Canyon sized gap for him to run through. Also, Ingram thrives running through those types of holes. He doesn't get skinny like Kamara does. This running game will be dominant in the coming weeks.
  4. Join us in chat. No pssword needed
  5. What?!?? Who’s left to run the ball? Don’t like this at all.
  6. Stupar was cut to make room. I don’t think that’s a smart move. Stupar is good depth and a spot starter.
  7. They won't be able to surround him with much talent, with that kind of overpay. Not smart.
  8. I worked at Circuit City from 1999 - 2003, and I remember selling a 4MP semi-pro digital camera for $2399. Crazy how technology jumps forward. And gets cheaper.
  9. I agree. And what’s really scary is that Lattimore and Kamara have that same potential. All on the same team.... WHODAT!!!
  10. Saw it today. I liked it. Good, well developed story and good action.
  11. I have ZERO problems with the trade and pick. Davenport will be a monster opposite Cam. We've been waiting for years as fans for the Saints to nab a impact edge rusher to pair with Cam Jordan. We've got our guy.
  12. Saw it last night. I anticipated this release and had high expectations. This movie exceeded them. AMAZING movie. Action packed. And if your a comic book nerd like me, you’ll love it.
  13. The Great and Powerful Woz!!!
  14. On the ESPN broadcast last night, the announcers said that Hurst was cleared. I didn’t hear who cleared him, but I did hear that he got cleared. If he’s there in the fourth, he'd be worth a pick.