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  1. Cook, Watson, and Hill would be a good TE group. 👍
  2. After watching his highlights, Cooks looks like a combination of the solid route running/reliability of Ben Watson with physicality of Shockey. Maybe not quite the nasty streak of Shockey, but Cook is not afraid to steamroll defenders for extra yards. The Saints nabbed a playmaker at a position of need. 👍
  3. I don’t think Davenport’s health status has anything to do with the Saints going after Quinn. Having several rushers who can get to the QB is huge. Rotate them in and out like the Giants did about a decade ago. That Dline was a monster at pressuring the QB. Relentless. Davenport will continue to progress. He’ll be fine. Having Davenport, Quinn, Jordan, and maybe an improved Hendrickson...along with an eventual healthy Rankins (and also Oneyamata)....That would improve this Dline dramatically. Getting to the QB has been a weakness on this team for too long. The front office finally fixed the issue of stopping the run last season. Now it’s time to start planting QBs in the turf. And I’m all for it. Go Saints!!!
  4. When Robertson is on the field, he makes plays. He’s good for the locker room, too. I really like this signing. Excellent depth move.
  5. Can't wait.
  6. The Saints NEED a TE. Hill is only serviceable, Watson is gone, Hooman is gone. What do we have left? Griffin? Even if the Saints target a TE in the draft, that player probably won't make an impact this season. I would be good with signing Cook. We need a difference maker at TE. Josh Hill is not that guy.
  7. I wish Ingram's agent hadn't messed up this situation. Ingram only got 1 million more per year. That's it. I'd rather have seen the Saints keep Ingram over that little bit of difference in cost. I hate the business side of football, and this is a glaring example of how the deal makers can screw things up.
  8. My condolences for your loss. Prayers and peace for your family.
  9. One of 2 scenarios will play out IMO: 1) Teddy walks for a starting job in Jax or Miami. Money talks and he bolts for an opportunity to start. 2) Brees has indicated to Loomis and Payton that this is his last season, and there is an understood agreement between Teddy and the Saints' FO to sign him to a multiyear deal, with a promise to be the starter after the upcoming season. On a side note, I don't see that much of a drop off on Brees' long passes. That bomb to Arnold in the NFC Championship Game hit him right in the freaking hands. He just dropped it. It was either MT's first season or this last one where Brees hit Thomas with a deep bomb that was placed right on the money - MT was only able to get one foot down, but that pass was dead on. I know the touch on those deep passes has diminished a bit, but overall I don't see it as a huge problem. Where was our deep threat this year anyway? Ginn was hurt early, then we were relying on rookies, including undrafted ones, to haul in deep passes. How much of that is actually on Drew? This team better sign some burners to pair with Ginn for deep routes. Payton was always better at scheming with 2 speed guys on the outside.
  10. Spent time with the family. Had a great dinner and relaxed. Didn't watch a minute of the Fraud Bowl.
  11. What would prompt a search warrant for an NFL player's apartment? That seems weird to me. Regardless, it hurts the team. Not sure of what punishment the NFL will dole out, but players like Onyemata need to be smarter than this.
  12. Goodell's "response" to this debacle, was a giant middle finger to Saints fans, and honestly, to all fans of pro football. What a gutless coward. Instead of a response like: "I understand the frustration of Saints fans. As a league, we take the integrity of the game very seriously. I will work with the competition committee to make sure that this type of officiating situation never happens again. Furthermore, I will compensate the Saints a first round pick in this years draft as a first step toward the healing process for the terrible non call made in the Championship Game. The NFL will strive to have all games called in an even handed way going forward." I'm no PR professional, that took me 2 minutes to write - but that was 1000 times better than the BS flung at us in that presser by Goodell. I had a feeling he'd pull this kind of crap. Oh well, he just made my decision clear. As I said before, I'm done with the NFL. I'd been considering it for the last couple of seasons, so this is not that hard of a decision. Goodell could have made a bold move or two to salvage the relationship between the NFL and its fans. Instead he threw gasoline on the fire.
  13. I said this in chat, and in an earlier post. Have a master ref in the booth the oversee all plays, and have the authority to overrule calls and non-calls. On top of that, make any play reviewable as a coach's challenge. Give each coach 3 challenge flags during the course of the game. Same rules apply, except that a challenge flag can be thrown for ANY play to be reviewed. That way, a coach could keep one flag handy for the end of the game - where it seems to be needed at times. And could we just utilize the technology available to help officiating in this day and age? The NFL is officiating the game like it's 1966. Why????? Put 40 or 50 4k cameras to cover every angle on the field. Put a tracker in the ball and electronic markers on the field, so that it is instantly known precisely where the ball is at any given moment. No more questions about where to spot the ball, or if the ball crossed the goal line. But in order to do any of that, I think you'd almost have to have Goodell out of the picture. Fire that incompetent moron first, then I could see some changes happening, If not, then I wouldn't hold my breath on seeing any real changes. Goodell has turned the NFL into a joke.
  14. I'm out - done with the NFL. After waiting a couple of days, I actually feel no different about the situation. A ref determined the outcome of a game. Not just a game...THE GAME - a championship game. Superbowl certainty dashed in an instant by one action. I hate that the NFL has ruined football. The integrity of the game is, at the very least, in question. At worst, it's agenda driven. The game of football is now more about entertainment than a contest of athletes and coaches. The battle on the gridiron has been reduced to a point where if you are not up by 3 scores in the final minutes, a ref can determine the final outcome of the game. Football now caters to the whims of the officials. The subjective calls of these referees are not consistent from game to game or even play to play. No objectivity anymore. No consistency either. And there's no excuse for it. I won't spend any more time with the NFL. NFL football is a product, and that product is tainted. IMO, it's actually garbage at this point. No one seems to know what a catch, reception, or legit sack is anymore. I certainly don't. Speaking of which, if what happened to TLL isn't PI, then I honestly couldn't tell you what is. That non call was about bias, gross incompetence, or some other reason that doesn't make any sense. And it's inexcusable. It's all easily rectified with a master ref in the control booth with the authority to review and override calls and non-calls on the field. Not to mention the vast technology available to virtually nullify human error by refs on the field. This is by no means a knee jerk reaction to the egregious non call Sunday. I've actually been thinking about opting out for the last couple of seasons. The game that I used to love is gone. I'm devastated by this. I LOVE watching the Saints play and compete. But the NFL has destroyed that. The game, the tradition, the battle on the field, ....it's all tainted. Refs have way too much influence to the point of absurdity. I will still watch highlights after the game, and will stop by the Zone, But I won't watch another NFL game until this officiating mess is sorted out. I feel the worst for Drew and all the Saints players and staff. Robbed of so much. All from one NON CALL.