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  1. The better team won today. Vikings played a great game. They owned both lines. Cook was a madman running the ball. Payton got outcoached as well. Terrible game plan and play calling. Drew had an off day for sure. Murray got 6 touches, that's ridiculous. Disappointing for sure. But we weren't robbed this time. It's all on us. Team didn't get it done, and the Vikes did. That's it.
  2. The Vikes sat on all the deep routes KNOWING that Brees can't push the ball down the field. Same thing happened to Manning at the end of his career. I think that Brees is still great, but he fell back down to earth for this game. That pick was a head scratcher, for sure. Why throw into double coverage? That was a 10 to 14 point swing. Not a great game for Brees, and maybe I'm just frustrated and emotionally spent, but I'm seeing a blueprint for beating Brees. Sit on the deep routes, and pressure Drew. What is our future? Is Brees a part of it? I don't know.
  3. Merry Christmas to all the Whodatzone family!
  4. True. The Titans did the same thing to Eddie George. At least Kamara splits time as a WR.
  5. Join us in chat for the Saints / Falcons game. No password required. WHODAT!!
  6. The 3 headed monster on offense: Brees, CGM, and AK. Davis and Cam on defense. Lutz and Tommy Two Picks on ST. And props to Easton. I didn’t hear his name once, which is usually a good thing. He stepped in seamlessly, imo.
  7. Brees, Murray, and CGM on offense. Jordan, Latt, and DD on defense. Moorestead on ST. Special shout out to Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Impact player and another asset to this defense. He’s been playing well and is looking like an absolute steal as a fourth rounder in the draft. Very physical and cocky - kind of like a Jeremy Shockey on defense.
  8. I saw the original video from Brees. It simply encouraged Christian students to bring Bibles to school. That’s it. It had zero to do with any LGBTQ issues. Brees has nothing to apologize for, and I understand his confusion about how his actions are being misrepresented. He has a right to voice his opinion and express his faith.
  9. I’m changing my pick from 13 - 3 to 12 - 4. I believe that this offense won’t run the ball as much this season, and airing it out might cost us a couple of games. Defense will be better, Davenport finally catches fire, and Butler gets called up by week 6.
  10. I believe he just about decapitated Flacco as he was sliding after a run. That’s all I know about.
  11. Can’t decide between 14 - 2 and 12 - 4. So, I’ll split the difference: 13 and 3. Playoffs, followed by a Super Bowl win. Whodat!!
  12. Anyone up for preseason chat??? No password needed.
  13. Congrats ATN!!
  14. Had Mora fired Carl Smith and replaced him with a competent OC, the Saints would have at the least won a playoff game or had a shot at a Championship.
  15. Tavares Cadet on steroids. I’m all for it. Line both him and Kamara in the backfield at the same time. Oh yeah 👍