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  1. I worked at Circuit City from 1999 - 2003, and I remember selling a 4MP semi-pro digital camera for $2399. Crazy how technology jumps forward. And gets cheaper.
  2. I agree. And what’s really scary is that Lattimore and Kamara have that same potential. All on the same team.... WHODAT!!!
  3. Saw it today. I liked it. Good, well developed story and good action.
  4. I have ZERO problems with the trade and pick. Davenport will be a monster opposite Cam. We've been waiting for years as fans for the Saints to nab a impact edge rusher to pair with Cam Jordan. We've got our guy.
  5. Saw it last night. I anticipated this release and had high expectations. This movie exceeded them. AMAZING movie. Action packed. And if your a comic book nerd like me, you’ll love it.
  6. The Great and Powerful Woz!!!
  7. On the ESPN broadcast last night, the announcers said that Hurst was cleared. I didn’t hear who cleared him, but I did hear that he got cleared. If he’s there in the fourth, he'd be worth a pick.
  8. Congrats!!! All the best on your new job.
  9. Earlier in Devery's career with the Saints, I'd cringe when a pass was thrown his way. But man, did he get better. And though Devery, to his credit, did work hard to improve, I have to give some huge props to Curtis Johnson. He did an OUTSTANDING job in developing Devery into a weapon. And he improved Ginn in a very short time. We are lucky to have one of the best assistant coaches in the league in Curtis Johnson.
  10. Happy birthday Face!!
  11. I think it actually came down to money. I think that he would have had a better chance with the Saints to win a title. The Rams locker room will be a mess, and I believe they'll implode, IMO. When the Jets were rumored to be in the mix as the highest bidder, the media covered it as they were a major player because of the money. I think Suh's agent was pushing a bidding war for Suh's services (which is his job if Suh is all about the money). If it were about winning, I think Suh would have looked for a 2 or 3 year deal with a contender. The Rams wouldn't have been able to accomodate that, with having to pay Aaron Donald soon. I was all about the money, and I'm glad the Saints didn't overpay. Suh would have been nice, but not at that price.
  12. I think, for Suh, it comes down to Rams or Saints. IMO, the Saints are a better fit - scheme wise and a better chance for a Superbowl ring. I believe Suh ends up a Saint.
  13. Congrats brod!! That is awesome.
  14. From what I’m reading here, Suh sounds like he may be an introvert. Being an introvert myself, I understand some of the personality quirks associated with him. I’m not a very vocal person, and maybe Suh isn’t either. He may not feel comfortable as a leader, most introverts don’t. That doesn’t mean he’s a jerk, or aloof, or anything negative. He probably has a linear way of thinking, focusing on one thing at a time. All in all, there may not be character issues at all. He may just have a certain type of personality that doesn’t scream “leader“. Ricky Williams had social anxiety - That did not make him a jerk or a bad player. Just sayin’.