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  1. Anyone up for preseason chat??? No password needed.
  2. Congrats ATN!!
  3. Had Mora fired Carl Smith and replaced him with a competent OC, the Saints would have at the least won a playoff game or had a shot at a Championship.
  4. Tavares Cadet on steroids. I’m all for it. Line both him and Kamara in the backfield at the same time. Oh yeah 👍
  5. I really believe that this is Brees’ last season. One final push for a Lombardi. Then sign Bridgewater to a decent, but not backbreaking deal. I think that’s possible. Then continue to draft well. Build around Teddy at that point. MT is a part of that.
  6. I believe he signs for 20 million/yr when it’s all said and done. You don’t let elite players walk. Especially game changers like MT. I’ve seen him, AK, and Drew put this team on their backs, and carry this team to the win. Those three, along with Cam Jordan step up. Always. Over the years, I’ve always thought the biggest hurdle this team faced was a lack of playmakers. Let’s keep one that impacts games and is a huge part of our offense.
  7. 100% agree. He and Davis are consistent playmakers at the LB position. Haven’t had that since Vilma and Fujita. Now that I think of it, Klein seems like a slightly faster version of Shanle.
  8. I’m interested. Let me know which game. I haven’t seen the whodatzone crew since the NFC championship game in 2009.
  9. OUTSTANDING. You have to keep your playmakers/probowlers. He is a great ambassador for the team as well. Love this. Great job, Loomis.
  10. The high point of the finale was Hound vs the Mountain. The rest? - head scratches and a whole lot of meh. And Bran becoming king is just so stupid. This is a character who does next to nothing throughout the series, besides zoning out and being a convenient way to assert narratives into the story. He is boring and up until this finale, was assumed to have no interest in the throne. But hey, let's subvert everyone's expectations and throw a crown on him. Dumb. And letting Tyrion choose the king? WHY? Tyrion's reasoning - Bran had the best story. WHAT? That would be Arya. Hell, Stansa IMO would be a better choice. I would have like to see the ending play out like this: The Mad Queen enters the throne room soon followed by John. The scene plays out as in the original, except as the Queen is dying, it is revealed that it's Arya that actually dispatched her, knowing John may not have the will to pull it off. Arya disappears and John enters the room. He sees his dead Queen and holds her as Grey Worm enters the room. Grey Worm is enraged at the sight. An epic battle between the two ensures, and John is the victor and Grey Worm is dead. John goes before the assembled council and is recognized as next in line for the throne. As the council names him King, he relinquishes the throne. Stansa becomes Queen and names John King of the North. It's where he feel most at home.
  11. Are we good to talk about details now, including spoilers?
  12. It depends on what kind of money he is looking for. If he is looking for around $9 - 10 million, then the Saints could swing that. And he'd have the best shot out of other options, at getting to a Superbowl. Also, I've read where the Patriots don't have much salary cap room.
  13. McCoy would be a good fit here. Better than Suh - fit wise. Oneyamata may miss a few games due to possible suspension, and Rankins is out for at least half the season. I'm all for signing McCoy at this point. Let's add more talent to the Dline.
  14. Disappointing. It was just OK...that’s all. Usually GOT is a spectacle, and each episode has the feel of a movie. This felt like a TV show. Had a few good moments, but overall ...meh. I look forward to talking specifics later.
  15. So we have (Cam) Jordan and Lil Jordan? Cool. 👍