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  1. They both have good chemistry and you work with that. The potential is there it'll take time but it was like a breath of fresh air. It's a work in progress,but I liked it.
  2. I think they need to take their time with Davenport. Groin injuries can be weird. When you think you're ready to go, that's when you need to sit out another 2 or 3 days cause you don't want to tear anything,that means surgery and a whole year down the drain and its hell to come back from that.
  3. Yeah the Viqueens beat us but what did they do,get blown away by the Eagles. All they have to hang their hat on is that surprised win against us. The Superbowl drought continues.
  4. Yeah ya right! Onyemata lookes very good right now,if he can do half as much as Fairly did for us would be huge. It would open things up for Rankins and also make our DEs even more effective.
  5. I heard Tampa Bay picked him up. Hahaha,if he does start for them he won't be in there long I promise you.
  6. ATN, My family is a military family,while I have not been in the military my grandfather on my mom's side was in WW2 in the Pacific Theatre,my dad's brother was in Vietnam and 3 of my uncle's on my mom's side were also in Vietnam. My cousin John was in Desert Storm. I have the utmost respect for veterans and those that are active. For a lot of years I lurked on and off this site to get info. It just made since to just join but we need you here,like it was said before you are our rally monkey,man! Guys like you, Faceman,Dru just to name a few,I depend on for info. I can't post to much content because were I live my internet provider sucks. But this site is the best out there and my escape from the outside world. All that to say this,I no we are in your corner and we got your back my friend. Leo Pellissier aka the gunslinger.
  7. I like Te'o but man,Davis will be our Mike. He has gotten better every year in coverage and can't wait to see what he does in Allen's D. Te'o has a place on this team but he has to be protected. He is a downhill thumper and sideline to sideline in the run game but below average in coverage but his game has gotten better since he's been here. But I see Davis as the starting Mike but hell it aint bad to have Te'o as Davis back-up.
  8. My first car was a 66 mustang with the 289. It was all original,man, the memories I had in that car. Good times,you never know when you're making a memory.
  9. There's no denying his play on the field but it's the off the field stuff is the reason he didn't have a career as long as he wanted.
  10. The defense as a whole has been looking good. They look faster as well,they are flying to the ball. Marcus Williams is a beast.
  11. I see McCaffrey more of a WR than a rb. Scam Newton is gonna get beat up and their passing attack will suffer cause he'll have to run and not by design but by necessity. They made a big mistake letting Stewart go before finding a suitable replacement.
  12. He's a playmaker and has a nose for the ball and he's gonna have great season I believe,and there's still people rehashing that play over and over still. Makes me want to choke them out for being so stupid,but those same people will jump on the wagon on the way the big game.
  13. Scam Newton will be able to spot cloud formations like a pro from all the time hes gonna spend on his back next season. Cam Jordan and the boys are gonna run wild.
  14. His blocking was a major reason for those long runs in the running game last season. Sure hope someone else steps up. But sure hope he heals up and catches on somewhere else or moves on to other things.
  15. Yeah ya right. I feel the same way,I think Curtis Johnson can get something out of him. He has it physically but it's getting his mind right.
  16. For what he is he was good for us but the Titans better play him the same way or it will blow up in their face. He's not a true safety but that doesn't meant he still can't be effective. We found out the hard way to not make a safety out of him.
  17. I think Floyd had a dui charge that kinda derailed his career and i think he had an injury also that just had him buried way down the depth chart. If anybody can get something out of him it's Curtis Johnson.
  18. It all starts in the trenches. If you don't have O-lineman or d-lineman you simply won't have success in anything you try to do on the field. We made those two areas top priority the last several years and its paid huge dividends.
  19. Yeah Cam Jordan and the boys are licking their chops right now.
  20. They didn't do anything to improve their o-line. With Stewart gone it's gonna make that problem look even worse,then how do you try to keep Scam upright. I mean they stayed pat with what they had at o-line and its bitting them in the butt and I don't think they have any significant depth. But then again it's their problem not ours.
  21. Davenport is very impressive in the way he talks to the press,fans and he holds himself accountable on and off the field and the way he respects his peers is very rare in young men now a days and when I see young men like him,Kamara,Thomas and Williams it gives me hope for the future that not all of these so-called millennials don't have a sense of entitlement and have lack of respect to anyone they come across. Makes me proud to have them on our team.
  22. Yeah there's no reason to split up the gang when their just starting to build something special here. I would rather him stay but if he feels like he wants another go at being a gm well it's his decision but I to hope Gayle throws enough coin at him cause a significant bump in pay is well deserved as well.
  23. Ireland has been that voice of reason in the war room. He also completely changed the way we evaluate draft picks. The proof is in the pudding. Our drafts has been better and better since we brought him in. It would be a huge hit if he leaves but if he gets another GM position,it would be well deserved.
  24. Man I can remeber like it was yesterday when I heard that we landed Brees. I was at work and everybody was telling me that he was damaged goods. I told them all to just give him time to heal and he's gonna bring us a Superbowl championship. Man they all laughed. But who's laughing now.... hahaha!
  25. Yeah ya right. Dru,you absolutely right about Nielsen,he also got the most out of Okafor last season as well,just don't know where he's at with his injury. There will be some lesser talented,slow of foot tackles that Davenport will blow by with just pure speed but I think Nielsen will bring him along slowly and between Jordan and Nielsen they will groom him the right way and once they're finished polishing him off look out.