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  1. Nice work Phil. I remember Mike Ditka and his one man draft. I will give him credit for putting together a very dominant O-line but not much else. I had high hopes that he would've righted the ship but we became a laughing stock again.things didn't come together till 2000. Glover and Wayne Martin were awesome that year and I remember when Hakeem dropped the ball and we got our first playoff win.
  2. Man,imagine if we had PT Cruiser and Deuce. That would be one hell of a backfield.
  3. Very good post Dru. That article was spot on but the same can be said for the rest of the team cause is all ways in the conversation.
  4. Hell yeah face! Nicks,Evens and Stinch had awesome downfield blocking skill and PT Cruiser was so patient at setting up his blocks. At the time,in my book,he was the best at running the screen.
  5. Lance Moore was clutch as well coming out of the slot. He's another one that came out of nowhere. From undrafted to making a key 2 point conversion in the super bowl. He just seemed to have been born with stickem on his hands. He just caught everything.
  6. Both of these guys are beasts at their positions and both should make the pro bowl if they stay healthy. Peat has a chance to become one if not the best guard in the league. He's really come into his own now that he's settled in at left guard he's pretty much owned the position. The only thing keeping Armstead from being the best left tackle in the game is his health.
  7. He was so dangerous running the screen. And a damn good blocker as well,thats something that nobody talks about. He was an all around great player. Congratulations PT Cruiser.
  8. Especially when time out was called to ice him. I looked at my brother in law and told him that Hartley was gonna miss. Then he kicked the living crap out of the ball and I be damned if it didn't go straight down the middle of the uprights. At the time my sister and brother in law lived in thibodaux off of tiger drive,when that kick went through the whole neighborhood went nuts. I didn't sleep a wink that night. I was to jacked up. We were outside screaming with everybody then a cop rolled up and asked what's going on when I told him he didn't believe me. He called his dispatcher when she answered all he could hear was laughing crying and shouting. He hung up and told me that hell just froze over. I shook his hand and said damn right WHODAT!
  9. Yeah ya right. Someone like that can just go sit in the corner and have a coke and a smile. Why would you not want to be in the same offense as Drew bleepin Brees. Hey if AP can come to the realization that he's a role player at this stage well Murray needs to do that to. It will extend his career.
  10. Barrett intrigues me more,I mean he has a way stronger arm but also displays touch and accuracy and doesn't have the injury history. But we shall see.
  11. Tell you what,I thought we were waiting our time running Hartley out there cause he didn't have season that would warrant confidence in a situation like that. Glad I was wrong.
  12. Glad to see Jordan is finally getting the attention he deserves. And he really should be higher I mean he's the man on the d-line.
  13. Well let's not crown him till we see him play when the bullets are real. Wether it's him or someone else,we do need to find and heir apparent now so we don't have to waist time,money and draft picks. But I do have to say that I have watched highlights of this cat and I was not impressed but I guess we shall see.
  14. Demarco Murray declined to workout for the Saints today saying that he didn't want to workout with the other free agent rb that's there.
  15. I don't know,like I said before I'm gonna give it a wait and see. Wait and see if football is worth watching.
  16. We need these guys to be healthy this year to keep Drew clean so he can do his thing and open holes for our backs. If that happens our offense will explode
  17. They fail to realize how Thomas is getting better at creating separation and getting of the line of scrimmage with little wasted movement. He's a rare talent that you can move around to create matchup problems. Just like his uncle he's extremely physical and attacks the ball at it's highest point,he fights for every possession.
  18. Well he's always done things for attention be it positive or negative. He's always seemed disrespectful at times. Tell you what tho he has always showed up on the field but he let his mouth run him out of the league. It looks like he absent changed one bit. Now as for money problems,well that's his problem not the league or any team he's played for. It's his responsibility to look after his finances.
  19. Just Brees being Brees. He's not a future Hall of Famer for nothing. If our O-line stays healthy and keeps him clean I can see this offense exploding this year.
  20. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Clark family. He left us way to soon.
  21. Remember when we used to talk about how bad the coaching staff was? Now we have coaches that are developing our talent and it's making a huge difference.
  22. We were getting run on late in the season and in the playoffs that made games tighter than they should've been. LB was hit the hardest. Klien was a big loss and it was felt,with him out we saw guys out of position and busted coverages. He was the QB of the D last year. I do get what your saying we had depth but I want us to continue improving that. I definitely don't want us to test it,if we stay healthy we can make it to Atlanta and show the biggest choke artists of all time how win a super bowl.
  23. Camp body,at best ST.
  24. Just hope we're able to sign him early instead of waiting and let the price up to retain him.
  25. Its one thing to have depth but if we can get quality depth that is key. Any team can have extra bodies around but if you can maintain quality of play when starters go down that makes you dangerous. When we lost key staters on D our quality of play suffered,especially in the playoffs.