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  1. I don't put none of this on LaFleur. This was going on way before him,poor guy just walked into it. Just think all this should stay in house.
  2. I'm just old school about this stuff. To me he gave to much info on what's going on. I'd prefer him not talking about it or a no comment and behind the scenes try to get through to Rodgers that what he is doing is destructive. I don't think he bashed Rodgers at all but to me,while explaining the situation, he just gave out to much info,that's all.
  3. Anzalone is one example of the high character guys we have been drafting since Ireland came on board. If Anzalone stays healthy hes gonna have a break out season. He seems to have found a home as MLB.
  4. You're dead on about Rodgers but I just think as the head coach you don't go to the media and add fuel to the fire. I guess I'm old school when it comes to this type of stuff. I believe this should stay in house. But like I said that's just me but you are correct about Rodgers,I hate to say it he is becoming a cancer on that team. To me instead of talking to the media about this,LaFleur needs to getting after Rodgers even if it means setting an example in front of the team. If he doesn't Rodgers will walk all over him and cause a rift in that team.
  5. If Matthews stays healthy he will push for a spot.
  6. We got such a great group of guys man it's unbelievable.
  7. The NFL has turned into a soap opera. Stuff like this should be kept in house. Having a public feud with your starting qb doesn't always end well. Then LaFleur is just a few months into his gig and he is not looking good right now with the Packer Brass. If we are still having this same conversation in training camp then get the forks out and stick'em in em.
  8. I'm down. If that is the game everyone decides on.
  9. If we keep Ball it has to be with stipulations. Ball can not let his father be a distraction. If he can separate himself from his dad he can be a better player,how much better depends on him. He has the potential to be a great one but it's up to him. This trade could be what Ball needs to to finally break away from his dad. But it will be interesting to see if we keep him or include him in a trade. Personally I think we include him in a trade.
  10. I'm just excited that we were able to extend him. Jordan has an unbelievable motor,he never quits on a play. He seams to be getting better every year. Guys like that you make sure you keep around. Can you imagine losing him to a division rival?
  11. Well they figure Matthews is further along in development but we might bring Dural back later on. But what has hampered Matthews development has been injuries. If he can stay healthy he can win a WR spot. He has the talent which has never been the problem,it`s just injuries. It'll be interesting to see what CJ can do with him.
  12. Wow! That was good stuff. I tell ya,Brees is something else. I got kinda choked up as well.
  13. I wonder if Michael Thomas will feel the same as Jordan. But anyways,glad to see we locked up Cam Jordan very happy about this.
  14. That's good stuff right there. Really good read. Anyone wants to know about Sean Payton the man? Have them read articles like this one.
  15. Man all you gotta do is bring up film on last season. Can't remember which game it was but Ingram not only decleeted a guy but the dude did a somersault. That dude hit the ground so hard his grandkids are gonna feel it. I know there's probably better RB that you guys may say that were the best all time at pass protection but Ingram took pride in pass protection and it showed. I think he's the best the Saints ever had at pass protection.
  16. We all knew who Reggie was before and after the draft but man I remember thinking who in the hell is number 12? Just looking at the starting roster going into the 06 season. I remember saying who the hell is Colston whos this . Well it didn't take long for him to show everyone that he could ball and made everyone who passed on him pay. Glad to see both Reggie and Colston in tne Saints Hall Of Fame. Congrats to both of them.
  17. Probably camp bodies but you never know one of these cats might ball out in our scheme. But you can never have to much ST help.
  18. I'm not surprised by this at all. Last time the players caved and signed and gave all this damn power to Goodell so that there wouldn't be a year long shut down. Fast forward to now,you think Goodell will give up all the power has as judge,jury and executioner? I know that there is other things in the cba that they will be negotiating but the main thing will be to get goodell to relinquish some of his power. Unfortunately,I don't see that happening.
  19. Yeah I can see it,I remember being banged up all the time and that's high school ball but NFL man,if I played NFL ball I don't think I could honestly say that I would not take peds. But when players get caught using that stuff a lot of fans see them in a whole different light.
  20. My dad told me this morning after he found out about Starrs death,that his 2 favorite QBs of all time were Bart Starr and Terry Bradshaw. He said those 2 were the toughest to play QB. He said that there guys that could throw the ball better or all around better players but those two were his kind of guys. They looked like they walked out of the stands and went onto the field and kicked but.
  21. I guess he felt he had to take that stuff to come back this year but now it's tarnished. I wonder how many are taking this stuff and are not getting caught.
  22. Well,you can definitely say that we not leaving no stone unturned.
  23. If it's a motivational issue with Suh,then I seriously doubt the Bucs will get anything out of him. He was with the Rams 1 season and he was very inconsistant during the regular season,he did come on in the post season but it wasnt enough for tne Rams to take a chance on bring him back. McCoy was cut because he voiced his displeasure of the new defensive scheme and was labeled a trouble maker by Ariens. McCoy fits our scheme very well and would have a definite impact,I hope we are able to get him. I know he's not what he once was but he still has some potential left and like I said before,he has one hell of an axe to grind. Let him come here and grind the living crap out of it.
  24. Snyder has just decimated that franchise. It doesn't matter if they overhaul the front office or new coach or GM. Bottom line Snyder has to go in order for the Skines to turn things around. You can clean house all you want but the problem will still be there. Yeah it's his team and he has the right to run it as he sees fit but at some point enough is enough. I'm so glad we don't have that problem.