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  1. Football aside,I hope he has gotten over his drug abuse. If not we'll his life will be a struggle.
  2. I don't why we would even entertain the thought of bringing him back.
  3. Weather the owners like him or not they view him as a necessary evil. The all mighty dollar rules all. As long as the league is raking in the dough,they may express certain feelings about him good or bad,but they will not cast a vote to replace him.
  4. But what I don't like is that we are leaving the door open to a possible return. We need to move on from him.
  5. I would like for us to bring Bridgewater back. I don't know about Keenum. He didn't have the supporting cast in Denver that he had in Minnesota. That's not to say he would be a good fit here but I wanna see what we got in Teddy.
  6. Hey look we agree he has limitations but he's a playmaker.
  7. Man that would be awesome! Move Apple to nickel dude pick your poison. But there's no way we can afford him. I have seen Loomis pull a rabbit out of his hat a few times but I would go after Collins or Su or Sue,hell whatever his name is. We need depth on d-line and I'd like to see us bring in a linebacker. Also bring in a cb or two. Prob is getting long in the tooth and Crawly well we all know why he needs to go. The Coleman experiment will finally end. Now we can ether go after Collins or bring in a lower tier safety and roll with Bell,which wouldnt be a bad idea. I think we could nab Su for cheaper than people think. He would give us the pressure we need up the middle. The when Rankins get back,him and Su next to one another,that right there could bring us a championship.
  8. I like Robertson too but I wouldn't put him in coverage to much. But he's a playmaker I would like to see him start. If that happens we would need to find replacement for him on ST or he will wear down towards the end of the season. Unless we find someone like him in free agency that can cover.
  9. Do you guys think we bring T'eo back? If not who would be a suitable replacement? Bear in mind he's played his best ball since he's been here.
  10. You think we would talk to Apple first before going after Collins? Both have said they buried the hatchet but did they? I wouldn't mind seeing him in black and gold so long as they won't be at one another's throats. We don't need that kind of crap. But if they can co-exist together hell bring Collins in. Just wish we didn't have to go through the Coleman experiment. That was a waste of time and money.
  11. Yeah,if they would've pushed to go to trial we probably would've seen a rash of new owners and gms. Cause it seems Kaepernicks lawyer had the goods and who knows maybe Goodell was implemented,who knows but he walked away with a lot of coin.
  12. Not surprising. Just wonder who will sign him,I don't think he'll get the deal he wants or thinks he will get..
  13. Our ST as a whole is solid but we need help in the return game. If we can find a return man,that would put us over the top. I don't know anything about the guys we brought in. I just know what I read. They seem to be the best at their positions. I just hope we don't regress,that's always my fear going into a new season with new position coaches.
  14. I think Brown is smoking some good stuff. No team will fully guarantee his contract. Maybe a portion of it but not the whole thing but with all that he's said and done he may not get any of it guaranteed. He's definitely not helping himself right now.
  15. I believe they bring him back for the long term and have him and Hill battle it out for the starting gig when Brees retires.
  16. Besides Raiders like players like him. And Gruden always seems to be in the giving mood.
  17. I think they could get a first from the Browns or maybe the Raiders. But yeah,you're right about that contract of his but if any teams could absorb his contract it would be those two I mentioned.
  18. I see your point. Well Loomis will do his thing and figure it out like he always does. It shouldn't be to hard to extend and resign our guys. They all said that they're all in with Drew one last time. But as we all know what they say and what they do is 2 different things. But i have confidence that Loomis will get all this done.
  19. I know Brown is the best WR in the game but the way he's acting he's not gonna get the deal he wants from any team. What he must realize he's not a free agent he is still under contract with the Steelers and with every remark and action he's made has wrecked his trade value. The Steelers have to be asking themselves can we get a first round pick for him if this continues. I would love to have a receiver with his skills with us but I don't want him. He would be a locker room cancer and the way he walked off the field during a game just doesn't sit well with me.
  20. If Drew takes a pay cut it will help us sign our free agents and bring in some help to bring home a championship. I know we have a huge cap number and some how will have to kick the can down the road but we have to be all in with Drew one last time.
  21. I would rather Cole Beasley or Humphries instead. They're team players that we could actually have a shot at getting.
  22. What about Nolan? Have you guys heard anything about him?
  23. We do need more depth at D-line and O-line. We need another backup safety and we need to replace Crawly and we need keep adding to LB core as well. We also need a TE continue adding to WR core. How we do all of that will be interesting.
  24. Man you know the league is gonna suspend him. Which in my eyes would be wrong cause he doesn't have a failed drug test that i know of. But this whole situation just sounds off to me tho cause it sounds like someone has it in for him. He needs to watch his six.
  25. I believe we retain him. Who better to be backup. I much rather Bridgewater at 2 than Taysom Hill.