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  1. A friend of mine has old game film of him from LSU and Green Bay I was floored I always heard how great he was but to sit down and actually see it,dude this cat was simply unbelievable,he was a one of a kind. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Taylor family.
  2. Man I'm impressed! That wasn't the same team that lost to Florida. The o-line stepped up big time today now we need the d-line to step up,we need a pass rush. I seen signs of life but we need a pass rush to beat Mississippi St. and Alabama. Burrow showed me something today,he is getting better. Huge win
  3. I would like to see him start against the Ravens to see what he can do against a better secondary.
  4. I do believe he will see an up tick in snaps. I like Okafor but you have to see what you have in Davenport,we have so much invested in him and it looks like he's a quick understudy,I say we start him against the Ravens and see what happens.
  5. We need to give this cat the ball more. I would like to see more from him and Meredith. I can see us moving on from Ginn next year. I had been waiting to see Smith these past few games and he didn't disappoint. I see big things from this cat.
  6. When Norman was looking for a home a few years ago there was a lot of people that wanted him to be a Saint but I wasn't one of them. I wanted nothing to do with him. I'm glad Washington has to put up with his crap.
  7. Man every game he gets better and batter he's getting off the snap a heck of a lot better come post season he's gonna be a problem for opposing d coordinators.
  8. I heard that retard last night. He and all the other retards are entitled to their opinion just like we're entitled to ours but those who have played the position know how great he is but Brees does not care what these fools say or think of him. I mean if that's that they gotta say to stay revalent well let them. We know how bad ass Drew Brees is and that's all that matters
  9. We have no pass rush at all and the o-line man they didn't help Burrow out at all. But for the first time I saw a tiger team with no fight at all. If we lose the next 3 games Ed Os' butt will be in flames.
  10. Been having a back and forth conversation with a friend of mine about the LSU coaching staff. We have solid position coaches but ensminger and aranda are mediocre at best. If we are win another national championship we need to replace these two. With them we will not beat Alabama or Georgia. Every fan got hit with a big dose of reality today. Talent will get you so far we need coaching in a bad way and it starts with Ed O.
  11. This cat gotta hell of a leg. We hit on this one,I'm glade we stuck with him through his struggles.
  12. Man,you don't want Teo at Will hes a Mike. Bonkers got it right,Anzalone is playing scared right now and he should be benched maybe that would get his head right. Robertson is an upgrade over Anzalone,it's a no brainer. I understand the st bit but I would start him yesterday
  13. This cat is fast as hell but doesn't mean he can play. No use having all that speed if you don't know what to do with it.
  14. We need to do something,I really thought Anzalone would be a better than what he is now. Robertson is a playmaker he deserves to be the starter. What Anzalone has done so far has not warranted him being the starter. Before the injury he was playing lights out. This year he looks like junk.
  15. The thing is he does he already said so. Look we will get a deal done in the off season with him. Y'all just better get used to the idea of him being the heir apparent because he will be and hes gonna light it up. And if by chance it doesn't work we got the stormin Mormon as plan b.
  16. Man they want to be us so bad. Always imitated but never duplicated. Whodat !
  17. He needs to stay as our Mike from here on out.
  18. You guys are selling Bridgewater short. It wasn't in the cards for us to on and Mahomes,we gotta damn good CB that you're selling short as well. Instead of being jealous of another teams look at who we have,we don't have shmucks. We're just hitting our stride man.
  19. Getting our battering ram back is gonna make a huge difference. We'll be able to slow things down,control the line of scrimmage,control the clock and keep our D fresh.
  20. Every time I see Strahan that air gap between his teeth seems to get wider.
  21. Like my dad says aint no use crying over spilt milk. We didn't land him KC nabbed him and I'm happy for him but I like our guys. I will reserve judgement on Mahomes till he's played at least a couple of years. I've seen guys come out and light up the league and fade away. It was impressive what he did last night but you guys need to pump the brakes a bit this is just his first full year as a starting QB. But with that said,he does pass the eye test.
  22. I've seen this over the years but it's like nonyt said,you better be right when you accuse a player or players doing it. But I've seen this done from pop Warner to the pro's in hurry up offense to try to get time to sub out players.
  23. Everybody talks about the elite 3 but no one talks about the offensive lines that gives those players the time to do what they do. Ask the giants how they feel about their o-line.
  24. Yeah ya right face. And did you see that stiff arm he laid down on that 50 yard run? That was a thing of beauty,this cat is just amazing.
  25. The combination of Ingram and Kamara will benefit the defense greatly by extending drives. I like quick strikes as much as the next person but it puts our D in a bad situation. Kamara is already ripping the league apart by himself but now you add a fresh,pissed off Ingram. It's gonna be something to see.