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  1. We need to cherish him while he's with us on this ride cause before you know it,this ride will be over.
  2. Very good article with good insight on just how good this defense actually is and how they are improving.
  3. We need our young WRs to step up but if he can come in and get a first down or a td here and there, that alone will take heat off of Brees and MT. He doesn't have to be all world just average but he has to see the field first.
  4. TE is another position that needs to be addressed in the off season. Anyone hear if Armstead is ready to go against the Panthers.
  5. Another free-agent we picked up this year,Demario Davis is playing outside his mind this year. Our LB crew is so much better with him. I'd love for Devin White to fall to us in the draft but that's just me dreaming. If we can upgrade the Mike LB our front seven would be even more scary.
  6. Man these guys are playing at a high level and are getting better. Lattimore and Apple are forming a very good 1-2 punch. Williams and Bell are all over the place making plays. What scaring the hell out of the league is that for as good as they are now,they are still getting better.
  7. Apple had another solid game today. He started of slow but he settled down and played very well. He's really picking things up very well and in a short period of time. Very impressive.
  8. Defense has not been the problem. But we played ourselves out of the funk we were in but we still got a lot of things to clean up on offense. Plus we need our young WRs to step up in a big way. If that happens it will open things up and make the offense unpredictable and harder to defend. We showed our metal today. Go bears!
  9. I'm over that game. What happened,happened we need to focus on the Bucs they kicked our butts the first game and if we dont have our minds right it will be another lose. But i think we take care of business tomorrow.
  10. I like what I see from Apple. Just look at the improvement he's made in the short time hes been here. Every game you see him getting better,which is impressive. I like him,he has a high ceiling.
  11. It was the worst officiating I've ever seen. It's not why we lost but damn.
  12. They gather all these damn rookies at the beginning of the season and warn these schmucks about stuff like this. But there's more to this story. It sounds like the league has some explaining to do cause there's things that don't jive.
  13. Davenport is gonna get a sack at least. The thing that impresses me with him is he's been dominant against the run. From day one he was smacking running backs behind the line of scrimmage. Dudes an absolute beast.
  14. We had some good teams with the dome patrol but man this team is on another level. I've never seen a Saints team this dominant. What's scaring the doo doo out of the league is the fact that our defense is getting better every time out. Happy saints holidays and stuff.
  15. I think we'll see more of a pass rush from him Thursday. I can see him getting a sack.
  16. Great read,thanks for posting that. But yeah man,it's high time Brees gets more attention for his accomplishments. We know how great he is and we give him his just dues but the national media doesn't give him any respect. It is changing tho,with Brady not playing like Brady and us kicking butt he's starting to get recognized.
  17. This is how low this franchise has fallen. Look I think eventually we will see a woman as a coach but not now and not Condaleeza Rice. Come on man.
  18. It's good that we are easing Davenport back into the flow of things. No need to rush him.
  19. Does anyone know if that was a real shirt and if it is where I could find one.
  20. For as good as were,the front office was a joke back then and regardless what Benson said he wasn't committed to winning like was post Katrina. When free agency was introduced we were not prepared for it. We didn't know what it was and we lost all of our great players. It took a major hurricane to come through and clean house cause from 2006 till now we have been a totally different team,committed to winning,committed to excellence and committed to win championships. Sam Mills by far was the best middle linebacker I've ever seen,not just from the physicality standpoint but cerebral. He could figure out what opposing offenses like no other,he was the QB of the defense and he deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was that dominant.
  21. Rankins play is getting etter each week. When Davenport comes back man,its gonna be fun to watch.
  22. With Tommy Lee Lewis back our return game gets a huge boost. And with his speed you know Payton is gonna use him at wr,which he was actually caught the ball pretty good.
  23. We are witnessing the best team Payton and co. has put out in years and at the reins is the most accurate QB of all time. Warford manhandled Donald to the piont that it frustrated him,the Cheifs had to double team him all night. Just let that sink in. This o-line is the best in the league and the best we ever had.
  24. Both teams have deficiencies in their secondaries. The Cheifs have a problem with their o-line as well. But as good as the Rams feel about that win last night,the stark reality is we are the better team. Our D is getting better as the season goes on and coupled with the most dangerous offense,they gonna start looking over their shoulders again. All we need to do is take care of business Thursday night.
  25. It's so easy to forget or ignore what goes on behind the scenes. All we see is the finished product but there is so much time and resources that is put in to get a team to perform at a historical pace like we are. This was a very good article.