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  1. I like that ima get me one
  2. I do believe they need to look into this. They gotta do something so this doesn't happen again.
  3. I know right! It seems he's tired of having a hand stuck up his f-ing butt and wants retribution for that and the Saints and the entire WHODAT NATION.
  4. I don't know when they will enter negotiations for the collective bargaining agreement but you know damn well the first thing on the docket will be for Goodell not be judge,jury and executioner. They players know they screwed up last time that aint happening again.
  5. I think Schefter has had enough and as long as Goodell does not say anything on this he will continue. He may continue even if the commissioner makes a comment cause he looks like a man on a mission right now not a marionette.
  6. As long as Goodell is judge,jury and executioner nothing will change and nothing of meaning will be done.
  7. This whole thing has left a bitter taste in my mouth. It has caused me to start haiting this game. It has me mauling over wether I should walk away from it. I have been slowly leaning towards walking away for quite some time but have been reluctant because I love the game of football. Even the draft parties I've come to enjoy but what happened last Sunday maybe the straw that broke the camel's back. I will be thinking about this and in the coming weeks ill be making a decision. I will still post from time to time,I like this forum,you guys are my friends and I wouldn't mind hanging out with you guys. But this game has changed so much and it continues to change but I don't like the direction it's headed. Am I overreacting or am I really done with the NFL? Idk. Its something i need to figure out. This aint no good bye its just ill see you later.
  8. Yeah ya right Face! Catch a speck for me.
  9. Watching the game yesterday and seeing how bad we were playing made me go back and look at game film. We have no t played championship ball in quite a while. Last week we beat a beat up Eagles team but we struggled to win that game. We did play good enough to win yesterday which allowed the refs to dictate the out come. The refs are undefeated. When I say we didn't play well enough that includes the coaching staff to. If we had pulled off the win we would've lost in the Superbowl. I have to ask the question,do we have a team that can win Superbowl. At this point I don't know. If Brees returns it'll just be to add to his stats he's no longer good enough to win a championship. As much as it pains me to say it,he's declined that much. I really hope they win the Superbowl next season but I doubt it. We just need to lick our wounds and move on.
  10. He will be missed on the field. But it's next man up! Who can make a play!
  11. Well,since McVay makes the presnap reads then how can you justify paying Goff record breaking money when it's the coach doing the mental work for him. If Goff wants to be elite then he needs to make those reads himself. You don't see Payton holding Brees hand,hell,you can hear him calling audibles and pointing out the Mike,things like that. The Rams will have a big decision to make. Do they want a puppet for a QB or do they want one that can stand on his own and make the critical reads without the aid of the coach.
  12. I love the cold weather but there is a cutoff point.
  13. Love how Baldy breaks down film but I don't love looking at that finger tho man.
  14. Didn't like the start of the game but we finished strong. On to the Rams. I bet they wished the Eagles won cause they don't want to play us again but here we come! We bringing the wood!
  15. Hahahahaaaaaa! Yeah ya right! NFC Championship bound baby yeah!!
  16. Those three dismal years has made him reevaluate himself as a coach and he's become a better coach in the way he relates to players,the way he motivates them and his play calling. Now let's kick some Eagle butt!
  17. I gotta say that when I first heard she was gonna take over both teams I was sceptical. I didn't think she was capable of the position. Well I was dead wrong! It's the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. I mean,she is awesome. Never have I been so happy to be wrong. Now let's bring home the Lombardi trophy. WHODAT!!!!
  18. Its game day fellas! We stay focused,we get the running game going the defense will shut them down. But yes time for all the talk to end. It's put up or shut up. WHODAT!!!
  19. I find he relates to his players better than belacheat
  20. Both of them are deadly. With the o-line healthy we need to unleash both of them and get the running game going.
  21. Wow! It's moves like this that reminds us all that this is a business. It's a game that can allow you to fulfill your dreams and at the same time can chew you up and spit you out. I wish him well.
  22. I've said this before that we have beat a Foles lead Eagles team in 2013. It was hard fought but we won by a field goal and it was on there turf in the cold weather. We ran over them and we need to do the same thing. With our O-line healthy we need to smack them in the mouth and drive the ball down their throat. I have confidence that we will.
  23. If this don't get these guys ready for Sunday then nothing will. Saying Coach is a master motivator is an understatement.
  24. Its all coming together.
  25. I would be very surprised if Arians sticks with that bonehead Jameison. I'm not saying they should go with Fitzmagic but they need to reboot thier qb position big time.